Everyone creates the thing they fear…


“No matter who wins or loses, trouble always comes around…”  - Nick Fury

Every Marvel movie poster is exactly the same poster. Everyone is grumpy, looking just to the side of the camera, and standing in front of a bunch of flying evil things. Every hero except Iron Man is flanked by his friends, but that’s just because Iron Man gets to be flanked by everybody in both Avengers posters, so it balances out. It’s particularly weird because the first phase of Marvel movies actually showed a lot more diversity …

… but then Avengers redefined what “crushing the box office” looked like, and from then on, they all copied that style. Never mind that Avengers was a success because it was the collision of several different movies, each with their own clear style – all movies have to have at least one thing in common with The Avengers now!

5 Tricks Hollywood Uses To Make Good Trailers And Bad Movies


So, there is this group that posts their draw somethings on Tumblr. Draw Something with Iron Man & Friends is just what it sounds. As the story is told, “John got the word “ironman” in Draw Something, and drew him for Lance. Then, as luck would have it, Lance got “ironman” immediately after and sent him right back. Soon, they were just drawing Iron Man for whatever their word was.” This sounded like fun, so occasionally I draw Iron Man for one of my words to make t more of a challenge (or at least more fun). I have submitting a few and they have posted five of mine. Here are two more.