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Misleading (1/?) [Ft. Reader x Bucky]

Summary - When Bucky loses his memory once again he wonders away from The Avengers, he finds himself at a park miles from home. When suddenly a woman appears, claiming to be his wife. Desperate for answers he returns “home” with his “wife”. As time goes on Bucky finds himself falling deeply in love with his wife but when Bucky’s wife goes missing how far will he go to save her? What will he do when he finds that his wife isn’t and never was his wife? Does she even need to be saved?…

Part 2

Bucky tossed in turned in his sleep, a terror filled mind prevented him for getting a peaceful night’s rest. He kept seeing a blurry figure and they constantly called out to him.

“Bucky,” a woman’s voice echoes around him.

Bucky spins around looking for the owner of the voice but is met with darkness, his breathing is labored and he feels uneasy.

“Bucky….Bucky,” the voice echoes once again.

“Who’s there?” Bucky’s voice is barely above a whisper.

“Why did you leave me?” the voice whispers in his ear.

Bucky whirls around with his metal arm raised as his eyes dart around the darkness, who is calling him and why did he leave them?

“You know me,” a blurry figure suddenly appears and Bucky stumbles backwards.

“I don’t know you,” he whispers.

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