Hi friends!

Some of you might have wondered where I’ve been the past few weeks. Well, turns out that my work sent me to Sweden quite unexpectedly! I found out that I was going on December 1, left on December 3, and only got back to the US on Tuesday night. PHEW!

The trip was for a documentary film conference in Stockholm, where I got to see some old friends from my PBSDS family. But a bunch of documentary filmmakers and I went to a place called Kiruna in northern Sweden—above the Arctic Circle—after the official conference ended.

Kiruna is an old iron mining town—and the mine is still important to the economy of both Kiruna and Sweden as a whole. So important, in fact, that when the mining company discovered that the iron seam ran directly under the town, the town decided it would MOVE rather than stop mining! Plans have now been drawn up, and the move will begin soon.

While up north, I visited the Esrange Space Center, which launches sounding rockets for scientific experiments, stayed at the Ice Hotel (sadly not in one of the rooms MADE OF ICE, though I did get to tour them!)…

…went dog sledding…

…wore a gigantic snowsuit…

…and saw the northern lights. 

All in all, a pretty amazing experience.

Aaaanyway, I’m so sorry for my long absence, and the delay in publishing any new episodes. I will have a new video out next week, inspired by my trip up north (I’ll keep the topic a secret for now.) And the “Thank You!” video in which I answer YOUR questions will be out the following week.



more mononoke au that no one asked for: V as the headstrong man ruling iron town

“does that right hand of yours wish to kill me, Yoousung?”

“if it would lift the curse i’d let it tear you apart, but even that wouldnt end the killing now would it?”

“no, it wouldnt. it would have to kill all of us to be at peace”

jenkate109  asked:

Do you know of this fic. It's about peter working in the town for iron man. I don't think that he knows he spiderman. But the bring Deadpool in and he see peter and asks his name and locks the other people out who are with him. I've looked everywhere but I just can't remember what's it called.

Winning Peter by  iamtheyellowbox ?

The Perks of Being Smarter Than Everyone Gives You Credit For by alphasaceraptor, Orcusnox (Cat9894) ?

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Location for the date:

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     • [ X ] Fast Food
  • [ X ] Nature
    • [ ] Beach
    • [ X ] Park
    • [ ] Forest
        • [ ] …and having a picnic
  • [ X ] Visiting a Museum
  • [ ] Visiting an amusement park
  • [ ] Visiting a haunted location
  • [ X ] Staying at home
    • [ ] Watching movies
    • [ ] Playing Video Games
    • [ X ] Reading

  • [ ] ___ (other options)

The date might hopefully end with…

  • [ X ] …holding hands
  • [ X ] …a kiss
  • [ ] …in bed
  • [ X ] …knowing each other better
  • [ ] …sleepover between friends
  • [ ] …a marriage proposal
  • [ ] ___ (other options)

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5 facts about Princess Mononoke

1) In Japanese mythology, dogs/wolves are male-voiced and cats female-voiced regardless of sex. This is why Akihiro Miwa provided his voice for Moro the mother wolf in the Japanese version of the film.

2) The film’s runtime is 134 minutes (2 hour and 14 minutes) which is the second longest animated film ever made. The longest is Final Yamato (1983) (165 minutes).  

3) Mononoke means monster or vengeful spirit. The people of Iron Town called San this because they thought her soul was stolen by the gods of the forest.

4) Since the film Nausicaa was greatly edited down in American releases one of Studio Ghibli’s producers sent the co-chairman of Miramax an authentic katana with a simple message: “No cuts.”

5) Director Hayo Miyazaki took 16 years to fully develop the characters and plot of the film.


6) Princess Mononoke was the first animated film ever to receive the Japan Academy Prize for picture of the year.

everything about ashitaka’s death walk away from iron town is traumatizing, i love that he has this whole recovery arc afterwards because it was traumatizing, it left him traumatized, he made his trade and his reward was death and every step he took forced him to reaffirm his commitment to his own death, that it was right and just and worth doing. 

i’m trying and failing to put it into words, but it’s traumatizing to let go of the idea of yourself as a thing worth saving, to dehumanize yourself as a task that needs to be completed or a tool that needs to break itself building something. and it all goes hand in hand with the other victims of the curse, who all reduced themselves to an idea of something (vengeance against humans, vengeance against eboshi), when really ashitaka’s version was to let go of himself and let go of hope and transform into something strong enough to ignore a bullet and open a gate and get a girl to safety. 

and that’s the movie all over, that war reduces people and things into symbols, that people and personalities are rubbed out under the weight of all these symbols, but that people themselves always eventually come out the other side (women and lepers and wolves and one-armed riflewomen and two children lying in the grass stunned to realize that they lived through it after all.)


Fallout Week, Day 2: Lyrics | Big Iron

To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine day
Hardly spoke to folks around him, didn’t have too much to say
No one dared to ask his business, no one dared to make a slip
For the stranger there amongst them had a big iron on his hip

My favorite song, which I’ve always related to Boone (who, incidentally is also my favorite companion.)