Here’s Steve getting overly excited to see Tony and Tony being himself trying to act cool when inside all he wants to do is run and wrap himself around Steve like a sloth to a tree. 

I love this universe. It makes me so happy. You will get him back Stevie. He will be back for you to hold for as long as you need him. 

….yes Steve is wearing the old costume cause one I could not find a good reference of his new outfit and two I like the old outfit better. :P


Whenever someone tells Tony that Steve Rogers is a morning person he will just laugh at them. To their face. No holding back. There are a few things that are widely known and widely untrue: Tony is a playboy and Steve is a morning person.

Don’t Tony wrong. He knows that Steve gets up at crack of dawn every day and goes for his runs and get things done. He knows that Steve is the first person awake because he has already drunk the first batch of coffee in the morning. Tony knows all that but what others don’t know that Tony does: that Steve hate it.


Steve loves sleeping in, loves to never get out of bed. He loves snuggling into the covers with his arms around Tony’s chest. Steve has thrown objects at people’s heads for waking him up at ungodly hours of the day. Steve gets up complaining for only Tony to hear. Gets up and curses and swears as he throws on his sweatpants to go for his run.

The real Steve comes out only twice every three months. On his ‘days off’. On those days Steve is scarce and in bed. Steve is wrapped up like an octopus around Tony’s body sleeping soundly. On those days, the real Steve shows is his face. Clint, Sam and Natasha have all made the mistake of disturbing Steve on those days. Steve would throw the closest thing at their heads with Hawkeye’s accuracy and drag them through the mud in curses and threatening promises.

The only person who ever gets away with anything is Tony. Steve would grumble and mumble about things but he would just shift enough for Tony to escape and get about is day. Or if there is an urgent matter that cannot wait, Steve will only move a muscle if it’s Tony telling him to move. All the Avengers wonder how he does it. And all Tony says with a cheeky grin and his shades,

“Love is the most strongest of powers.”

So Tony knows That Steve is a morning person by choice and by routine. But never mistaken for a second that Steve is a morning person.

Being Set Up
  • Natasha: how about Ana from marketing she's cute.
  • Steve: yeah well I am not really into blondes at the moment.
  • Natasha: okay, how ab-
  • Steve: I will make this so much easier for you right now. The only person I want court is Anthony Edward Stark.
  • Natasha: ...
  • Steve: *turns red a bit* what? He is so beautiful and brave and amazing and I just think he is a swell fella.
  • Natasha: no, no it's just I should have seen this coming. Now that I think about it I can totally see it.
  • Steve: will you finally drop it? I don't need you to hook me up with anyone.
  • Natasha: *looking at her phone* how does next Sunday work for you?
  • Steve: early afternoon works best, why?
  • Natasha: because you're meeting Tony at the little diner for brunch.
  • Steve: Natasha!
  • Natasha: I got to warn you though Rogers. Hurt him and I will end you.
  • Steve: ...of course Romanov. I would not have it any other way.