Marvel, months ago: Tony isn’t going to be in Far From Home

Marvel, weeks ago: Tony Stark ISN’T going to be in Far From Home


Tony Stark: *isnt in the Far From Home trailer*


reasons tony stark isn’t dead:

  • someone mentioned ironman and peter didn’t flinch
  • peter doesn’t look sad when he sees the tony stark-esque post it note on his suit
  • he’s immortal
  • he wouldn’t leave peter
  • fury calls him parker and he doesn’t react sadly to his mentor’s nickname for him
  • his absence from the trailer
  • bc i dont want him to be
  • bc he’s not dead

full offence, im just gonna say it. cant keep it inside anymore! gonna say it right now, gonna pop off, gonna spill the beans. the truth is…i love soft boy bambi eyed irondad thotty genius billionaire i-found-and-adopted-a-stray-kitten-and-cried-at-the-vet philanthropist superhero earth’s best defender golden avenger shellhead going to therapy dealing with his issues supportive loving trying his best keeps all his fan mail from kids nicknames everyone selfless wears socks and sandals together without shame once called justin hammer a punk ass used tissue on live TV fights for the future afraid of the dark adopts every kid he meets loves with all his heart Best Avenger, Tony Stark

  • Peter: I know MJ from school. She's just a casual friend. That's it.
  • Tony: Do you think she's cute?
  • Peter: It doesn't matter if I think she's cute.
  • Tony: Uh, it matters to me. I don't want ugly grandchildren.

wow marvel out there thinking I’m gonna be thirsting for another villain well guess what you’re right


Antis: Tony isn’t in the Far From Home trailer! He’s probably dead haha finally some good ne-

Stephen and Tony are one of those couples.

  • Constantly holding hands unless it is absolutely necessary to let go
  • Nobody can give a briefing because Stephen and Tony are whispering to each other, occasionally laughing, occasionally kissing
  • God you two can you please just focus for two minutes?
  • No, no they can not.
  • You bet your ass they buy a bunch of cheesy matching stuff like mugs that say “his” and “his”
  • Stephen can get Tony to laugh, really laugh, and it feels so good to be able to laugh like that again.
  • Stephen absolutely adores Tony’s laugh so, naturally, he makes it his goal to make Tony laugh as much as possible
  • Constant gift giving oh my god
  • Stephen’s gifts are small, sentimental things while Tony’s gifts are always big and a teeny bit overboard.
  • He nearly bought Stephen an entire country once for crying out loud
  • He settled on an island instead. It’s nice and warm there, and the two vacation there often
  • The sex is amazing
  • These two are in love, and as such they have each other’s bodies memorized, knowing exactly how to bring the other to earth shattering orgasm
  • Stephen proposes
  • They’re on the island Tony bought for him and Stephen has memorized an entire monologue about how much he loves Tony, how special he is to him, and he ends it by getting down on one knee and producing a ring
  • The answer is yes because of corse it’s a yes
  • Tony takes a picture of his hand wearing the engagement ring and it blows up
  • The world goes totally apeshit
  • It’s all over the internet and worldwide news in a matter of minutes
  • But they ignore all that for now because right now they are alone on an island where it’s warm and Stephen is going to show his now fiancee just how much he loves him tonight
  • The gushy couples stuff only increases after their engagement
  • Everyone thinks it’s just the honeymoon phase but surprise motherfuckers these two are in their honeymoon phase forever

And if every time Tony beams at Stephen with a million gigawatt smile, leans into him, kisses him, calls him by a pet name, it makes Steve Rogers bristle, well, he should have realized a good thing while he had it.

The realest part of all the MCU is Nick Fury showing up out of nowhere to interrupt the me time of every hero like ‘what up bitch, you thought you could enjoy some peace and quiet nope I’m like karma and you going down’