Lacquered Up’s I Heart Nerds is a gold to red thermal shimmer but you cannot convince me isn’t a love letter to Tony Stark. This is two coats with a topcoat. 

 I’m pretty sure I snagged the last bottle and I’m not sure if they’re restocking it but you should definitely check out their other thermals because this is probably the most responsive thermal I’ve ever had.

(store link)

EDIT: So when I bought, they had one bottle, but they’ve restocked: here


Manon and Abraxos (from Sarah J Maas’ Throne Of Glass series) are finished!!

I am aware that Abraxos is supposed to be a wyvern, which I believe only has two legs as the wings are in place of the front legs, whereas I have painted a dragon, which has four legs plus wings, but I found this pose in a how-to-draw-dragons book and thought it was really cute :) In the book, the dragon has its wing around a baby dragon which I replaced with Manon because nothing says “I am a baby in need of protecting” more than “immortal man-eating iron-nailed iron-toothed witch queen” XD


My attempt at an Iron Mani.

Also my first attempt at a glitter gradient.

Did some experiments on my left hand, and ended up using a combo of loose glitter and a cheapo (Old Navy) glitter polish on my right hand. I’m fairly pleased! The gold is Essence Twilight A Piece of Forever.

Base coat: Sally Hansen Manicure. Top coat: Seche Vite.