Hello there!

Summer has passed and I’m still seeking out the extra cash to help pay for my orthodontic bills (because yay, braces). Despite business picking up at my job, I haven’t regained my full hours and this is my only other way of making decent money.

This is only the base and can go up depending on complexity. If you have any questions regarding prices of additional persons, please look at my full price sheet

My PayPal is and I will send you an invoice via email. Go ahead and send me a message on tumblr on any of my accounts:aciidwiredraws, aciidwire, or ironeaters. Tips are optional but very appreciated!!

** Reference sheets come with a front and back of your OC in their underwear, and three expressions of your choice! If you wish to have a specific outfit, it’ll start at a $5 increase and is dependent on complexity.**

I will draw:
NSFW (18+)**
** please inquire about price changes for NSFW **


I will NOT draw:
Mecha (sorry!)

Any other examples can be found at my aciidwiredraws tumblr! If you’re in line, please look at the commission list!

Any signal boosting would be very appreciated! thank you so much! c: