Food Network Gothic

• You must beat Bobby Flay. He could be anywhere. Under your bed, in your car, standing right behind your door. He’s biding his time. But when he reveals himself, you Must. Beat. Him.
• The Wontons, long forgotten, haunt your every waking moment. Sometimes you wake up at night to the faint sound of bubbling oil.
• Nobody really leaves Flavor Town.
• Iron Chef. Titanium Chef. Diamond Chef. Carbon Fiber Chef.
• In every dark space, you see the glowing outline of Alton Brown’s grin. You can’t tell what his intentions are.
• The Chairman somersaults through your dreams, cackling.


Here it is, my Princess Mononoke screencap redraw. This is probably one of my favourite scenes in the whole movie, especially when Ashitaka goes all badass and intervenes *goosepumps intensifiy*

Well, now to finish my leftover drawings and start practicing intensely for the next two weeks I guess lmao see ya there

nightmares ☼ liam dunbar

gif credit: @apollosdawntreader
pairing: Liam x Fem!Reader
warnings: Slight swearing, Mentions of Abuse, Angst
word count: 784
summary: Reader has a nightmare about events from her past and Liam tried to cheer her up.
request: hi love! can you do a liam dunbar x reader where brett abused her and liam finds her one day at her house and can tell something is wrong so he decides to ask her what happened and she opens up, and it ends with fluff/cuddling with prompts 70,18, and 16? thanks!
a/n: sorry this took so long! I tried to make it as fluffy as possible!! also, this is nothing against Brett, I loved his character, this is just for this imagine. i hope you like it, sorry it’s not the best lol
[prompt list]

A light rapping on his window shook Liam from his sleeping state. If it were anyone else this might have been unsettling, however he had gotten used to your late night visits, in fact he had even started leaving his window unlocked.

You crawled through the now open window, careful not to make too much noise, not wanting to wake his parents. Liam gave you a sleepy smile and opened his arms, knowing exactly what you needed at the moment. Without saying a word, you hastily crawled into bed next to him. His arms immediately wrapped around you, pulling you into him. He revelled in the feeling of your warm breath tickling his chest.

“Another nightmare?” He asked, letting one of his hands rub up and down your back.

You nodded, your grip on his t-shirt tightening as you tried to rid yourself of the harsh memories.

Liam let out a soft sigh. Next to him was the shell of a broken girl. Her demons tormented her thoughts, leaving her restless and downhearted. He was aware of what had taken place in her previous relationship, he knew about the bruises she had so desperately tried covering. Hell, everyone knew. Especially considering that Beacon Hills was a small town, word spread like wildfire.

That included rumours.

Liam had even been the butt of these rumours his senior year, after the existence of the supernatural had been revealed to hunters all around town, ironically it’s how the two of you met. Not long after the incident, everyone in town seemed plagued by their own fear. Not you though. When Liam was left without a science partner, you hastily stepped up to the plate, ignoring the judgemental stares from your. classmates. You were never one to listen to rumours, in fact that’s what the boy loved most about you, your ability to give everyone a chance no matter how different, still amazed him to this day. Liam wished he could say the same about himself, but if he was being honest, before he had seen what an amazing person you were, he had judged you based on the rumours he had heard. But I guess it’s true what they say, you don’t know what someone is really going through until you walk in their shoes.

It had been nearly a year since the two of you began dating, yet the events from your last relationship continued to haunt your current one. From the occasional flinch whenever Liam would lift his hand, to the reoccurring nightmares.

Liam let out a soft sigh, “I hate seeing you like this.”

His hand stilled as you broke away from his embrace, tilting your head to look up towards him.

“I hate being like this. You shouldn’t have to deal with this.” You whispered. “I hate feeling so… broken

“Baby, you are the furthest thing from broken.” He started. “You went through all of this shit on your own and you’re still here. That’s not broken. You dealt with all of this and still worried about other people, about me! You are the strongest person I have ever met and I love you so much for that.”

Liam recognised the look in your eye and continued his rant.

“It’s not your fault you know. You didn’t and could never do anything to deserve what he put you through. What Brett did was fucked up, simple as that.”

You weren’t really sure why, but you were crying. Maybe it was because for as long as you and Liam had been together, you had never once heard him get so defensive over you. It wasn’t your fault, you knew this, but hearing it from the boy you loved made you believe it.

“Oh shit, Y/N, I’m sorry. I-I didn’t mean to make you upset.” Liam sat up quickly noticing your tear stained face.

“No, no, I’m sorry, it wasn’t you! I just- god I hate crying.” You sat up, rubbing your eyes quickly trying to rid your face of any trace of tears.

“You know, it’s okay to cry.” He gave you a sad smile, his hand resting gently on the side of your face. His thumb glided over the apple of your cheek, wiping away a stray tear.

“I know.” You smiled softly. Liam leaned in placing a tender kiss on your forehead. The two of you sat there for a moment before he finally spoke up again.

“The offer still stands by the way.” You moved back to look at him, slightly confused on what he was talking about.

“I can kick his ass if you want.”

Teach Me

Daryl Dixon x Reader | 18+ | Smut Warning | NSFW

Summary: The reader almost gets bit on a run and Daryl is furious with her. They get back to the prison and she asks him to teach her a thing or two about self-defense against walkers and people. Sweaty training ends in rough smut, Daryl style. ;)

Warnings: Smut


You hear the gates of the prison opening, one by one, as you sit in the car with Rick and Michonne, waiting to leave the prison and go to a town nearby to gather supplies. You wipe your hands up and down your jeans a few times and take a few deep breathes, trying to calm your nerves. This was the first run you had gone on with Rick’s group and you were nervous as hell, but you wanted to prove your worth to the group.

Rick and Daryl had rescued you from a herd of walkers a few weeks, your group had been overrun by a sudden herd and you had lost everyone, you thought you were also gone until you saw Rick and Daryl run up to you, with four walkers nearly on top of you, as they chomped at you, trying to grab your flesh. The two men easily pulled the walkers off you and smashed their heads in, using their boots and couple of iron rods in their hands. They had been in the area looking for supplies at the time they heard you scream. You had never been so glad to see other people in your life.

After that they offered you a place to stay at the prison, Rick asked the three questions and you seemed to pass. The past few weeks you had been lucky enough to have a roof over your head, a safe place to sleep, and people who actually seemed to be decent human beings. It was like an out-of-body experience for this world, you were so happy to have found them. And then there was Daryl, one of the men who had saved you. Daryl was something so different, you didn’t even know how to describe him. Shy but confident, tough but sensitive, kind but harsh, he was the kind of man it would take a lifetime to figure out and you certainly would have no problem with that.

You couldn’t help but notice this confident, yet nervous, man, every time he was near you. He didn’t say much, but he always seemed to have twenty things on his mind. You wondered what it would be like to hear all those thoughts that never escaped his mouth. This run was important to you, showing the group you could handle yourself. But Daryl? Daryl was more important, in a world like this, there is no time to sit back and ponder.You wanted to be with him any chance you got.

Your head snaps back to reality as you hear Daryl’s motorcycle roar to life in front of the truck you rode in. You see Daryl look back at Rick and nod as he drove forward out of the gates, one by one. Rick followed him out and you look back, seeing Carl and Sasha quickly closing each gate behind your entourage. You bite your lip a little feeling the rush of butterflies again in your stomach. You gripped the knife in your hand tightly, almost drawing blood, you wince and put the knife back in the holster on your side, continuing to play with your hands for the drive.

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head & the heart: Bucky Barnes AU


After a nasty breakup, you had the bright idea of moving to the most secluded city you knew of - directly in the middle of the mountains.You were sure that the idea was a completely idiotic…well that was until you saw a familiar face.

Notes: worked really hard on this one! I hope you like it! Kind of lumberjack!bucky vibe. And YES Luke Danes was a definite inspiration because I LOVE him. Enjoy! Let me know what you think. 😉 

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Ithought it was a small week around here but i was way off.  riri is back!  miles & gwen!  the NA reprints!!


(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) Stefano Caselli
• With every issue Riri discovers more about what being a hero really means in this modern complicated world.
•  Her actions start to have a powerful effect across the world and the question is, is Riri ready to take on that responsibility? •  All this plus, Not only did Tony Stark leave a laundry list of things that need taking care of, he left a laundry list of criminals looking to destroy his legacy.


(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) Sara Pichelli
•  Miles and Gwen’s adventure takes them back to Gwen’s dimension in pursuit of someone very important to Miles.
•  But something about the pursuit puts our heroes at odds!


(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Various (CA) David Finch
As Brian Michael Bendis’ New Avengers roster is completed, who is the masked Ronin - and why has Captain America recruited this mysterious figure? In the wake of the tumultuous events of HOUSE OF M, a new threat emerges that may be impossible to stop. Canada’s premier super-team finds that out the hard way - will the Avengers fare any better? And when CIVIL WAR breaks out across the Marvel Universe, Iron Man and Captain America will find themselves on opposite sides - and their team will be torn in two! Plus: Whose side is Spider-Woman on? Luke Cage marries Jessica Jones! A military rarity! And the Illuminati’s introduction! Collecting NEW AVENGERS (2004) #11-25, NEW AVENGERS: CUSTOM #676 - ARMY & AIR FORCE, GIANT-SIZE SPIDER-WOMAN #1, NEW AVENGERS ANNUAL (2006) #1, NEW AVENGERS: ILLUMINATI (2006) ONE-SHOT and CIVIL WAR: THE CONFESSION.


(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Valerio Schiti, Kevin Maguire (CA) Arthur Adams
When things get rough on Earth, Captain Marvel calls in friends from out of town - way out of town! Iron Man doesn’t stand a chance against the Guardians, right? But the team’s allegiances are split down the middle, and tensions have never been higher! And while they’re busy on Earth, who’s guarding the galaxy? As internal conflicts reach a boiling point, outsiders throw more fuel on the fire - and one member with deep roots on Earth will struggle to hold onto their galactic connections! Plus: Flash back to Flash Thompson’s earliest days on the team! Would Venom endanger his new allies to save his idol, Spider-Man? Find out why Spidey is one of the reasons Rocket hates Earth! Collecting GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2015) #11-14.

Shut Up and Heal

Character: Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,127

Request:  Reader becomes injured on a hunt, Dean forces her to stay at the motel while he goes on a hunt but she follows him anyway and cracks the case to his chagrin.


 “Three bruised ribs, one busted knee, one sprained ankle, several cuts – stitches courtesy of moi – and two beautiful black bruises on your beautiful, stupid face. You ain’t goin’ anywhere, sweetheart.”

   “Your face is beautiful too.”

   “Flattery will get you nowhere. I made a mistake letting you come this far, but you will not be leaving this motel room.”

   “I once took out a vampire with a broken leg.”

   “Because you’re a stubborn dumbass who didn’t swallow the sleeping pill.”

   “Thank you.”

   And a glorious defeat it was, too. Dean was pinned, Sam was dazed, and you came in guns blazing and sliced that vampire’s head clean off despite the cast on your leg weighing you down. The cast also took points away from how magnificent and kickass you looked, but it was a small detail. Besides, the blood splatter made up for it.

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anonymous asked:

Tell me, what do you do when the place you’re in doesn’t feel like home? I had to move back to my hometown, a place that never felt like home, a place I dreamed of moving away from since I was 13. I tried to see the good in moving back home, list reasons for why it’d be good for me, but I’ve cried almost every single night, praying God would move me out of here. I hate it here. I moved here because I couldn’t afford to live in my college town anymore. Ironically, I can’t find a job here.

i left my parents house and moved to a new city about two years ago. i was supposed to get a job along with my going to school but nothing was working out. i slept most hours of the day, i only got up to eat, attend my 3 hour classes twice a week, then slept again in between, i was sent to the hospital four times that year, experiencing around 40 hours of physical pain, i spent a lot of my time getting lost in towns for countless job interviews where i was either under or overqualified, i took the wrong train, the wrong bus, the wrong road, i wasn’t sure if i was making sense, i would call my mom from the rooftop of the place where i was staying, telling her i’m sorry for being such a burden, i wanted to go home but i couldn’t, there was something else i was supposed to do, something missing, my family was going through a tough time so i couldn’t tell them anything, so i still got up. i got up in the morning, i looked for more job openings and sent countless resumes, i painted a lot too, i wrote when words came, i talked to my sister, i took long walks, i bought books and read them, kept myself busy until i was finally able to get a job that i actually didn’t expect but it made a lot of sense. anyway, what i’m trying to say is, just get yourself up everyday, you don’t have to do anything big, take a shower, drink water, get dressed, eat and don’t ever stop searching. soon enough, this will all make sense.

5 facts about Princess Mononoke

1) In Japanese mythology, dogs/wolves are male-voiced and cats female-voiced regardless of sex. This is why Akihiro Miwa provided his voice for Moro the mother wolf in the Japanese version of the film.

2) The film’s runtime is 134 minutes (2 hour and 14 minutes) which is the second longest animated film ever made. The longest is Final Yamato (1983) (165 minutes).  

3) Mononoke means monster or vengeful spirit. The people of Iron Town called San this because they thought her soul was stolen by the gods of the forest.

4) Since the film Nausicaa was greatly edited down in American releases one of Studio Ghibli’s producers sent the co-chairman of Miramax an authentic katana with a simple message: “No cuts.”

5) Director Hayo Miyazaki took 16 years to fully develop the characters and plot of the film.


6) Princess Mononoke was the first animated film ever to receive the Japan Academy Prize for picture of the year.

Super Cold - RusAme Super Hero One-shot

Summary: Alfred ‘Hitman Jones’ is the lead Super in Heta city. That is, until Russian immigrant Iron Fist moves to town. What will happen when the two join forces to fight against the infamous villain, Red Devil?

A/N: Finally! My first RusAme centric fic! Enjoy :D

How’s everyone doing tonight? The name’s Hitman Jones, hero extraordinaire and wonder boy of Heta city. For those of you who don’t know, I’m the lead Super in town. I have super strength and speed, so criminals usually don’t bother to mess with me, otherwise they…well, get hit. There’s also the fact that my muscles are literally impenetrable, as bullets bounce right off them.

As you can see, I have quite the infamous reputation.

I used to be part of a duo before my twin brother, who now goes under the alias Invincible Violet, moved up North to start over his heroing career. When we were partners, he often got outshone by me, so moving away was his only chance at being noticed for once. Lest we forget that he had invisibility powers, along with super speed like myself.

Honestly, I couldn’t blame him for leaving. In fact, I was happy to hear that he was making grounds in Canada, in Toronto to be more specific.

Anyways, for two years, I’ve been the Super to talk about. All the news outlets focused on me, and I had a pretty sweet deal going on with the police because of my popularity. I got paid to patrol the city, although, any other good deeds were unpaid overtime, like they should be.

Initially, I didn’t start my heroing career to make money. Now, it was just a helpful bonus that paid for most of my university expenses. A kid’s gotta live, am I right?

Too bad my way of living was threatened by a newbie in town.

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