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How about the single!parent!inquisitor's kid calling the romanced companions and advisers 'mom/dad' for the first time. Like the child sees them that way and loves them like a parent. :D

((This is so adorable!))

Cassandra: she is at a loss for words, but rather than correct the child she lets them continue calling her that, she does bring it up to the inquisitor, who can’t stop laughing.

Solas: he was telling the small child memories from the fade when he finished his story they smiled up at him. “Thank you daddy!” He immediately stopped was he was doing, did he just here them correctly? He couldn’t bring himself to tell the child not to call him that, and when the inquisitor walked by they smiled and crossed their arms at him.

Sera: what!? “Well now, can you tell your mother what you said, it’ll be funny!” She hugs the child and feels honored to be called mom, but it’s strange to her too.

Dorian: “well… how does your father feel about this?” He allows it and when the child waddles away he gives a small smile. He returns to his book with a big grin on his face.

Iron bull: he laughs and ruffles the kids hair when they yelled Dad as he returned from a mission with the inquisitor blushing furiously. “Hey there kiddo!” He said looking at the inquisitor who was now apologizing repeatedly. “It’s alright, I like the title.” He smiled.

Blackwall: when he handed the child a wooden toy he expected thanks, but not “thanks Dad!” He looked at the child and gave a laugh, he would ask the inquisitor if it was alright, but he didn’t mind.

Cullen: he was taken back when he was teaching the child chess and they answered him with. “I know how to play Dad.” He scratched the back of his head and laughed, he didn’t have the heart to tell them no.

Josephine: she was going through papers when the child walked by. “Hello mom!” They said happily, she said hello back but once she processed what they said she stopped and looked at the child who was running out the door. “Oh my…. well, hm.” She smiled and when the inquisitor walked through she asked if it was alright, they gave a “aw”, she couldn’t stop smiling.

Long post, so buckle up.

Blackwall mentions that he’s making the rocking horse for kids taking refuge within Skyhold and it got me thinking; what would others do for the refugee children in the Inquisition?

  • Leliana teaches them how messenger Ravens work and how they are trained. When she’s feeling especially kind she lets them write letters to their deceased parents and sends a raven to where some of her less busy scouts can reply to the children’s letters. She talks to them about how she trains and works with her scouts to keep everyone safe, sound, and updated on all of the current events. She may even sneak a song in there for them, but if you tell anyone you’ll lose your tongue.
  • Dorian teaches children all about the history of mages and performs magic for them so they can see that mages aren’t a thing to be feared in fact, mages can do a lot to help society. While he reminds them people who use magic don’t always use it well he tells the children most use it for the betterment of the lives around them. He also talks to them about the importance of knowing history and to never repeat the bad and learn from the good. Also, to always be true to yourself and anyone who doesn’t support your happiness doesn’t deserve your time. 
  • Josephine teaches the children manners while interacting with other people, she teaches them how to properly eat in Orlais, but she also might be guilty of starting a couple of food fights… Maybe. Don’t tell anyone. Manners aren’t everything, but watching the kids try to sit up straight and not giggle when Dorian, Ironbull and Sera make funny jokes is always of great amusement. 
  • Solas teaches children all about the fade and why it’s not scary (he leaves certain things out). He tells them about how he visits the fade in his dreams and tells them all about the good things he sees there, some of the stories may be a little… adapted for children. He teaches them about where their family members are in the fade, how it all works and how their parents are always there watching over them and they see how brave the children are being and are very, very proud.
  • Varric writes stories and teaches the younger children to read with them. He writes about the brave young child who’s parents were lost in the midst of a war, but the child used the wisdom they gained from reading and became a hero to all of Thedas because everyone is a hero. He also teaches them how to write their own stories and their own heroes, when the children give their stories for Varric to read it makes him feel amazing and some of these kids might surpass him soon… better tone down the lessons, can’t have any competition!
  • Sera shows the children archery and reminds the children never to take everything too seriously. She teaches the children that while there is suffering in life you can always look at the problems with a different perspective. It’s okay to be different, and it’s okay to be sad, but why change the past when you can own this day? Sera also tells the kids to be confident in who they are and no matter your background or your trauma you can always be strong and be a hero, even in a small way. She tells the kids that they don’t always have to stick to the tradition of whatever and it’s actually pretty cool to be unique and to question things in life instead of blindly following the masses.
  • Cassandra shows the kids how to fence and take care of their weapons. Reminding them that swords are not toys and to always be very careful, but they’re really fun to hit the dummies with. Cassandra also tells kids it’s okay to be tough, but also have a soft side, to want love and family, even being a warrior. Everyone loves poetry after all. She has attempted to teach the kids to write and while she may not be good at it, that’s part of the charm, her silly poems always bring a smile to the children’s faces and in turn, hers.
  • Cullen tells stories of the Templars and how they are not all bad people, it’s just the bad ones are the loudest. He tries to let the children know that he understands what they are going through is scary and it’s makes them angry that the war took their families from them, but to NEVER let it corrupt their morals, to instead let this pain make them stronger and to never be like the bad guys. Cullen talks to them about how he trains the forces and how anyone can be a soldier. He loves to do some (easy) drills with the kids because they always have so much fun and it’s a good distraction for them and him, too.
  • Vivienne works to clothe and groom the children, appearances are not everything after all (though, she’d never say it out loud), but when you are clean and in clean clothing, you feel better. She knows this. She works to remind the children to try and remain dignified, you can never let them see the hurt because it only pushes the bad guys further because they got the reaction they wanted… but it’s always okay to talk to her if you are struggling and sad, you are children lost in this war and no one should ever feel alone. Plus… they are really cute in their tailored outfits and when the little boys and girls feel awesome in their clothes, she feels awesome with them.
  • Ironbull teaches the children about diversity and why it’s so important to never be biased, unless they’re from Tevinter… Wait… What? But seriously, people fear what is different and change is always automatically evil, when in reality what makes the world amazing and what makes society better is that everyone is so different. Before we are anything (our sexuality, our race, our religion, our power) we are people, and that in and of itself demands respect. He also shows them some of the Qunari ways to control stress, but don’t worry he doesn’t hit them with the bat… thank the Maker.
  • Cole helps ease the painful memories the children have, not forget them, but make it easier to cope. He teaches them little ways to help people feel better. Like burning turnips to help someone feel at home as they pass through to the fade. Allowing spiders to spin their silk to heal wounds. We must always help those who need it, but we also mustn’t forget to help ourselves, too. Also, he reminds the children that when someone has done you wrong to forgive them because if you let that anger fester it can change who you truly are, forgiveness in times are hurt is not a weakness, but a great strength, not one everyone has.
  • The Inquisitor teaches children that even when you are scared, alone, and your life has changed entirely that you are still strong and you can make a difference. Always try to do the right thing and never be afraid of change. Befriend people who are different and always welcome help, no one can do everything alone. Always tell the truth (especially when accused of murder), and always, always be strong.

In short, I believe the children of the Inquisition are well loved, well taken care of, and are having some good fun. 

Please feel free to add what you think everyone would do! I didn’t want to make the post too long, but maybe Scout Harding gives the children some dance lessons, maybe Dennent teaches them to ride and properly care for the animals, maybe Adan teaches them how to make poultices, maybe Krem de le Krem teaches them about being true to yourself and to be the warrior you need and want to be… maybe….?

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Could you sort all the companions and advisors into hogwarts houses, and maybe do a 'why I think they should be in these houses' (Bonus scout harding and krem)

(( ok lets do this! ))

Casandra: Gryffindor, she’s brave and never backs down for her beliefs! Even when everyone tells her otherwise she stays true to what she thinks is right.

Solas: Slytherin, not just because he lied but also he has some big ambitions with bringing down the veil and has been cunning, he’s a real Slytherin….

Varric: I don’t care what people say but I like him as a Ravenclaw, I mean he’s a genius to me! He’s a writer and can twist his words to get out of trouble.

Sera: this baby is a Gryffindor, she’s bold and stands up for her beliefs!

Dorian: he’s a nerd and would totally be a Ravenclaw! He’s always seen in the library and he’s pretty smart.

Iron bull: Hufflepuff, he’s a big softy and he’s one of the nicest characters!

Vivienne: Slytherin, she’s very ambitious and loyal to what she believes, nothing will stand in her way.

Cole: this boy is a Hufflepuff, he doesn’t want to hurt anyone and always looks for ways to help.

Blackwall: Gryffindor, he’s brave for taking on the name blackwall and trying to better himself.

Cullen: Gryffindor, I mean his ruffles in his armor make him look like a lion! He’s brave and stands for what he thinks is right!

Josephine: Ravenclaw! I think she’s very smart for being able to make deals for the inquisition and should be seen as intelligent!

Leliana: Slytherin, she’s very cunning and being a spy helps to prove her place in this Hogwarts house!

Harding: Hufflepuff, she’s kind and always tells the inquisitor of trouble! She’s so sweet!

Krem: Gryffindor, not only is he a charger but he is brave for being who he is and not Letting anyone change him!

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Could you do DA:I companions reacting to the Inquisitor having a twin? Romance please

Cassandra: she is surprised to see the twin standing by their sibling, this was going to be a mess. She has trouble telling them apart and has to look at their hands to tell the difference. ROMANCED: she makes a effort to tell who the inquisitor is and soon can tell them part easily.

Solas: oh boy, he has a very tough time telling them apart but after awhile he catches on. ROMANCED: he knows when the twin is trying to prank him, and he can play along before downright embarrassing them, it’s funny and the inquisitor laughs.

Varric: story time. He loves the two and couldn’t wait to write about all the stories they were going to make, he is actually protective of the two, no one messes with his twins.

Sera: prank time, she loves getting the two into trouble. They all bond over the pranks they pull, as a joke she came up with the idea of making them wear a green ribbon to tell them apart, the inquisitor isn’t amused when they wake up with the ribbon. “Well it’s pretty cute yeah!?” She laughs at them. ROMANCED: she can tell her inky apart from their twin, and even jokes that one simply has better looks.

Dorian: he thinks it’s funny and always has witty comments ready for them. ROMANCED: he easily tells them apart and while he enjoys the twins company he much prefers the inquisitors. He can’t seem to stand not being by them.

Iron bull: he laughs every time they stand by each other, and he helped come up with the ribbon idea, he teases them and gives the two of them nicknames. ROMANCED: he’s a spy so he can easily tell the difference. He jokes that he just liked seeing them in the green ribbon when they asked about his part in the prank.

Vivienne: “well, double the charm I suppose.” She said smiling, she learns how to separate the two of them and always makes sure to tell them apart.

Blackwall: well, this was a surprise, but he didn’t mind. It is hard for him to tell them apart but he makes an effort. He eventually learns how to tell the apart and they are both rather impressed. ROMANCED: he tries hard to tell them apart and never messes up, the twins are very surprised.

Cole: “same but you’re not actually…… you mean they can’t tell you apart?” He doesn’t understand why the inquisition has trouble telling them apart and didn’t laugh when he saw sera ribbon prank. “That could really help people.” He realized they weren’t happy and tried to fix it.

Cullen: he has a terrible time telling. Them apart and when he gets it wrong he always blushes and apologizes. ROMANCED: he does his best to tell them apart and eventually with their help he gets it right.

Josephine: she knew this would be a handful. She quickly learns how to tell them apart and corrects anyone who mistakes them. ROMANCED: she never has any problem telling them apart, she never has any problem with separating the two of them either and the inquisition loves her effort.

Leliana: of course she was happy about it, it could simplify so many things. The twin could play as the inquisitor when needed, if they wanted to that is. The twins love the idea.