The Avengers/Star Trek crossover

Captain Steven G. Rogers has the best crew in the fleet. 

Commander Stark is the genius First Officer/Chief Engineer who enjoys the odd space jump. Science Officer Dr Banner is gifted but you don’t want to get him angry. Clint is the navigator that always hits his target. Security Chief Thor Odinson is an expert at combat. Communications officer Lieutenant Romanoff can talk anyone into anything. 


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Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Bucky x Natasha (slight flirting)

Warnings: Insecure reader, Bucky being a thoughtless dick, swearing, but Bucky comes to his senses, some nice love making lmao, unprotected sex, metal hand use

Summary: Reader snaps when Bucky keeps praising Natasha right in front of her. Based off of this request <3

Word Count: 1,418

A/N: I suggest listening to THIS when the smut starts. It shall be noted and the song will be linked again when the smut is about to start ;)

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Tony: You killed my Father. 

Bucky: I am your Father.

Tony: Noooooooo!