iron: or the war after


Happy Pancake day again all!

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“are you team cap or team iron man” the fuck i am team get off my fucking lawn you vandals don’t come here pestering me abt it

Ok so I think this is really messed up. Why would Bucky be shooting Tony? Doesn’t make sense becuz Bucky only goes along with Steve’s plan of war, and that shooting scene seems like before the fight. This only can mean one of two things:
1. Tony threatened Steve or said something equally potentially harmful about Sam Wilson (who in my head and 98% of the fandom’s has been a solid force in Bucky’s life after he comes back), and since he’s wearing civilian clothes and doesn’t look like he came straight out of Cyro or hydra’s vault, I’m assuming he’s not gonna get triggered to kill just for no reason which leads me to…
2. Sputnik is a force that controls the winter soldier. Either the word is said or the person controlling the weapon appears and tws (short for the winter soldier) becomes active. Tws’s mission was to murder the Starks. He managed to kill Maria and Howard, but Tony survived, which means his mission wasn’t complete. So when tws is faced off with tony stark, and Sputnik is enforced, he’ll think okay I can complete my mission. Which is a tragic thought in itself.