“I think, Beast, that Shell-head would probably say–”

“–He’d say ‘go!’”

“Wha–Iron Man?! Th-Then you’re—” [Avengers 191]

I’d never seen this moment before! @cap-ironman 

Tony gets turned to stone, so Steve takes control in the field, only to discover: the man beneath the mask is still flesh-and-blood! Huzzah! And look how hopeful and sweet Steve’s face is in the last panel at the end of the issue. Sweeties~~

Iron man (2008) ( alternative ending)

Requested by Alt. ‘verse Ironman (2008 film) scenario: Tony Stark, the billionaire playboy turned vigilante, hadn’t publicly confessed to being Ironman to the press. He lied about his double life and then started talking about plans on making Stark Industries better than before. What would happen afterwards?

A/N: Everything is written on Tony’s POV


It’s the time. The world has to know who I am. Soon or later they have to know. This is the hardest decision I have to take. People are waiting outside to hear my big news. It feels weird. I know, other decisions are way harder than mine. My father told me about Captain America and his decision to die for his country.

“Tony, you’re out in 30’ ” I heard Pepper’s voice calling me. My choice is to tell them!

I walked out of the room. Many people were there. They all took pictures. I always loved people taking pictures of me but now.. It’s something I would avoid. Time to talk.

“I want to thank you for being here with me today. I want to confess you something about me…” I can see Pepper trying to encourage me to talk and some others not to. Everyone was whispering each other.

“I- uh…I’m…” It’s time.

“I’m working on some plans for making Stark Industries better. We… We’re going to buy a tower in New York City…and…. The name will be Stark Tower. There will be my new lab and office…. ” The S.H.I.E.L.D agents seemed relieved. I don’t exactly know what the acronyms stands for but I have a feeling that I will…



Name: Virginia ‘Pepper’ Potts | FC:  Gwyneth Paltrow | Age: 32 | Affiliation: American, Tony Stark’s Secretary and Partner | Status: Taken

I do anything and everything Mr. Stark requires. Including occasionally taking out the trash. Will that be all?

Virginia Potts was a low employee at Stark Industries during the start of her business career.  She was not discontent, since working at such a company was an achievement within itself, and displayed good sense with figures and organization. While working as an accountant she discovered a small error Tony Stark made on a document, and when she went to show him personally Tony’s bodyguards did not want to let her into his office. She threatened to pepper spray them to get inside, though she actually did not have any.  Amused by the obvious lie and the feistiness of her response, Tony let her in and looked at the mistake, hiring her as his personal secretary and assistant on the spot and calling her Pepper from then on.

Ms. Potts is intelligent and caring, one of the few people who was actually able to tolerate Stark during his years of self-centered behavior and still to this day with his sometimes hard to get along with attitude. She was impressed by his change of heart when he returned from his imprisonment in Afghanistan, and assisted him in the defeat of Obadiah Stane. Tony is heavily dependent upon her for many things, including his own social security number, and she is usually willing to help, though her personality is not without spirit. She can sometimes be very peppy, true to her name, and enjoys subtly matching wits with him.  Pepper is Tony Stark’s main love interest, the only girl whom he actually has deep affection for, and she does return his feelings.