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Final Base Cycle and a Half Marathon this Weekend

My 6th and final base cycle begins tomorrow and I’ll top out at 20.5 hours in the third week of this cycle.  2 build cycles after that then it’s prime time at Ironman Coeur d'Alene.  Before that though, my first and only running race of the season is this weekend - the13.1 at the DC Rock n’ Roll.  I ran this race in 1:51 last year to take the title as fastest in my house but a few months later, my wife ran a 1:50 so she’s reigning champion.  Time to take the crown back!!!

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When's the next ironman race chris?

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Well, that answer can go three ways.

If one were following my Snapchat story you’d know I was in The Woodlands/Houston, Texas area for the Ironman North American Championship tomorrow! No, this isn’t a “SURPRISE, I’m doing another Ironman!” post, I’m just volunteering at the finish line. I get to give medals to athletes and escort them through the finish area once they cross the line! I’m SUPER pumped about it!

But to actually answer your question? My next Ironman BRANDED race is going to be Ironman 70.3: Austin, later this year. I can’t pass up the only other Ironman branded race in my now home state! As for the 140.6? Ironman Mont-Tremblant in Canada, in 2018, is looking like my next crack at the big one. It’s either that or doing Lake Placid again. That would be something special, or catastrophic, because it falls exactly on my birthday!!

IRONMAN Lake Tahoe Recap

It’s been over a week since I completed IMLT. I’ve experienced a range of emotion from exhaustion to relief to awestuck (can one be awestruck at oneself? Because I totally still can’t believe I did it). Overall, I have this crazy feeling of invisibility. Nothing is impossible, because I’ve already done it. I’m sure this feeling will fade, but for now I’m really enjoying the post-race high. My recap is super long, but that seems fitting for a super long day.

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Today’s post is short and sweet since I’m about to head to bed.

Got a short 4 mile ride in this morning to check over Catalina, brought my bike/run bags and Catalina to leave overnight in transition, and spent the rest of the day hydrating and relaxing.

This year has been insane, and it all comes to a head tomorrow. I want to thank everyone for their well wishes along the way, it has meant so much to me!

Just gonna go out there and leave it all on the course!