Talking in Your Sleep

Summary: Tony hears you talking in your sleep and completely misjudged your relationship with Clint.

Inspired by Talking in Your Sleep by The Romantics.
Word count: 340 or so. (I warned you it was short.
Warnings: None

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Tony was heading through the common area of Avengers Tower when he noticed you asleep on one of the couches. You were a recent addition to the team, brought in by Clint tip help with one mission. You had clicked so well with the rest of the team they’d asked you to stick around for a while. He smiled because it wasn’t the first time you’d fallen asleep watching some movie or T.V. show on the big screen. He picked up the blanket you had kicked to the floor and tucked it around you. You sighed in your sleep and snuggled under it whispering, “Thanks, Clint.”

Tony ’s smile turned to a smirk. No wonder he hadn’t been able to get you to go out with him, another Avenger had caught your interest. He had an idea to make life around here a little more interesting.
You literally ran into Tony coming out of the gym. You’d turned around to throw your towel at Clint in response to the horrible joke he’d just told and walked right into Stark.

“What have you been up to,” he asked with a smirk.

Since you and Clint were both dressed for the gym and covered in sweaty you thought it was obvious but you answered him anyway, “Working out, ya doof.”

Tony looked to Clint, “You know that (Y/N) talks in her sleep? And mentioned your name.”

For a split second you were torn between wanting to laugh and smack Tony. It was Clint’s snort of laughter behind you that made the decision. You looked at him and started giggling. Before long the two of you were leaning against eachother howling with laughter. Tony looked shocked; apparently this was not the reaction he’d been expecting.

“Tony, I’ve known Clint forever,” you managed to gasp out.

“And (Y/N) is my best friend,” Clint continued.

“But sleeping together? Ew, no,” you finished together.

You headed for your room and a shower, still giggling, “Get you mind out of the gutter, Stark. Geez, you’d think a woman had never said no to you before.”


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Aunt Peggy Yes, but also picture this...

Uncle Nick Fury. I have always thought Peggy took Nick under her wing for whatever reason, but that’s besides the point.

@saved-by-the-notepad, @thegoldenavenger cause I saw your awesome head-canons earlier.

Hear me out here: I think Uncle Nick Fury is canon, because that’s where Tony got his flare for dramatics from. “You better keep both eyes open” Nick Fury taught 7 or 8 year old Tony his sense of mellow drama and presentation. Then of course there’s the whole “I am just an old man that cares about you.” (one of the few things they actually did alright in aou)

Howard is kind of a stiff board kind of showman. He’s calculated and charming sure but it doesn’t really flow smoothly as Tony does. It doesn’t come off as natural and unrehearsed. He certainly doesn’t pack as a big of a punch as Tony does.

So my thought is he didn’t get it from Howard at all. He got a mix of it from his Aunt Peggy and a shit ton of it from his Dramatic Exit or Entrance Billowy Leather Coat wearing Nick Fury. Whose presence awes and wows people ever time he enters a room. Tiny Tony being so impressed and star struck. Shadowing a quietly amused Fury from room to room when ever he visits Aunty Peggy at the office.

He gets his swagger and charm from watching old news reals of Bucky. He gets his fighting style, mischief and charisma fro Aunt Peggy. He gets his morals from Cap, Jarvis, Peggy and Anna. He gets his nick names from Auntie Angie and his culture, business prowess and lust of science and the stars from his mama Maria.

He gets his trust issues, self esteem issues and crippling fear of abandonment from Howard.

I might still be a bit bitter about Howard. oops.

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