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A Christmas Story

“A Christmas Story” is a bit of an obsession for my step-father and me. For us, it’s not Christmas without Ralphie, Flick, Scut and the gang. Thank God TBS plays it 24 hours straight. But if they ever fail, we have our DVDs so we can make sure it’s always running in the background around Christmas. Right now there’s a leg lamp glowing in my window, licensed ornaments on our tree, a growing collection of Department 56 light up buildings and accessories on display and thanks to this week’s Iron Craft challenge, presents wrapped in “A Christmas Story” wrapping paper with matching labels! The only way I can outdo this next year is to find the box that contains my “A Christmas Story” apron and cookie cutters so that there is a plate of cookies shaped like the leg lamp next to the wrapped presents.

The labels.

The wrapped and labeled presents in front of the Christmas Story village (sitting on top of the Christmas table runner I made a few weeks ago).

A close-up of the wrapping paper and labels.

What is your favorite “A Christmas Story” moment?