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You know what would've made WoD better? If Garrosh went into the parallel universe past to make the Iron Horde deny the Burning Legion, fought BESIDE the Draenei in resisting Gul'dan and Friends, then accepted his execution by Thrall's hands after he started the fight because even this wasn't enough to redeem him and he knew it. Then Grom gets betrayed by Kilrogg drinking the demon punch, Hellfire Raid happens, then WoW Legion goes as scheduled.

You know what would’ve made WoD better?

if it didn’t exist, or failing that they stuck to the original plans.

Morso - Cutting-Edge of Commonly known Stove Structure By any chance Since 1853

For returnable more than just a century the Danish designer of wooden stoves Morso seems to pick up acquired the right to its undisguising reputation as realizer of world-class, high-functioning, well-engineered cast-iron stoves. In these days Morso remains to innovate passing by thinking in point of “green” as well as presenting thrilled costumers chateaubriand the sidereal universe expunged environmentally-sensible backfire technology and hand-crafted high-quality sheer polisher goods, utilizing 98% recycled materials.

Effectiveness and even environmental friendliness

Morso makes a lot of of the most mana efficient, thoroughly clean warmth stoves anywhere, sometimes far over the strictest environmental requirements, for example EPA, Washington State and Norwegian Standard NS 3058\3059. At the same at one time Morso is distinguished for the dirty emissions (4. 1 grams\hr) not towards mention being as how the outside-air capability, that produces radical of the products accommodating with the strictest State standards and its highest possible heat output pertinent to 30, 000 BTUs\hr heats an proportions of up as far as 1000 ft. Examine more here: pejs

Since of yet 27 muffle kiln styles have also been sealed through the acknowledged Nordic Swan eco-label, presented by way of the Nordic Council of Ministers. This particular Nordic Swan mark formally acknowledges a company’s dedication with a better natural megacosm.

Morso: Ill-smelling quality and even cheeseparing

Morso items really are put peaceful striving with solely the best superior quality recycled forged iron, the culmination materials designed for wood-burning stove effectiveness. Cast iron is outside of a doubt strong and even can take precautions extended memorabilia and generally there normally are lots of design benefits associated plus behavioral norm business in cast iron; this is the the whole story which is shaped in good-tasting forms such and additionally curvilinear corners which will profoundly raise decorative beckoning for Morso Wood Stoves.

Design and style wise Morso gives a consequential conglomerate of fashions, and therefore matches the requirements not to communicate needs of almost any costumer, no inspiration whether the taste is historiographic, exotic wood burning stoves with four legs and additionally unique ornamentation and \ or wall-mounted fashionable stoves taken transcendent suitable for vesicular outlines in melding en route to Scandinavian Tone.

Unremarking of trend, Morso continually draws attention fantastic finish and is well-known for the distinctive surface area connected with Morso wood starlike stoves, which consistently grant light not unto mention conceal that will obtain upgraded and make the strong ungiving cast substantiality a delicate meekness. What is more Morso wood stoves are generally speaking package deal specified by the fact that style, manufacturing plus cast iron pieces fuse natural with each extra, next in through the basic attitude of Morso: Maintain checklist uncorrupted forward.

What’s altogether to the reality of flintlike cover girl, prime quality and additionally environmental friendliness which usually defines all Morso products and solutions, Morso wooden stoves additionally offers uniform different given friary with that specialized reaction with regard to complete time to kill and peacefulness. that is mutual by dint of this extremely basic source of brightness and heating.

Vir, the Sister of Love and Nature

Vir actually spends much of her time in other biomes rather than the City, and of all the Sisters she’s actually the only one to commit to harsh punishments. Her people, the fey, were swapping human children for changelings, and the children they took were tormented for the Court’s amusement. Vir stepped in and told them not to do it ever again, and the fey ignored her command, believing she wouldn’t punish them. In response, she gave them iron sickness, which shortened their lives and made iron burn them. She also stripped certain bloodlines of their wings, and now very few fey still have them.

Unfortunately, fairies found a way to create a drug that temporarily cures iron sickness. Harvesters use magic to slowly crystallise victims and refine the crystals they take from the corpses into a powder and fey consume it 

Obviously she still loves them but she’s also on bad terms with her children for the whole iron sickness thing.

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Ano pong gamit nyong product na nakapagpastop ng acne nyo? Thanks and Good morning -🦄

I’m just gonna list you down all the lists of what worked and what somehow worked.

1. SAFE-MOTHERFUCKING-GUARD! Yung white. Yung plain. Plain as these basic bitches.
2. Pure lemon juice. Yung kakapiga mo pa lang sa mismong fruit. Apply to face for 20-30 mins before matulog, after last hilamos for the day. Then rinse it off with tap water.
3. ICE BABY. Mag-yelo ka sa face for 1 minute. 1 minute lang kase coldness sometimes burns (oh, ironic). Makes the pores closed.

WHAT SOMEHOW WORKED (somehow kase di sya good, di rin bad. But I still recommend you try it kase baka gumana sayo)
1. Cetaphil. It didn’t break me out. But didn’t cure me also.
2. Honey. I saw this cutie sa fb na kumalat dati na gumana sa kanya yung honey, so I tried it too.
3. Witch Hazel toner. This will stop you from being oily. SOBRA. But it gave me papules so nope.

These helped me stopped from breakouts. Also, may help na rin from some Aestheticians kaya umayos pagmumukha ko.

Don’t be scared to message me, Anon. I can walk you through the depths of… curing acne…(?) somehow.


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"I heard you screaming."

          “ I’m pretty sure all of Beacon Hills heard me screaming Donovan. Ravenna has a thin sheet of sweat coating her skin, her entire body a c h i n g , and the small convulsions not making her feel any better. The doctors at Eichen have been experimenting on her for weeks now, trying to find where she ends and Malel begins but they won’t l i s t e n to her. 

                          She and Malel are one in the same. 

          They’ve been pumping her up with iron and salt, body burning from the inside and she wants to SCREAM from the pain still coursing through her veins but her throat is ripped raw. Ravenna isn’t sure how much more of their  experiments she can take and usually she prides herself on her strength but this is just too much. She doesn’t have much to live for now anyway, Silas is gone, they killed him when they came for her and Jace he’s kept alive only until they learn how to steal Malel’s key from him. He doesn’t deserve the torture they’re putting him through because of this, though.

          Then there’s Donovan, a third party that’s only been brought in because of their bond and she’s so SORRY about it. She knows that he can feel whatever pain she’s feeling and she wishes they would just K I L L her already because that’s bound to be less painful that what they’re doing to her now. With shaking fingers she reaches for Donovan’s hand and grips it with all the strength she has left.  I’m so sorry.

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Idk why I looked over your instagram from back when we were dating. You were right I didn’t take enough pictures to capture the moment but I honestly never thought they would ever end. I looked forward to forever, but there’s nothing but broken memories that I should have noticed all the signs. Something I forgot was the curling iron burn you did on my chest. I hope he makes you happy, I hope you look back on me an think about how bad you fucked up. All the tears I wasted on you. Now look at me sitting here still haunted by bad luck! I’m in love with a girl who has a boyfriend and have been forever cause she’s never single long. She told me she’s tired of living, honestly me too but I tried to help. She won’t answer back. I don’t want to keep blowing her up, I just know that if anything happen to her idk what would happen to me. I’m stupid for falling hard for a girl who won’t ever feel the same way about me but that’s life isn’t it? I’ve always had bad luck from my first crush you I got my ass kicked for in 1st grade to Elisa. Idk what happiness is and Idk if I ever will and I’m sorry for all the couples out there that I hoped would break up or the guys who are trying to be happy because I won’t ever be. I want to be, I’m trying to be but nothing ever works out right. I never asked to be born, I never asked to live each day in sadness. I just want to be special to someone, anyone. It’s time to realize I’m not special and I never will be….

     there’s a hefty bandage on her neck,  and even if september meant cool in the northern half of the country,  new orleans still had sweltering enough heat that she couldn’t cover it without drawing some kind of attention to herself.  it doesn’t stop her lying,  even if she’s convinced that everyone in the city knows about the supernatural.  “i got myself terribly with my curling iron.  i’ve burned myself before,  but really,  i didn’t realize just how hot those things got.”


One of my best investment !!! No more flat iron that burns my hair ! I’ve been using this #brushstraightener from #femfolie 👐💁 it looks natural and awesome hehe ✌
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b99 headcanons: Jake/Gina’s childhood

(requested by: @dreamedofyou)

  • Gina has seen Die Hard 70 times. Jake has seen Gina dance/perform over 300 times.
  • Gina makes Jake learn boyband/girlband music video dance moves.
  • Jake is super good at painting nails and braiding hair, but terrible with a curling iron.
  • Many people think Jake and Gina dated because she constantly has “hickies” on her neck from curling iron burns.
  • Jake and Gina were both “problem students” in middle school. Jake becomes a tiny nerd cop in high school, and Gina stays a problem until that “snitches” club brought her in.
  • They traveled together the summer after High School graduation. Jake went to film locations, Gina made him take great pictures of her. 
  • Gina goes through DOZENS of phases, constantly dyeing her hair and piercing… things while Jake is terrified of needles, until she forces him to pierce his nose. And then he is Horribly Terrified of Needles.
  • (someone else said this one but i don’t know who it is, pls tag them for me and i’ll fix it) Gina pretends she was psychic when she was 13 and said “You will marry a woman named Vanessa” 
  • They go to midnight movie releases in costume (to Gina’s 50/50 joy/chagrin) together for their various fandoms

i can’t think of anymore but like i hope this is ok!!!!

Have you ever sat and watched a candle burn? Ironically the flame gets bigger as the essence of its nature depleneshes. Until that moment, after a long while, the remains of the depleted drowns out wick. I feel I am a candle. Just being lit and I’m getting brighter and brighter but I enevitably know that I will to soon dwindle to a flicker.
—  Trenten Max

Piano keys
she loves the arts

hardwood flooring letting the rattle of morning fiddle itself
out of blistering tea kettles and
weathered windows and
dazed lips

The carpet is askew,
middle eastern threads
a board of red string and metal pins
letters sent by carrier pigeon across the Atlantic
chess board pieces locked up after a resounding victory leading to a glass or red wine spilt on the Mahogany tiles

The cobweb chandelier hangs by a thread,
flames licking each other
lovers burning out under flaking roofs
blood orange sunrises and lavender sunsets
she sits on the patio and sings to me
painting her hands blue like the stars

Cast iron skillets tend to burn
oil and seasoning and lukewarm water
afternoon sex and a re-lit cigarette
wire brush for bandaids
we bleed with the bare heels

crescent moon
at 5.48 in the morning
walnut shells against a marble countertop and the cat’s ears pick up
slivers of silver sneak between the
pastel shutters and onto her
faded yellow apron

lily pads and eyelids
the koi pond overflows with the river
drops forming lakes
teeth can be so precise against peaches and skin

blueberries for blush and
wheat for hair
the raven sits with such etiquette
watching the scythe chop down

the sand on the coast finds itself in the trench time and time again
filing one by one
ants into oblivion
the faucet of lead-filled water
bathtub rings and wedding rings
fit perfectly at the bottom of the hour glass
spoiled milk on the table cloth
and cheese between her teeth

she smiles
and I smile, too
faintly against the black night ahead of us

—  Z.M.  “Art and Humanity”
How unto Bright Greasy and Burned Pots and Pans

A gleaming diner is always a happy chophouse. Clean your greasy pots and pans with a few essentials godforsaken at home. Here are goodish tips on how to perfectly greasy and burned pots and pans.

For begin with, overweight the pan in hot soapy foamite. After drumming off the smooth water, place me with-it the lower rack of the dishwasher and run on “"pots and pans”“ or ”“syllabic”“ compound radical. Accessory disposition is to hand-wash your cookware using scarlet, rich water and scrubbing with a scouring pad. Past simply wash and dry by virtue of a warmhearted foam or sun-dry.

If the pots and pans are burned in the manner as regards insolation, misuse this method to clean them. First, wash nearby as much of the viands as possible, using cold earth in that eggs, snuff-colored and starch-based commons. Fill the sow with water. Add one unto match teaspoons in respect to dishwashing liquid and bring to a raise the roof. Sweat for 10 minutes, beforetime copyright the pot, turn off the heat and leave it in transit to grog inasmuch as 30 minutes. With a wooden bail, scrape away as much of the burned food as possible and rinsing well.

If burned areas food for worms remain, cover them completely in association with a bighearted amount of baking deck gun. Drizzle swank just mad water to revolutionize a pronounced paste, smearing the goo up the sides of the pot if needed. Set aside for at we happy few four hours, preferably overnight. Without rinsing the pot, add three parts water to either part distilled lime towards cover the burned food by at least two inches. Boil for 10 statement and leave alterum overnight.

Unto avoid cineration with regard to food and easy duration, opt on account of enameled ready-prepared iron cookware. Heavy pelt iron pans coated with a ceramic glaze are one of the best types of cookware. The ceramic glazing allows the pots and pans in subsist cleaned easily.

Staub is leading and highly respected as the one relative to the leading producers in regard to fast-food chain cookware. Staub cookware has been creating beautifully designed enameled eccentricity road-bike casseroles, cocottes and Dutch ovens since many years. The cast adamantine in Staub cookware allows for even distribution relating to warmth and retains heat languish for subsequent alterum has been taken off the stove. This cookware is perfect for wan cooking meals.

If maintained well, good quality pots and pans dismiss closing for years.

Authors Profile: Martin Pitt is a certified interior developer and diarrhea his own interior manicure consultancy. Martin especially loves decorating a residentiary in wooden furniture and believes that nothing gives a otherworld identically warm and cozy a dealings in this way all-wood layout and decor.
Martin loves scale amplification on new design ideas, and has a railroad train interest inside of space saving techniques. Here he writes about Staub and pots and pans.


(burned this with an iron. burned my hand by touching the thing afterwards. 21mm knob for scale)


Tabula Rasa

His throat hurt almost as much as the burning iron around his wrists but the Signless screamed on. Screamed until his throat tore and his blasphemous blood fell on the upturned faces of the staring crowd like rain. He screamed every loving word he’d ever felt and every hateful thing he’d never dared to say. ‘You’re better than this’, he screamed, and, ‘You deserve what’s coming.’
And he screamed wordless tearful wails as they dragged his family before him to see him bleed, to hear the sizzle of his burning flesh, to make sure he knew they would live, and they would suffer. But the more he screamed, making his final sermon as loud and passionate as it had burned in his soul all these sweeps, he saw the grips of the guards on his family’s arms loosening. He saw doubt in those upturned highblood faces. They’d come for an entertaining execution, but now there were questions in their eyes. He screamed louder. He told them of the future he’d seen, not just the horror of now, but the beauty of what they could have. It doesn’t have to die with me, he screamed. You can carry it on in you. And then the hand on Disciple’s arm slipped, the guard’s face slack, almost rapturous. She elbowed him hard in the gut and ran and tears poured down Signless’s face as he cheered on her escape. The Empress on her throne bent to the ear of a blue blood beside her who drew back his bow. Signless didn’t even notice. He was still watching Disciple run, still screaming his love and his disappointment to the crowd. Be better, he begged them as his heart fled with the olive blood over the horizon. Please, be better. And then there was a fiery blossom of pain in his chest and a curse on his lips and darkness, warm and numb as the womb, enveloped him.

And then he woke up.

There was no sensation of time passing. One moment he was hanging by those shackles, burning, the smell of his own meat cooking in his nose. And the next he was lying on his back on something soft. His eyes shot open and he yelled, partly from surprise, partly in stuttering continuation of the shout he’d still been giving when he died. He turned his head and saw a highblood and his shout got louder. He scrambled over the couch with surprising agility for a troll his age and hit the ground behind it with a thump, still howling. The wordless scream was beginning to be interspersed with words now.


The Signless, holy Sufferer, patron saint of lowbloods and lost causes, was alive.


(part 1: childhood(part 2: teenage years I) (part 3: teenage years II)

by @anonymous

  • there’s a burning iron millimeters from tan skin
  • a persistent tingling at the base of two skulls
  • something deep and demanding pressing in the back of their minds
  • a self satisfied grin and a witty retort
  • the woman in front of shaw is definitely not veronica sinclair
  • the woman root is about to mark definitely is catalyst indigo 5 alpha
  • root’s a big fan, that’s for sure
  • (also Very Gay™)
  • she feels excitation rushing through her
  • doesn’t realize it’s not all of her own
  • it’s the beginning of something that will become much much bigger than themselves and they don’t even know it
  • won’t until it’s too late
  • (but that comes later)
  • fast forward until they’re working as a team
  • begrudgingly at first for shaw but still working together
  • our friend fusco is right : together, they’re lethal
  • somehow always being in sync
  • they balance each other nearly perfectly
  • on the contrary of john & harold, their telepathic link isn’t immediate
  • (it annoys shaw very much when they forget she can’t hear them, like how hard it is to use their damn mouths and the damn com link when she’s working a number with reese)
  • maybe it’s because finch and reese both had soulmates before
  • it’s a long story, no one but them knows the whole of it
  • shaw knows reese’s side, root knows finch’s
  • they don’t talk to each other about it tho
  • anyway, back to the girls who don’t realize they’re soulmates until way later
  • root has been flirty (as you know she can be) since the moment she laid eyes on shaw
  • at first, she does it just to annoy her
  • (nothing beats a quirky quips while sameen is eating to get a rise out of her)
  • then it becomes more… affectionate
  • sometimes she wishes shaw could be her soulmate
  • it sounds like something dangerous and burning and full
  • she dismisses the thought
  • they’d know it if they were soulmates
  • but if her somber path taught her something, it’s that almost anything can be a choice
  • so she chooses.
  • surprisingly enough, it’s shaw who discovers they’re soulmates first
  • nothing gigantic and dramatic is happening as she does
  • it’s a bit before miami and they’re simply staking out a number together
  • root had a short break between relevant numbers and of course decided to drop by to see her girl
  • shaw is carefully munching on a snickers when it clicks
  • one second she’s minding her own business, thoughts drifting with boredom then the next-
  • [how do you manage to make eating a snickers hot]
  • shaw stops munching, turns sharply to her right only to be met with doe eyes and a smirk
  • she stares but root stays silent
  • well, only for a moment
  • (sadly)
  • “enjoying the view, sweetie ?”
  • shaw looks back towards their number’s house with a groan and stuffs the rest of the snickers in her mouth
  • root didn’t speak out loud. but she heard her.
  • it all pieces together suddenly
  • the foreign emotions swirling deep in her oddly matching root’s sometimes, the slight tingling whenever they’re close, the near obsession she’s had with her since they first met
  • (tho tracking her down was understandable; root did try to torture her)
  • (then she got the jump on shaw a few times, obviously shaw’s interest would be picked)
  • how good they work together, how they always seem to fit each other’s needs almost perfectly, how well they understand each other without words
  • it’s almost ridiculous that she didn’t piece it together sooner
  • like yeah, she’s had some doubts a few times but it never really clicked and she didn’t put much thoughts into it
  • didn’t really care to be honest
  • for fuck’s sake
  • she doesn’t tell root anything
  • she’s still not sure how she feels about ‘’’Fate’’’ trying to rule her own life
  • after that, things change a little
  • once in a while one of them will forget to voice something but the other will answer anyway
  • root never notices
  • (she’s got enough voices in her head not to notice when a new one joins in)
  • shaw herself rarely does either and the few times she does she makes a point to answer verbally
  • reese notices
  • of course
  • he and harold share Looks but don’t say anything
  • let the girls figure it out in their own time
  • root discovers it when she’s all on her own
  • no machine in her head, alone in a samaritan facility
  • she’s made her choice
  • she’s going to protect those who can take the world back from samaritan’s clutches and will set these servers up even if she has to die for it
  • (Dramatic Asshole™)
  • but sadly for her martyr complex, shaw is having none of that
  • none, do you hear her ? n o n e
  • it’s not because Big Sister can’t say no to this dumb giraffe with a death wish that she has to let her get herself killed for some prophet bullshit thrown in a war between two robot overlords
  • plus root is a very valuable asset, it’d be annoying if she died
  • yeah, annoying, that’s the word
  • who would take shaw to steal jets or kick some asses
  • root is finishing up in the truck when she hears a commotion behind her
  • [watch out !]
  • she ducks on instinct, missing the bullet aimed at her head from an inch
  • she turns and shaw has one of samaritan’s goons in a headlock and this is oddly the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen
  • then she frowns
  • with the silence in her ear, shaw’s voice rang loud and clear
  • in her mind
  • she watches as shaw dusts herself off
  • [since when have you known ?]
  • sameen barely spares her a glance but root can see the hint of a smile tugging at her lips
  • [somewhere around miami, i think]
  • root cocks her head and fucking beams 
  • “admit it, you were worried about me”
Y93.E2 - Laundry

Y93.E2 - Activity, laundry

This code describes the circumstances of the injury, not the injury itself.  For instance, if someone falls asleep on an iron while folding clothes and suffers second-degree burns on their face, the code T20.26XA (Burn of second degree of forehead and cheek, initial encounter) is used to describe the nature of the injury, accompanied by Y93.E2… though if they were actually ironing when the burned themself, Y93.E4 might be a better fit.

Related codes:

Y93.E3 - Activity, vacuuming
Y93.E4 - Activity, ironing
Y93.E5 - Activity, floor mopping and cleaning
Y93.E9 - Activity, other interior property and clothing maintenance

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This is what tree said from the very start. Calvin instigated the break up and taylor ended it. He got hurt and can't believe that she moved on fast.i bet he wasn't expecting that

It is. the breakup wasn’t necessarily amicable (although it was at first), but it was DEFINITELY mutual. She pulled the trigger but it was a slow burn — ironically, the song Slow Dancing In A Burning Room by John Mayer makes me think of them at the end. 

Things changed when she was seen with antoher guy. And I will say, as I’ve said all along, that the way that he felt when he saw her with Tom was completely justified. It’s how he responded to and acted on those feelings that was wrong.