boyfriend jeongguk;

  • okay so this is a new thing i’m trying to do aka a new bulletpoint series called for me, for you
  • bc i have too many ideas and not enough motivation to write full-blown oneshots
  • so let’s get right into this with the best concept to ever exist in the whole wide world: boyfriend jeongguk
  • ok so in this au he’s still an idol 
  • we all know how soft and sweet and lovely the bab is 
  • so when he first meets you at a fansign he’s all kind and he holds hands with you and does the shake hand thingy it’s super adorable your teeth will hURT
  • jeonggukie’s so nice and he makes you laugh while you give him the gifts you bought for him and he’s swooning and squeezing your hands tighter when you give him like this handmade iron man bracelet 
  • ugh my heart
  • but straight after the fanmeet nothing special happened other than the spontaneous combustion of your heart 
  • the second time you meet it’s an absolute twist of fate 
  • like the last thing you were planning to do in your peking duck stained sweatpants (((i love peking duck esp from restaurant pm if anyone lives in montreal and likes chinese food you know what i’m talking abt))) and messy morning hair and stinky breath @ a convenience store at crack of dawn o’clock
  • is jeon jeongguk
  • he’s wearing SUCH SOFT CLOTHES like he’s wearing his trademark red beanie and his hair is falling on his forehead, big black doe eyes sparkling and makeup-free face so,,, so,,,, fluffy and like he’s in his big baby blue jumper and sweats
  • so like you bump into each other and bc bubbie loves making ramen in the store it falls all over you
  • and shit it’s so hot
  • like… smoking hot flavoured water + mushy noodles = burnt skin and a wide-eyed scared baby boy who stutters and tries to wipe it down with his sweater paws but !!! it’s not working lmao 
  • it’s only when you take your jumper off to reveal your spaghetti tank top in cold april that jeongguk realizes “omg hey i remember you ironman bracelet fan omg shit do you hate me”
  • and you have to just be like “no!!!!!!!! ofc not omg i love you- i mean it’s ok!! it’s not your fault i wasn’t looking either!!” 
  • jeongguk wouldn’t believe you 100% bc he did have his hand deep in his ramen bowl 
  • but at least now his cheeks aren’t burning as much so he takes off his jumper and manages to tackle you into it after you decline x 1000 
  • “fine you wear my jumper and i’ll wear your tank top over my shirt?” 
  • “b YE” 
  • insert jeongguk wiggling his eyebrows while you giggle
  • he insists to pay for your snacks and you threaten that you don’t care how beautiful and in love you are with his face, you will put your icey ice cream down the nape of his shirt
  • so you pay for him and yourself :-D
  • kind of regret it later when he walks you to your really crappy flat and the heat works for about 2.3 minutes after he comes inside before it.. just stops
  • so when jeongguk sees you eyeing your bed and realizes you have deep eyebags under your eyes from exhaustion, he tells you to hold onto his jumper instead of cleaning it and giving it back right away
  • but you’re obviously like ???? i can’t let mr eon eongguk walk in the cold in just a v neck and your tank top around his neck like a little black scarf
  • but gukkie is a softie and he’s like
  • “well why don’t you just give me your number and when you wash it…. you can like… aksfksjd”
  • “i can askfjskfks” 
  • “yeah that” 
  • and he giggles you know that FUCKING ADORABLE giggle he did when miri high-fived him in that last run episode you know that giggle omg i love him
  • anyway
  • it takes you about two days to muster up the courage to wash guk’s jumper that smelled just like him and another day to call him and actually talk to him
  • i don’t think jeonggukie’s the kind of person who just immediately jumps into the dating bandwagon 
  • like he seems like the type of gy to want to be friends first before making 100% sure he likes you and wants to be in an exclusive relationship 
  • so it would take a few months of friendship with little baby, get to know him and pass that fan-idol stage into friend who’s in love with you stage 
  • he introduces you to rest of the babs the same night he asks you out aka christmas because baby is soft and busy and likes to take his time with things that matter a lot to him 
  • jeonggukie gives you directions and calls you three times on your way over and one time while you’re literally in front of his apartment complex just to make sure the building door buzzer let you in correctly 
  • when he opens the door he’s like flubbering bc omg you look really pretty with your cheeks red after walking in the cold 
  • but he keeps that inside and ushers you in all warm and cuddly looking in this big red reindeer sweater and he looks down at you in a way that makes his cheeks kind of bubble over and you just wanna reach up and kiss them
  • :”)
  • everyone is so nice and welcoming and literally 3 minutes after you take off your coat and your boots jin hands you this huge ass bowl of his chocolate marshmallows but jeongguk in the back is giving you wide eyes and shaking his head no and you splutter out a polite thank you and cuddle it to your chest before trying to force feed it to kookie
  • btw he doesn’t speak to you for 5 minutes after but only 5 because he’s really fond of you that mushy brat
  • taehyung and jimin beat jeongguk before he can sit next to you on the couch and they start asking all sorts of questions like
  • “so where are you from?”
  • “ok but you don’t look like a big meat person do you like meat?”
  • “omg taehyung you don’t just ask someone if they like meat”
  • “you’re right she most probably does she’s with jungkook and he has a big-”
  • “have you ever suffered from *squints eyes* g-gastro intesssstinal - hey is that a dog keychain omg do you like dogs?? ”
  • yoongi is actually a cheerleader
  • i mean he was tough at first just to make sure you’re worthy and fit to be with his favourite child but then you show him pictures of your dog and you tell him about this pet store that lets you collage pics of you and your dog on keychains 
  • and you know when you get that man thinking about dogs and holly he is smitten
  • so the second jimin moves his leg by 0.00002 cm yoongi is pushing him off the couch like “ooooh kookie don’t you want to come sit here??? next to hyung and y/n??? ✺◟( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)◞✺”
  • i love lenny faces esp this ^ one
  • anyway pt 2
  • so while jin is quote slaving in the kitchen unquote jeongguk comes to sit next to you and a comedy show is playing and you start talking really quietly together
  • you shiver a little and jeongguk is about to get up to get you a blanket but you gather your courage with both hands because you are a strong woman and you kind of sort of grab his beautiful arm before he can get up and just yank him down and put your head on his shoulder
  • and you pray and hope this isn’t too out of nowhere and he won’t reject you in front of all of his friends
  • but guk just blushes up a storm bc !!!!! wow he has the biggest crush on you
  • the best girl he knows
  • and now you’re here, warm and cuddling him and he can’t help but smile and put his arm around you 
  • your face just kind of melts into his shoulder-neck area and holy God in heaven jeongguk smells so good and his skin is so silky you really want to kiss him there but you’re scared namjoon might pop up from the back of the couch and lecture you
  • after dinner (which was an Absolute Mess don’t ever let vmin near mashed potatoes) hoseok suggests to watch a film all together and all the boys bring out blankets and pillows and the bean bags from taehyung’s room
  • which you and jeongguk sat on together and it’s just so nice because you don’t need to actually say anything for him to understand that you like him 
  • and vice versa like it’s just so comfortable 
  • like you’re drowning in this bean bag with the man you love and his arm is around you and you lowkey have yours over his waist and he has his chin on your head
  • honestly at this point you’re not even watching the film you’re just gazing at him fondly when he’s not looking 
  • it’s getting pretty late as the film nears its’ end you just kind of tap jeongguk’s chest and tell him you should probably get to your place by now
  • his face falls and you feel bad bc you hate seeing him sad 
  • he says he wants to drive you back but it’s not just late for you and he can’t call the driver so he just looks at you with his big puppy dog eyes as you’re getting into your coat but he can’t really do anything 
  • and just as you’re slipping on your boots he feels like he can’t hold it in anymore and then you’re slipping on your beanie and fuck you look even cuter than normal so he makes sure no one’s looking
  • before he cups your cheeks and you’re surprised and he doesn’t even know when the fuck he got so brave before he pecks your lips for half a second
  • and you’re just !!!!!!!!!!!
  • and he’s like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • which makes you  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • but you’re smiling and looking at him like he’s made of stars and fuck if he’s going to let you walk out before he kisses you again
  • you beat him to it
  • about 8 times 
  • before he asks you out with your body between him and the door and the guys are throwing pillows at his back
  • if you thought jeongguk was a nerdy baby when you were just friends
  • oh boy oh boy 
  • anime nights is an actual occurrence i’m sorry but whenever jeongguk has a friday or saturday off you best believe his is marching his way to your place with food and he expects a) netflix in bed with 17 blankets or b) a blanket fort in the living room 
  • i don’t think he’s big on pda unless you’re somewhere private with people he trusts otherwise the most you’re getting out of bubbie is hand holding and an arm around you
  • jeongguk’s kisses are like
  • the personification of heaven on earth
  • it really depends on his mood like when he’s happy his kisses are silly and teasing
  • he plays with your hair, bites your lips, pinches your hips, giggles against you and telling you unrelated jokes until you’re laughing and he has his head in your neck
  • if he’s horny he kisses you either real snow or real fast and rough. he starts out at a calm pace, hands up your shirt, tongue stroking every cm of your mouth like a paintbrush on a canvas, and it gets faster the second one of you moans. he pushes his hips against you a little and starts getting ~~~~ wild ~~~~
  • i’ll mark when it gets nsfw a little later but for now it’s nothing explicit
  • jeongguk is definitely an avid cuddler 
  • and you don’t have to be on a bed for him to koala you
  • he prefers cuddling at night though, when you’re fresh out of the shower and smell like heaven and he gets to throw his arms over you, chest to your back and just press kisses to your skin
  • when he’s exceptionally tired he’ll just flop on top of you, his head on the swells of your breasts, your hands playing with his hair and the nape of his neck, sometimes slowly massaging his shoulders
  • speaking of massages
  • jeongguk is weak for them
  • when he’s aching from dance practices ((although you threaten to cold cock hoseok with your uni textbooks if he doesn’t ease up on him)) you offer to give him a massage
  • he takes a long hot shower and when he walks into your bedroom, you have little candles around but not the scented ones bc baby is sensitive and you’re wearing one of his shirts and you straddle his back, lotion him up and work your magic
  • sometimes he falls asleep
  • sometimes he doesn’t ;)))))
  • ( ͡° ل͜ ͡°)━☆゚.*・。゚ sprinkles nsfw alerts bc it’s about to get smutty here
  • first things first jeongguk is a switch
  • prefers dom but will sub if you ask nice enough
  • when he doesn’t fall asleep while you massage his back and the feeling of your bare thighs around his back gets too much
  • jeongguk just flips you over and kisses your neck, all the way up to your earlobe and just softly sucks on it, licking it, biting it, kissing it
  • he’s a real fucking tease too
  • sometimes he just kisses and licks and bites without actually doing anything until you beg for him
  • he thinks you don’t know but you literally feel his smirk on your skin 
  • you don’t mind though because when you don’t beg and start talking back to him he gets extra rough 
  • jeongguk loves challenges
  • “hey kookie i bet you can’t make me come in less than 8 minutes”
  • oh boy 
  • safeword is probably something ridiculous like nochu milk or that youtuber guy with the overwatch videos he’s obsessed with 
  • jeongguk hates when you bring up that one time he was drilling into you a little too hard and you said the youtuber’s name for the safeword and jeongguk literally came
  • he will keep denying it until his last breath
  • update: the youtuber is called yulmu appa make of that what you will 
  • i don’t see jeongguk to be really into giving head
  • because he’s sensitive to smells and pussies aren’t exactly dew kissed flowers 
  • but i 110% think he’s big on fingering
  • not so much in public to the dismay of smut writers like he would never in public unless he’s in a state of deadly boredom/horniness 
  • like at the dinner table???/ your families or friends are right there wtf??? and there’s food??/ just keep it in your pants for a few hours damn
  • but when it’s in private you better work out your legs bc you will need that strength
  • jeongguk’s excitement for adventure and trying out new stuff definitely translates in the bedroom too
  • like one day you come back home and find jeongguk spread out on your yoga mat with his ipad next to him showing a drawing of pretty gymnastic positions
  • and he’s like !!! look babe i bet this feels really good
  • and you’re just there “jeongguk,,, i can barely do 10 squats how do you want my legs to go there”
  • but he’s too cute to deny 
  • long story short you don’t speak to him for 4 days because showing up at a hospital half-naked with a bag of frozen peas to your lady parts is not on your bucket list thank you very fucking much
  • refuses to put anything up his ass
  • he’s really competitive and gets jealous easily so threesomes are a no-no for him
  • likes riling you up when you’re busy and he’s in a sub mood he’s such a little shit
  • ( ͡° ل͜ ͡°)━☆゚.*・。゚ end of the smutty section 
  • whenever you’re sad and need cheering up worry not because jeongguk has a photo album on his phone with disgustingly cute pictures of you two together like this one pic of your sock-clad feet touching when you were cuddling and this other one of you cuddling him during anime night and you’re half asleep and he’s rubbing his nose on your cheek
  • so if you’re feeling down and jeongguk’s not near he sends you some of the pics of his folder
  • he’s not the best with words, he prefers actions because he sucks at explaining his feelings but he tries his best with you since he loves you so much
  • the first time he drops the l bomb is at your apartment 
  • he had a long day and he was so tired but he wanted 
  • he had a long day and he was so tired but he wanted to see you 
  • so you invited him over to sleep and when he walks into your flat he can’t find you anywhere
  • jeongguk gasps a little bit when he sees the lego avengers on the floor leading to the bathroom
  • and you made him a pretty bath with his favourite bath bombs you got cookies and milk and seaweed and he almost cries a little when he sees you he just lunges at you with hugs before you strip him and make him sit down in the hot water
  • and literally just as jeongguk’s about to say his neck hurts, you roll up a towel and put it behind his head
  • little shit pretends like he needs your help to get up but he legit just pulls you down and you topple over with your clothes in the tub
  • you’re yelling and hitting his chest playfully while he laughs and his whole body shakes
  • honestly you don’t even care anymore because he’s so gorgeous when he’s happy and he makes your heart bloom
  • so you just spread bubbles over his neck and kiss him i really want to fucking be with jeongguk
  • ok bye this is like over 3k words BYE 
Tony Stark/Iron Man - You Look So Familiar - Part 4

Originally posted by dailymcugifs

Series Summary: Tony runs into a 14-year-old girl outside of a coffee shop and spills his coffee. When she freaks out and tries to run away, he stops her and asks her if she’s okay and notices that she looks very familiar. He takes her back to the tower to get cleaned up and Natasha points out that she looks just like him. So, Tony tests her DNA and finds out she’s his.

Part Summary: Tony, Peter, and the team do everything they can to find Y/N. With T'Challa’s help, they find out where she is. An unlikely person from Tony’s past comes back. Y/N finds out something that could change her world.

Pairings: Tony x Daughter!Reader, Peter x Fem!Reader

Characters: Fem!Reader, Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Steve Rogers, T’Challa, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, May Parker, Grayson Roberts (OMC), Amanda Roberts (OFC). Bruce Banner, Harold “Happy” Hogan, Liz Allan, Michelle, Ned Leeds, Wanda Maximoff, Vision, Sam Wilson, Thor Odinson, Clint Barton, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Scott Lang (Mentioned)

Warnings: Little bit of swearing and angst

A/N: Thank you to @mo320 for being my beta!! And thank you to @molethemollie and @mo320 for feeding me ideas for this part! 

You Look So Familiar Master List

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Title: Ladon
Rating: T (for violence and death of a villain by fire)
Word count: 4727

This was all inspired by one single line in this delicious h/c story by @bedtimestoriesformywife. I hope it’s alright that I took it and ran with it.

Steve always knew that all of the Avengers living under one roof, it would paint a target on their backs. Easy to locate, easy to track routines, easy to attack. He’d always, in the back of his head, expected an attack of some sort. Kidnapping? Par for the course. He’s been waiting for it since day one.

What he didn’t expect was that the victim would be Natasha.

Tony is the one to deliver the surveillance footage, showing how they darted her and drugged her and dragged her off already bound hand and foot. When Steve sees, his vision goes red and he can feel a fire in his belly the likes of which he hasn’t felt since the war, since watching Jim go down with a bullet in his leg.

All of Steve’s instincts switch to high gear and he clenches his jaw until his teeth ache, afraid that if he so much as opens his mouth, he’ll do something he’ll regret and then he’ll have to explain a few things about himself to his teammates. That would be an uncomfortable conversation and a long one, one they don’t have time for when Natasha is in enemy hands.

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@orbingarrow Thank you so much Bee! for kindly doing the Civil War Bag giveaway and giving me the lovely Iron man stickers & cap bracelet. (○´∀`○)

Please go follow this amazing writer! A very kind person and she writes alot of wonderful Marvel/stony/multi-ship stories! They are pure love and quality

silverbellekait  asked:

Please could someone write a fic where Tony gives Steve a LIFE ALERT as a joke but then Steve is kidnapped and/or tortured and the life alert is how they find and save him? I don't care about ships in this idea, basically anything is fine.

The shrill beeping startles everyone. Natasha and Clint were draped on the couch, Natasha cleaning knives and Clint cleaning arrows. Thor and Bruce were in a deep discussion of Midgardian and Asgardian technology. Tony was futzing with his computers.

“What’s that?” Clint asks, turning down his hearing aid.

“Shit,” Tony says quietly. He rolls on his chair to another set of monitors and starts typing quickly. A map comes up and starts zeroing in on an abandoned town in upstate New York. “Fuck!” he mutters.

Natasha gets up and stands behind him. “What’s going on, Tony?”

Tony’s getting up and putting on his Iron Man bracelets. “Suit up, guys. Cap’s in trouble.”

There’s a flurry of movement as they all rush to the armory, pulling on uniforms and grabbing weapons. No one speaks until they’re running to the Quinjet.

“Anthony, enlighten us to the plight Captain Rogers is in,” Thor says, as the Quinjet exits the Tower.

“Remember when I gave Cap that life alert as a joke for his birthday?” Everyone nods. “Well the emergency signal just went off. You know Steve…he wouldn’t hit that button unless something was really wrong.”

“Jesus Christ,” Clint swears under his breath. “Good thing you’re such an ass that you got him such a ridiculous present.”

Everyone offers a weak smile. There’s no celebrating until Steve’s safe.