Wooo! !100 followers! I never expected to get so much interest when i first made this blog, so as a thank you, I’m doing a give-away!


  • Double sided Doctor Who poster- 11, Rory+ 3
  • Harry Potter Trio poster
  • Hermione poster
  • Harry Potter 20 questions
  • Mockingjay pin
  • Video Game cartridge character
  • Team Fortress 2 pins
  • 2 Iron Man Figures
  • Women’s Large Voltron shirt
  • Men’s Small Power Rangers shirt
  • Rick and Morty Puzzle


Reblog to enter, there will be 3 winners. They can  pick whatever prizes they want]. First winner has the best pick, and so on to the third.

Give-away ends June 19th (last day of school! Woo!)

getoutseth-deactivated20141209 asked:

I'll try to explain this the best way possible. I got a job indoors, I've always been a rugged worker with boots and what not, but now I am in a supervisor position indoors and not sure what really to wear. I want to be stylish and something I can work in. Maybe lose the work boots and get some dress nicer boots. Can I get some picture ideas?! Your uncle is in my prayers!

get cool boots you can beat up! red wing iron rangers would be great. good luck!