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Do you see Seto Kaiba as more of a Tony Stark kind of guy, or more of a Batman type (or neither)? I'm curious to see which one you think he pulls more towards, or doesn't; whichever.

I like to think of myself as an All-Purpose Nerd™, so this question has occurred to me more than once before. And the first thing I can say with conviction is that the answer is most definitely not neither.

Let’s break this down.

On the one hand, like Iron Man, Seto is an engineer. He not only created Solid Vision holograms, but he also crafted at least the first prototype Duel Disk that would go on to define Yu-Gi-Oh! and its characters’ wrist-bound accessories throughout the years. So, both characters showcase a certain predilection for crafting plot-relevant tech. 

There’s also the fact that they both inherited, from their fathers, a military arms conglomerate. And they both spend a fair amount of time, effort, and money to dismantle said conglomerate. Granted, their reasons for doing so differ. But the bullet point still stands strong in both cases.

Also, I mean, c’mon. Seto Kaiba is the biggest drama queen in Yu-Gi-Oh!, which is right up Tony’s alley. Honestly, the only character in the entire franchise who might top Seto, in pure melodramatic madness, is Jack Atlas.

However, on the other hand …

Seto is an orphan. He lost his parents at a fragile age, and has devoted the rest of his life to a crusade against cruelty, to ensuring that no children ever have to suffer the way he did. After all, what did he do once he shut down Gozaburo’s Kaiba Corporation?

He reformed it into a game company, and built a theme park for his fellow orphans.

If that doesn’t scream Bruce, I don’t know what does.

Honestly, the only difference here is that Seto doesn’t wear a mask.

Or does he?

Another thing Seto shares with the Dark Knight is a troubling touching connection to a winged creature. And he has a tendency to incorporate that creature into the equipment he uses for his personal … uh … missions.

I mean … seriously?

Oh. Right. One other thing.

They’re such freaking dads.

It isn’t enough to say that Bruce or Seto have sidekicks. Or wards. Or whatever you want to call them. That just plain doesn’t cut it.

No matter which black-haired, pint-sized, orphaned sass master you’re dealing with, don’t try telling me they view their respective mentors as anything less than a father figure.

So I guess what I’m trying to say here, is … on the subject of whether Seto Kaiba is a Tony Stark or a Bruce Wayne, an Iron Man or a Batman … my answer is: