Avengers Preference – Phone Names


Your name in his:  Mrs. Stark

His name in yours: Tony stank, Iron ass.


Your name in his: Darling

His name in yours: Cap


Your name in his:  Doll

His name in yours: Buckybear


Your name in his: Sweetheart

His name in yours: Greeny


Your name in his: Babe

His name in yours: Archer


Your name in his: Babygirl

His name in yours: Birdman


Your name in his: My heart

His name in yours: Weber


Your name in his: moya lyubov’ (it means my love in Russian)

His name in yours: Speedy gonzales


Your name in his: Lady Y/N

His name in yours: MC hammer


Your name in his: My queen

His name in yours: My king

Peter Parker Imagine

Requested: @jymmmmmm

Imagine: could you do peter parker x reader the reader is tony’s daughter and peter trying so hard to impress tony and tony enjoys watching peter fail and then one time he finally approves i would also like peter to be flirty when tony’s not around thanks <3

A/N: it’s long ;3

Warning: None

You fall onto the bed, laughing like crazy, you could barley breathe. You soon ran out of laughter, your stomach started to hurt a little bit from all the laughing. You sit up and saw Peter giving you a mischievous smirk, you lifted an eyebrow, giving him a confused smirk at the same time.

“Peter?” you bite your lip, smiling.

Peter smiled and lunged at you with his arms out wide, when he reached you, he shoved you back down. You started to giggle as he started to climb onto your body, his body pressed against yours as he looked down at you.

“Y/N? You in there?” somebody knocks on the door.

Your eyes went wide when you heard it was your father, Tony Starks. You immediately panic and throw Peter off of you onto the ground without warning him. As he fell to the ground, the door opened and it revealed your father with a suspicious look on his face.

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That’s Life

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Words: 984

Just to mention: I’m not a native English speaker, so I’m already sorry for grammar or spelling mistakes. 

Tony lifted his head and looked away from his microscope.

Tony: “Can’t you sleep?” He said with his low voice.  

You stood in the Doorway, looking at him with drowsy eyes.

You came down to Tony’s lap as you saw a glimpse of light coming from the room. Only one floor lamp in the corner was lit. The rest of the room was rather dark but the moonlight shone through a big window on the other side of the room. The full moon this night was bigger than normal you thought, as your glace wandered around the room passing by the window.

Tony sat up and turned around with his chair so that he faced you straight onto. His hair war messed up, the first buttons of his white shirt opened and his black tie was lying on the desk besides him.

He seemed to have had a rough night too, you thought. He said earlier that he was invited to some benefit gala or something. Nothing to special but he was happy to go there as they wanted to collect money for a research institution that tony was interested in.

He let his arms fall into his lap, sighted and lifted his chin. You opened your mouth, as you wanted to say something but bite your lip instead and looked away.

Tony: “Come closer, I want to show you something.” 

He said calmly as he stood up. He waited behind the chair and rested his arms on the back of the chair. You walked towards him, sat down and he shoved the chair closer to the microscope. He bended forwards besides you and adjusted the microscope for you.

Tony: “What can you see?”

You: “I don’t really know. I guess it’s a kind of Virus but I ‘ve never seen something like that.”

Tony: “That’s the reason I was on this event today. It’s the future.”

You: “The future?”

Tony: “They say they can probably cure Alzheimer with his someday.”

You: “they collected money for a new medial research?”

Tony: “Yes and I wanted to have a sample for my selfless high donation.”

You laughed a little bit.

You: “You have so much money, that you can probably support every research on this earth. Why his one?”

Tony: “I friend of mine fell sick and now he can’t remember even his own wife anymore.”

You took a deep breath, slowly lifted your sight form the microscope and turned your head towards him. You feel his warmth, his lips where just beside your ear and you could feel his beard tickle your cheek as you turned your head even a little bit more towards him. His brown eyes rested on your lips. His breath tasted like whiskey.

You looked deep into his eyes as you never were them so close. Tony had to endure too much pain in his life that you latterly could see that in his eyes.

You: “I’m … I’m sorry.” You said quietly.

Your heartbeat fastened, it was nearly painful so be so close to him.

Tony: “You don’t have to apologize.”

His right arm was around the back of the chair and he steadied himself with his left arm besides the microscope. Coming slowly closer as it was even possible to be closer. You had to blink a few times as you felt your eyes becoming dry from starring at him to long. He placed his left hand on your cheek, slowly stroking with his thumb over your bottom lip.

You: “What’s holding you back?”

You said it. You finally said it. You’re sick of the “almost” kisses, of the leering, of the hand shaking, of all of it. You weren’t in Love or something, you guessed. But you wanted to find out so badly, you wanted to feel his touch, his lips. If he would be the fever, you wanted to get sick.

But Tony was always holding back, always being a gentleman even if you didn’t want him to. What was the reason? He distanced himself from you, walked around the table to the big window where the moonlight shone trough and folded his hands in his neck. Tony closed his eyes.

Tony: “Everyone that gets near me ..”

You: “What do you mean?”

Tony: “Forget it.”

He opened his eyes and wanted to walk outside the room.

You: “Not this time!” You shouted.

You stood up run around the table and barred the way. Tony’s glace darkened. You looked up to him, as he was about one head taller than you.

You: “tell me.”

He looked away, sighted.

You: “Is it because of me?”

That surprised him. Quickly he looked back at you and his anxiously expression spook more than a thousand words.

You: “What is it then?” 

You kind of turned aggressively now, as you wanted to clear the situation between the two of you already.

Tony: “It’s because … I hurt people.”

You: “That’s not true, you’ve never hurt me.”

Tony: “But I will! I do it with everyone I know.”

You: “So what? People get hurt that’s life. That shouldn’t hold us back from living!”

He didn’t respond. He just came closer, one step after another. But you wanted to avoid another “almost”, so you stepped back till your back hit the wall.

You: “I’m sick of this Tony. “

Tony: “I know.”

You: “Then why aren’t you quitting this?”

Tony: “I don’t want to quit.”

You were confused. Was this just a game for him? He grabbed your hip with one hand and pulled you closer. Your chest was pressed against his. You could feel his heartbeat that was just as fast as yours. He lifted your chin with his other hand.

Tony: “Promise me that you’ll stop me if I’m hurting you.”

You: “I promise.”

A massive load fell of your mind. You wrapped your hands around his neck and finally kissed him.

- - -

I hope you’ll like it. I haven’t wrote a story in ages and kind of out of practice (:

Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/?

ha. hahaha. hahahaha. long time no see, cj, its been TWO MONTHS since you last updated. I don’t have an excuse I’m sorry. tagging: @tonystarkdefencesquad, @prooftonystarkhasaheart, @acetonystark, @gaybriel-gayes, @cyborgrhodey, @bothwaystrustgoes, @inkyubus, @wexfogg (as ever, hmu if you want tagged) watch out for the read more 

When Tony properly meets Jim Rhodes, he’s pleasantly surprised by the agent’s demeanor.

After ‘working’ for SHIELD for over a year, he’d come to expect three major characteristics from field agents: a cocksure attitude, assholish behaviour, and an overall belief in their supremacy over the tech department. Jim Rhodes, it seemed, was none of them.

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MARVEL team Preferences. Nicknames !!

     A/N: Honestly, nickname preferences are my favourite to read because they are so darn cute, holy shit.


     Steve Rogers / Captain himself:

     Yours for him: Tough guy

Obviously you loved Steve in every aspect, but you believed that he was still overly serious at times. Calling him tough guy was a cute way of showing how you knew that he was strong mentally, emotionally and obviously physically (because goddamn). Also, not only that, but since he was ‘mr. tough guy’ on campus, you called him that in hopes he might lighten up a bit.

     His for you: Puddin’

Steve knows how sweet you can be, and how sweet you are. He sees you are something flawless and irreplaceable. Steve believes your voice is smooth and sugary, and he loves to hear it; even when you’re mad. You are someone he finds over appealing. So of course, being himself, pudding was what he found to be a suitable and cute nickname for a overall cute person. (and because he is cheesy at heart lmao)

     Bucky Barnes / Winter pop:

     Yours for him: Ass man

 “Oh my god Bucky, you’re an asshole.”

 “(Y/n), dolly, babe, sweetie, no. I’m not an asshole. I have a PHD; I am a certified ass man

You ended up laughing disturbingly loud.

     His for you: Baby face

You’re cute, and he wants you to remember it. While simultaneously mock you about it. Because you are even cuter when he teases you.

     Tony Stark / Tin can:

     Yours for him: Iron ass

After Sam’s comment of 

“On your suit, I noticed that your ass, is like, twice its actual size. Like, I’m sure you could break a coconut on that damn thing. Iron ass. I aspire to have that.”

you really couldn’t call him anything else.

     His for you: Cabbage Patch

“You’re so small! And adorable! And small! And have the features of a doll! AND SMALL


ALRIGHT. I think these are pretty cute, holy damn. I’m truly sorry that I didn’t do all of them, but if you really want to see any others, please tell me. As always P L E A S E send any Marvel request you have :0 Have a lovely evening~!