ironman mont tremblant

It’s almost 1 year ago, to the minute. The greatest feeling in my life. Pure fire.

And it’s the reason I’ve debated never doing another full Ironman ever again.

I tossed around the grand idea of competing in two Ironmans next year, Mont-Tremblant and Texas, but the same thought keeps coming back to me: it will never top Lake Placid.

Long distance training of any type simply takes over people’s lives, and it’s something I don’t generally care for anymore. I busted my ass for so long to get to the Ironman finish line, 7 years to be exact, and ultimately conquered it. Maybe I’ll get the urge again in a couple years to tear shit up on the full course, but for the time being I’m just going to find other reasons to smile and be happy. 

I ran 4 miles today without my Garmin, listening to the playlist I made for the morning of LP last year, and it was the strongest I’ve felt on the run in a long time. It felt good to just run for the sake of running.

I’m not sure what this blog will become during this transition phase, but one thing that I know that’ll stay the same is my passion for being a smartass. That’ll never change!

anonymous asked:

When's the next ironman race chris?

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Well, that answer can go three ways.

If one were following my Snapchat story you’d know I was in The Woodlands/Houston, Texas area for the Ironman North American Championship tomorrow! No, this isn’t a “SURPRISE, I’m doing another Ironman!” post, I’m just volunteering at the finish line. I get to give medals to athletes and escort them through the finish area once they cross the line! I’m SUPER pumped about it!

But to actually answer your question? My next Ironman BRANDED race is going to be Ironman 70.3: Austin, later this year. I can’t pass up the only other Ironman branded race in my now home state! As for the 140.6? Ironman Mont-Tremblant in Canada, in 2018, is looking like my next crack at the big one. It’s either that or doing Lake Placid again. That would be something special, or catastrophic, because it falls exactly on my birthday!!