He is such a pleasure to work with.  Obviously it’s very intimidating meeting someone of his caliber, but he’s so warm and so welcoming that as soon as I met him, all the nerves went out the window and it was just about excitement and getting to know him.  I’m learning from him – he’s the guy who’s really mastered it and it’s a pleasure to see someone like that work and to learn from him.
—  TOM HOLLAND, on Robert Downey Jr. (at Comic-Con, July 23, 2016)
Insomnia - Tony Stark


She wasn’t a supermodel. Not a heroine. She didn’t have super powers. Or was rich. She was who she was. And that was exactly what caught Tony’s attention. Unlike all the others who worked in the same business, she didn’t want fame. She was swimming against the tide. She was damn powerful in her own way. Tony loved the passion in her eyes every time she did something important, that could help lives. She was brilliant. So it wasn’t a big surprise when they started going out, first as friends. They wanted to know each other. She wanted to see the man behind the suit and last name. And he wanted to see the woman behind all the brilliant journalism.

Soon they were one of the strongest couples, they had synchrony and harmony that could make anyone jealous. It was good to see Tony with someone that didn’t mind with all his crazy life, someone that could be bossy and show him what was right and wrong. And he really liked. It was hard to see them having a real fight, they’d argue over something but in a flash, they’d be together again. She’d always be by his side at the lab when she got time to, smiling like a child being totally happy every time he took the time to explain something from his work. She loved to hear him talk and he started loving her even more. And when Tony had his worst moments, she was right there whispering something or just hugging him. There were times she’d force him to eat or take a shower, other times she’d go to him and surprise him with something. So, when the night came and everyone was asleep, enjoying the little vacation at Tony’s beach house, she walked slowly through the dark corridors searching the man she loved. Yeah, she fell deep in love with him. So deep that she didn’t even know exactly when or how. 

“Hey, baby, insomnia again?” she called for him quietly, watching Tony laying on the daybed and he quickly looked up towards her. She sat beside him and smiled, stroking softly his hair.

“Yes, I’m sorry. Did my absence wake you?” Tony pulled her to a hug and laid down again, now with her in his arms, and sighed dragged “Can we stay here a little bit?”

“Sure thing, sir.” she whispered tenderly, her fingers caressing his face slightly before sliding through his hair “You know that I love you, right?”

“You’re so beautiful. I love you too.” Tony said quietly, his eyes staring at hers intensely and she felt her heartbeats increase drastically. She’d never get used to this.

The atmosphere changed fast, but Tony didn’t smirk or said something with a hoarse voice. Tony held her close, silently worshiping her with his eyes and leaving a path of kisses from  her shoulder to her lips. And then she kissed him hard, her nails sank into his nape as her other hand clutched the strands of his hair and gave it a strong tug. Tony growled slightly, his fingers digging into the exposed skin of her hip with a force that would leave marks. He corresponded with desire, quickly taking control as he deepened the kiss, making her moan muffled on his lips and press her body against his. Both of them ignored the faint drizzle of summer and remained on the huge daybed by the pool. Tony stroked her bare thigh, pulling gently to support her leg over his erection, making her smile between the kiss. Wearing only a nightgown and a silk robe, it was possible to feel all the curves and the warmth of her body. And that made Tony even more aroused. He needed her so badly. He couldn’t ignore it anymore. Feeling the rain start to get stronger, he broke the kiss slowly, nibbling on her bottom lip.

“The cushions are getting wet.“ Tony mumbled, remaining with his lips glued to hers. Taking a deep breath trying to catch his breath and smiling as he felt the little whimper under her heavy breathing.

“Then that makes two of us.” she whispered softly, a faux innocence in her voice and Tony just wished to devour her right there. 

“You gonna be the death of me, honey.” he chuckled, moving his hips so he could grind against her core, and making her mewl. With a single move, Tony made her straddle him and hummed satisfied before getting up slowly with her in his arms “Let’s get inside. My bed’s a lot warmer and comfy.”

Yes, sir.


Some days I think on how far I am willing to go to make a pun.

I just found out Anthony Mackie has 3 kids and I'm so happy because ever since I saw him I just prayed he'd have a beautiful family and he does! I can't believe I didn't know this

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Imagine being an assassin and Natasha’s best friend, so when she finds out you have a crush on Tony she won’t stop teasing you about it.

——— Request for anon ———

“Stark, really?” she interrupts your obvious checking out of the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist with her scoff, and before you can deny it, she stops you, “Don’t even try.”

“I-I was just,” you pause, trying to come up with a good excuse to your grinning best friend, only for nothing to come to you, “yeah, I was checking him out.”

Natasha tries not to chuckle as she teases, “Need a wingwoman?”