iron titan


This identity I did for the first Destiny crucible tournament in Russia. I wanted to create something that have a vintage look, inspired by the old soviet space exploration posters.

PS: a small update, logos of all the teams.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (甲鉄城のカバネリ)

Mumei gets a perfect Attack on Titan crossover illustration in the Kabaneri Edge (eBay) doujinshi collection released at Comiket 91, with this addition illustrated by AoT action animation director Arifumi Imai (今井有文).

Ghost in the Shell 2017 (攻殻機動隊)
Concept Art by Maciej Kuciara

When you realize you’re in some really fucked up fandom’s with some really fucked up people who have some really fucked up morales and personal beliefs but then you realize you’re also one of those people-

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since i was too lazy to actually create something here’s a little fun fact: in that tiny bit of a clip in the season 2 trailer there are these awesome shots of Ymir (ft. Historia) that probably go unnoticed at first