I wanted to attempt some Iron Man HUD-esque nails for an early AoU showing that’s happening at the crack of dawn tomorrow*, so I pulled out some of my new MoYou stamping plates and Mentality’s red and white opaque stamping polishes and ILNP’s Music Box for the blue and went to town. My nonexistent nail art skills went to the thumbs. Not all of my plates have arrived in time, but overall, I think I like how it came out. I tried to make an off-color IM mask to fit in better with the overall mani, but it just looked so weird that I caved and threw in Mentality Shirin for the gold. 

*I don’t know; I got an email about a ‘breakfast preview’ and said why not?

My NOTD is a fairly ridiculous and messy glitter gradient in gold and red. I was in an Iron Man mood, quel suprise. This is actually made up of four different glitter polishes, Deborah Lippmann’s Boom Boom Pow, Sùr Gold Glitter, Dandy Nails Just Hugs, and Milani Red Sparkle, all topped off with two coats of Seche Vite to even it out a bit. 

I’m going to be honest, this is a bit flashy for everyday wear. i’m not sure how long i’m going to keep it ^^;


My attempt at an Iron Mani.

Also my first attempt at a glitter gradient.

Did some experiments on my left hand, and ended up using a combo of loose glitter and a cheapo (Old Navy) glitter polish on my right hand. I’m fairly pleased! The gold is Essence Twilight A Piece of Forever.

Base coat: Sally Hansen Manicure. Top coat: Seche Vite.


So, at 1am, giddy with the hilarity of rereading the very first Iron Man appearances, I decided to do a ridiculous Iron Man jelly sandwich made up of not one, but two tony Stark-themed indie polishes, a base of Excelsior Nails’ Stark, a red and gold holo glitter polish, which I topped with a sandwich of two coats of Kawaii Nail Lacquer’s Genius, Billionaire, Playboy Philanthropist, a glitter topper made up of red, gold, silver, and orange glitters in various sizes and shapes in a clear suspension base with one coat of Butter London’s Ladybird, an LE tomato red jelly in the middle. I finished up with two coats of Seche Vite to smooth out the finish as best as possible. 

It’s a bit flashy, but I’m enjoying it. The photos don’t pick up Stark very well, but you can actually see it twinkling from under Ladybird in person.