iron testes

Alright hear me out: Modern Au where Iron Bull runs a foster home and all the Chargers are teenagers who are currently living with him.

Imagine this tho Iron Bull being the big dad he is and attending PTA meetings; Iron Bull getting really defensive when his kids are referred to anything but perfect angels; Iron Bull helping with big projects and college applications; Iron Bull putting ‘A+’ tests and essays on the fridge and going out to buy frames for their art projects so he can hang them up; Iron Bull overall being proud and supportive of his little Chargers.

Iron Bull bringing Dorian home after a few dates and warning him about his kids; Dorian being incredibly nervous around them because they mean the world to Bull and he doesn’t want to leave a bad impression on them.

Iron Bull taking in and sheltering kids who are coming from abusive situations and being more than willing to beat the crap out their abusers.

Krem being friends with one of the kids in Bull’s foster home but then starts spending more and more time at Bull’s house while he’s thinking about his gender and identity; Krem coming out to Bull before he comes out to his parents; Krem running away from home after it doesn’t go well and going to Iron Bull; Iron Bull adopting Krem as his son and helping fill out the forms to change his birth certificate; Iron Bull buying binders and men’s clothes with Krem so that’ll he will stuff that makes him feel comfortable.

Iron Bull finally having a family of his own, even if they aren’t his actual kids, and loving them more than anything because god dammit he deserves to be freaking happy


My other holiday present (from me to me):  Hot Toys Mark VII Sixth Scale Figure. (Last year it was the Mark IV).

The smirk kills me.