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Like seriously, Margo's supposed to be authentic and curvy and stuff. I pictured her as an average, confused teenage girl with a badass character who looks beautiful in a very special way. Like definitely not in the damn Cara-Delevingne-way. I mean I totally get that people like watching pretty people in movies and stuff 'cause we're one fucked up society of superficial assholes, but honestly Cara as Margo? What's wrong with John?

Lets start by acknowledging the fact that John doesn’t have a say in casting. There’s a difference between the author of a novel and the casting director of a film. It’s also ironic that Paper Towns is all about imagining people complexly and your perception of Cara fails to understand her as more than a pretty face. Have you actually considered looking at her talent, her acting capabilities before judging her physical appearance?

I’ve seen the movie and Cara nails her role. I was absolutely glued to her every line. I’ve also met/seen Cara in person and she seems so much like Margo – sweet, unpredictable and badass.