I’ve seen a lot of amazing Sailor Avengers cosplay over the years but I just had to share this group, not only because they did beautiful work, not only because there are quite a few of them, but because they also went the extra step to recreate my original artwork (complete with Sailor Coulson and the Cap shield tattoo.)

Check out KittyKait Cosplay for more pictures of the convention the Sailor Avengers and the Shieldlights attended!

Photography credit goes to Nicholas Vernier (vernier.nicholas on flickr.)

Cosplayers in order:  Sailor Coulson | Sailor Captain America | Sailor Iron Man | Sailor Thor | Sailor Hawkeye | Sailor Hulk | Sailor Black Widow | Sailor Loki

Lainey Gossip reports that Captain America and his new Avengers team will fight Crossbones in Africa, which leads to the deaths of some civilians. This is reportedly “the first big action set piece of the movie…that kicks off the Civil War.” This could be the international incident in the synopsis that helps spark the war.

As far as the Winter Soldier goes, the site reports he is the “touchstone of the conflict.” Furthermore, Iron Man “may be using the government registration” to try to track down the Winter Soldier, who murdered his parents. Black Panther is also apparently hunting the Winter Soldier, while Crossbones wants him back under HYDRA control.

The site also added this piece of information: “Civil War is a critical moment for Sebastian Stan and Bucky Barnes—he has to get everyone on his side by the end of this movie, because his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to get a lot bigger.”


Captain America: Civil War a.k.a. I.. I… I am not emotionally prepared for this pain.

Jeremy Renner behind the scenes of
‘CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR’. That logo though!!!!!

looking at civil war on set pictures
  • me :oh here's chris evans , my hot little babe
  • me :oh there is Robert downey , dad dad dad
  • me :look how gorgeous scarlett is omg i can't
  • me :aw here's elizabeth ! my lovely scarlet witch !
  • me :Paul Rudd is there too aw !
  • me :hawkeye ! yas dad is here !
  • me :wait
  • me :where's seb ? i wanna see bucky
  • me :where's aaron ? they are probably hiding him righ ? THEY WANT IT TO BE A SURPRISE RIGHT ? he is coming back .. he should come back right ? RIGHT ?