Screenplay: Aaron Sorkin 
Director: David Fincher
Producers: JJ Abrams & Steven Moffat
Musical Score: Trent Reznor & Michael Giacchino 

Synopsis: The year is 2012, and the Internet has been prosperous for over twenty years. It is the information age, and millions use the Internet as a resource for news, communication, and entertainment. However, there is a more sinister side: that of piracy, and sharing files that could - arguable - infringe on copyright agreements. After years of watching from the shadows, the United States government begins forging legislation that will forever change (if passed) the internet and the way we use it. As the attacks on the Internet begin, the government finds that it has opposition: both grassroots in terms of ordinary citizens and the worldwide community, but also in that of internet activist group Anonymous. As the threats from both groups escalate, and legal teams, senators, congressmen and other organizations choose sides, it quickly becomes apparent that the quest to save the internet may very well save your soul.

ANONYMOUS: Jesse Eisenberg | Morgan Freeman | Jennifer Lawrence | Colin Firth, 
Rachel McAdams | Benedict Cumberbatch | John Cho | Andrew Scott | Daniel Craig 
(because ANON can be ANYONE) 

FBI: Christian Bale | Mark Walhberg | Alec Baldwin | Denzel Washington | Jeremy Renner

Legal Interns: Rooney Mara | Emile Hirsch | Carey Mulligan | Jonah Hill | Chris Evans

US Gov’t Lawyers: Rashida Jones | Julianne Moore | Cary Elwes | Robert Downey Jr. 

Journalists: Kenneth Branagh | Tom Hiddleston | Kate Winslet |
Leo DiCaprio  | Martin Freeman | Zoe Saldana

Senators/Congressmen: Jon Voight | Viggo Mortensen | Billy Bob Thorton
Anthony Hopkins | Richard Jenkins | Meryl Streep | Josh Brolin

President of the United States: Idris Elba

[idea by: Hena & Jackie

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oh no mister clark your tent has ripped, you shall share with mister lewis!!!! oh no mister lewis we lost your blanket in the river we forded, you must stay with mister clark to keep warm

‘lewis,’ clark whispered. for a long moment, lewis did not reply, and clark worried that he had already fallen asleep. he stared up at the dark top of the tent.

'yes?’ lewis said, finally. 'what is it?’

'do you think— do you think we’ll ever get there?’

silence, again, and the sound of their breathing. 'yes,’ lewis said. 'yes I think so.’

'and if it’s less than what we hoped for? if it’s… nothing?’

there was a shuffling of blankets and furs as lewis rolled onto his side. clark turned his head and could see his eyes glowing in the darkness.

'then at least the company will be good,’ he said.

queerbucky asked:

Steve/Loki, medieval times; Steve is a knight and Loki is the king's (possibly Thor?) advisor/magician

Steve should have known better than to stay behind to talk with the King’s adviser. These talks never ended well for him when he tried to speak with Loki, Steve never really being able to say the right thing. They left him with his tongue feeling clumsy, these talks.

Loki turned, a lithe figure clothed in black and green. He favored closer fitted cloth than his brother, the King. His voice was soft, rising up at the end for inflection. “Is there something you still need, Ser Steven?”

Steve’s fingers played with the hilt of his sword, not out of fear, but for comfort. He looked up from where he stood back down the room to the green eyes that scrutinized him. They were heavy lidded eyes, dangerous eyes that matched the curl at the corner of his mouth.

Loki hummed, looking at him now with something like amusement. “Well?”

Steve flushed, and nearly turned around. But he did not. Instead, he stepped forward, and smiled at the widening of those green eyes.

ends with us | a raylan givens/tim gutterson playlist for ironmanned

starts with them, ends with us | dan mangan

Just pray in the night that they don’t take your love
The hills are alive with the sounds of their guns
You’re getting use to ‘em

barton hollow | the civil wars

Miles and miles in my bare feet
Still can’t lay me down to sleep
If I die before I wake
I know the Lord my soul won’t take

worried man | paolo nutini

Oh worries are about
And heavy on his gut
He feels he’s being punished
For the bad things he has done
Help him Jesus, help him
Send him down a sign
'cos he feel’s he is getting old before his time

this is the thing | fink

And the things that keep us apart keep me alive and
The things that keep me alive keep me alone
This is the thing
I don’t know if you notice anything different
I don’t know if you even notice at all
I don’t know if you notice anything missing

this love will be your downfall | ellie goulding

Who are you to make me feel so good?
Who are we to tell ourselves that we’re misunderstood?
Oh, who am I to say I’m always yours?
Who am I to choose the boy that everyone adores?
Oh, I don’t see a reason why we can’t just be apart
We’re falling on each other like we’re always in the dark
Oh, I don’t think you know me much at all, at all

we found love in a corporate coffee chain (national treasure/thor; darcy lewis/riley poole)

He’s an awkward man, but then she’s not exactly a normal person herself so she doesn’t judge when he spills coffee on her.

Darcy doesn’t even make a scene when he bumps into her in Starbucks. She’d much rather be at the little shop down the way, even if it was further away from HQ. The taste’s worth it, but Jane likes the commercialized coffee, and Jane eats little enough as it is; so Darcy will brave the Starbucks, mocking it in her head, and get Jane her latte and pick her up something from the pastry bin to force her to eat.