Cheeky Grins and Sharp Tongues-An Iron Dalek One Shot

Cheeky Grins and Sharp Tongues”

An Iron Dalek One-Shot

Oswin was almost like the younger sister he had never had (never wanted). For one, he didn’t think it was normal to be a little bit – okay a lot a bit – attracted to your little sister. But then again what did he know? About being normal. About having siblings. About keeping work and pleasure in their own perspective spheres.

Exactly. Absolutely nothing. He was Tony Stark. The Iron Man. The genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. Of course, he didn’t have to be any of that around her. She was always calling him out on his shit. Always telling him when he was being a bastard. Always calling him out on the feelings he tried to keep so close to his glowing chest. And in that way, more than anything else, she reminds him of Pepper Potts. The only woman he’d truly loved. Opened himself up to completely. The only woman he had ever loved and lost.

He squeezes his eyes closed, every fiber of his being radiating with the pain and the boiling anger. Hot and persistent in his blood. Altogether it’s been five years. Five years of constant nightmares. Her face disappearing in a cloud of fire and ash and fear during a mission that shouldn’t have been anywhere near the Tower. The worst part was it was his fault she was still in New York in the first place. He’d assured her she’d be safe. And he’d believed, almost to the very last, that he was strong enough to save her. Fast enough. Clever enough. Until he hadn’t been. Since that day, he hadn’t been on a mission for or with S.H.I.E.L.D. He’d had his fill of blood and terror and destruction. He’d poured all he had into his research. Developing the arc reactor technology. Investing his money in volunteer programs helping orphaned children in third-world countries. Even helping Bruce out with his Hulk issue.

It had been difficult. Countless nights of endless moments stretching into infinity because of his insomnia. He’d thought of ending it all a few times. Checking out early. But incidentally Bruce had always called him on his lowest days. It was almost like he’d known. If he had, he never told Tony. For which he was almost glad.

And then Oswin had come into his life. He’d had assistants in the first five years after the accident that he’d liked. He’d had more that he didn’t like. He couldn’t remember any of their names. Couldn’t even recall what they’d looked like. But Oswin, she was different. Brilliant. Top of her class at Oxford University. The sharpest tongue he’d ever heard. And he was more than a little addicted to the happiness she brought him just by being her.

So because of that happiness, he didn’t want to mess it up. Had to hold himself back when she got that light in her eyes when they argued theoretics on a new piece of tech he wanted to develop. Had to stop himself from leaning toward her and kissing her just there when she corrected him with that cheeky grin of hers on pretty much anything and everything.

And eventually he couldn’t stop himself anymore when she pressed her hand over his heart and told him that she was tired of pretending. The earnestness of her eyes, the press of her gentle fingertips against his chest, and the pout of her lips were enough to make him throw in the metaphorical towel.

“You know, I’m tired of pretending too. Stupid as that sounds.”

“Listen, you, stop gabbing and bloody kiss me already. Or do I have to phone Thor to defend my honor again?”

“You wouldn’t dare. Besides, I think I’ve taught him not to touch my stuff more than enough times since I hired you.”

“Obviously not since he keeps coming whenever I call.”

“Yeah too much talking. Not enough kissing.”

“You’re the only who started it.”

“I think it was you who started it,” he said, smiling with that classic Stark smirk.

“Are you gonna stop arguing semantics or are we just gonna go back to being wound up, aroused, and-,” Oswin ranted before Tony impatiently cut her off with the press of his lips against hers. Hot, needy, passionate. It stretches into eternity. Everything he’s ever wanted. Everything he never knew he needed. And he loves her. Knows that he loves her even as she pulls away and fixes him with the sexiest smirk he’s ever seen on a woman. Probably loves her because she can smile at him like that and make him feel these wonderful, delicious emotions.

“Well that’s more like it,” she says, lips full and swollen from his. Cheeks flushed and more beautiful than he’s ever seen.

“Shut you up,” he whispers, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear. She rolls her eyes in response before pulling on the lapels of his suit. He could get used to this new aspect of their relationship very fast. And he vows, somewhere in the back of his mind, that he won’t let what happened to Pepper happen to her. He won’t bear it a second time. Can’t live through it. Hopes that he never has to again.

A/N: So I have no idea what this is. I just sort of started writing and it ran away with me. Hope someone likes it. This is dedicated to ironsouffle because she posted about people writing Iron Dalek for the Whovengers tag. And I have fallen in love with the idea of this ship and so yeah lol. I love you guise and I can’t wait to see what you think of it!!