I seriously can’t stop laughing😂😂😂

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To contain my hype I drew my own version of Marvel characters. Ended up doing the main cast of Civil War. We’re so close to the movie I can taste it……



I hope those people who haven’t watch this movie weren’t seen my arts..I’ve watched it during the evening and it was so great until I came out with an “un-one piece” artwork. (Yes I love One Piece too much, my friends can tell you how crazy I am.)

Tony, pity you, no any important people stay with you when you facing the cruel. Pepper neither.

Oh and, please note that the bottom image was direct references from a movie scene from Iron Man. If you see it looks familiar, It’s good to go and watch Iron Man movie again :D

Imagine if Deadpool was in Civil War
  • Captain America:This doesn't have to end in a fight, Tony!
  • Iron Man[Knocks Cap to the ground:You just started a war!
  • Deadpool:Stop! Think about Martha!
  • Tony:What?
  • Steve:Who's Martha?
  • Deadpool:M-a-r-t-h-a. Doesn't ring a bell? Fuck.
  • Tony:Oh no Steve, he said a bad-
  • Steve:Tony don't you dare finish that sentence.
  • Deadpool:I thought Martha would work... Think about your mothers!
  • Steve:She's been dead for many years...
  • Tony:Murdered.
  • Deadpool:Excellent, you two have something in common! Let's go bond over Chimichanga's and the fact that you two are orphans.
  • Steve:This is the guy you recruited?
  • Tony:... He's skilled.
  • Deadpool strikes a poses:In more ways than one. *winks*
  • Steve:...
  • Tony:...
  • Steve:...
  • Tony [Blasts Deadpool out the window]:So, where were we?
  • Somewhere in Gotham city, sobbing can be heard:WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?
  • Bonus:
  • Deadpool, whilst falling:Spider-boyfriend, catch me!
  • Spider-man:I saw nothing.