Single digits.

Trying to stay out of my head isn’t easy, but I’m managing. Had one of my faster swims this morning, sans gator, so that helped. Apparently staying calm in the water works. Go figure.

Supposed to run a few miles after work, but it’s going to be in the mid 90s. Pretty sure that means I’ll be drinking beer out of the back of a pickup truck come 5 o'clock.

Taper priorities.


Just about a year late to the Zwift party. Wish I had this during Ironman training last year! Holy shit did that knock the monotony out of riding the trainer.  And, as an added bonus, I was able to cast it on the big screen thanks to my Apple TV!

If any of you lovely people use it, make sure to add me!!

Money on Triathlon part 1 - the Personal Coach

I come from two unproductive days in a row. I don’t feel really fit and trainings have been not satisfying.
Also had an unproductive at work which does not help.
Maybe I can still save the day and write a post that make sense.

Money on triathlon. The idea is to share my experience about spending money on this sport. But rather than talking about bikes, wheels, wetsuits, shoes, aero helmets, I will talk about the things that at the beginning did not seem so important to me.

Today I talk about having a personal coach.
It took me three years to decide to get one. I wanted someone to prepare me for my first ironman.
I quickly regretted I did not hire a personal coach before.

Reasons for that are so many that it is difficult to summarize in a single post. I will bring you the main ones:

My training plan is built around me. Workout is based on my level, the races I want to take part to, the time I can spend training and the results I want to get. It means having the best performance you can get based upon you and your targets.

My training plan is flexible. When I have got an injury, there was a plan b. When I want a break, or a lighter workout, I can have my plan slightly changed. If I miss a workout for any reason, my coach tells me how to re-plan the activity.

I understand better training and race strategy. My coach always explains to me what is the rational behind the workouts. He also prepares the best racing strategy: what speed on the bike, what peace running, what and when should I eat during the race.

Finally, I get a lot of motivation from my coach. I know that he is there ready to listen and to advice me for the best, and I am always sure that I am doing the rights thing.

There are many people doing the job. Luca, this is my coach’s name, does his job particularly well.

After I have talked to him, I had decided to work with him for the following reasons:

He is a successful professional athlete, with a good track record of victories, and he is passionate about the sport he practices.

He has a specific degree, and he keeps himself updated on his studies. He has therefore a good knowledge of the body mechanics.

Some of his clients are professional athletes. I do not know what is the average cost of a coach.

In my experience, it is not cheap, but reasonable. And, seen the results, definitely worth it. I have improved a lot in the last months.

I had to give up to a few things; gear would have not made me improve so much anyway, both physically and psychologically.

Race season is ending here in Italy, I have another two races to go. Then four months of basic training and workouts. Luca is already working on my plan.

Have good workouts!


Sunday recovery runs are the best. I feel great today after yesterday’s 20 miler. We did just 4 easy miles, all in Zones 1 and 2, and my legs feel fresh. The gal with me is one of my best buddies and ran all 20 with me yesterday. 

I can’t believe my half iron is only 16 weeks away! I don’t have any time goals for this 70.3. I put it on the schedule so that I would make sure to fit biking and swimming into my schedule in a structured way. Every time I have done a 70.3 previously, I’ve been either training for an Ironman or training with the 70.3 as my main race. I won’t be having that type of focus for this race, but I’m still excited about racing and training. 

The rest of the day is going to be spent helping our rowing crew transport their boats out of storage and to our lakeside location. Of course it’s supposed to thunderstorm. Hope the lightning stays away when I’m walking with a 30 foot rowing shell over my head!


Haven’t done a recap in a while and figured this was a good time. Hit the 20 hour mark for the first time EVER and, to my surprise, I don’t feel tired. I feel more like a goddamn CHAMPION! This was the hardest week of training in my life and I feel like I completely nailed it. It wasn’t easy, but I had a song stuck in my head all week that helped me dig deep when the workouts fought back. Bishop Briggs’ “River” tapped into my core; between the passion and range in her voice, the strong beat, and the lyrics, it pushed me to reach down and own it.

I fucking love it. 

I only skipped one workout, but that was because a jerkoff coworker quit on Wednesday, so another coworker and I had to go to the bar and celebrate his departure. Yes, I’m an asshole.

I also had a chance to crack the top 3 in the IMLP Strava leaderboard, but I like round numbers too much. You don’t win any awards in training.

Oh, and Gregory the gator made an appearance this morning at the lake. He and I bonded until my friend got the fishing line tangled, which resulted in my friend trying to fix it on the fly and, as a result, falling off the kayak into the lake. It’s always an experience!

14 days from right now I’ll be running my 2nd of 4 marathons in 2016.

Time for the taper!

30 Day Transformation

Hi All!  

So I know my last post I said I was probably only going to post on a monthly basis but I’ve decided to let you all be apart of something new in my life.  Over the next 30 days, I will be documenting my experience with my nutrition program and fitness regiment.  

So some of you may be wondering why am I doing this?  With transitioning I have noticed a lot of changes in my body and I’m happy with a majority of them.  However, I have put on a little extra weight and with the fat redistribution, some areas that were more defined before have now changed.  As I stated above some of these changes I’m SUPER happy with but there are things I want to work on.  I’m in great shape after my Ironman training however it has been a huge adjustment with the change in hormones flowing through my body.  

So if anyone is interested in following this journey stay tuned to my post.  I’ll be letting you all into measurements, photos of body change, the mental change, energy levels and much more.

If any one is interested in this program please feel free to comment or let me know.  I’ll be glad to chat with you about it and see if it might be a good fit for you.  So many people that have done it before me have seen amazing results not only in weight and physical change but also have seen increased energy levels as well as mental clarity.   

Super excited to share this journey with you all.  It’s going to be an amazing journey!  

Things I'm happy about.

One of my sisters got into the police academy today.

I start training for Ironman 70.3 Austin tomorrow.

My roasted asparagus smells amazing in the oven.

Something random: I can’t wrap my head around the fact that some people make accounts on Instagram for their pets, and then talk to other pet accounts AS THE PET. The weirdest part, THE OTHER PETS SOMEHOW TALK BACK. WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON!!


You can’t shine like a diamond, if you not willing to get cut like one.
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So close to the 10 hour mark. No need to rush, though, it’s coming.

I follow an online group for IMLP and A LOT of people are putting up RIDICULOUS totals so far, and it’s honestly making me anxious. But I’ve seen it before, and know I have to trust my plan. My totals will get there. I have a recovery week on deck, followed by what looks like a 12 hour week, to start my “build” phase. I should probably embrace these easier weeks…

Random notes:

I was ecstatic about breaking the 2:00/100yard pace a few weeks ago, and now it’s becoming the norm. I actually hit a 1:40 pace on Friday when I was helping a friend with his swimming. Yes, you read that correctly. Someone is worse than me in the water.

Cycling is becoming a lot easier over the long haul. Writing posts while attached to the trainer really helped pass the time. I think it’s the most I’ve written, in one week, in a long time. Still need to find a rubik’s cube, though. That and more movie/show suggestions for Netflix. I saw a 3 hour ride in the not so distant future…

My only missed workout was my Friday night run, but I tacked it onto my long run today, so I made it work. 2 hours on the trail today, right after my 2200 yard swim, was just what I needed. I wouldn’t mind never running on a treadmill again, either. Wednesday night speed work can go to hell if it’s on the godforsaken treadmill. Workouts are going to have to start book-ending my work schedule in order to get them in; LA Fitness damn near kicked me out on Wednesday night. What’s the deal? Can’t let me shower in peace? Go back to your desk and text while you ignore the members.

I don’t think I mentioned it, but I signed up for the Full Revolution at Quassy in June. The Quassy Half was voted one of the Top-5 hardest triathlons in the country last year, and I’m stupid, so I signed up for the Olympic triathlon on Saturday AND the Half-Iron on Sunday, aka the Full Rev. The only time I raced 2 days in a row was a 5k on 12/31 and 5k on 1/1, a few years ago. This is a bit different. I’m also considering a super-sprint Tri in May, just because I got 3rd in my age group and I think I can actually win it this year.

I’m not fucking around.

trisalittle reblogged your link:Which is Harder: Marathon or Ironman Training? |…

An Ironman ends in a marathon.Having never done either distance, I’d guess IM.

The article actually concluded that marathon training is harder than Ironman training! They measured intensity of the whole training rather than the event itself. But since my understanding is that you spend many more hours a week doing IM training than marathon, I’m not sure if I would agree. 

Let’s be real, neither is easy!

If I had to pick one personality trait that was essential to becoming an Ironman, it would be persistence. So after the failed swim attempt this morning, I made a second trip to the pool, this time WITH the swim suit and I swam a decent 2,400 yards. Yeah! 

Against my better judgement and the judgement of most of the readers of my previous post, I am planning on running outside tomorrow. One of my best friends is the leader of our Run Club group and she has to go and run no matter what. I’m guessing the group will be small and I don’t want her to be out there alone. 

If you don’t hear from me by mid-day tomorrow, then I’ve turned into a Popsicle! Hopefully, enough layers and chemical warmers will prevent that from happening.