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Funimation Unboxes 'Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans' Anime Limited Edition Release
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Funimation Unboxes ‘Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans’ Anime Limited Edition Release

Funimation’s brought out their Iron-Blooded Orphans series within the Gundam franchise today on home video and they’re making sure people can see exactly what’s involved with the limited edition set. Clocking in at about five minutes the team showcases how it all breaks down and some …

Check out the full article by Chris Beveridge on The Fandom Post!

I just saw someone on twitter complaining about Thor: Ragnarok bc “it looks like Marvel is only making comedies now” and they “miss winter soldier style” like dude… dude… no.

Forever From The Trenches

On a whim, I submit myself to be a contributor to Burning Man’s publication and I get the job. 

My first article was nerve wracking. Am I being too informal? I am being too esoteric? Am I using too many commas? Is it even interesting? Too edgy or not edgy enough? Would the Editor frown upon my tagline?

Fortunately, I had already written a long facehook post after last year’s burn to my camp’s page, so I had something to go on. 

After many edits, I finally pulled the trigger and hit the sent button. The days that went by (three) were excruciating. His response was favorable with some edit suggestions and he appreciated all the surf work that I did researching the art honorarium recipient and his work. More on Heyu and historic plaques at Black Rock City another time. Gratefully the Editor also liked the tagline, “Forever from the trenches– GroundScore.”

Two more articles later, some richly researched and resonant content, and a small skirmish about keeping my byline AND tagline, I was offered the official position to be a Columnist for Black Rock Beacon. I am not surprised often by life’s curve balls but this one was definitely a delightful surprise. Of course I accepted this mission as well. First column on its way.

Next year, when I go to Burning Man, I am considering staying with my fellow journalists. Printing the paper on the playa and delivering it with our bikes throughout the camps of Black Rock City. The Beacon camps with the Iron Rose camp and like most camps, there is a gift at the bar for whomever stops to fill their metal cup. I picked up mine when I stopped by to deliver some of those papers this year. My motive was not completely altruistic; I was excited to see the paper in print with my work and my words and my byline and my tagline. 

It was as satisfying as I had imagined it to be. 

anonymous asked:

at this rate im going to need a list of abusers in hollywood who are finally coming into the light as the monsters they are cos there are so many of them its horrifying

you and me both! there are just so many and it really makes me angry because you know, the media is finally getting their head out of their asses about the whole ordeal. like i don’t even know where to begin. but let me just say: these victims (survivors) have named them in the past/talked about it for YEARS and no one batted an eye until now. like…while i am glad they’re (media) finally talking about it…it also makes me upset because they ignored it and shunned and humiliated those who came forward for years. there’s so much more i can say but i am going to leave it here.

“Impressive, isn’t it?”, Loki asked, a smile on his face. Again, he seemed so sincere, so absolutely not evil, it was startling. He turned around to open another door, this one dark and plain, leading into another room. Turning around halfway, he made a vague gesture towards the engineer’s tattered clothing. “Take those off, would you?”
Tony froze and felt the familiar anxiety churning in his stomach. Apparently he had been very wrong about Loki’s intentions.
- ‘Sold to the devil’ by Majinie, chapter 3

Ahhh the helmet. Truth be told, I just didn’t get the hair right. I don’t know why this is so hard.
Does someone else think Loki here looks like a butler?

“Oh dear”, the god muttered and Tony snorted. Oh dear indeed. “Come now, get up.”


“Anthony…”, Loki began, beginning to sound annoyed, but Tony cut him off.

“Nononononono”, he muttered into the toilet.

“Get up. Now.”

“No. I’m dying. I am literally going to die. I’m practically a dead man walking. Or kneeling. I don’t have to do anything I don’t want and currently, I don’t want to stand up so I’m going to sit here until I feel like doing something else.”

- ‘Sold to the devil’ by Majinie, chapter 11

Yep, I’m lazy as hell with backgrounds… and I just realised that I forgot the shadowing. Oh great. Bathrooms… especially asgardian backgrounds with toilet-fountains. I have no idea. I’m glad tony isn’t dead though xD

“For a moment, the prince tensed in surprise and Tony almost prayed, don’t tell me I misread everything in the past month , but then, Loki practically melted into the kiss with a soft sigh, leaning down and letting go of Tony’s hands so he could move his own to the inventor’s neck to pull him closer. It left Tony, with his wrists cuffed, to clutch at the front of the armour, but in its very own way, this was still perfect. He felt warm, safe, and at the same time he was excited because up until now, he had vehemently tried to ban every thought related to this. Now, he just basked in the feeling it brought. It was perfect.”

- ‘Sold to the devil’ by Majinie, chapter 17

God, I was so happy when the two of them finally, finally kissed. The slow burn had been killing me.

Ah well, but of course things can’t stay nice. But it was a precious moment.

I am allowing myself half an hour of tumblr, before I continue working on my project for Nanowrimo. I saw the Tollund Man today, and Lindholm Høje. After spending half a week in this beautiful country I would kill to interact with a Denmark. Like for real, let me destroy you with sad family headcanons.