More Merrill and Iron Bull inspired by this video.
(Iron Bull would probably make a good dad)

Someone, please, take me away from Tumblr, Dragon Age and Photoshop.

Bonus! I felt bad writing all this down and you can only read like 20% so here it is!
Enjoy a sampling of my world class potty mouth.

Dragon Age Inquisition: characters emoji


Cullen: ಠ_ಠ
Leliana: (¬_¬)
Josephine: (✪㉨✪)


Iron Bull: ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
Sera: ( ಠ◡ಠ )
Varric:(・∀・ )
Cassandra: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
Vivienne:( ̄へ ̄)
Cole: (▰˘◡˘▰)
Blackwall: ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ 
Solas: (-’_’-)

Just got back from Otakuthon in Montreal this weekend! 

Super nice to meet all of you lovely people! Especially the guys that recognized my art from Anime North as well! :) Seeing those happy faces from fans when they receive these prints is a main reason that keeps me going with conventions~ Working on feature films and TV series is fun, but conventions are so different because it provides an opportunity to connect with fans directly~! 

Wish i had lots more time to do more art, but between full-time work / freelance / teaching there is so little time for doing other things like playing games, watching shows, drawing fanart and cons~ just can’t win them all :( ahhh don’t we all wish we had 30hr days! 

Thanks for all the people that bought this Dragon Age print set :) Took forever to draw but it paid off! 

Hey You!

You’re beautiful and you’re loved. 

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Alistair misses you!

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Cullen loves you so much!

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Solas wants you by his side!

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Blackwall wants to hold you!

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The Ironbull is going to smack your bottom!  

DA:I Romance and their Children (Post Game)

The Inquisitor sits silently in her room. Tears coat her eyes as she looks down to her unborn. How can he do this to me? Who will protect me now? Her thoughts try shield her sanity. As her baby wrestles her tummy her companions knock on her door and try their best to keep her company. Though Solas has left she still feels surrounded by family. Making her way to the window she peers out to Skyhold’s view. She wonders if he will come back and wonders if this gift he left was intentional.

Ironbull never thought he would raise a child. Sure he loved the Inquisitor but he wasn’t the type of Qunari to have a kid. He smiles to himself as his little cub races up and down the halls of Skyhold relentlessly torturing the Fortresses finest. As the little girl retires she runs to Bull and gives him a warm smile, “Papa when am I going to learn how to fight with a sword?” She tells him. Bull chuckles and points to the tired Advisor while he picks her up in his arms, “Cullen has to show you how to hold one first.” The little girl’s face turns hot and hides in her fathers chest. Iron Bull makes a hearty laugh, “Hey, Cullen! My little girl has a crush on you!”

Cassandra’s little boy pins to his mothers leg as she teaches a new squad of initiates how to take down a target. She yells at one to strike harder and the boy at her feet cowers even farther behind her. Cassandra turns around as she hears him whimper. “Oh! Anthony, I’m so sorry. Can you forgive mama?” She says to him softly as she bends to his level and almost pleads. Anthony smiles widely and opens his arms wide so his mother can take him in his arms. Cassandra smiles warmly.

Josephine cannot possibly be more buried in her work… and her child. The inquisitor barges into her office before they make their way into the war table. “Josephine? Are you alright, my love?” They ask and she shakes her head. “Whats the matter?” They ask her. Josephine looks down to her work. “I want to be with my child not be stuck here like it’s the circle.” She admits to them sadly. The Inquisitor shakes their head and shoves the papers out of her reach. They hold her hand and guide her toward the baby in the cradle next to her. “My baby girl.” Josephine says sweetly. The Inquisitor cradles her in their arms, “Don’t worry about the work my love. Be with her for as long you’d like.”

Sera thinks she is the last person to have children. She is afraid that she won’t be a good mama but here she is at Skyhold with her Inquisitor and a little girl. The girl is sassy and has a mouth worst than herself but it doesn’t bother Sera, it makes her proud that she doesn’t have to be male to have a girl who is just like her, maybe even looks like her too. Sera plays with the little girls ears and scolds her, “If any one calls ya knife ears, ya come to me and we’ll make him pay together, ya hear?” She says to her while her child nods with fierceness. “Good gal!” She praises. She kneels to her level and takes a good look at the little one. Her eyes are blue and her hair is curly blonde. Her freckles make Sera happy. “Now all ya need is a warriors haircut!” Sera screeches. “NO!” Yells the Inquisitor who comes down from the throne. “No haircuts.” She protests. Sera winks at her little one as they laugh together.

Cullen is more than pleased with himself today. The love of his life and his child are playing tag in the garden while he takes time off the war table to watch them. Their smiling faces make him blush. Their perfection leaves him blinded. His love for them cannot possibly become any greater as it is the greatest it can possibly be. The Inquisitor and the baby boy move on to ring around the rosie and Cullen feels inclined to join. He runs toward them while the Inquisitor giggles. Cullen scoops up the little boy and twirls with him, when he stops he gives him a kiss on the cheek. “Do it again, Papa!” He yells kicking and screaming in happiness. “I can’t kiddo.” He replies laughing and out of breath . “Why not papa?” The baby boy looks betrayed. “..because if he does everything in your belly will come out from your mouth.” The inquisitor says laughing and then an unexpected kiss is planted on the Inquisitors lips. “I love you.” Cullen’s voice only a whisper.

The Inquisitor and her little girl are playing in Skyhold’s Gardens, picking flowers and herbs for downed squadmates and for supplies. Blackwall has been watching over them all day, he feels a need to be around them, to protect them. The Inquisitor flashes Blackwall a smile from a far before calling her little girl to whisper something in her ear. Her mama fixes her curly hair while plotting with her cub. They giggle and Blackwall’s eyebrows furrow, he wonders what their up to. He crosses his arms. If I know my lady, shes always up to no good. He thought with a deep chuckle. Before he knew it his daughter was running to him. “Papa! Papa!” She calls. As she makes her way to him Blackwall kneels to her level and opens his arms to her with a smile. “What is it my love?” He asks her. The baby girl hugs him before placing all the flowers she could on his beard and hair. “Mama says she loves you.” She finishes out of breath. Blackwall looked over to the Inquisitor as she hides her face as she laughs uncontrollably.

Dorian’s Tevinter problems are not over. He has postponed his decision to go back to his family because the Inquisitor wants one at Skyhold.. an immediate one. Dorian turns to the Inquisitor as he sits on the edge of the bed. He then looks toward the cradle beside the bed and walks toward it taking his baby to his arms. Is this what he wants? A messy baby? Surely we still have time to think of this. Dorian’s thoughts are torturing him. “This. Tevinter. Your family. Atleast the sky isnt falling anymore.” Says the Inquisitor, “I know your thoughts are a blurred but I want a family, I want to raise him. His mother died in my arms, Dorian you have to understand.” He said softly. Dorian’s eyes looked for his partners, he saw the truth in them, and he understood why he wanted this baby boy. Dorian paced slowly toward the Inquisitor with the sleeping baby in his arms. He sat next to him and smiled down at the baby, “I want what you want, love.”