ironman boulder


Yesterday I was supposed to run 10 miles, but only managed 5 pretty terrible ones. My body felt like lead and I was mentally just not in a good place for it. 

After though, I went and watched some of the Boulder Ironman 70.3 and woah. I didn’t expect it to be such an emotional experience, but the atmosphere was just something else. There were tears, peer exhaustion, smiles, intense accomplishment, and even a proposal right in front of us (the Ironman proposed over the fence after he finished!). Talk about inspiring. 

I was there because one of my friends was completing her first one, with the goal of completing a full Ironman next year. I am so insanely proud of this girl and I began to cry with her as we hugged. I have watched her train and commit to something many people wouldn’t even consider and I can definitely say that she is my motivation right now. 

She took this challenge in honor of someone very close to her that just recently beat cancer and is also an Ironman. As I spoke with him, I told him I have done half and full marathons, but never a triathlon. He said to me, “Oh if you can do that, then you can definitely do this. You have a year to get back here.”

I’m not saying it’s on my goal list, but I’m also not saying it’s not on my list. I need to make an honorable mention as well to @exitrowiron and @runningmyownrace because I am continuously inspired by this amazing couple! This was all just what I needed. 


Thanks for all of the well wishes and notes for my race, Ironman Boulder 70.3. I did it! I finished in 6:13:33!

I started in the very last swim wave which was challenging. The water was gorgeous and I was just a a few minutes slower than I would have hoped. Given the crowd and the bit of altitude, I was happy with my time.

The bike was challenging and beautiful. I averaged 19.54 mph which I’m very happy about. I finished it in 2:51:59 and, if it’s not my fastest time for a half iron bike, it has to be close.

And the run was not fun. It was hot and dry and the altitude, while only 5,200 ft, pretty much sucked the will to run right out of me. I ran exactly 2:30 which is about 10 minutes slower than I would have liked. I normally hit pretty close to 2:00 for a half iron and I had figured I would be 20 minutes slower. I’m not going to beat myself up over 10 minutes. It was a tough run and it’s very early in the season for a Minnesotan let alone someone not used to the elevation and dry heat.

That’s it! I’m very happy with my overall time and I finished 33 out of 101 in my age group. Thanks for rooting for me!

Saturday is getting closer! At packet pick up, the beach was closed to to bacteria. It’s storming now so I hope that remedies the situation as having the swim cancelled after the cancellation at IMFL would be a real disappointment.

Mike is here and is an All Star race Sherpa. Tomorrow we will check out the course and put the bike in transition.

I’m excited!


Today I was a racer and a coach!

I wasn’t expecting much at the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon today since Ironman Boulder was just last Saturday. But my legs felt surprisingly good so I was disappointed when I had to make, not one, but TWO potty stops during the race. My run time was 2:02:44, but with the standing in line and potty business, I finished in 2:06:12. Ouch! That took me from a 9:18 pace to a 9:34 pace. 

I swear, if someone has an answer to this scourge on runners, pass it along. Sometimes I race several times in a row with no issues but then some races it’s just miserable. I’ve tried Immodium but am open to other suggestions.

Isn’t it nice that we are runners so that we know we can talk about anything?! TMI!!

After the half, we waited a good 45 minutes for the leaders of the marathon to come through. I had about 20 marathoners on the course and it was a blast watching them come in. It was wet but cool so everyone did extremely well. It was a long day, though, as my runners run the full gamut of paces. Each one had a smile, though, and everyone met their goals which was great.

I love both coaching and racing- fun to have a day with both!

Ironman Boulder

I stood at the waters edge, this time as a spectator, next to my Miyagi and listened to him tell the story of watching me finish. All the while I heard Mike Reilly call out a girls name and say “ YOU are going to be an Ironman today”.

Y'all….. Just no words. I STILL can’t believe I did it.

My Crossfit coach is killing it. The six foot Siamese twin didn’t finish. He’s definitely such a part of me. It’s going to be interesting moving forward.


Me doing two of my favorite things: riding my bike with Mike and then sitting at the computer analyzing all of the data on WKO+ and GarminConnect. 

While I should be refueling and stretching, I like to sit, drink my Diet Mountain Dew, and figure out what all of the numbers mean. It’s the accountant in me and it never gets old.

We had a fantastic ride today. It was a little chilly but it was sunny with calm winds and I’m riding well although my volume is not where it should be. We rode 2.5 hours and my Normalized Power for the whole ride was just 10 watts shy of my FTP result from February. I’m happy with that, especially since I ran 12.5 hilly miles yesterday.

My Ironman Boulder 70.3 training volume is fine on the swim and run, low for the bike, but I’m hanging in there. I just keep reminding myself that I signed up for this race to give myself spring motivation and that I never meant for it to be an all out effort. If anything, I wanted to move training down on my life’s priority list, which I have, and it’s made me a lot happier. Probably not faster or stronger, but happier.


Yesterday’s all day rain meant that the roads this morning were wet and gritty. Both me and the bike looked like we spent the day at the beach.

Today was the last ride on this bike before Ironman Boulder 70.3. I’m not happy about having to dissemble my bike, box it up, and ship it out 19 days before the race. And it’s going to California first? I am skeptical about this whole process which is not only cumbersome and inconvenient but also very expensive. It’s much more expensive to use this service from TriBike Transport than their typical service which keeps the bike all in one piece. But this was the only service they provide for this race.

I’m bringing race wheels with me and I’ll have just a few hours to make sure everything is assembled and in working order before I have to drop it in transition. TriBike has always done a great job for me so I’m trying to stay positive about it… can’t you tell?

I rode two hours on the indoor trainer yesterday due to storms and rode two hours outside today. That isn’t the one long ride that was on my schedule for yesterday but it’s indicative of what this training cycle has been like.

Time to pack it up!

If you get up, run, swim, and then sleep for a bit, is that considered taking a nap or going back to bed? Does it matter if the bed was made and you lay on top, so that technically you aren't “in” the bed?

I so desperately wanted to sleep after my early morning run and swim, but I decided I was a little too embarrassed to do that. I did some work around the house, did some errands… and THEN took a 30 minute rest at 2 pm on top of the covers. That for sure counts just as a nap. 

I’m fooling myself into thinking that I’m simultaneously tapering for the St. Louis Go! Half Marathon while not losing any ground on my Ironman 70.3 training. I ran 5 miles and then swam 2,900 yards. Guessing the result will be that I’m not really tapered and that I will lose some needed training for IM Boulder 70.3. This is what happens when you sign up for too many races. Will it stop me from making the same mistake again? No. Oh, well. It’s all about getting out there and having fun. 

Beautiful lake swim today with a friend. Since Boulder 70.3 is this Saturday, we just swam about 800 yards with chat breaks every 200 yards. I wore my long sleeved wet suit for a swim last week and the sleeveless today. I’m bringing both with me but will opt for the sleeveless unless it’s pretty cold

I know that the full sleeved wet suit is faster, but I just like swimming in this one more. It’s more comfortable and a lot easier to get off. In the ocean, I always go with the full sleeve to protect myself from critters, but I’m fine in the fresh water.

Knowing that I’m going to be slower due to the altitude is interesting. It lets me take a lot of the finishing time pressure off of myself as I don’t expect myself to race as fast at 5,200 ft as I do at 900 ft. And, frankly, I’m not that fast anyway. I’m just hoping to have a lot of fun and enjoy the day as much as possible.

Good-bye 2014! It's been fun!

This past year has been pretty busy from an athletic perspective. Time for a little recap!

In the spring, I became a coach for Lifetime Fitness and a RRCA certified run coach. Over the year, I coached 75 people for a spring marathon or half marathon, another 80 for a fall marathon or half marathon, and 70 people for a fall 5K or 10K. I enjoyed it immensely and learned a lot about coaching adults as well as coaching others while I train for my own events. I’ll be coaching again in 2015! 

PR’ed The Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon, finishing in 4:08:47. I used the Hansons Method Advanced Plan for the first time and ran more miles than I ever had before. As soon as the race was over, I jumped into training for Ironman Florida.

I did the Chisago Lakes Half Iron Distance triathlon in 5:52:27 and placed 4th in my age group. I was happy with that performance since it was early in the season for me as my Ironman wasn’t until November.

I finished first in my age group at the Square Lake Long Course triathlon (the bike is 54 miles instead of 56 miles, but the swim and run are half iron distances) with a time of 5:52:23. Although the bike course is 2 miles short, it’s a challenging race with a hilly bike and hot and hilly run. It wasn’t a PR for me but was happy with my race.

PR’ed at the 10K distance while in the peak of IM training with 52:29. 

And, of course, Ironman Florida was my A race for the year after the spring marathon was over. It was my third Ironman and, although the swim was cancelled, it was special for it’s own reasons. My parents came to watch for the first time and Mike waited for me on the run so that we could finish together.

There were a bunch of other races along the way, including a few half marathons and lots of moments with the athletes I coached. It was a really nice year!

I can’t wait for 2015. I’ll be running and doing triathlon as well as coaching. The St. Louis Go! Half Marathon in April and Ironman 70.3 Boulder in June will be occupying the first part of the year, along with coaching spring marathon and half marathon training. Let’s get the party started!

Wow, what a lucky day. It’s July 1st and it was only 60 degrees for my run. Perfect! 

Way back in January, I committed to the 2,015 Miles in 2015 Challenge. I knew I would fall behind in the first half of the year as I was training for Ironman Boulder 70.3. How far behind I wasn’t sure, and I wasn’t sure that I would be able to catch up. A friend asked me to sign up and so I did, and now it’s July 1st and time to figure out how much making up I have to do if I want a shot at making it.

I’m not going to make it. Whoops!

As of yesterday, I’m at 754 miles and I’m supposed to be at 1,000 miles, so I’m 246 miles behind. Just to keep up, I have to run 170 miles or so a month. I’d have to run well over 200 miles each month for the rest of the year to make it. I’ve only run over 200 miles in a month twice in my whole running career, so running 200+ miles for 6 months straight probably isn’t going to happen. I don’t even want it to happen. That’s a lot of miles and I wouldn’t run that kind of mileage just to say that I did. I still want to bike and swim and coaching takes up a lot of time. And I like naps. Running that kind of mileage wouldn’t leave much time for napping. 

I figured it was a long shot when I signed up so I’m okay with it. My next adventure is Ragnar in August and then training for the Goofy. That’s plenty exciting and it’s time to get ready for those things.

Always something fun to do!

No doubt that my focus on running since Ironman 70.3 Boulder last summer has hurt my biking and swimming. I swam 1,000 yards yesterday and it was okay but I was ready to be done. Today I rode the bike trainer for 40 minutes, easily 30 watts lower than a normal ride, and again I was ready to be done. 

Maybe it takes going back to the beginning to appreciate or former accomplishments. No doubt that adding bike and swim workouts while in the peak of marathon training is a bad idea. But running marathons back to back makes it hard to find a good time. Summer is right around the corner and it’s time to get back in triathlon mode. Nowhere to go but up!


We are back from Amsterdam!

We did some running, a lot of walking, and plenty of eating. Seeing how they live there was enlightening– the vast majority of Amsterdam residents are very thin and look very happy and relaxed. We saw them biking everywhere in regular clothes in the beautiful sunshine and in the pouring rain. I really loved seeing all of the bikes and all of the different kinds of people.

I rode my bike today and had a blast. It’s a different kind of biking than they do there, for sure, but I was happy the whole 30 miles and had a great ride. A week from this Saturday we are doing the Tour de Tonka for 77 miles, so I feel the need to get my mileage up a bit. I haven’t biked more than 30 miles at a time since Ironman Boulder 70.3 so 77 miles will be a bit of a long ride but doable. 

For the first time since my first half iron in 2010, I don’t have a triathlon on my schedule! I have the Goofy Challenge in January, but no triathlons. I think I’ll look for another 70.3 for early next year. Makes me excited to think about it!