Hecho En Oaxaca with @DateFarmers @DrLakra @HowNosm @Lapiztola #MOMO#Nunca#ironeyeretna @saner_edgar @StenLex @Swoonhq @Vhils #Yescka curated by Pedro Alonso opening July 5th, 7pm at Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Oaxaca. Photo by @emilioocampo

Did a photoshoot awhile back and I saw this van spray painted with this cool design so I decided to take some picks by it, not realizing that the artist who painted this is really amazing check out @ironeyeretna work. Shout out to @jahsoncummings for styling and @queensessi for taking the shot. #art #LA #ironeyeretna #thedeanscollection