I couldn’t take it anymore. I went for a ride in the rain. 







For trade: this unique feather pocket knife!

I have used it as an athame for a bit but I personally don’t connect with it. The knife is in fine condition with a couple spots where the brass shows through the silver plating. Lock mechanism is sturdy without being too stiff; operates with ease.

Looking for:

- Unique crystals (regular or phantom points, cactus quartz, clusters, points, spheres) !!!
- Mini cast iron cauldron
- Dragon’s Blood resin
- Very specific sachets (message me for info)
- Anything else you think would be of interest to me! No animal products please.

Message me at @sure-caesura to set up a trade. I ship from California USA and, as always, will include a small surprise in the box :) Happy witching, friends!

Shout-out to our favourite store @ferro29store for the great presents: New Premier helmet MX NX Chromed + Iron&Resin Cafe Glove gold !

“I’m a man of simple tastes: I’m always satisfied with the best”.

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