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Dragon Age Inquisition: characters emoji


Cullen: ಠ_ಠ
Leliana: (¬_¬)
Josephine: (✪㉨✪)


Iron Bull: ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
Sera: ( ಠ◡ಠ )
Varric:(・∀・ )
Cassandra: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
Vivienne:( ̄へ ̄)
Cole: (▰˘◡˘▰)
Blackwall: ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ 
Solas: (-’_’-)

Dragon Age Kisses

Dorian’s kiss is rough at first. It seems to be all he knows. He lunges at you, his mouth violent and desperate. He grabs your sides, fingers curling around the fabric of your outfit, as if he needed to tear it from you. But he softens when he realizes that you mean him only love. You touch his face and a tenderness fills his lips after that and his kiss is gentler, unpracticed and bashful. When you part it is with regret on his part, but he acknowledges your leave with a quip. His eyes tell you to stay.

Iron Bull’s kiss is hot. Fire that stings your lips and pours into your mouth. He envelops you in himself, making you gasp against him, body shaking, you surrender and he devours your affection. You leave swaying after each kiss, eyes glazed as if he’s lit an inferno within you. You desire more.

Sera’s kiss is clumsy but experienced. She mushes your mouths together, grabbing your face in reckless abandon. Sometimes she does it in the middle of a battle. She swings herself towards you, eyes shutting just as your mouth connect, teeth clinking, and it catches you by surprise each time. She presses herself to you, as if the distance between her and her lover is too much to bear. Her kiss floods you until you have no choice but to hoist her into your arms and mirror her affections. You don’t often leave after her kisses. They invite you to stay. And you do.

Blackwall’s kiss is reserved. As if he is dancing around your lips. He prods at your mouth with his tongue but when you part your lips, he pulls away slightly, sucking in soft mewls of air as if to steady himself. He treats your mouth as if he were wary of it. But his hands say something different. They grasp at your hips, desperate to pull you closer. Desperate to be apart of you. And when you part from your brief kisses, he buries his face into your neck and you could swear he murmurs “I’m sorry”.

Solas’ kiss is something to experience. He begins with a fiery rage behind him, mouth crashing into yours like a tidal wave against the soft shores of a beach. He seems to tower over you, body growing twice his normal size. His arms wrap around you like a vice, a soft and desperate plea to you that seems to beg “never leave, never stop”. But just as quickly as you begin, he pulls away and mutes his kisses. They are gentler, his mouth closed when he puts it to yours, his body distancing itself and his lips laced with sorrow and regret. They leave you sad, his kisses. You don’t know why.

Cassandra’s kiss is mature. It entails everything you would think a woman of her strength and capability would. She kisses you firmly, planting on your lips a seed of affection that blooms each time a new kiss is placed. You fall for her quickly but she reserves herself and you can taste sorrow on her lips. So you kiss her more to chase that sorrow away and she grins. Her happiness is gentle, she is not crass when she murmurs words of love to you. You spend less time kissing and more time talking, gazing at each other. You love her.

Josephine’s kiss is saccharine. She is gentle. Her hands glide over your arms and up to your shoulders where her arms wrap around your neck and she lulls you ever closer with gentle pecks upon your mouth until you’re ensnared in a quiet kiss. She adores your lips and you have no choice but to treat hers with care, to gently caress hers with a soft affection that makes your heart melt. You litter her mouth with kisses but that is not all, you move on to her face, her jaw, her cheeks and her nose and forehead. She giggles and it warms your soul.

Cullen’s kiss is brimming with love. He stumbles towards you like a young boy, mouth pressing to yours uncertainly. But when you lay your hand on his cheek he melts against you. His arms slide to your waist, holding you gingerly like a young lad holding a flower meant for a pretty girl. But when you let him in, he changes. His hands go to the small of your back, gripping your shirt, his mouth presses a little bit more purposely into yours. He surrounds you with his kisses, he pours passion and love into you and it is all you can do to return it and love him with every ounce of your being. You leave, breathless, bubbling with joy.

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Hey You!

You’re beautiful and you’re loved. 

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Alistair misses you!

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Cullen loves you so much!

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Solas wants you by his side!

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Blackwall wants to hold you!

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The Ironbull is going to smack your bottom!  

Companions as Friends Saying Goodbye (Mild Spoilers)

Blackwall: He almost looks shamed as he watches you carve him the parting gift. He says he doesn’t need one, let alone a traveling tankard but you insist on it and after a long sigh he allows it but on the grounds that he must make one for you as well. He also requests that he pick the design. He has you carve words to an old joke that read complete only when both mugs are placed together.  You don’t make him promise anything but he uses his gift at every tavern he stops at, regardless of the looks the barkeeps give him. When he reads his engraving, the other half from yours rings in his head in your voice. It’s a welcoming voice for once and it reminds him that he will always be welcomed back should he return.

Sera: She lies to you when she cackles, points at you and sings “You’re the  last to knoow!” Then she hugs or more like smacks you with her chest and hands before buzzing off. You find out when she’s gone that you were actually the first and only to know. There’s this extremely long letter arrowed to her door with nothing but drawings of the inner circle on it. You sit in her room, trying to make sense of who is who. You find the one that’s supposed to be you because of the green ink. It’s also the only one smiling besides Sera’s drawing of herself. You wish she could have at least stuck around to watch you laugh at every doodle.

Varric: He’s stealing longer glances of everyone during an otherwise ordinary game of Wicked Grace. You pick up on this immediately. When the game is over you pretend to leave but return to find him still there and alone. You join him and after a while of sitting in silence he tells you the news with a shrug. “Don’t think I’m not gonna write that book about you,” he says. You laugh and the two of you listen to the sounds of the tavern for a while before talking again. You start to swap stories and at some point, you both find yourselves sharing tales you’ve never told anyone. You find out just how much he enjoyed your stories the day he says goodbye. He pulls you into a one armed hug and gives you a new nick name. 

Vivienne: She requests to discuss her departure over a cup of tea on the balcony. You know better than to deny this invitation and she knows that because she finds you there waiting for her, freshly brewed tea and fine chairs all ready and set. You begin to act a little too casual as you listen to her give locations where you can find her if you need any help at all. She stops talking the moment you slurp your tea and before she can speak on it you spring up and apologize. She forgives you, an honest and whole smile from the ‘I’ to the ‘you’. She is quite pleased to know that you are no longer so uncharacteristically stiff around her anymore. She takes your hand when she tells you that.

Ironbull: “So Boss…” He puts his hand on your shoulder and lets you know immediately when it’s happening. He wants to have one last big get together in the tavern before he and the chargers set out. The smile on his face isn’t huge and you ask how he would like his party to be be coordinated. The small smile turns to a pouting stare and you start asking the better questions like ‘Do you wanna hunt that dragon we forgot in the Hinterlands before the day ends?’ He responds by grabbing you and the nearest set of weapons. It’s a breathless bear hug all the way to the mountains but you forget about the sores when the two of you return to the tavern with a dragon head among loud cheers and whistles. 

Cassandra: “Yes, I am leaving. Why is this a rumor?” she says when you approach her to find out if it’s true. It is. Her shoulders begin to hunch as she goes further down a line of explanation, stuttering a bit. “Because I tell the advisers and not everyone else, it is…this is qualified to be a rumor?” She makes that noise of disgust. “There must be nothing better to do today.”  She has you chuckling and she stares at you for a good half minute before smirking, briefly. She relaxes her posture and throws out one hand on your shoulder and then the other for a handshake. She finds the right words at the third shake. “Good luck…and may we meet again.”

Dorian: It’s the day after the week after the next that he was supposed to leave and he’s actually going this time. Really. He has all his things packed and there’s a ship captain waiting for him all the same but his tone is determined as he tells you today is the day. He makes a joke about changing his mind but only for a second because he did pay good money for that boat. You repeat most of what you’ve done on all the other days he was supposed to go.  You shake his hand, wish him well and thank him for everything, this time, substituting his name for ‘best friend’.  His eyes begin to tear a bit and just as you ask if something is wrong he hugs you. He had been waiting for you to return that title.

Cole: He says that there is someone out there he must help. Someone that the Inquisition cannot reach and only he is the one capable of trying. You think you know who he means and you wish him many many luck but the next day he has forgotten all of what he said to you. When you remind him, he looks at you with a blank face. He doesn’t remember. He forgot. A few days after and he is gone again and something tells you that he may have remembered after all…but then he is back again tomorrow, looking more lost than before. “Where was I going?” he asks. You decide to keep the truth locked in order to keep him safe, as that someone would have wanted.

Solas:  He made no promises before he left but he won’t forget you. He only assured you that it was not your fault and the time he spent with you and vice versa was not at all wasted. 


Leliana: She makes a quiet plea to put that nug hutch in the courtyard she posted months ago on the war table. You agree and she smiles sadly at you as you fill out the request. You don’t get it. You have no idea she is going to leave after it’s finished. She doesn’t tell you or anyone.  She leaves only notes in the hutch for everyone. Her sudden act of leaving has you so bothered that you start writing a reply on the back of your note. You don’t have the slightest idea on how you’re going to get this to her but you’re going to try your damndest to make sure it gets close.

Josephine:  She gets letters calling for an urgent return home from her family. She denies them all because if they were truly important they’d send people and not letters. The letters come again, in pairs and then dozens and then she comes to your room in a fury with bunches of them in her arms, all unopened. She’s hysterical. She wants to go back and yet she doesn’t. She likes it here and yet she also likes it there. You take her hands in yours, calm her down and tell her it’s ok to go. She sighs and thanks you for your support but assures you her leave will be nothing more than temporary. Within a week, Skyholds funds sky dive and you are traveling to Antiva with practically everyone to ‘rescue’ your Ambassador.

Krem: You think he forgot something as you spot him jogging back to Skyhold with Ironbull ahead. He’s slouching into the qunaris shadow as Ironbull speaks for him with a proud grin. Bull says the lieutenant has something for you and plucks him out front. He scratches his head, as he meets your gaze, slightly annoyed at Bull and embarrassed in front of you. “Made you a gift but forgot to give it to you if that makes any sense.” he says. You can barely feel the the little sewn nug as he drops it into the palm of your hand. You thank him and Ironbull sandwiches the two of you in a big hug just as he begins to wave you off.

Cullen: [well sorta] His siblings make a surprise visit. It’s a surprise to him at least. Almost everyone else knows about it. He’s all but appreciative to see his siblings for the first few seconds they come running toward him, all smiles.  The way he stops and scolds them before they can tackle him is predictable. What’s not is him seizing that as an opportunity (post lecture of course) to hug them all at once in one big sweep. He looks genuinely happy. Then he surprises you again that it stuns you. He turns to you, brother and sisters smiling in his grip and asks, fairly proud, for the entire day off. You never laughed so much while giving an order.