Sketchvember - OC Challenge - Day 8: Feldspar

For those of you who know me from Company0051, Feldspar actually had a life before his appearance in the comic. This version of him is very very different, as is his world. The story he comes from has yet to have a name… I’ve temporarily called it Ironsea… but its a world where your fate is chosen for you at an early age. Feldspar was forced into a strict and secretive life guiding young people down the path. He’s a great asset for our MC… and has a few surprises of his own.

Sketchvember - OC Challenge - Day 18: Silica

Silica is still a temp name for him (although I may keep it) Sil is the main character of a future ya/mg novel I plan to write tentatively called “Ironsea”. Silica’s world is governed by eye color… eye color dictates the job you have, the people you marry, basically the rest of your life. Your eyes are a pale gray until you reach puberty, then they gradually change color over the course of a year or so. Silica, here, has no eye color and his mother is starting to get concerned. Without an eye color he has no future, so she takes him to Feldspar, an eye color councilor, who discovers Silica’s a lot more than what he appears.