Iron Key + Mountain Lion = Iron Mountain Lion Key?

While this is certainly not a new issue with IronKey, historically it has had a few difficulties with mounting and permissions within non-windows environments, I thought it might be beneficial to throw an article out there with some updated syntax for OSX. If you recently got your hands on one of the newer Iron Keys, you may have had some issues mounting your encrypted volumes within OSX 10.7 & 10.8, however do not fear, the command line hero is here!

I've simplified the entire process down to a single command. 

echo -e “sudo chmod 644 /dev/rdisk2* \n/Volumes/IronKey/” > && chmod 755

This command will create a bash script called, change the permissions of the script so that it can execute, which then can be run to change the permissions on the partitions within the IronKey itself so that OSX can appropriately read the partitions to mount the device!

Dear Ironkey, As a Mac OS X Mountain Lion user, how in the hell can I run and install a Windows executable file? Just asking. Cheers, Ken

UPDATE (06 Feb 2013) Response from Imation: “You can borrow a Windows machine from a friend or family member, use a computer at work if they have a Windows environment, or use a Windows virtualization software program on your mac. The IronKey updater is currently supported in Windows only.”