ironman 2014


To the Marvel fandom: What’s with the hate? I’d understand the uproar if they said that Johnny Depp is Doctor Strange

Every Benedict Cumberbatch hater is saying that “MARVEL IS DEAD TO ME…RIP” But tomorrow, when they’ll drop the extended Avengers: Age of Ultron footage, I bet that you’re all gonna loose your mind on how awesome it is..

When the Hobbit Part 3 will come out, you’re gonna be the first one to talk about how much Smaug stole the show..

You guys ALWAYS judge too quickly. Don’t you remember Quicksilver in X-men Dofp, Heath Ledger’s Joker, Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk?? yeah you all judged too quickly and it all turned out to be fantastic.


Ironman Kona 2014 - 9:40:09

Yeah yeah yeah, just like everyone else, I swear I’ll never do an Ironman distance race again. And that was true at this time last year. At some point you learn your limiters and stay away from them. Part ego, part self preservation, I think. When I accomplished most of my 2014 season goals early on this year, I decided it was time slam my way back into Kona. When I was thinking about this year’s version of the race, I wanted to get myself back into my 2012 position, where I was on Ali'i, and up front, to have another go at running a smarter marathon and killing some personal demons. 

Well, things worked out through the bike. I had a pretty great swim. Lined up on the far left side so I could get out of trouble if necessary and so I could control my own race. Found feet often, and often served as feet. Most of the swim, I spent thinking about my bike. Came out in a 1:02 and then went looking for a fight.

Compared to all of my crying at Tremblant, refs were throwing a TON of penalties on this bike. So there was no bullshit, which was a damn relief. Wouldn’t have mattered anyway this time around, because I wasn’t going to let it matter, because I was going to be gone. Aimed to hold an average of 295 watts and finished 282. Really lagged coming back from Kawaihae after being on track at 309 to the turnaround at Hawi. Ended up riding a 4:50, which was big and put me at #1 about 90 miles in before I traded spots with some guys the rest of the way to town. My thoughts are that I probably overcooked the climb to Hawi. No lucky clouds this year. When I came back into town, I was fighting to hold power in the 260’s, which is a fall, but not a blow up. I was ready to run smart, just like I’d been seeing it.

Miles 1-10 in Kona take on rollers and the coast. In the past, I’ve remembered it being cooler than the highway. My plan was to keep it in the 715-745 pace those first 10, depending on the rollers. And it was good. Tough, obviously, but under control, and thoughtful…meaning I was backing off, keeping calm, trying to be tactical with the terrain. I was managing the race – it absolutely felt that way. At mile 8, I checked my watch and there was even a point there where I told myself to back off…even if just a little bit. At 9, the sun seemed suddenly hot, and then my body followed, and then things quickly shifted. Walking up Palani at 10, I wasn’t straight. Two volunteers asked me if I needed help as I acted like a kid trying to hide a virgin drunk from his parents. They followed me for a bit. I heard them talking to other people behind me about the way I was moving and something about a “pull.” This is all probably over-dramatic, but I have never DNF’d, and could never imagine it at Kona. I was scared and saw it happening there. Never felt like that before. Like I was hollow and about to topple. And yo - this ain’t my first rodeo. But I made it to the top of the hill and then the clouds showed up. There was a lot of walking. At a point, I sat down, took my shoes off and rubbed bag balm all over my feet. Then I made it to an aid station and had everything, but more importantly – Red Bull and coke. And then what eventually felt like a miracle – I came back. I mean, not really…but I started running again, and actually put a few miles away at about a 7:45 pace. I’m sure it looked rough from the outside looking on…but to me, it felt like I was riding a chariot on fire, being pulled through the sky by a team of magic, screaming eagles. None of this lasted very long, but it showed me the depths of the pendulum that can occur during an Ironman - even more so Ironman Kona. The majority of the rest of my run was a slog, but a slog I was very grateful and proud to be a part of. It made for a very satisfying day. Around mile 22, my buddy, the very fast usually faster Brad Williams came up on me and wouldn’t let me lag. He probably gave 3 minutes of his own time to pull me to the line and give me 3. We crossed together and flew some colors. Great end to a fierce day. A damn fierce day. 

Season is over. I have some big ideas for 2015 and am looking forward to starting the process of hatching them. In the end, I didn’t have the complete day I wanted here, but few do. Love it. Loved it.