• Melanie: Get Cary, Sydney, now.
  • Division 3 Guy: No need, it'll be over in a couple of minutes.
  • Melanie: You don't get it, do you? David's not like other mutants! He doesn't play games! He fights to survive, that's his training. It takes all his control not to kill somebody! You've just made him more dangerous; you've taken the safety off the gun!
Update on Possible Emergency in Sydney, Australia

 Update: My bro has her friend’s number, and she knows how to track the phone. It was apparently driving up Pakers Dr in or near Sydney. If anyone knows the location, please try to check the area or be on the lookout for her. She is possibly in danger, as she has not replied to any calls or texts in 2 hours and the phone is ringing random amounts of time before hanging up and/or going to voice mail. She should have been home by now, for sure, as she does live in Sydney, and for her to still be on the road means that something could be terribly wrong. Please, signal boost this asap!! Her name is Taylor, sorry for not mentioning that in the last message, but she could need our help. Please, reblog this as much as possible to help her out!!