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what if one day rhodey has been teasing tony all day, and by the evening tony is basically at the end of his limit, and wants to jump rhodey and make love to him. and then rhodey says "you're always beautiful to me" ot even just "you're so beautiful" and tony's knees literally give out and rhodey catches him just in time

It would start with them waking up in bed together; Rhodey runs his hands all over Tony’s body, teasing but never going further. By the time Tony’s fully awake, he is also half crazy with want, lust-clouded eyes gazing up at Rhodey and he whispers “Please-” 

But Rhodey (that ass) just smirks and kisses Tony and gets up. 

Tony curses him.

And it doesn’t even stop here. Rhodey is somehow always touching him throughout the day, touches that drive Tony wild but that are never enough.

There’s a hand resting innocently on his thigh during breakfast but it’s a little too close to Tonoy’s crotch. 

Rhodey hugs him from behind several times and he //always// grinds against Tony’s backside before letting go. 

He’d kiss Tony’s neck or sneak his fingers under Tony’s shirt.

and of course Rhodey play at his own attractiveness; stretching a little bit more than necessary just to hear Tony choke on his breath. Stretching up to get something and making sure his shirt rides up. 

Tony would be a MESS by the end of the day, frustrated and so, so ready to jump Rhodey. Climbing him like a tree.

He’s definitely breathing harder and there is an undeniable blush on his cheeks, brown eyes glossy with want.

And Rhodey just looks at him before he says: “God, tony. You’re beautiful.”

It’s too much. Tony is all riled up and desperate and then Rhodey says something like this-

His knees buckle and yep, he’d definitely have fallen over right then and there but Rhodey catches him and pulls him close before he kisses him, hot and heavy and pulls him to the bed.

Prompts are back. I’ll be posting one for each night on the weekends (or day depending on timezone).

Since I have a shit ton of prompts sitting in my inbox, I’ll just be fishing from the old ones. Like ancient ones hopefully. This won’t last indefinitely though, sorry but I’m officially capping this. I’m just completing the 300 mark so I guess we only have 2-3 months left. Whoever’s left of my readers, I hope you’ll enjoy these last ones. This was fun but I need to go to a better place. Stay dank you memers.