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Hello, i have a request: how would DA:I companions and advisers react to an Inquisitor that is bullied because of their weight? Romance too please. This thing happens to several people, my little sister went throught this situation for being overweight and i've always been criticized because i'm too thin. I would love to know that someone, even if is fictional, would support people like us. (Sorry if there are mistakes, English is not my first lenguage)

((I have also been bullied for my appearance and I would like to say that everyone is beautiful no matter how they look, and thank you for the request!))

Cassandra: did she just hear correctly? Someone had the nerve to come into skyhold and bash the one person who was trying to save the world. She gave them quite the talking too. ROMANCED: she comforts the inquisitor telling them how beautiful they are and makes sure everyone knows it.

Solas: as soon as the words hit his ears he whipped his head around, all the calmness that surrounded the elf seemed to vanish, he marched up to the person who said the insult and spoke elvish curses no one had heard before, it was quite the scene. ROMANCED: after he finished with the curses he turned to the inquisitor and gave them a kiss, just so everyone knew who he loved.

Varric: he put down his pen and cracked his knuckles as he made his way to the insulter, no one had ever seen somebody run so fast.

Sera: “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY YOU LITTLE-” She chased them around skyhold and they got heavily pranked before they left. ROMANCED: arrows flew in every direction and people took cover as she went into fits of rage.

Dorian: oh no, did he just hear correctly? After a few insults to the persons fashion and hair he turned to the inquisitor and showered them with compliments. ROMANCED: he is ruthless in his insults, he turns to the inquisitor and kisses their face repeatedly.

Iron bull: when he heard the person commenting on the inquisitors appearance all he had to do was appear in front of the person, they seemed to leave in quite the rush, he turned to the inquisitor to make sure they were ok. ROMANCED: he dived in and scooped the inquisitor up, he gave the insulted a rather scary look and everyone laughed as the chargers were seen chasing them out of skyhold.

Vivienne: she stopped everything she was doing and made her way to the inquisitor. she, like Dorian, was ruthless with her own insults to the person and finally turned to the inquisitor. “Anything else you would like me to do? Freeze them? Turn them into a toad?” She smiled.

Blackwall: he had never been more upset with someone, he made a display in front of the stables and when it was over he made sure the inquisitor was ok. “Don’t listen to people like him, you’re lovely.” He said placing his arm around them. ROMANCED: he chased them out of skyhold and when he returned he didn’t leave the inquisitors side the rest of the day, he also didn’t stop complementing them.

Cole: “I know how to help.” He knew people were scared of him, so he simply appeared behind the inquisitor and the insulter got scared away. “You aren’t what they said you were, you are so amazing to so many people, like me.” He smiled.

Cullen: he unsheathed his sword and gave some threats, no one had seen the commander so intimidating before. ROMANCED: he took the bully on a walk around skyhold, so it was odd that he returned without them, he gave the inquisitor many kisses on their face as well.

Josephine: she had never heard such terrible things before, she marched over to the bully and gave them some advice. “Leave skyhold.” They were seen walking out of skyhold with their head down. ROMANCED: she turned to the inquisition after. “You know none of that is true.” She said kissing them.

Leliana: she sent some spies after they were done, no one has heard from the insulter. “If they want to find them they’ll have to go to the dungeons, but who would look there?” She told the inquisitor, she made sure to remind the inquisitor that they looked amazing. “People like them don’t have anything better to do than make other feel bad about themselves, don’t listen.” She said as they walked around for a little while.

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How about the single!parent!inquisitor's kid calling the romanced companions and advisers 'mom/dad' for the first time. Like the child sees them that way and loves them like a parent. :D

((This is so adorable!))

Cassandra: she is at a loss for words, but rather than correct the child she lets them continue calling her that, she does bring it up to the inquisitor, who can’t stop laughing.

Solas: he was telling the small child memories from the fade when he finished his story they smiled up at him. “Thank you daddy!” He immediately stopped was he was doing, did he just here them correctly? He couldn’t bring himself to tell the child not to call him that, and when the inquisitor walked by they smiled and crossed their arms at him.

Sera: what!? “Well now, can you tell your mother what you said, it’ll be funny!” She hugs the child and feels honored to be called mom, but it’s strange to her too.

Dorian: “well… how does your father feel about this?” He allows it and when the child waddles away he gives a small smile. He returns to his book with a big grin on his face.

Iron bull: he laughs and ruffles the kids hair when they yelled Dad as he returned from a mission with the inquisitor blushing furiously. “Hey there kiddo!” He said looking at the inquisitor who was now apologizing repeatedly. “It’s alright, I like the title.” He smiled.

Blackwall: when he handed the child a wooden toy he expected thanks, but not “thanks Dad!” He looked at the child and gave a laugh, he would ask the inquisitor if it was alright, but he didn’t mind.

Cullen: he was taken back when he was teaching the child chess and they answered him with. “I know how to play Dad.” He scratched the back of his head and laughed, he didn’t have the heart to tell them no.

Josephine: she was going through papers when the child walked by. “Hello mom!” They said happily, she said hello back but once she processed what they said she stopped and looked at the child who was running out the door. “Oh my…. well, hm.” She smiled and when the inquisitor walked through she asked if it was alright, they gave a “aw”, she couldn’t stop smiling.

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The Inquisitor is surrounded by enemies at the edge of a cliff at the Storm Coast. Seeing it as their best option the Inquisitor jumps off the cliff and into the water and eventually swims back to the shore. How would the romanced companions react?

Cassandra: The Maker has a sense of humor, and later -much later- Cassandra will appreciate that. But in the moment she can only force her panic down and begin making her way to the base of the cliff. If his fall was anything like her desperate plunge so many years before he will need help.

And then she will shake the sense back into his head that fel out on the way down.

Solas: His heart seizes, even as he knows it’s her best option. There is a large part of him that wants to murder the ones who forced her to make that choice, but the rest of him races down the cliff side and hopes she did not lose consciousness in the fall.

Blackwall: Maker, he dies a thousand deaths on her way down. He has been trapped on a cliff edge on this very forsaken coastline, and if she lives through this he is dragging her to Skyhold and they are never coming back.

Sera: Having evaded pursuers by jumping before, Sera knows that the greatest danger is often from above. Which means she ignores the screaming of her insticts and sends arrows into her honeytongue’s enemies on the  edge before scrambling down to make sure they are well.

Dorian: The irrational part of him that has read too many adventure stories wants to leap after his amatus. The rational part of him that knows how gravity and the ocean works chooses to try and cast a barrier over them as they fall and charges down the cliff face.

Iron Bull: He’s over the edge after them, albeit from a different spot. The Chargers have their name for a reason.


DAI Companions react to the inquisitor adopting wild animals

Cassandra: she was annoyed at first, when she found rams walking along skyhold, then when the inquisitor brought a rather cute fennec who took a liking to her she stopped arguing about the beasts. ROMANCED: she didn’t understand why they did it, but if made them happy she would allow it.

Solas: he had mixed feelings, when they brought in injured birds he thought it was sweet, but when they brought in a wolf he was rather upset. “I know you want to help them but they’re wild beasts.” He says. ROMANCED: he still voices his concerns, but when he sees how happy they were when they carried around a nug or a cat he can’t help but watch with a chuckle.

Verric: he found it funny, when they brought in bear cubs and crows. “I’ll be sure to tells stories about this.” He laughs, he found it very humorous and enjoyed the people’s reactions

Sera: she didn’t mind, she would be seen surrounded by stray cats or fennecs. “Makes skyhold less boring.” She would say. ROMANCED: she can always be seen cuddling with the inquisitor and animals, she even includes them in pranks. Solas doesn’t appreciate the random hallas in his room from time to time.

Iron bull: he waits for the day they finally loose it and take in a dragon, he even encourages them to. “It would be fun boss, like a fire breathing lizard.” He laughs. ROMANCED: he doesn’t mind, he thinks it’s cute and likes to watch them when they take in new animals

Dorian: he finds it amusing, but when the inquisitor brought in a bear he was very concerned, He still laughed though.
ROAMNCED: he smiles when he sees them in the library with a small fennec or puppy. He even has been seen with a bird on his shoulder as he reads.

Blackwall: he thinks it’s noble, to look out for things smaller than them. “As long as you’re not hurting anyone, carry on.” He says. ROMANCED: he likes watching them sleep in the hay with bear cubs and halla, he makes small carvings of the animals and shows them to the inquisitor.

Vivienne: she doesn’t like the idea, but allows it, maybe it will make the inquisition look even more noble and caring, but she still doesn’t like the nugs running around the place.

Cole: he likes them. “They were scared and hurting, you helped.” He likes the rabbits and can be seen petting them.

Josephine: she likes the cute nugs and cats, but the bears and rams are a different thing, she freezes up when the inquisitor brings them in. “Perhaps I can have a tower or barn built for them.”. ROMANCED: she likes when the inquisitor relaxes by her with a cat, she even has various beds for smaller animals to rest in her office.

Cullen: he likes the dogs, however seeing halla Jump makes him confused. ROMANCED: he can be found playing fetch with any rescued dogs, he loves the inquisitors kindness and enjoys seeing them bring in new animals.

Lelianna: she likes the crows the inquisitor brings in and asks if they can be used for messages. “It would be beneficial.” She says, the inquisitor allows it with a smile.

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Companions of all games (if you can, if not just a few from each game is fine) react to finding a magic amulet that makes you nearly immune to all types of magic, but makes you speak in limricks and haiku


There once was a Seeker who swore

To use the amulet to end the Mage War

And wouldn’t you know it

She’s a pretty good poet

Because she’s a romantic at core.


Poetry doesn’t sell well

It’s not his strongest genre

But this shit is gold.


This amulet is
An amazing artifact
It needs further study


There once was an archer who swore

To show all kinds of magic the door

Her patience is narrow

She’s nocking an arrow

Alas the amulet is no more


There was once a man named Blackwall

Whose name wasn’t Gordon at all

He doesn’t deserve this

Give it to someone whose earned it

He’d rather answer noble duty’s call.


My dear, it’s unique
How fascinating a find
It bears more study


There was once a ‘Vint mage (and no fool)

Who liked to rewrite magical rule

But this amulet’s silly

He hates these rhymes, really

And Sera, stop saying tool!

The Iron Bull:

There once was a quick thinking spy

And saying he liked magic is a lie

He doesn’t care how it was made

It belongs in the Fade

Now get the demon stick– or else he might cry.


Words that mean more than words, tingling on the tongue until they aren’t words at all. Words that are different but sound good together, and mean a different thing. Rules and lines and five, seven, five. Not my words but no lies either. Does my hat rhyme with anything?

– Mod Fereldone

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Companions react to Child Quizzie saying "I wuv you!"

Cassandra: she was shocked by the words but composed herself very quickly. “I love you too.” She smiled as she picked up the child.

Solas: he feels very honored, until he remembers he’s the reason the child is here saying that. He kneels down and gives a smile. “Thank you.” He says

Verric: his face lit up with a smile. “Why I love you too, kid.” He said ruffling their hair.

Sera: “oh yeah, well I love you even more!” She exclaimed picking up the child and spinning them as they both laughed.

Dorian: he is taken back, to say the least. “Well I- well of course you do! How could you no love me?” He joked. “Thank you.” He says as the child smiled up at him.

Iron bull: he lost it, the chargers all laughed as he melted before them. “I love you too!” He says hugging the child. “Don’t cry too much, chief.” Krem joked.

Vivienne: “oh my, why thank you.” She says kneeling to the child. “I love you too, such a charming child.” She says as the inquisitor smiles up at her.

Blackwall: he instantly smiled. “Well thank you, here.” He handed them a small toy mabari, and his smile widened when they instantly hugged and thanked him.

Cole: he smiles “thank you, when you tell the others it helps too.” He said.

Cullen: he stumbles with his words, he doesn’t know what to say at first. “Thank you.” He finally says to them as they smile and hug him.

Josephine: she cries out happily. “I love you too.” She says picking them up and spinning them.

Leliana: she gave a soft smile. “I love you too.” She says hugging the inquisitor, she feels a little better about everything going on.

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Inquisition and Krem reacts to the Inquisitor trying to climb a tree (like to get a shard or something) and ends up falling and hanging upside down from a branch and they're stuck

((This is adorable!))

Cassandra: she couldn’t find them but followed the desperate cries, when she saw them she face palmed. “I will send some soldiers to get you out.” She says, though she smiles as they flail around. ROMANCED: she ran to the cries as fast as she could, and when she saw them stuck in the tree she laughed despite them crossing their arms and giving her the most straight face, and she made sure to remind them of how good they looked from that angle.

Solas: when they went looking for shards he warned them it was a bad idea, and his point was proven when they slipped and got their cape stuck in a branch. “I will get you down, once you say I was correct.” He says smiling. ROMANCED: even though they were stuck upside down in a tree it was low enough he could stand face to face when on top a nearby rock. “Well, vhenan, I could get you down, but only after I get a kiss perhaps?” Even though the inquisitor thought it was the most charming thing they ever heard, they didn’t seem to think it was as funny as Solas.

Verric: oh this is good, he laughs as they scramble and flail around crying for him to help. “Well, at least you got the shard, right?” He says as they try and free themselves. He would be writing about this for sure.

Sera: she’s stuck up there with them, though not upside down. “Well on the upside the view is amazing, yeah!” She laughs as they angrily tell her to help them. ROMANCED: she helps them up but like Solas she demands a kiss for her efforts. “Only fair, honeytounge.” She says as they give her a quick kiss, when their out she kisses them repeatedly.

Dorian: he lets out an amused laugh when he finally sees them. “Good to know the inquisitor is so agile!” He listens to them cry for help and finally, after some time, he gets someone. ROMANCED: he is relieved to see that they only got stuck in a tree. “The way you were crying out I thought wolves had gotten you.” He said as he began to help them out, he gave them a gentle kiss on the lips when they were safely out. “Well, I won’t forget your beautiful fall anytime soon.” He teased them as they crossed their arms and blushed.

Iron bull: he found them screaming from a branch upside down, how was he not going to find this hilarious? He laughed and laughed before helping them get out, enjoying their grumpy face. “Well, you should have seen this coming.” He joked. ROMANCED: he takes in the scene, he wanted to remember this so he could tease them later. “Well kadan, at least I found you.” He says smiling and laughing as he helped pull them out, he even lets them sit on his shoulders when they head back towards camp.

Vivienne: she crossed her arms. “Darling, how could you possibly get in that situation?” She works quickly to get them down and dusts off their shoulders, after a quick warning about keeping up appearances they head toward camp, the inquisitor thanking her the entire way back.

Blackwall: he found them when he heard a sigh from up above. “By the maker how?…..” he laughs when they notice him. He takes in the funny sight before finding help. ROMANCED: He was worried, but he couldn’t help but laugh at them, when they get down he happily takes their kiss.

Cole: he heard their feelings and found them. “Scared, don’t want to fall. It was still worth it but it also wasn’t.” He spoke, he knew he had to help. He went and found some soldiers to get them out of the tree and took their thanks.

Cullen: he followed the inquisitors dog to a tall tree, he was confused until he looked up and saw them hanging from a branch, they had gotten a ball that somehow got stuck in the tree. “I won’t ask, but I’ll get some help.” He laughed the whole time. ROMANCED: he knew something wasn’t right when he followed the dog, they were always by the inquisitor side. He let out a laugh when he found them though. “I hope I look as good to you as you do me right now.” He teased, he made his way up the tree and freed them, when on the ground he was surprised by a kiss. “You should get stuck more often.” He teased them again, this earned him a blushing face.

Josephine: she was surprised when she saw the inquisitor, what would the nobles think? She hurriedly ordered for soldiers to get them down, when she sat alone in her office though, she let out loud laugh. ROMANCED: she smiled at their swinging figure turned upside down, she still got help quickly. When they Returned to skyhold she showers them in kisses, they were back safe.

Lelianna: her spies were the one to find them, but she made the trek there to see for herself. “Well, at least you aren’t one of my agents.” She teased them as she ordered help to get them down, they thanked her and quickly ran off with the rune they found.


Krem: he was walking when he heard loud rustling, he looked up in time to watch as the inquisitor fell and got their coat stuck in a branch. “Your…. worship?” He said at the sight before him, he was at a loss for words but laughed as he got them help. “Wonder what nickname bulls gonna give you.” He joked on their way back to camp. ROMANCED: when he saw the scene in front of him play out he jumped into action, making his way up the tree and getting them out as fast as he could, he laughed when they made it back down and gladly received a kiss on the cheek. “Well, now that that’s over with…. I’ll escort you back to camp.” He smiled as they walked back.

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I've just found this blog and I already love it! ♡ You are really IC in your descriptions and I like it c: Don't know if you've already received this request, but what if the Inquisitor/Hawke or the Warden wants to raise a dragon puppy?

Cassandra: Ugh. No. They have enough on their plates as it is, and the care needed to hatch even a bird from the egg is time consuming. And birds are not giant flame breathing monsters risen from nightmare. No.

Solas: There are memories, buried so deep in the Fade that few have ever seen it, of an ancient people who once rode the dragons and called them kin. But their ways are lost to the annals of time, and he cannot recommend such an action. Besides, after he leaves he’s not sure he wants the Inquisitor to have a High Dragon who loves them like a nest mate.

Sera: Yes, yes, yes, friggin’ yes! Flying, spitting fire at nobs, scaring the crap out of nobles who want to hurt the little people? Where’s the downside.

Vivienne: No. This is not happening, she is putting her foot down. There are less stupid ways to die than to steal an egg from a brooding dragon. They have the rest of the world to think of.

Blackwall: He can’t deny that it seems like a thrilling idea in theory, but practically speaking it seems both dangerous and suicidal. He’s in.

Dorian: No, no, hot happening. Really, he thought he left such ambitious idiocy in Tevinter. Surely the Inquisition isn’t going to waste resources on this venture. And yet….Arriving in Minrathous on dragon back would make an impression that would kick start his plans. And think of the learning potential! Fine, he’s in. But it’s going to be given training so it doesn’t burn down the library.

Iron Bull: 

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Cole: “Wistful, wondering, why couldn’t it be trained? So cute when they are little, so smart when they grow up, and they’d trust me.’ I don’t think it’s a good idea. People wouldn’t be happy. Dragons frighten them.”

Mod Fereldone