iron smoke

Short but accurate summaries of popular books/series: part 2
  • Lunar Chronicles: The Earth finally gets its shit together. Unfortunately, the moon has other ideas.
  • 39 Clues: Worst. Treasure hunt. Ever.
  • The Selection: Rich man thinks The Bachelor is a valid way to choose a monarch. Degree of success varies between attempts.
  • Shatter Me: The tales of Cinnamon Bun Girl and Problematic Fave Boy.
  • These Broken Stars: Heterosexuals in space. People die and things explode.
  • Legend: Literally the entire plot would've been avoided had the male lead waited another week to do the Stupid Thing™
  • Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children: Every day is Throwback Tuesday.
  • Daughter of Smoke and Bone: Magic and infinite knowledge at the cost of eternal pain. Choice is yours.
  • The Song of Achilles: This story is over 3000 years old, yet the ending still takes us by surprise.
  • Mara Dyer: The choice between mental stability and evil superpowers is somehow supposed to be hard.
  • A Darker Shade of Magic: Taking the ring to Mordor, except with less history lectures.
  • H.I.V.E.: Adults continuously fail to realize that when it comes to being clever sadistic little shits, teenagers have them beat by a mile.
  • Artemis Fowl: Teenage Irish Mycroft Holmes discovers Fairies are real. What happens next is fun for the whole family.
  • Good Omens: An angel and a demon decide they can make a better plan than God. Whether they were right is up to debate.
  • Divergent: A world in which having an actual well-rounded personality is a crime by birth and punishable by death.
  • The Magisterium: The wonderful misadventures of preteen Voldemort, Human Labrador, Hermione, and their pet demon puppy.
fuck aluminum

walking home some guy bumps into me and starts talking shit to my face about how aluminum is the best metal. i tried to explain that iron is actually the best metal, but he started throwing around words like “rust” and i lost it. punched him right in his aluminum loving face. i hate aluminum so much.

Writing Help: Colors

*some of these will overlap because everybody’s interpretation of color is a little different.


crimson, ruby, scarlet, blood, vermilion, maroon, cerise, sanguine, cherry, coral, cardinal, puce, auburn, beetroot, blood-orange, burgundy, russet, ginger, poppy, rose, carmine, wine, amaranth


magenta, salmon, fuschia, carnation, scallop, peach, rose, coral, punch, blush, flamingo, strawberry, rosewood, bubblegum, silk, hot pink, grapefruit, primrose.


tangerine, marigold, sunset, flame, ginger, cantaloupe, tiger, apricot, carrot, squash, sandstone. 


Canary, gold, flaxen, lemon, saffron, tawny, sand, sunshine, bumblebee, butterscotch, corn, ocher, topaz


cyan, sea, magpie, aquamarine, beryl, turquoise, ultramarine


forest, grass, malachite, verdant, olive, chartreuse, fir, lime, jade, sage, moss, pine, sea, bice, viridian, fern, myrtle, juniper, pear, seafoam, pistachio, basil. 


sapphire, cobalt, ocean, midnight, indigo, sky, slate, peacock, azure, arctic, ice, denim, cerulean, electric-blue, navy, admiral, royal-blue, blueberry, frost


mauve, blackberry, royal-purple, amethyst, amaranth, violet, plum, eggplant/aubergine, periwinkle, sangria, lavender, heather, raisin, mulberry, grape, wine, lilac, jam, alexandrite,


velvet, ink, coal, ebony, sable, jet, obsidian, shadowy, soot, onyx, pitch, raven, crow, midnight, spider, leather-black, grease-black. 


petal, eggshell, pearl, alabaster, diamond, snow, ice, ivory, cream, cotton, eggshell, cloudy, chiffon, silk, coconut, linen, bone, frost, beige, lily-white, milky, diamond, sparkle, pallid.


coffee, taupe, khaki, tawny, umber, rusty, russet, dun, fawn, copper, cinnamon, caramel, beige, mocha, hickory, wood, pecan, walnut, chocolate, cedar, penny, topaz, zircon, jasper, onyx, andulasite, rutile, mousy


silver, lead, shadow, graphite, pewter, iron, cloudy, smoke, ash, dove, fog, flint, salt, hoary (specifically for hair), grizzled, drab, mousy, granite, moonstone, hematite. 

I was trying to figure out where mechanical engineering majors would fit in at Elsewhere University, since the fair folk probably wouldn’t want to hang out in the same places mech engineers do…


There’s a frantic knocking on the door and Hadassah opens it. 

“Someone’s after me.” Dassi recognizes Laurel, an English student who always has the most beautiful words. Now, her words are stilted, tripping over themselves. “One of the Gentry–Forgot my ring and salt, I’m dizzy, can’t think straight–”

Dassi ushers her in. “Come on.” She closes the heavy door behind her and shoots the iron bolt home, but it almost doesn’t matter. There’s not a single member of the fair folk of Elsewhere University who would come in here.

Laurel’s nose wrinkles as she takes a deep breath; it’s a common expression for those who don’t come to the machine shop often. But to Dassi, the smell of iron and oil is home. 

Various students glance up as Laurel comes in; a few are working on projects at various hulking machines, but some are just camping out until the glamour clears from their eyes. Jack, the machinist, looks up and grins. “Another one? There’s hot chocolate in the back room. Milk in the fridge, too.”

Dassi and Laurel walk past the machines and Laurel looks around a little sadly. “I bet you barely see the Gentry at all.”

Dassi shrugs. “I mean, we do, just at much more of a distance than most of you.”

“I’m sorry.”

Dassi frowns. “I don’t think there’s anything to be sorry for. It doesn’t always seem like the best thing, to interact with them like that. I mean, look at the way you came in today.”

Laurel has a dreamlike, faraway gaze. “I know it doesn’t seem like it, but it’s worth it, to see and interact with those incredible beings. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

The back room has several students lounging on couches and chatting. Laurel immediately sees one of her friends–Tony forgets his protective items too often; he’s in here at least once a week–and goes to hang out with him, visibly relaxing. Dassi heads back out to the main floor of the machine shop. It had become a place of refuge for so many students trying to escape temporary attentions from the fair folk that there were more non-engineers than engineers in here right now. 

Ahmed almost immediately jumps in front of her. “Dassi, check it out!” He’s holding that little piece of iron that had been giving them so much trouble over the past week. “I really, really think this will fit.”

Dassi laughs and grabs it. “Yeah, but you said that every time we tried to work on it. Look, if it doesn’t work this time, maybe we should try adjusting the housing instead.”

“Yeah, yeah. But seriously, Dassi, I have a good feeling about this!” Ahmed’s hair and clothes sparkle faintly with iron filings caught there, and there’s a small burn from a soldering iron healing on his thumb. 

Dassi glances down at herself. There’s a huge oil stain on one leg of her jeans, and her fingertips are stained green by the copper wires she’d been wrestling with earlier. Engineering leaves so many little physical marks.

She and Ahmed walk over to the workbench and she inhales the scent of solder smoke, oil, iron…she spends so much time here that the smell comes back to her dorm room with her and settles in a little deeper every night. There’s no smell that speaks so strongly of peace and security as this one.

She and Ahmed bend to their work and she sees that his eyes are sparkling with the same excitement she feels, brighter than pure copper. The feeling she gets when one of her creations works–there’s nothing that compares. It doesn’t matter that she can’t interact with the fair folk. She can protect her classmates from them, and that’s enough. And the discovery, the knowledge, the ability to create; it’s more than enough. She wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Winter Playlist

since it’s finally starting to feel like winter outside, I put together some songs to listen to when the days get darker and the weather colder. a mix of alternative, indie folk, and acoustic. 

1. blue moon - beck
2. black flies - ben howard
3. promise - ben howard
4. people help the people - birdy
5. winter white hymnal - birdy
6. blood bank - bon iver
7. the emotion - børns
8. northern wind - city and colour
9. christmas lights - coldplay
10. oceans - coldplay
11. delicate - damien rice
12. youth - daughter
13. the ice is getting thinner - death cab for cutie
14. kiss me - ed sheeran
15. i see fire - ed sheeran
16. black water - edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes
17. hypnotized - fleetwood mac
18. syndicate - the fray
19. mad world - gary jules
20. picture frames - georgia fair
21. days go on - greg laswell
22. call me in the afternoon - half moon run
23. sedated - hozier
24. cinder and smoke - iron & wine
25. when we were on fire - james bay
26. in your atmosphere - john mayer
27. a bad dream - keane
28. one day - kodaline
29. stormy weather - the kooks
30. lamplight - lewis watson
31. windows - lewis watson
32. the yawning grave - lord huron
33. frozen pines - lord huron
34. buzzcut season - lorde
35. stubborn love - the lumineers
36. breathe - matt corby
37. winter winds - mumford & sons
38. align - nina nesbitt
39. dirty paws - of monsters and men
40. always - panama
41. chasing cars - snow patrol
42. sad beautiful tragic - taylor swift
43. back to december - taylor swift
44. out of the woods - taylor swift
45. red eye - vance joy
46. my kind of man - vance joy
47. unsteady - x ambassadors
48. hypnotic - zella day

books I want to re-read

So we always have modern-day Greek gods but come on, imagine them in other periods of history please like there is so much potential

Apollo as a renaissance artist in Venice, painting watercolors of the sun, crafting songs and harmonies, visiting the sick with his work that always seems to help them recover, sketching women more beautiful than a summer’s day.

Artemis as a huntress in Celtic Ireland, war paint and bow, axes and spears, running through glens and marshes, hiding in the undergrowth dressed in animal pelts.

Ares as a medieval knight in England, seeking glory in jousts and tourneys, mastering pike and sword and lance and flail, clothed in steel and blood.

Athena as a World War Two commander in Bletchley, calling the shots as she scours maps, planning out blitz raids and spy operations, typing at machines and decoding foreign enigmas.

Hephaestus as a factory worker in the British industrial revolution, face lined with ash, stinking of iron and smoke, watching chimneys pump the skies grey.

Hermes as a Colonial settler in the Americas, atop the ship’s mast with spyglass and pistol, bartering with natives, swindling and travelling, scouting out the New World and bringing communication to the old one.

Hestia as a World War One housewife in Britain, growing vegetables and making her own clothes to keep up the war effort, sending telegrams to shellshocked soldiers in the trenches, keeping children safe in her house by the fireside.

I mean, come on. Historically diverse Greek mythology. Let’s make it happen.

modern thedas aesthetics: the iron bull

hearty meals, watching cartoons on a futon, and only occasional identity crises.