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Tony glanced at Agent ‘Phil’ Coulson and Pepper getting on the elevator and went back to his 'homework’.

The tesseract. He’d seen this before somewhere in his father’s work, which got him thinking. He smirked, “Jarvis run recognition on this face.” He touched this so called god’s face. Green…why were bad guys always green?

“How close of a recognition are you looking for sir?” Jarvis asked, “and on what scale?”

“Global scale, close as you can get.” Tony told him flipping the image of the tesseract around in the air. He loved his toys, “I have a feeling if we find our god of mischief, we’ll find our power source. But just on the safe side they are having Banner come in. I really got to meet him, it’s just too tempting.”

“Sir are you insinuating that you’re going to make him angry?”

“No, of course not, just going to talk and totally keep him stress free.” Tony rambled off, “What kind of person do you think I am?”

“I was considered, what was it… volatile, self-centered, and I don’t play well with others.” Jarvis replayed Tony’s own voice to him.

“Haha very funny.” Tony rolled his eyes, “Keep it up I’ll replace you with a sexy woman’s voice.”

“I’m sure Miss Potts will enjoy that.” Jarvis told him.

Tony looked up, “Shut it, I have reading to do.” He pulled up another file labeled 'thermonuclear astrophysics’.

It didn’t take him long to figure things out and not much longer for Jarvis to locate Loki. After a brief encounter with ‘Fabio’ and the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ he landed on S.H.E.I.L.D.’s moving base. He had to admit he was somewhat impressed.

Even some of the technology resembled his own he noted as he walked onto the bridge, even had some flair to it that familiar.

Being the suave man that he was it wasn’t hard to plant Jarvis on the computer. Soon after playing spy he and Banner where in a lab working together.

He asked leaning on the table a small zapper in his hand, “You really have got a lid on it, haven’t you? What’s your secret? Mellow jazz? Bongo drums? Huge bag of weed?”

“Is everything a joke to you?” Steve walked in irritated when he saw Tony zap Bruce.

“Funny things.” Tony smirked at him

“He finds everything funny Steve, don’t take it personally.” Tony felt his chest tighten at the sound of that voice. The sight made his face burn.

“Y/N.” Steve looked at you, “He just shocked…”

“I’m well aware.” You smiled and looked at Tony unsure of what would happen next, “Mr. Stark.”

“What are you doing here?” Tony growled eyes narrowing on you as his jaw clenched.

“I work here.” You told him holding onto the documents you had with you tightly.

“Fury must be dead desperate then.” Tony told them, “Because I wouldn’t even consider you a choice even if I was dying.”

You smiled sadly as you looked down, “Good to see you too.”

“No it’s not good!” Tony raised his voice as his ears got hot.

“Mr. Stark, you need to calm down.” Steve pointed a finger at him.

“Stay out of this Cap, and especially away from her!” Tony shouted pointing toward you.

You put a hand on Steve’s arm to stop him from walking over to Tony, “It’s okay, Steve.”

“Yeah it’s okay.” Tony spat out like a snake spitting venom, “We have an unspoken agreement, that she keeps her mouth shut and does what she’s told.”

“Dr. Banner.” You walked forward with a file passing Tony. You could feel the rage from his gaze, it burned, “This is everything asked for.”

“Thank you Miss Y/N.” Bruce took the file and started to look at it.

“Of course, please let me know if you need anything else.” You nodded as you turned looking at Tony, “You know if you want to know what Fury keeps locked up.” You threw a disc at him as you turned to leave, “You usually just have to ask him.”

Tony looked at the disc in his hands then started to follow you out, “Oh you think you’re so smart don’t you?”

You stopped and turned to look at him, “I am smart Mr. Stark, just thought I’d let you actually work on the problem in front of you instead of worry about what Fury’s hiding. Finding the tesseract is more…”

“Bullshit.” He cut in glaring at you darkly.

“Excuse me?” You took a step back giving him a confused look.

“Mr. Stark I think you need to take a step back.“ Steve told him as he walked out into the hall. "Y/N is just trying to help.”

“Y/N? First name bases huh?” He stared down into your eyes, “What’d you have to do to get that privilege?” You looked away from him quickly your cheeks flushing at his insinuations, “That’s right, know your place on the food chain.”

At that remark you looked back at him, “God you’re still such a little boy.”

Tony’s nose flared at your defiance, “And you would know?”

“Well obviously you haven’t grown up at all!” You told him, “I mean seriously, trying to insult my friendships and intelligence is beneath you.”

“I’m not insulting your intelligence, I’m stating a fact.” He stepped closer towering over you as he spoke, “You equate to nothing.”

Steve was about to say something but you beat him to it, “Really?”

Tony nodded, “Yes.”

“Well then this 'nothing’ will be taking its self and going someplace else.” You turned looking at Steve blinking the tears back as you walked away.

Once you were further away Steve looked at Tony, “That was uncalled for.”

“No that was justified.” Tony told him, “You don’t know what happened, so stay out of it. Besides we have bigger things to worry about.” He looked at the disc and threw it on the table as he walked back into the lab, “Jarvis should be in the system now.”

Once you were out of view you leaned against the wall and just let the tears slid down your face.

Natasha walked up behind you slowly hearing your quiet sobs, “Y/N?”

“Oh Nat…” You smiled as you wiped your face sniffing, “How’s it going?”

“A lot better then you I think. What happen?” Nat wasn’t one for girlfriends, but when she 'worked’ for Stark Industries you had given her some sound advice about Pepper which won her over after the birthday party incident. She felt like she owed you.

“Just the normal I suppose.” You let out a half-hearted laugh, “Tony Stark sure is a visionary when he uses his words.”

Natasha looked at you, “Got ugly?“

"Very.” You looked at her, “I 'equate to nothing’ apparently.”

“You know that’s not true.” Natasha told you firmly, “Stark would be dead, what, three times over now if it wasn’t for you?”

“He doesn’t know that though.” You told her with a sad smile, “He just thinks twenty five years ago I stabbed him in the back.” You pushed off the wall, “I have to go, Fury wants me to check on the firewalls that Tony breaking through, shouldn’t take long. Just a few key strokes and it should be done, so if anyone needs me I’ll be in the cafeteria relaxing for a minute.”

Natasha watched the broken girl walk away. She on the other had turned on her heels and headed for the lab. She walked in and over to one of the computers.

“What are you doing?” Tony looked at her, “We need that on the screen it was on, if you need a computer you could go somewhere else.”

“Actually we need to talk Stark, Dr. Banner please leave for a minute.” Natasha turned around looking at Tony.

Banner exited quickly and Tony crossed his arms staring at her, “What?”

“You need to see something.” She pulled up your file.

“I know about her thank you.” Tony set his jaw, “Is this what we’re talking about? Did she come crying to you to save her?” He popped a blueberry in his mouth.

“Actually she’s taking the hits. She’s letting you abuse her.” Natasha told him, “She’s pretty much accepting that you hate her, even though you owe her your life.”

“I owe her nothing.” He rolled his eyes.

“Really, you wanna know who actually found you in the desert that day.” She leaned over the keyboard clicking through to a video.

“Rhodes we have to call it.” The pilot told him.

“Just a little longer.” He told them.

“We’re entering a hostile zone…”

“I know that just keep looking.” Rhodes looked into the camera, “You see anything on that thing of yours.”

The camera panned down to a scanner that read off large signatures of energy, “Just the same thing. There was a spike about an hour ago.”

“You’re sure it’s Tony.” Rhodes spoke.

“If there’s anything I know about him, is he likes to make a big impression on people.”

“Sir we got movement on the horizon. It’s a man!”

“Rhodes.” He looked at the camera again, “He can’t know I’m here.”

Rhodes nodded, “I understand. Thank you for finding him Miss L/N.” He pulled a khaki scarf out of his pocket, “Put this on.”

The next few frames were of the helicopter landing and collecting Tony. They got him on the helicopter. Tony looked around at all of them, “Thank you…thank you so much…” He looked in the camera and smiled tiredly, “Thank you.”

Natasha looked at Tony. His face was unreadable. “She also is the one who confirmed the lithium dioxide injection, and found that new element.”

“No no, I discovered this with my father’s help.” Tony corrected her.

“Yeah second place to Tony Stark.” She told him, “Fury had her working on this for months. She refused to open the box that belonged to your father for personal reasons, then finally she didn’t have a choice and she did it for you.”

“No see I worked 18 hrs-” Tony started.

“She worked 36 hours and told Fury that you needed the satisfaction of discovering it yourself.” She pulled up your work.

Tony looked at the screen. It was an arc reactor, but not his design.

“If you didn’t make it in time, we would’ve plugged this into you ourselves.” Natasha showed him, “And you need her help on this. So man up at least until we’re done saving the world.”

“This doesn’t change anything.” Tony looked at her leaving.

“Didn’t expect it to.” She told him without stopping, “But you should know that just because you hate her, doesn’t mean that she hates you.”

Tony looked back at the screen. He didn’t like it. All these years you’d been right on his doorstop and he never knew. He started looking through the files of all your work and in the process he started to rediscover you.

Gloved (Pt 7)

Summary: You are tasked with the job of talking to the god, Loki, and teaching him compassion and human nature.  You think the job is pointless, but you get under his skin more than he would want to admit.

Triggers: cursing, deaths of family mentioned, a little angst, attempted rape

Word Count: 1600+

Thanks for reading! Please take a moment, if you can, to message me with a review and any ideas.  I love getting feedback! -Eve

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I sat looking over the city with a mug of coffee when Thor came in, walking with Loki.  “Lady Y/N?” He boomed.

“Here, Thor.” I said, rubbing my temples yet again.  The man was loud, even in the morning.  

“I have come to place my brother in your care, assuming you still accept to be his warden.”

“Good morning, Loki,” I waved, “You can go Thor, I know you have a mission all set up.”                

“Something to do with your eastern middle.”

“Middle East,” Loki and I corrected at the same time.  

Thor shrugged, “A shorter way to communicate.”

“Simplicity is a virtue.” I mumbled to myself, and Loki smirked, sitting down on the armchair next to me.  Thor left the room in a movement of his red cape.

“How goes your recovery?” Loki asked me.

“I’m peaches and ice-cream, Loki.” I lied.

“You’re not being honest with me.” He responded.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” I said.

“Then what’re we going to do with the day?  Sit here and stare out at the city?”

               I sipped my coffee in response.

               “Tell me something, what is your favorite place in all of Midguard?”

               I thought for a moment.  “Shore, warm, at night time.”

               “Do you want me to take you to one?” He asked.

               “Not right now.” I said.  I pulled a book from the ground next to me, along with a copy of a short story I was rereading.

               “What are you looking at?”

               “As you would say, more Midguardian stories about short life and boredom.”

               “My opinion on that might have changed slightly.”

               “What changed it?  Bradbury or me?”

               “A little of both,” he admitted.  “The book was far from the worst I have ever read.”

               “So would you like to hear more?” I asked him.

               “I wouldn’t mind.” He returned.

I read Hemmingway’s ‘Hills like White Elephants’, a favorite of mine, and then started on ‘1984’.  He stopped me only to comment with a misunderstanding, something lost in translation, then would listen to me again, to the murmuring of my voice.  

               “And that’s love to you?” He asked, as I closed 1984, halfway through.

               “What do you mean?”

               “The obvious sacrifice of oneself for the act of love.”

               “Let me finish the book.  Love, even- or especially, maybe- love that comes about during times of stress- is love that doesn’t stay long.”

               “Do you think it will last?” He mused to himself.

               “What exactly?” I asked him.

               “My preference for you.” He shrugged.

               “Are you saying you’re in love with me, Loki?” I quibbed.

               “Not quite, Y/N, I save those words for when I mean them.  But I consider that I do love you, yes.  In love? Different thing entirely.”

               “True enough,” I said, stretching.

               “Steve, though,” the man laughed.

               My eyes flashed with anger.  “Steve?”

               “He is quite in love with you.”

               “You assume a lot, Loki.” I said, standing up.

               “And you don’t see it, too?”

               “No, Loki.  I don’t.”

               “He is affectionate, protective, often overly so.”

               “Loki, you’re the same way.”

               “The man barely know how to control himself around you.  He can’t even keep track of you, keep you safe.”

               “I don’t need someone to keep me safe.”

               “Which explains last night perfectly.” He mused.

               “I wasn’t hurt, was I?  I’ll be wiser next time, Loki.  I don’t need a fucking scolding.” I answered.  “Besides, Steve and I are-“

               “Do you like him, Y/N?”

               “I like him well enough.” I started.  “He did save me, actually.  From myself.  I was going to cut my hand off and he stopped me.”

               Loki stared at me like he was looking down the barrel of a gun.  “Points to the dashing captain.” He said.

               “And he doesn’t assume, and he tries to do what is best and he’s”

               “A hero.” Loki finished.

               “A good man.” I reframed.

               “And you love him, don’t you?” Loki stood, and leaned over me in my armchair.  I looked up at him with equal intensity.

               “I love Steve.  I’m not sure how, but I do love him.”

               “Ridiculous.  You are much more than him.”  Loki shot back.

               “Not really.  And even in the basic idea, comparing one person to another, is wrong, Loki.  The people of this world might compare themselves to one another, but really, deep down, we are all equal.  No more or less than each other.”

               “Wrong, some are more important than others.”

               “In your eyes, Loki, not in mine.” I replied, standing up, so we were at the same level, and incredibly close.

               “And so what do you want more, Steve or I?”

               “Neither.” I replied.  “I’m not here to love someone.  I’m here to figure myself out.  Solve the damn puzzle that is my messed up brain.  Not to play house.”

               “I wouldn’t ask you to play house.”

               “You wouldn’t even know how to.” I responded. And he glared at me, and I glared right back.  

               “I quite enjoy our arguments,” he chuckled, leaning back.  “You look best when you’re angry.”

               “Don’t patronize me, Loki.” I said, settling back into the arm chair.  “And if- if you were interested in me in any capacity, you wouldn’t be playing these games with me.”

               “What would I be doing?”  He asked.

               I rubbed my temples for a moment, taking it to think the situation over.  “You would be kind, Loki, honest and kind and safe.  And how can I be safe around you?”

               “I would never hurt you.”

               “But you could.”

               “Anyone could snap your neck who lives in this tower. Why aren’t you scared of them? Why do you feel safe around the super solider?”

               “Because- simply- his love for me wasn’t born in a contained box.  Love me in a month, Loki, love me and not hurt anyone, and I’ll see where I stand.”

               Loki settled back on his heels.  We were quite for a time. I began to calm down.

               “I apologize.  That was too much.  I was too much.”

               “You were honest- the same thing you expect of me. And fiery.  And stubborn.” He insulted.  “It makes me feels like I want to bang my head into a wall.”

               “I know the feeling.” I replied.  “Let’s go somewhere.  But I have to go get changed.”  I got up, and then realized.  “Loki, I can’t leave you alone.” I said aloud.  “I’m just going to go in this.” I sighed, looking down at my sweatpants and tank top.  

               Then I looked over at him, in jeans and a long sleeve, dark green tee shirt.  All we could provide him for his capture.  “Let’s just go.” I exhaled, shaking my head with a smile.  

               Loki came to my side, and we silently took the elevator down to the first floor, getting off and walking to the doors.  “Jarvis?” I asked.

               “Yes, Y/N?” He responded.

               “Allow Loki and me to exit the tower.”

               “Permission granted.”

               “Thank you, Jarvis.” I said in return.

               “You thank him?” Loki chuckled, holding the door for me.  He had obviously calmed down too from our quarrel.  

               “Compassion, even for the artificial intelligence.”

               Loki grabbed me, one hand about the waist and one hand around my upper back.  “And what are you doing exactly?” I asked.

               “Taking you to your favorite place.” He explained.

               “Lower the contact levels, Loki.”

               “I like holding you tightly.” He smiled. Then we were suddenly on a beach, with the moon out and the stars, all hanging in the sky, and sand between our toes, and the ocean beating on the shore just a few yards away.

               “Not bad,” I commented.  “Not bad at all.”  He let go of my slowly, and I bent down, rolling my pant legs up and walking to the water.  I stepped into it, kept on going until it was lapping at my knees, and looked back at Loki. “I might even call it nice.”

               He was staring at me when I turned back to look at him, unable to stifle my blissful smile.  He walked to my side in long strides, his jeans getting soaked through, and took my hands in his.

               “What are you thinking about Loki?” I asked him.


               ‘“And what about me, exactly?”

               He paused, and reached one hand to my lower back, pressing me against him.  “I think you’re quite unique, Y/N.  I think you’re unique and interesting and completely mesmerizing.  You’re beautiful- sure enough, anyone can see that on a surface level- but the way you frame the world.  The way you frame the universe.  It’s bold.  It’s brilliant.  It’s aggravatingly wise and naïve at the same time.”

               “And why are you telling me this?”

               “To give some context to what I’m going to do next.” He replied.  And pressed his lips to mine.  At first I froze, then I leaned into the kiss, opening my mouth and pushing up on my tip toes to run my fingers through his hair.  He pulled away for a moment.

               “And what does this mean for us?” He asked me.

               “It means we kissed, Loki.  It means something- but not a lot.  It means I forgive you.  And thanks.  And that I have a lot to think about.”  And most of it, I thought to myself, involved Steve.  

               We headed back to the tower and sat in silence, reading a few more books I pulled from the library.  He waited for me to respond in some way, to come to some grand conclusion. But I couldn’t.  And I kept hoping I would find the solution to my problems in the pages of the book I was reading.

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For a limited time Coca-Cola cans will feature pictures of Marvel characters from a list of Captain America, Ironman, Hulk, Falcon, Black Widow, Thor, and Antman. These have been branded “First Editions” so there may be new characters added in the future!

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Aunt Peggy Yes, but also picture this...

Uncle Nick Fury. I have always thought Peggy took Nick under her wing for whatever reason, but that’s besides the point.

@saved-by-the-notepad, @thegoldenavenger cause I saw your awesome head-canons earlier.

Hear me out here: I think Uncle Nick Fury is canon, because that’s where Tony got his flare for dramatics from. “You better keep both eyes open” Nick Fury taught 7 or 8 year old Tony his sense of mellow drama and presentation. Then of course there’s the whole “I am just an old man that cares about you.” (one of the few things they actually did alright in aou)

Howard is kind of a stiff board kind of showman. He’s calculated and charming sure but it doesn’t really flow smoothly as Tony does. It doesn’t come off as natural and unrehearsed. He certainly doesn’t pack as a big of a punch as Tony does.

So my thought is he didn’t get it from Howard at all. He got a mix of it from his Aunt Peggy and a shit ton of it from his Dramatic Exit or Entrance Billowy Leather Coat wearing Nick Fury. Whose presence awes and wows people ever time he enters a room. Tiny Tony being so impressed and star struck. Shadowing a quietly amused Fury from room to room when ever he visits Aunty Peggy at the office.

He gets his swagger and charm from watching old news reals of Bucky. He gets his fighting style, mischief and charisma fro Aunt Peggy. He gets his morals from Cap, Jarvis, Peggy and Anna. He gets his nick names from Auntie Angie and his culture, business prowess and lust of science and the stars from his mama Maria.

He gets his trust issues, self esteem issues and crippling fear of abandonment from Howard.

I might still be a bit bitter about Howard. oops.

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Photography by @gerikramerphotography

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