My only issues with the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer:

  • They replaced Harry with Ned Leeds, but made Ned Leeds basically Miles Morales’ homie, but didn’t just give us Miles Morales even though they’re taking a decent amount from his stories.
  • They replaced Nick Fury’s role in Ultimate with Tony Stark, who I’m increasingly sick of. Iron Man did revitalize Marvel as far as movies go, because they were in a pretty bad slump, but I’m sick of every movie being either “[Other Hero] and His Friend Iron Man,” or, “Iron Man and His Amazing Pals.”

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New design for Title Fight by Well Fed.

  • tony: i am a very bad person. i am a very very bad person. i am a horrible person.
  • steve:
  • bucky:
  • sam:
  • natasha:
  • wanda:
  • scott:
  • clint:
  • t'challa:
  • rhodey:
  • peter:
  • tony: "no you're not tony, we still love you tony"