what i found the most amusing thing about tony antis is that they honestly think that they are the mayority of the fandom, that common people universally like steve when in reality, outside their american asses, people fucking LOVE iron man
for example my best friend has probably seen two? marvel movies? in her entire life? but she Knows who tony stark is. I live in Buenos Aires and there’s a gigantic Fucking Mural of Iron Man on a park. The general public Loves iron man, and more or less Hate Captain America. Not because of Steve Rogers himself but because of America™
And honey, we are Millions. We love Iron Man. We Will go see his movies. Until rdj apears in Every Single Marvel movie in existence we will Not be satisfied.

andysanime  asked:

I have a prompt, if that's ok. Also I want to mention I absolutely love these stories <3. My prompt for weird Wednesday is Tony gets deaged and the guardians have to take care of him. Maybe they are on earth and Cap along with the x-avengers visit because they heard what happened and Cap thinks their better to take care of kid!Tony?

Of course its okay so send a prompt! And also thank you! :)) ALSO THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SHORT STORY. BUT IT HAS OVER 2.7k WORDS. So watch out for the cut.

I really hope you like it…

“So he stays like that?” asks Peter and looks down at Tony. Doctor Cho shrugs.

“I don’t have an answer for that. But mostly magic loses their strength after a few weeks. But i will contact Thor and Doctor Strange.” is her answer and Peter nods.

Tony sits on the floor and looks at some toy blocks, but he doesn’t touch them. He looks incredible sweet like that.

“Okay thank you so much for your time.” says Peter and then lift Tony up. He seems like around three years old and is healthy. To be honest that is the only thing that matters.

“You were so brave.” says Peter to Tony when they leave the building. She had to take some blood from Tony and Peter thought he would cry at all the examinations. But he was quiet and really brave.

“Otay.” says Tony and smiles a bit. Peter wants to cuddle him. What a sweet boy.

“And?” asks Gamora, when Peter enters the Tower and he shrugs.

“Nothing she can do right now. But maybe Tonys other friends can help.” says Peter and he tries to sound happy, so he doesn’t upset Tony.

“Alright. Well i send Drax with Rocket and Groot to buy some things for him. So he doesn’t have to wear that big shirt all the time.” says Gamora and Peter groans.

“Why would you send these idiots?” asks Peter and Gamora laughs.

“Because i have a date!” she answers and is gone. Peter chuckles. There was a time where he would be jealous, but it changed a lot in the last year.

“Yondu?” yells Peter then and a moment later Yondu comes into the kitchen.

“What?” asks Yondu and he sounds annoyed. Tony giggles and holds his little hands out.

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Avengers-How You Meet Them

Tony Stark (Iron Man)-

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You’re friend drags you to a fancy gala that is being hosted by a large charity. The stiff guests and the overly formal dress make you uncomfortable and you spend most of the night following your friend closely. Later that night, towards the end of the event, a man approaches you with a plate of food. You recognize him immediately as Tony Stark, one of the richest men in the country. His attention surprises you, but your surprised by the casual way he begins the conversation. He never mentions his money or his time as Iron Man. Instead, the two of you have a long conversation about how boring formal events can be. With Tony’s company, the rest of the night passes quickly. 

Bruce Banner (The Hulk)-

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The first time you see Bruce is when you’re picking up a loaf of bread from the closest grocery store. You see him peering through the aisles intently, looking for something specific. You watch him out of the corner of your eye for a few minutes before deciding to approach him. 

“Excuse me?” You tap the man’s shoulder and he spins quickly to face you. “Do you need help looking for something? I know my way around pretty well.” 

“Umm sure. I’m just looking for this…” he shows you a coupon cut out from a recent newspaper. It’s not hard for you to find the item he was looking for and the two of you part ways.  

Steve Rogers (Captain America)-

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You meet Steve when you accidentally lock your keys in your car. You’re stuck yelling at your car and yanking on the door handle when he passes by on a jog. Being the good Samaritan that he is he stops to see if he can help. There’s no real way he could help. He suggests that he could break the window or pull the door open, but either way your car would be seriously damaged. 

The two of you stand in silence while you stare at your car in frustration. You mention that you don’t have the money to call a locksmith to get your car open. Without really asking, Steve calls a locksmith and proceeds to pay for you. You chastise him and beg him to let you pay him back in some way, but he refuses. Don’t worry this isn’t the last time you see him.  

Clint Barton (Hawkeye)-

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You’re on your way to a meeting with one of your old friends. It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining, but there’s a brisk breeze that balances out the heat. You’re minding your business when you feel something wet pushing up against your hand. When you look down there’s a golden retriever pushing at your hand, asking you for attention. His owner tries to tug the dog away, apologizing for the intrusion. But you brush off the apology and spend the next few minutes giving the dog attention. While you pet the friendly dog you admire his handsome owner. In the same way, Clint admires you and secretly loves the fact that you’re not shoving the dog away. The two of you exchange names and talk while you pet the dog. As you’re saying good byes you can’t help but think that this is probably going to be the best part of your day. 

Natasha Romanov (Black Widow)-

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Natasha is on a mission when you she sees you for the first time. She’s supposed to be keeping an eye on a dangerous target when she finds herself at a bar. To blend in she decides to start a conversation with the person nearest to her and that just so happens to be you. Her reason for talking quickly turns from professional to personal. Despite her enjoyment she can’t forget about her mission. Her target leaves the establishment and she has to come up with some excuse to leave quickly. However, her conversation with you sticks in her mind for days to come. The next time she sees you, Natasha knows she’ll be a completely different person, but hopefully you’ll still grace her with a wonderful conversation. 

Thor Odinson-

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You run into Thor while you’re helping the victims of a super villain attack. Thor decided to stick around since he was the cause of a lot of the damage. You just happen to be the person working closest to him and he strikes up a conversation. The two of you talk about life on Earth compared to life in Asgard while you pick up debris and begin to rebuild. After the day of hard work, all of the workers sit around and eat a communal dinner. Thor stays by your side the whole evening much to the surprise of the other workers. The demi-god promises to return and help you in your future work before he leaves. 

Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier)-

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You don’t normally go on guided tours at museums but today was a day for exploration. Your group was casually strolling through the museum, listening to the guide drone on about the exhibits. You’re walking alongside a man wearing a leather jacket. Throughout the tour he appears genuine interested in what the guide is saying and it’s not until the very end of the tour that you strike up the nerve to speak to him. He seems reluctant to speak at first, but gradually he starts to warm up to you. You two talk about the tour, what you’re favorite parts were and what things you wanted to learn more about. For someone on a guided tour of a history museum, he seemed to know a lot about the early 1900s. You just chalk it up to being a history buff, but you can’t help but wonder. 

T’Challa (Black Panther)-

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You meet T’Challa at the airport. He’s arriving in Europe for another boring UN meeting. You are heading back from a short vacation when the two of you get stuck in a security line together. Despite the fact that T’Challa is the king of an entire nation he still has to go through security and take a normal plane to get to Europe. The two of you start chatting despite the fact that you have no idea who he is. The only thing you know is that he is handsome and well-dressed. The security line crawls along for over an hour before you actually make it through. After you make it through security you make your way to your flight only to find out that it is delayed by at least an hour. And lo and behold, T’Challa is supposed to be on the same flight. Let’s say that you have quite a few insightful conversations that day. 

Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch)-

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Your day hasn’t been great. Work was tedious and your boss was being a jerk. And now the line at your favorite coffee shop was wrapped outside of the store. When you finally get your drink you can’t decide if you want to just drive home and spend the night lying in bed or find a seat and watch all of the people who come in the buy a drink. There’s only one seat open in the entire cafe and you move quickly to take it. The seat is directly across from a woman with long brown hair. She looks up at you, but doesn’t say anything. It’s not until a man makes a complete fool of himself by being a jerk and being kicked out of the store that the two of you begin talking. The conversation that begins as a rant about how needlessly rude people are turns into an idle conversation about life in general and about the goods and the bads of the day. 

Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver)-

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Pietro literally runs into you while you’re getting out of your car one day. You close the car door and begin walking to your place of work. On the way you bend your head to your bag and start rummaging around, trying to find something that you needed to start the day. You’re halfway to the door when an enormous force slams into your side. Your feet leave the ground and you’re hurtling towards the ground before arms wrap around your middle and jerk you upright. Your feet meet the ground suddenly and you quickly steady yourself. The whole process takes less than a second and you notice that you’re ten feet away from where you started. A man with dark and silver hair stands only a foot away from you looking back at you with concern. Without saying anything he speeds off again, clearly towards something with urgency. The next morning there’s a written apology letter and a small bundle of flowers left on your doorstep. 

ESC Personal Highlights
  • Return of the Epic Sax Guy
  • The Gorilla…enough said
  • BoJack Horseman ft. Azerbaijan
  • “Ironically a man who sings about friends doesn’t appear to have any friends- so he sings everything himself”, Graham Norton
  • Graham Norton on Australia: “My one tip: Don’t look at his eyebrows.” Resulting on me being very distracted
  • Temur’s amazing delivery of every single line he says. “Is he selling car insurance?”
  • “Maybe they just don’t talk about it- Maybe that’s the first rule of yodel club”
  • The awkward moment I started to ship the two side guitarists from Spain, that where far better than the singer.
  • Graham Norton on Spain: “I’m wondering if something is with the technology…or he’s just bad.”
  • Alex appears again. Graham Norton: “Just when we started to enjoy ourselves” And any other comment Graham gives regarding Alex.
  • Mans ASFJHJHGFDTDIJKJK The gift that keeps on giving. Amazing as ever!!!
  • “The song is called Time…the question you ask yourself is: How long can 3 minutes be so long?”
  • The Sweden Guy is so hot…so frigging hot. I do not even care if he can sing or not

Pairng: Tony Stark X Reader

Words: 1742

Requested By: @sybil-howlett

Summary/Request:  After CW: The reader is a vigilante mutant but blind and she uses echolocation, she protects Tony from a bunch of attacker and battle them off with her staff and her earth powers. ((let grow ivy and vines and chain the bad guys with it.)) She turns to Tony and smiles at him. “Are you alright?” He nods with an awed face while the reader chuckles and vanishes when she hears police is arriving. Tony searches for her and finds her at Charles Xaviers school as teacher. with an happy ending, please

Author’s Note: Sorry if it isn’t up to the mark,because that i feel,  feel like I could have done much better. :( Anyways hope you like it if not feel free to asked me to make changes. 

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It was a cold December night. New York as always was awake,while those sane enough were asleep. Tony Stark, however, decided to go fo a walk.It was weeks after the events of what the media deemed as the Civil War. The Avengers who once stood united,had fallen divided. Captain America and his team had gone into hiding, Stark, on the other hand, responded in such a way,which none of his friends had expected. Except for the occasional drink or so,he did not opt towards his old alcoholic and play boyish ways. Instead, he focused on training better and taking an active role in being a part of his own company. Meaning he was back to being the CEO of Stark Industries. Today had been a tough day. The board meeting was a disaster, everything that happened was reminding him of the awful day in Siberia.

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What’s Up, Doc? Pt. 2 (Peter Parker One Shot)


“part two for whats up doc? ty! x” - anon

“Please please I’m begging you to post Part 2 of your What’s Up, Doc? fic! Pretty please!!! It is so awesome and it’s adorable when Peter tries to ask reader out, really funny :D” - 1022bridgetp

“PART 2 I NEED ;)” - sebastianstan-theman

“Part two please!? I love this so much 😍” - legendarydazekitten

A/N: I’m glad a lot of you enjoyed the first part! Again, I thought I’d be done with this story by part two but ideas kept flowing in! Part three will be posted if (and only if) requested! Btw, some details don’t align with the timeline of Peter Parker’s MCU character or anything but I made it fit the story so…yeah. Thanks for the requests and support, everyone :) Enjoy and let me know if you liked it!

Summary: Peter Parker’s regular ‘check-ups’ move from the Nurse’s Office to the reader’s bedroom.

Warning: Mentions of injury (and maybe incorrect treatments for them??? idk i googled it)! Captain America Civil War spoilers (not really lol)? Pretty dramatic.

Part One | Part Three

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Tom Holland Reacts to Chris Hemsworth's Viral 'Avengers' Video
The ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ star gets his revenge

Tom/Spidey’s opinion of his fellow Avengers:

Spider-Man/Ant-Man–”best of friends!”

Captain America/Iron Man–”best of friends”

Bucky Barnes–“I’m a little scared of you, not gonna lie.” 

Clint Barton–”haven’t have anything to do with you yet

Sam Wilson–”I’ve kicked your ass, you can sit down.”

Captain America/Ant-Man/Spider-Man/Iron Man–”the A team”

Death Be Not Proud - Tony Stark Post IM 1 till the beginning of IM2

I finally took the time to read the MCU tie-in comics today and by my good luck, came across Iron Man 2: Public Identity, the prequel/tie-in between IM1 and 2. It’s a three issues comic and is worth every single frustration we’ve felt about MCU, just for its brilliant characterization of all the characters. Since I did read it completely, I decided to make a meta post about it.

For the purpose of this essay/meta, I’m dividing it into five categories:

~  Memories and Masks

~  Loyalty and Landmines

~  Families and Forged Iron

~  Recklessness and Radioactive Signatures

~  Selfishness and Altruism 

(long post, please watch for the break)

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Spiderman fanfic? (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: aye !! so I’ve been in love with your writing and I have this little idea for a request? so Peter and y/n have been friends for awhile, you little right under his apartment, and your rooms are right under each other. so he hasn’t told you about him being spider-man, and once he came over and y/n was on her phone reading a spider-man themed fanfiction, because dAmn he’s your favorite avenger. Peter sneaks in, and notices what your reading and he’s a little flustered, and stuff like that c:

Peter was bored. It was the first time in weeks in which he didn’t have to fight crime, and he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know if you’d be home, so he didn’t want to ring the bell at your house to have your parents tell him that you were out. He played with his web shooters, throwing them up and down in the air.
He sat up straight on his bed, sighing as he grew even more bored. He decided to surprise you through your window in case you were home, and making sure his suit was well hidden, he went onto the fire scape.
He climbed down and saw you lying on your bed, reading something on your phone. He knocked on your window and you jumped, startled, making your phone fall onto your face. You groaned and looked at Peter, furrowing your brows but instantly smiling.
You left your phone on the bed and opened the window, letting Peter in, who was laughing his ass off after seeing what had happened.
‘’What were you reading?’’ he asked you, taking your phone. You quickly snatched it from his hands, not letting him see it. ‘’Wait’’ he started. ‘’Were you watching porn?’’
Your cheeks turned red and you shook your head, laughing.
‘’No!’’ you screamed. ‘’I was not watching porn! I was reading!’’
‘’And what were you reading?’’ Peter asked you, a small smirk on his lips.
‘’N-nothing’’ you told him.
Just as you turned around, he took your phone from your hand, quickly unlocking it with his fingerprint and seeing what you were reading.
‘’Spiderman fanfic?’’ he asked, furrowing his brows.
‘’Peter!’’ you screamed, trying to take your phone from his hands.
‘’He look her in his arms and swung her around the city, telling her how much he loved her…’’ he read. His cheeks were red, something you didn’t understand, but he was still smiling. ‘’You like Spiderman?’’
You smiled softly, nodding your head.
‘’I mean, who doesn’t?’’ you asked him.
He seemed to think about something for half a minute, not looking at you.
‘’Can I take you somewhere?’’ he asked you.
You reluctantly agreed and put on your shoes, walking off of the door, Peter following you.
You walked silently side by side, only talking to him to ask him where he was taking you. He just smiled and shook his head, keeping his mouth shut.
‘’You need to promise me you will close your eyes from now on’’ he told you as he stopped in the middle of the street. You looked at him with your eyebrows furrowed, not really trusting him anymore. ‘’Come on,’’ he said. ‘’You’ll love it.’’ You sighed and obliged, closing your eyes. You could feel him smile even with your eyes closed, and that made you smile as well. He made you walk for some minutes, making sure you were not opening your eyes by checking every now and then, and when he finally reached the destination he was taking you to, he took your hand. ‘’We are going to walk inside a building. Don’t open your eyes until I tell you so.’’ You nodded and squeezed his hand, telling him to walk. ‘’Okay,’’ he started ‘’I’m going to leave you here for a minute. Please, don’t open your eyes. It’s a surprise.’’
You were getting really suspicious, but before you could ask him what was going on, he had run off the room. You stood still with your eyes closed, not wanting to ruin the surprise.
‘’Is this her?’’ a man asked somebody. You were about to open your eyes, feeling stupid about standing God knows where with your eyes closed, when you heard Peter’s voice.
‘’Yes’’ he told the man. ‘’[Y/N], open your eyes and please, don’t freak out.’’
You did as you were told, and when you opened your eyes, you were greeted with Iron Man and your best friend dressed as Spiderman.
‘’[Y/N],’’ Peter started ‘’I’m Spiderman. I know the suit is a bit dirty but this is my spare one and you know, I’m not really clean and everything and please, don’t be mad’’ he told you. He then gestured to Iron Man, a huge grin on his face. ‘’This is Mr. Stark!’’
Tony Stark removed the mask from his face and waved at you, a smirk on his lips.
‘’Hello, young lady’’ he said.
You stood there, not knowing what to do. You were starstruck -maybe you loved Spiderman, but Iron Man was everybody’s favorite, and you couldn’t help but want to run up to him and ask him everything about his suit.
Deciding to leave that for later, you turned to look at Peter, who was looking at you with a smile on his face.
‘’Peter Benjamin Parker,’’ you told him, making him gulp and the smile on his face disappear, knowing he was in trouble since you never called him by his full name if he was not ‘’I’m so going to kill you.’’

confusing stevetony identity porn au lmao are u ready

  • steve is both captain america & nomad: cap on official SHIELD-sanctioned missions, and nomad when he needs to be a vigilante
  • no one knows steve is cap. no one knows cap & nomad are the same person 
  • no one knows tony is iron man
  • iron man is cap’s best friend and teammate, and somehow tony is nomad’s best friend and confidant (and supplier of fancy gear to help him not die) 
  • tony often sleeps w his buddy nomad, just casually, just as friends w benefits, but he can never let their relationship get too serious bc hes eternally and tragically in love w captain america
  • nomad is head over heels 4 tony stark, but tony is hung up on some other guy he refuses to talk abt. nomad keeps his mouth shut abt his crush bc he doesnt want to drive tony away and being his friend w benefits is better than being his nothing
  • iron man tries and fails to hide his crush on captain america, but cap is in love with some civilian and doesnt feel the same way
  • cap feels kinda bad abt not being able to reciprocate his buddy iron man’s feelings, but he cant get over tony stark’s dreamy eyes and absurd facial hair
  • cue drama and flangst