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What's the storyline with Negan and his wives?

Well in the comics Negan has a harem. He’s got about 5 wives I believe, that are there by choice. By being his wife they get more protection and don’t have to work for points at the compound. We already met one of them on the show (Sherry). I believe in the next episode we will meet Amber. *spoilers for the next episode* I believe we will get the storyline of the iconic ironing scene, where Negan burns a mans face due to Amber cheating on Negan with him.

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What sort of healing aspects do each species have, like how fast do they heal after being injured?

Well, there are many different factors per species! Vampires and werewolves all have the ability to heal from injuries very quickly, UNLESS the vampire is injured by silver or a werewolf is injured by wolfsbane, etc. Fae-kind aren’t going to fall ill like humans can, but they can be injured. Faeries will need to use healing items to try to get themselves well again- such as healing salves, poultices, crystals, etc. Unless the fae is injured by iron, as that will burn them.

Each species description should have this information there, so please check it out!

5 Cute Things Your Muse Does

Exactly what it says on the tin! Do not reblog. Repost and tell your followers five cute facts about your muse then tag five people to see what cute things their muses do!

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  1. Naps in the middle of the workbench, in the middle of a project, halfway through writing a sentence down. Often to awake and find out he’s written “ice cream catapult” with a doodle.
  2. Ice cream catapult.
  3. Tries and fails to cook anything other than pancakes, and apologizes to the failed food.
  4. Spells out messages on the side of his bowl whenever he eats anything alphabet-shaped - pasta, cereal, whatever.
  5. Sings along to records, but not overly well, using whatever is at hand as a microphone. This has included hot soldering irons. Yes he has burned himself.

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You obey order without question, you’re just a docile dog aren’t you? No, maybe a pup. [Baxglir]

{MEME} ס₪₪₪₪§|(Ξ≥≤≥≤≥≤ΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞ>

     Maitimo dug his nails into his palm, both hands pinned tight to the wall by iron chains. Green eyes burned under ragged red hair at the figure before him, one so cruel as to mock him now; the man would hear none of it. His lips curled back into a snarl, mouth red from the licks of leather to his face; long red lines parting the skin. 

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I can’t believe that some people who are still angry about the 1oo are also watching it on Netflix! I’m not judging but it is kind of ironic to post ‘burn that show to the ground’ and next thing you do is giving it views that could help it get renewed. But you do you…


Hey so it’s been three books since Nehemia died and I still cry like a baby whenever I even think about her. And, like, her parents probably hate Aelin rn because they think she burned their land, and that breaks my heart, so I’m hoping something along the lines of this happens in ToG 6 :) 

Aelin was not used to blending into shadow anymore- no, usually she was all about shining bright, burning with everything she had. But this… this was different. Because she’d never set the castle of Banjali-Nehemia’s former home- on fire. And she found that it was easier to slip back into her assassin’s mindset if she repeated the same three words in her head: You promised her, you promised her, you promised her. 

She’d indeed gotten out of that iron coffin and burned Maeve to ashes. She still wasn’t in the best shape mentally or physically, since it had only been a few weeks ago that Rowan, Gavriel, Lorcan and Elide had freed her, but war does not wait. And that had been proven when Vaughan, who’d ended up with them as well as the twins, had flown onto deck as they began sailing along the coast of Eyllwe and reported that Erawan was moving on Banjali. 

It had been to taunt her, because he thought she was in Terrasen, where she could never possibly get to Banjali in time. 

Rowan had thrown a little bit of a fit trying to keep her from going. “We can handle it,” he’d insisted, and she knew he was right, knew it was also understandable that he’d want her to stay on the ship. Her power was still recovering from burning one of the oldest creatures alive to nothing but ash after she’d been tortured for weeks on end. She really SHOULD have stayed on the ship with Elide, let the cadre drive the forces out of Banjali. But it was not Rowan’s promise to fulfill, not any of the cadre’s, either.

You promised her, you promised her, you promised her. 

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Saint Francis and Brother Fire

Over the many years of denying himself basic human necessities like food and sleep, Francis’s body started to break down and he got every illness known to man. When he was getting close to his death he caught a particularly nasty eye disease which he ignored for ages. Eventually his religious brothers forced him to go to the doctor about it.

Unfortunately for him, medieval medicine wasn’t exactly a finely tuned art back then… But fortunately for him, he was also tight pals with Jesus and all of creation. Before the operation, which involved cauterising his temples with burning hot iron brands, he talked to ‘Brother Fire’, asking it not to hurt him. 

Apparently this worked because when the doctor burnt him he felt nothing, saying “If the flesh is not well cooked then try again!”. The author recording this adds only that “The doctor had experienced quite a different reaction in similar situations”. Yeah, I bet…!!!


20/11 - Week 34 - George is still transverse breech so we are trying to turn him by lying on the ironing board and burning Chinese herbal cigars next to my little toes (scientifically proven).

As it’ll be George’s first Christmas we have decided to embrace the Ozzie Christmas and have got our first tree in four years. 🌲🌲

morganeilish replied to your post: i got a waffle iron burn on the exact same spot as…

I have never heard of putting potatoes on a burn. But I do know honey works really well. It’s moisturizing and antiseptic. Just you gotta soak it before changing the bandage.

i looked up home remedies and it said potatoes can work really well since the primary first aid for burn is to cool the area down. honey was on the list too, but it recommended medical honey instead of the store bought ones since store bought ones are apparently “less pure” or something 

(for ppl reading this: not ice!!! never ice!!! could cause further harm so never use ice) 

anyway i just cooled it down with cool water and put some polysporin on the burn, it’ll be fine :P 

Tales in Bilgewater

   Kayron went in an expedition, looking for new corners, where the crusade would get more people interested, but this particular place was quite… gloom in ambience, smelling like burned iron, powder and of course, alcohol in each corner. The bitterness was in the air just like he was told, but rather than that, even with such warnings the crusader decided to skip towards a bar near the coast, having chances to find someone who could enlighten this duskiness.

   Once in the bar, Kayron ordered a simple cup of whisky, without ice, he wanted a good punch if he ever got one, and drinking along with them would make the crusader look rather respectable before them. After 2 rounds, Kayron noticed the alcohol in there wasn’t like the drinks he expected, he didn’t feel the same strenght, flavor, and that heat in his lips/tongue worth a ‘rude’ drink.

Both wood doors sounded like someone important entered, and so the cheers and loud chanting of many pirates, whistles told him in the instant that a femenine figure entered the bar, such a normal thing, everyone there had their hormones in revolution each time a nice gal entered. Kayron just ignored those folks and took another involuntary sip in his drink to see if it tasted better in the last straw; surprise, it was still bitter, and lacking that Kick usual whisky gives, complaining a bit. Kayron noticed someone just took a seat for a drink, and the mob reacted the same way, that special female went just there? aside the crusader? he was the new guy in town, but he thought these kind of meetings were only read in books and comics, guess he maybe had the feeling she was someone to keep his eye on… he put the cup in the bar and simply smiled.

“Greetings..”- a soft purr went out after his single word.


‘Power Man and Iron Fist’ #10 review by Counter Monkey John Arminio

For a story about inner-city crime, wrongful imprisonment, and redemption of marginalized citizens, there are few titles that could be more provocative than the name of the new story arc for Power Man and Iron Fist, “Harlem Burns.” Although I have been overall pleased with the team-up book since it began, Power Man and Iron Fist did take a few issues to find its footing. However, it has only been gaining strength over the last several months, especially with how it has integrated Marvel’s Mega Event Civil War II storyline into its own themes. Since crime prediction and “first strike from precognition” are central to that larger narrative and since Tony Stark himself unabashedly decries such practices as “profiling,” such a story would no doubt strike a chord with a character like Luke Cage, whose origin involves a very painful experience of wrongful imprisonment.  

Such disdain for conflicts of this sort, as well as the concept of “predictive justice” in general, led Danny Rand and Luke Cage to choose to sit out the Sturm und Drang of this second Civil War. They were tired of their friends unable to resolve their quarrels without violence and worldwide destruction, behavior which is normally the province of villains and madmen. Such champions of justice are supposed to be better than that, able to use friendship and partnership as a means of stopping conflicts, not starting them. Speaking of Champions, a team of that name has recently started (in a titular title written by the eternally brilliant Mark Waid and illustrated by Humberto Ramos) featuring Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, Miles Morales, Nova, Amadeus Cho (aka the Totally Awesome Hulk), Cyclops, and Vision’s daughter Viv. This team has formed out of a similar disdain for superhero-friend fighting superhero, hoping to achieve a more idealized evil-fighting model. However, while the Champions formed their mission statement out of optimism and a desire to do good, the “Heroes for Hire” of Power Man and Iron Fist are filled with cynicism and a lack of faith in the traditional engines of justice. That’s why they make themselves available “for hire” (actually for free) in the first place.

It is not only that Luke Cage spent time in jail for a crime he did not commit, but very recently, so did his best friend, Danny Rand. Even though Rand and Cage chose to not take part in Civil War II, it is the nature of war that even those who choose to avoid it are caught in its path of destruction. In the process of protecting those whom they had promised to keep safe, Rand and Cage ran afoul of the practitioners of “predictive justice” and, in the fray, Rand was imprisoned in the notoriously overcrowded and abuse-riddled “Rykers” prison complex in New York City. Luke Cage, of course, could not stand to see his friend wrongfully imprisoned after suffering such indignities himself, even if Rand chose to not use his own powers to effect an escape until all the non-super-powered individuals were also free. As Cage comments, it must be a… privilege to make such a moral stand, since Cage cannot afford to, have a child to support, nor can many of the inmates at Rykers, whose own net worth are as dust motes to planets when compared to Rand’s. A period of time out of work for them could be total ruin, which is why Rand feels he is obligated to stay and fight for them.

Being a father and responsible for the care and protection of his loved ones, Cage is pulled in opposite directions by his loyalty to Rand and his attachment to his community. Both Power Man and Iron Fist are sick and tired of those close to them caught in the crossfire of larger superheroic wars and have now chosen to take responsibility for their own actions. A chaotic confrontation at Rykers results in Rand’s escape, but it also results in the emptying of an overcrowded prison. Now the innocent, the criminal, and the embittered are all unleashed upon New York, particularly Harlem, and it is up to the “Heroes for Hire” to keep their neighborhood safe, even if the police are busy drawing their guns on our heroes. 

Being defenders of the innocent, the disenfranchised, the wrongly accused, the discriminated against, and the poor, Luke Cage and Danny Rand are at the crux of numerous social and political issues in both the Marvel Universe and in the real world. With escaped prisoners, both guilty and innocent of any crime, roaming the streets of New York, opportunities for new conflict lurk around every corner, be it with crime lords like Lonnie “Tombstone” Lincoln, supervillains, or the police. Thus, every step is rife with the possibility for small moments of profundity and discourse (with punching). One instance in issue #10 sees the police pull up to Rand and Cage, which causes Cage’s first reaction to think he is going to get shot. To which, Rand responds that Cage is lucky since his skin is bulletproof. Cage, matter-of-fact as always, replies, “it still hurts.” Our heroes then surrender to the drawn guns of the police officers. The pain of an innocent black man being shot by the police is plain on the page and it is commendable that writer David Walker and artist Sanford Greene have chosen to depict such topics, especially since analogous themes have been a central part of the Luke Cage series on Netflix.

That hurt is the plight of both Power Man and Iron Fist. They are good people but due to their efforts to do good, they have guns drawn on them by good and bad people alike. They have taken the side of those who have been wrongfully accused due to unfair profiling and let both the superhero community and the law enforcement community know about it. Thus, the guns that would be drawn on the innocent are now pointed at them. And since the police officers using those guns are not criminals themselves, Rand and Cage must sometimes take the indignity of surrendering. In this way, Power Man and Iron Fist allow the reader to sympathize with the weak and powerless through characters than can get shot in the face with no ill effects and punch dragons into other dimensions. It’s a path to empathy singular among mainstream comics and one that demands to be read.

The distinctively retro art from Sanford Greene is equally responsible for the uniqueness of this book. Faces morph and break with the forces of fists, and concrete flies at the reader as thugs are tossed through walls. Though the comic takes place in the eternal Marvel Present Day, the costume designs, vehicles, and architecture are pure 1970s New York City, and not the bight-and-shiny spots. Though the characters certainly have access to modern technology and preternaturally powerful wi-fi, the degradation and decay of decades past remains a part of their everyday lives. Just as we, the reader, thought such antiquated building and design practices would have been swept away by the march of progress, we would have thought that unlawful profiling and discrimination would have gone the way of leaded gasoline. With every cool retro flourish, there is a reminder that the bad old times of New York, of America, are still with us and our heroes. It’s like Coffy and Taxi Driver never ended and the criminals all have superpowers. Maybe it will take uniting with bonds as strong as those between Power Man and Iron fist to make progress permanent, and Cage and Rand are the perfect role models for doing so.

I’m making a political post. Deal with it.

And I’m sure there are people who want to move on from political posts. If you do, keep scrolling. Because I don’t!

Anyone else find it bitterly ironic that people burning a Trump effigy also held signs saying, “love trumps hate”? If you’re really that passionately outraged, why not just get involved with government firsthand? I hope this inspires people to do that no matter which direction you lean.

However, the vindication Trump/non-Trump supporters feel because of people protesting is staggering. If you supported Trump, that’s your right. You’re a citizen with a voice too. But it seems wholly counterproductive to chalk up such reactions as ‘pure melodrama’. That completely closes off the channel for debate and meaningful discussion.

You’re dealing with other human beings with their own set of beliefs. I don’t care who you sided with or side with now. Stop ignoring differing opinions. Yeah, I do think Trump is a racist. I think he’s a xenophobe. I think he’s a vile human being in general. But I’ve also talked to a lot of people who wouldn’t vote democrat because of the DNC, HRC’s e-mails, they voted third party, leaned right, or they just wanted to vote for change. Whatever the case may be, that’s completely valid too. People have agency in their actions and the choices they make.

Still, those who scoff at the genuine threat others feel is not fine. Let’s make it clear that people aren’t just 'afraid of Trump’. People are afraid of intolerant individuals being empowered by his behavior as not only a national leader, but a global leader. Signs of civil unrest in any way, shape, or form is not something you want to sweep under the rug. Hate crimes, vandalism, and extremism were perpetuated in the last 24 hours. Against everybody. That needs to be acknowledged. Pointing fingers does nothing and it makes you sound extremely immature.

At the end of the day, we’re all still citizens of the same nation. Yes, we all have to wait and see what a Trump presidency looks like. This is what democracy is. But there’s a lot of responsibility associated with being a citizen of a civilized nation. No matter what your beliefs are, realize the power of your citizenship. Be responsible with it, respect the citizenship of your fellow countrymen, and protect all of the things that citizenship entails. If this is how groups of people behave post-election, it should go without saying that our society as a whole seriously needs to mend the rift.