iron triangle


Ian watched you with a smirk. Jared watched Ian with a scowl. he wouldent start anything with you there, but the second you were gone…

“stop staring at her like that.” Jared growled.

“like what?”

“like you want to see her with her clothes off.” Jared took a step towards Ian, “you’ll treat her with respect. you wont look at her again or you’ll suffer the consequences.” 

watching the civil war trailer with my dad
  • dad: wait, bucky's in it?
  • me: yeah, steve and sam found him
  • dad: oh
  • dad: isn't the film about steve and tony fighting each other though?
  • me: yeah but bucky is steve's best friend
  • dad: well this is one messy love triangle

it had been four days since Tony admitted in front of everyone that he was in love with you. Steve wouldent say much about it to you, doing his usual sweet guy thing. but you knew he was angry.

you went out with a friend to shop and when you came home you heard yelling from the living room. “who do you think you are Tony?!” Steve was yelling, “you cant just state that you’re in love with my Fiancé at my engagement party!”


it was a scientific question and of course Thor couldent answer it, so Tony stepped towards you, patting Thor as he moved past him, “well you see,” he grinned, “the back up conduit works like this.” he hit a few buttons on the table and a 3-D diagram of the back up conduit popped up and he began to explain.

Thor sighed, Tony had won this round but Thor would catch up… eventually.


RDJ kisses Seb!!!

And thus begun Civil War… 😂😂😂

Headcanon 115 (Musical Flairs)

Every character has their own instrument that they can play.

Sans is obviously on the trombone (even though he can’t breathe).

Papyrus is on the xylo-bone, his dexterity coming on full force.

Undyne naturally is a piano star belting out the most dramatic pieces, most of which are from her favourite animes.

Flowey plays the drums with his face.

Asgore has a triangle, ironically the most quiet instrument.

Toriel enjoys the violin, she would always play lullabies to Asriel on it.

Alphys can’t play music. She just remixes things with Napstablook, the two of them are the underground’s biggest DJ’s.


From the photo source, Bobcat Alpha, on Flickr.

Eagle Flight, Monsoon Season Oct. 1967

The monsoon season made travel by APC almost impossible, so we went on Eagle Flights to the Iron Triangle, Ho Bo Woods and Boi Loi Woods for Search & Destroy and Sweeps. Photo taken by John Michael Massey (Mike).

Otonokizaka Private Academy

CHAPTER 2 - Iron Heart
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Summary: Otonoki is nothing more than just a playground for daughters of wealthy families. But even playgrounds have their own rules, and Nozomi feels like they have been made to keep her out. 

Tags: #Private Academy AU   

Note: The more you know, the less you believe 

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World Press Photo of the Year: 1967
South Vietnam, May 1967.
The commander of an M48 tankgunner of the US 7th Cavalry Regiment in Vietnam’s “Iron Triangle”.
About the image: Rentmeester took his winning shot, which was salvaged from Life magazine’s rejects pile, as he lay on the floor of an incredibly hot tank. Rentmeester is the only Dutch photographer to ever have received this award, which was founded in the Netherlands.


•Drink Water! Brain is mostly fluids!
•Healthy foods like fruit for breakfast! Helps you wake up!
•Multiple Choice Answers only count if you get them right! Wrong answers aren’t against you!
•Free Responses are usually about three branches!
•IRON TRIANGLE!!!!!!!!!!
•If a politician can be elected while thinking an island might sink, you can pass this!!

we should just kiss like real people do [oq superhero au #2].

long-winded follow up to this superhero au prompt fic. 2.5k.

for desperationandgin without whom I might never have kind of prompted myself into this & startraveller776 + how-wonderful-lifeis for being cute taggers.


Standing at the porch of her house, waiting for the door to open, he reminds Roland to behave but it’s a hopeless business from the start.

There are just too many gadgets lying around, too many shiny objects with mind boggling capabilities. She has a son, too, a twelve year old boy with serious eyes whose pride of his mother is obvious to anyone paying attention. It’s hard to tell whether Roland is more in awe of the posh tech or of the older boy showcasing it. Robin is surprised by how attentive her boy is to his own son, not showing any sign of budding teenage exasperation at spending the evening with his mom and her two guests — one of which is a four year old who has been following Henry around from moment one.

Instead, Henry has taken to Roland like an apprentice, telling him what Captain America and the Hulk are like in real life and answering all of Roland’s questions with a world-wise voice.

Sometime during dinner, when it becomes blatantly clear that he and Regina have become mere bystanders to the boy’s important discussion on superpowers, Robin grins across the table to find her beaming back at him. He offers to help her clear the table for dessert and leans in to whisper, as they walk toward the kitchen, that he thinks she might have officially lost the number one spot on Roland’s Coolest People Ever list. At the strong, enticing smell of the apple pie she has prepared to close their meal, however, Robin reconsiders that assessment with a “though you may not be out of the running yet”.

The pleased smirk he’s rewarded with makes Robin think he must be playing his cards right.

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