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silverbellekait  asked:

Please could someone write a fic where Tony gives Steve a LIFE ALERT as a joke but then Steve is kidnapped and/or tortured and the life alert is how they find and save him? I don't care about ships in this idea, basically anything is fine.

The shrill beeping startles everyone. Natasha and Clint were draped on the couch, Natasha cleaning knives and Clint cleaning arrows. Thor and Bruce were in a deep discussion of Midgardian and Asgardian technology. Tony was futzing with his computers.

“What’s that?” Clint asks, turning down his hearing aid.

“Shit,” Tony says quietly. He rolls on his chair to another set of monitors and starts typing quickly. A map comes up and starts zeroing in on an abandoned town in upstate New York. “Fuck!” he mutters.

Natasha gets up and stands behind him. “What’s going on, Tony?”

Tony’s getting up and putting on his Iron Man bracelets. “Suit up, guys. Cap’s in trouble.”

There’s a flurry of movement as they all rush to the armory, pulling on uniforms and grabbing weapons. No one speaks until they’re running to the Quinjet.

“Anthony, enlighten us to the plight Captain Rogers is in,” Thor says, as the Quinjet exits the Tower.

“Remember when I gave Cap that life alert as a joke for his birthday?” Everyone nods. “Well the emergency signal just went off. You know Steve…he wouldn’t hit that button unless something was really wrong.”

“Jesus Christ,” Clint swears under his breath. “Good thing you’re such an ass that you got him such a ridiculous present.”

Everyone offers a weak smile. There’s no celebrating until Steve’s safe.

Title: Ladon
Rating: T (for violence and death of a villain by fire)
Word count: 4727

This was all inspired by one single line in this delicious h/c story by @bedtimestoriesformywife. I hope it’s alright that I took it and ran with it.

Steve always knew that all of the Avengers living under one roof, it would paint a target on their backs. Easy to locate, easy to track routines, easy to attack. He’d always, in the back of his head, expected an attack of some sort. Kidnapping? Par for the course. He’s been waiting for it since day one.

What he didn’t expect was that the victim would be Natasha.

Tony is the one to deliver the surveillance footage, showing how they darted her and drugged her and dragged her off already bound hand and foot. When Steve sees, his vision goes red and he can feel a fire in his belly the likes of which he hasn’t felt since the war, since watching Jim go down with a bullet in his leg.

All of Steve’s instincts switch to high gear and he clenches his jaw until his teeth ache, afraid that if he so much as opens his mouth, he’ll do something he’ll regret and then he’ll have to explain a few things about himself to his teammates. That would be an uncomfortable conversation and a long one, one they don’t have time for when Natasha is in enemy hands.

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