My NOTD is a fairly ridiculous and messy glitter gradient in gold and red. I was in an Iron Man mood, quel suprise. This is actually made up of four different glitter polishes, Deborah Lippmann’s Boom Boom Pow, Sùr Gold Glitter, Dandy Nails Just Hugs, and Milani Red Sparkle, all topped off with two coats of Seche Vite to even it out a bit. 

I’m going to be honest, this is a bit flashy for everyday wear. i’m not sure how long i’m going to keep it ^^;


I wanted to attempt some Iron Man HUD-esque nails for an early AoU showing that’s happening at the crack of dawn tomorrow*, so I pulled out some of my new MoYou stamping plates and Mentality’s red and white opaque stamping polishes and ILNP’s Music Box for the blue and went to town. My nonexistent nail art skills went to the thumbs. Not all of my plates have arrived in time, but overall, I think I like how it came out. I tried to make an off-color IM mask to fit in better with the overall mani, but it just looked so weird that I caved and threw in Mentality Shirin for the gold. 

*I don’t know; I got an email about a ‘breakfast preview’ and said why not?

rendingrosencrantz  asked:

Hi, if I wanted nails like these -- dearcrissy. com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/iron-man-nails. jpg -- do you happen to have any polish recs/tips/also I have way short nails and might grow ‘em out a bit more but can’t imagine having them too long does that affect anything? I'm also considering just doing a red-gold gradient, no face mask, bc I don't have white/black polish already and idk how much I'd use it if I got new bottles :/

I love that manicure, and have imitated it repeatedly for different things. I actually tried to recreate it for IM3. 

So here is the nail art I will never attain:

On my sloppy and rushed pre-movie version, the gold is a no name, but the red is Butter LONDON’s Knees Up, which is a pretty good approximation of the MK 7 red. 

My nails there are moderately long, but when I did the War Machine version, they were quite a bit shorter and while my nail art skills are abysmal, the length of the nails wasn’t an appreciable issue. The longer your nail beds are, the less of an issue it will be, but I have shallow nail beds and … well, here:

On the accent nail, if you want less of a squat look on the mask on a short nail you have the option of creating the illusion of length by not filling in the entire width of the nail. this will likely require a bit more finesse with the detail work (and lbr more cleanup with acetone after).

Okay, so. As for the black/white issue, you have basically 3 choices– really opaque, fairly thick black and white creme finish polishes-WnW Black Creme is my go-to black for that, and I have an off-brand white creme I used here (Orchid is the brand, sold in HEB grocery stores in TX), with a fine brush or you could get nail pens or striping polishes with the thin brushes (meh), what most nail artists use, acrylic paints for the art. I’ve never gone so far as to get acrylics bc I so rarely do nail art. I’m sure it’d look better if I did, but *shrug*

These gradients look best with metallic or foil finish polishes to get the shiny without interfering with the nail art on the detail nail(s). The blend better and while cameras are unforgiving, the human eye is much less so. 

As for the gradients, I am the world’s LAZIEST gradient person, and my technique literally consists of what I call dry-brushing. I do a base coat or how many I need to get full coverage of the base color (the one not on the tips. then, when it’s dry, I take the other color and wipe most off the brush and run it over the tip edge of each of the nails. 

By the time I’ve done all, the first should be done. I get a near-dry brush again, and brush the dregs over the top 1/8th to 1/6th of the nails, not worrying if it doesn’t get full coverage, just depositing a bit of polish. After all are done, repeat, but a bit further down, but draggin lower on the outer edges, making a bit of a bow or arc. Repeat, going down a but further until desired gradient is achieved. This works best with metallics, foils, holos. 

PROPER gradients use sponges, I believe typically makeup sponges, and I’ve messed it up every time I’ve tried it (tbf not many). I don’t know why I’m so terrible at it but you may fare better. Here’s a tutorial link (x)