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A Little Talk (Tony Stark X Brother!Reader)

Characters: Tony Stark X Brother!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avenger

Warnings: Swearing, alcoholism


Request: one with Tony as your big brother and you’re both going through a hard time or something?

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Geez Tony can be a pain in the ass sometimes. You know that very well, since you’re his big brother. You understood that Tony wanted to be individual and to not be in your shadow, and you respected that. You helped him with his company, offered to help him with his suits before he became official Iron Man, and often worked with his products to try and keep his business booming. But then he goes and sleeps around, being an alcoholic and making stupid decisions. You had tried to help him, but he only pushed you away.

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Avengers: Infinity War Featurette


Action…Avengers: Infinity War


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“Birdman?  You’re seeing him?!”  Tony exclaimed, hand throwing out sideways to gesture to where Clint was fixing a dart to his dart board.  “Oh come on.  This can’t be serious.  He’s a joke!  I’d rather you come to me saying that you’re seeing Spangled Tights.  At least he’d be able to protect you if something went sideways!”

Two darts went whizzing by Tony’s face, narrowly missing the tip of his nose.  His head snapped to the side before he glared at a smirking Clint.

“Okay.”  Tony paused, fingers rubbing at the tip of his nose like he had actually been nicked there.  “But he’s short!”

I have been suspecting that we’ll get an arc of Sam using witchcraft for a couple seasons, and now this moments kind of hammers the nail - what better than ‘I am brother, not witch, he is witch!’ ironically foreshadows Sam being brother and witch?

This season has been emphasizing Sam’s fascination with magic, he’s asked Rowena for help again, he’s connected with people who are hunters and witches at the same time, he’s told Magda that having powers doesn’t inherently make you evil but it’s a matter of choices - do you also think everything points to an arc where Sam finally uses supernatural powers by his own full choice?

The signs as Jonas Brothers songs

Aries: Live To Party
Taurus: Pizza Girl
Gemini: Burnin’ Up
Cancer: Lovebug
Leo: Give Love A Try
Virgo: Love Sick
Libra: Play My Music
Scorpio: Tell Me Why
Sagittarius: Year 3000
Capricorn: Paranoid 
Aquarius: Hold On
Pisces: SOS