Teena Marie on Sunday Morning. #TuneInTomorrow #IronsInTheFire

So Many Irons

Worked on a silly ragdoll idea I got a little while ago. Didn’t get too much work on it since I was distracted by Borderlands 2, Psych, and headache inducing rain.

Besides the problem of playing other video games, I have the problem of too many ideas… or I suppose not enough focus? I have GNAW, and I started the ragdoll project though it’s very small in scope and not really a game. But, I have another project that I want to work on with my coworkers.

Unfortunately, the allure to work on GNAW is strong… not sure if I should just confirm that I don’t have enough time for it. It’s not so much time, it’s more about the way I can work on GNAW. With GNAW I can do what I want, I can answer design issues and programming problems myself. Also, I can work programming, art, music, or design. It’s nice to be stuck on something at work and come home to program laser beams and explosions. Or be programming a storm at work and come home to knock around some pixel art. Or x at work and y at home.

I suppose I haven’t really given the team project a fair go. I should at least put forth a good effort on it, if I still feel the same after getting some serious work on it then I’ll have my answer. Thanks Internet. Thinternet.