Ironman 3 Question?

So at the end of Ironman 3, Pepper’s all fucking awesome with what basically amounts to a superpower, even if it is an unstable one. And here I am all ‘OH MY GODDD NOW SHE’S GONNA BE ABLE TO FIGHT ALONGSIDE TONY AND BE A SUPERHERO, TOO! THIS IS AWESOME!’ and then at the end, Tony mentions that he 'fixed her up’ or something like that. And my heart sank. I was like 'oh… well, there goes all the fun we could have had with an awesome super-Pepper.’

But then my friend and I were talking and she got the impression that by 'fixing her up,’ Tony just stabilized her so that she wouldn’t, you know, kaboom. And I like that possibility way better, but neither of us are really sure what actually happened. What are other peoples’ opinions on what happened to Pepper?