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Devil’s Advocate - Chanyeol X Reader AU Series - Chapter 7

Vampire!Chanyeol X Angel!Reader

Genre: Action, fluff, angst, thriller

Warnings: Violence, blood, language

Word Count: 3,070

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For the first time since you could remember, you slept peacefully.

You dreamed of home. Of the lush grassy fields that tickled your fingertips as you ran your hands across the brush. Of the sunlight that flittered through the mosaic of leafy branches that spawned from burly oaks. Of the bustling city life, full of seraphim working hard to bring justice and peace to earth. You were reliving the day when you first arrived on the job. You were in charge of aiding in the interrogation of a rogue seraph; one who had allegedly committed the homicide of a human by convincing them to jump off of a skyscraper. You were beyond nervous. Pushing your large-framed glasses up your nose bridge, you hugged the files you were holding closer to your chest. Then you opened the door. You expected to see the wanted criminal sitting down with his hands cuffed to the chair he sat on.

But you didn’t.

He wasn’t there.

No one was.

The only image you were greeted with was the violent, red flashing of lights as sirens began to sound.

He had escaped. It was your first day on the job, and the latent serial killer had escaped.

Your chest clenched painfully, suffocating the air around you. The red lights were flashing…



You jerked upwards, sitting up and gasping for air. Red light pulsated across the room in a steady rhythm, the alarm blaring dully in sync.

Something was wrong. Something was very, very wrong.

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I heard the rattling of thick chains moving across the floor. Suddenly, the door to the room I was in opened and Richard Ramirez was standing here, all chained up in his evil glory. He was larger than I had imagined, tall and handsome in a brooding, dark way; his cheekbones were excessively high, his lips full. He kind of looked like a Latin Mick Jagger. Aside from those malevolent shark eyes of his, one could not help but be drawn to his hands. Now thay rested in front of him as though they were two birds of prey satiated and restful after having gorged themselves. As we talked, he often used his hands for punctuation and animation and I couldn’t help but think of the terrible things those hands had done while holding hammers and pipes, tire irons and knives, guns and machetes and wire and rope to kill most foully, suddenly and without cause. I wanted to grab his right hand. I wanted to yell at the hand,
“WHY? WHY?!!”

- Philip Carlo about his first meeting with Richard Ramirez at San Quentin.

Crossed paths

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Bucky Barnes x reader

explanation: This is a kind of series. I’m going to be posting a string of soulmate au. one for each of the other avengers…and then some.

Prompt: A soulmate AU where there’s a counter on the wrist counting down. when you finally meet your soulmate it turns to zero.

A/N: Third part to my series :D As always, tags are open lovelies.

Bucky walked down the street, looking at the pavement below him and preying no one would recognize him.

The baseball cap and sunglasses hid most of his face— but it wasn’t much when you were wanted by shield, had the avengers after you and had your face on every tv in the world. In that situation there’s really no such thing as being too careful.

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If you’d like a little insight into my brain, I gasped when I noticed Claire appears to have a waffle iron

Please don’t anyone pipe in and shatter my dreams by explaining that is some kind of bullshit napkin iron or something.

It’s a waffle iron and I’m just so happy to think about Claire, her feet kicked up, cursing all the dumb men in her life whilst chowing down on waffles.

I guess I’ll learn for myself

Title: I guess I’ll learn for myself;
Chapter 1: Find somewhere
Chapter 2 , Chapter 3, Chapter 4

Pairing: Jack x Reader

Word Count: 6,151

Warnings: Slight unease on the part of the reader as she’s not sure what to in certain situations, but no other warnings really at this time.

A/N: [edited for grammar and context] Jack ends up alone in a park, until he sees you and follows you around. Because you have no family, you generally keep to yourself, and you are very independent, you see no harm in keeping Jack around for a while. Since you are kind hearted and good natured you take it upon yourself to take care of Jack as well.

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 Dean splashes water on his face and looks at Sam standing behind him in the mirror, “So what, we’re supposed to dedicate the rest of our lives to making sure nobody gets near the kid?” He growled.
 “Dean, we’ve been through much worse.” Sam shrugs and shakes his head in exasperation, “We don’t even know if we CAN kill him, so why not protect him? If we abandon him, or worse yet if we try to kill him and lose his trust… there is no stopping what happens after that.”

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I love your elsewhere U. It is amazing. Two questions, if someone's name was in another language and they went by the translation would they be safe, named Marie and goes by Mary. And as an Early learning and childcare major would the fea be interested in those classes, what with the history they have with taking children and all. Also have you read Kelly Armstrong's Cainville series or Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely? I think you'd like them.

Technically not your given name but so close that it wouldn’t even be a challenge to guess it. Probably inadvisable.

…You would want to be Very Cautious in classes with children. Very, very cautious. The classrooms have probably been renovated to include a length of iron piping under the floor surrounding the rooms the little kids are in, but you still have to get them to and from class.

And lastly no but I’ll add those to my list, thank you!

Looking For You (In All The Wrong Places)

On AO3:

Alex was pretty sure she was going to have to punch her soulmate in the face when she finally found him (and then promptly throw the bastard in a cell to rot for all eternity). She had first noticed the greying footprints around National City right around the time she was recruited into the DEO. She hadn’t bothered trying to find him at the time, they were grey which meant there wasn’t really a point in trying (foot prints turn grey after they’re thirty minutes old, seemingly to keep people from trying to follow their soulmate’s footprints forever, instead only seeing brightly colored ones if they were recent) but now, now she wished she could find the bastard.

“Hey Danvers, come here, look at this.” Alex was brought back to the present by Vasquez’s call from across the crime scene and she jogged over to their location.

“What have you got?” She asked them, Vasquez held up a bloodied, rusty iron pipe in their gloved hand.

“I’m thinking this might be our murder weapon.” Alex snorted, looking at the amount of blood on it.

“You think? Bag it and tag it, I’ll run some tests at the lab to see if the blood matches the victim’s.” Vasquez raised an eyebrow at her, holding the pipe out closer to her face.

“I don’t know Al… I mean… This blood is only blue like our victim’s… I mean we’re all blue blooded right?” Alex rolled her eyes and (after glancing around to make sure no one was paying attention) affectionately ruffled their hair.

“Still need to run the tests Vas, you know, concrete evidence and all. Look, why don’t you double check the crime scene and get that to the lab, then you can go home, I know Lucy’s due back tonight, I’m sure you’d like some extra time together.” Vasquez shot her a thankful smile.

“Thanks Al, you want to meet up with us in the morning for breakfast? Like a late breakfast cause we aren’t going to want to leave the bed for awhile… You know what on second thought let’s make it lunch… Just in case.” Alex laughed and clapped Vasquez on the shoulder.

“How about one o’clock, I’ll meet you guys over at that Chinese place on 4th street?” They nodded, their smile contagious as they bounced on the balls of their feet.

“Thanks again, Alex. I’m gonna go finish up my stuff and head home. See you tomorrow.” They gave her a brief hug before jogging off towards the victim for a final inspection and Alex just shook her head, smiling behind them.

Alex was one of only a couple of people who knew that Lucy and Vasquez were soulmates. They had found out back when General Lane was still causing issues and they were (technically) on opposite sides of the whole thing so they’d kept quiet about it. (And then the General had forced Lucy to take a tour in Afghanistan as punishment for defying him and she’d refused to go public with their relationship because she didn’t want him trying to take it out on Vasquez as well.) Thankfully J’onn had pulled some strings and Lucy was going to be officially DEO starting the next week.

Which brought Alex back to her own soulmate, who she was starting to get really pissed off with. Why: because as far as she can tell her soulmate is a serial killer. His footprints had began showing up at every single one of her alien homicides, and not in the “I happened to have walked through the area” kind of way, but in the “I walked all over the place, circled the body and was near the murder weapon” kind of in the area. This was the sixth scene in a month he’d shown up at and she was pissed. She didn’t ask for this, she barely even wanted a soulmate in the first place…

The next afternoon she walked into The Lucky Dragon and was shocked to find Lucy and Vasquez already sitting in a booth in the back of the restaurant. She watched as Lucy’s eyes lit up when she caught sight of her and she quickly found herself pulled into a hug by the former Major.

“Hey Luce, how’re you doing?” Alex asked as they pulled apart, the other woman shrugged.

“Better now that I’m back home, missed you and Vas. And the others too I guess.” She winked and Alex rolled her eyes, knowing from her numerous letters that she did miss everybody.

“Whatever you say Luce.” Alex finally detangled herself from Lucy’s grasp and drug the other woman back to the table where her partner was waiting for them.

“Thanks for returning her, I was so worried she’d never come back to me.” They teased gently as Lucy slid into the booth next to them, pressing a quick kiss to their cheek.

“Stop being so dramatic you big baby.” They smirked, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and kissing her temple. Alex rolled her eyes, trying to pretend that she was annoyed by their overly affectionate selves.

“I can go if you two need some more alone time.” Alex wiggled her eyebrows at them. Lucy shook her head.

“No, no, no. We can handle mild PDA for an hour… Probably.” Alex shook her head in amusement.

“If you say so. So how was the Middle East?” Lucy groaned and launched into a rant about the pointlessness of the entire operation. Going on about the amount of innocent people whose lives were being uprooted by the needless violence.

“Okay… Anyways on a less depressing topic… I’ve heard you’re having some issues with your soulmate.” Lucy eventually redirected the conversation and Alex groaned.

“Yeah… I’m pretty sure he’s the guy that’s been killing all of these aliens in town recently… I told J’onn about it but until I see some colored prints I can’t do much of anything about it.” Lucy frowned, squeezing Alex’s hand across the table.

“Well that sucks… I mean… If things don’t work out with him at least you can come join Vas and I. We’ve got room.” Alex smirked.

“I’m sure you do, however I’m not sure playing third wheel to the two of you for the rest of ours lives sounds super fun.” Vasquez gave a nod of understanding but Lucy just shook her head.

“Fine you can sleep with us…”

“She can?”

“…But no funny business… This one’s mine…”  Lucy kissed Vasquez and Alex rolled her eyes at them.

“Okay, if I get to lonely after I’ve thrown my soulmate into the depths of the coldest, darkest cell I can find I’ll let you know. In the meantime the food’s here so let’s eat.”

It’s not until several days later that she gets called onto a scene she was only a few blocks away from, and the first thing she noticed were the footprints leading away from the crime scene. Not that they existed, but that, for once, they were bright green. She quickly calls J’onn and tells him what’s happening before taking off running in the direction the footprints were headed (making sure to hang up the phone before J’onn can tell her not to try to apprehend the bastard by herself). She ran, watching as the colors of the footprints changed from green to yellow to orange, signaling she was getting closer to him. The prints started to turn red and Alex felt anticipation building inside her and she was somewhat surprised when they suddenly turned into a building and glancing up Alex realized she was standing in front of a coffee shop. Well I guess even murderers need their caffeine fix.

She didn’t take very long to take in the scene, a rather typical college coffee shop before her eyes sought out the footprints she’d been following and before she could even attempt to assess the person her eyes were drawn to the firearm strapped to their side and her training kicked in before she could really think about how bad of an idea it was… She full on tackled the other person to the ground.

She had her gun out and trained on they in an instant and a (small) part of her was impressed to find their own weapon aimed at her chest. Then she took a moment to take in the situation and her eyes widened in shock.

“You’re a girl!” Alex half shouted in shock as she took in her… Soulmate? Alex double checked the footprints behind her and confirmed that they led to the woman currently pinned beneath her.

“You just tackled me… Like all out football style tackled me… And that’s the first thing you have to say?” The other woman was looking at her like she was insane (and she realized she probably looked it) but she was still to shocked to realized she hadn’t actually explained why she’d assaulted the other woman, still a little fixated on that particular fact.

“But… You’re a girl…” The other woman’s face contorted into a strange (and weirdly endearing) mixture of confusion, exasperation and something that looked like anxiety.

“Yep, pretty sure we’re in agreement on that…” She looked between Alex’s face and the gun being held in front of her own. “So… Any particular reason for the armed assault or just… Happened to be feeling it today?” Alex was finally shook out of her shock and quickly reached into her back pocket and pulled out her id.

“Agent Alex Danvers, FBI.” She held out her badge for inspection and felt the other woman relax beneath her. After a second she suddenly had a badge that definitely wasn’t her own flashed in her face.

“Detective Maggie Sawyer, NCPD Science Division.” Alex’s gun dropped subconsciously to a less deadly portion of her soulmate’s body (headshots tended to be fatal) and took her id with her free hand, quickly checking to make sure it wasn’t a fake. Alex’s eyes widened again.

“You’re a cop!” Maggie’s head tilted to the side in clearly exasperated.

“Is this going to be like the whole me being a girl thing? Cause I’m still feeling a little insulted you hadn’t figured at least that part out before assaulting me…” Alex was barely listening as all of the pieces finally fell into place for her.

“Holy shit you’re a cop.” Maggie groaned. “Wait… Science Division… You’re one of the cops that investigates things that have to do with aliens.” Maggie’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“Yeah, we do…” Alex leaned back, pulling her weight off the other woman and giving her a chance to sit up while she finished her line of questioning.

“You’ve been working on the case with the serial murders haven’t you?” Maggie sat up, still watching Alex warily.

“Yeah I have… How on Earth could you know that?” It was at this point Alex realized Maggie didn’t know they were soulmates and she quickly scrambled off of her. She holstered her weapon and pulled the Detective to her feet before pointing to the floor behind them.

“Yours have been all over every crime scene I’ve gone too.” Maggie looked around Alex and her eyebrows shot up when she realized what Alex was referring to.

“Wait a minute… You’re my… Wait, why did you attack me? You could have just… I don’t know… Said hello?” Alex blushed, scratching the back of her neck in embarrassment as she gazed down at Maggie.

“Well… Like I said earlier… You’re footprints have kind of been all over all of my crime scenes in what’s been deemed a series of murders by the same individual… And I didn’t think that was a coincident… Which it wasn’t… I just thought you were the perp not one of the investigators…” Maggie snorted.

“You thought I was a serial killer?” Alex shrugged.

“The universe has a way of hating me… Though…” She made a show of checking the shorter woman out, “It was probably just trying to make up for giving me one hell of a hot soulmate.” She watched the other woman’s cheeks flush bright red and she ducked her head.

“I… Definitely understand the feeling.” Maggie bit her lip while giving Alex a once over and the redhead felt a pleased shive run down her spine. “Though you didn’t explain the whole body slamming me to the ground thing yet…” Alex shrugged.

“I saw you had a gun and my training kicked in… Training… Shit hold on…” Alex quickly pulled out her phone and speed dialed J’onn. “Hey… Yes I’m fine, false alarm… Yeah I’m sure… I’ll explain when I get back to base… Yes sir, I’m sure… Positive… Yes I did… Are you sure… Yes sir… Okay I’ll see you in the morning… Bye…” Alex hung up and put her phone away. “Figured we didn’t really need an assault team at the moment…” Maggie smiled.

“That might… Put a bit of a damper on things…” She looked around the shop and realized that at some point after the whole drawing guns on each other thing that everyone had fled the building.

“Maybe we should get out of here…” Maggie laughed and it was one of the best thing Alex had ever heard in her life (she was hit with the realization she was probably going to need to take a moment to process the realization she’s gay, but it seems to pale in comparison to the realization she had found her (not a serial killer) soulmate).

“Well, I was heading to go hit up one of my info hubs to see if I could learn anything… Wanna come with?” Alex smiled.

“That, sounds perfect.”

It wasn’t until much later, after shaking down a couple of guys for information, a couple rounds of some basically non-alcoholic drink and a around dozen games of pool, that she realized that Lucy and Vasquez were never going to let her live this down cause she had what was probably one of the most unusual/embarrassing soulmate-meeting stories in existence… At least until Kara called them in a panic three months later after she discovered Lena Luthor was her soulmate…

and up

i write this to you
by scratching inside the walls.

a tendril of shadow
shaped of knives,
more than one,



carves slow.

carves slow
leaving splinters and dust
on cold ground.

i lick a thin iron pipe,

there are dreams such as me,
a black smoke in the synapses.
i climb up to the second floor,
leaving bent nails behind.
cherry stems.
i am up in your ceiling.
consider me your thousand unseen spiders.

of obsidian dread,
crawl to the rooftop,
and rest there.
we look up,
and up,
and up…

there are burning rafters roped loosely to stars up there.
there are cobwebs with jeweled insects hanging everywhere up there.
it is a grand treehouse that is falling apart up there.
i am up there,
looking down on us.

we scatter with realization,
and return to the place behind the walls.
we become one again,
and i take a deep breath.
i put that breath in my hidden pocket for later.

i will need it for my next magic trick.


The members of phoenix foundation help the Hawaii five o task force after a earthquake affects Hawaii. It is loosely based off of episode 18. 
Word Count - 1211
Characters - Hawaii Five 0 x Pheonix Foudation

As the think tank walked into the tent they were greeted by two officers.
‘Kono Kalakaua.’ Kono said, smiling.
‘Chin Ho Kelly. Thank you for coming and helping.’ They nodded their heads and then Jack, Mac, Riley and Bozer introduced themselves.
‘How can you guys help?’ Kono asked them, they all looked around.
‘Well I went through some of a first aid course, I can see if I can help over here.’ Bozer said and then walked off to where all the nurses were running around.
‘I can see if I can get the cell connection back up and working again.’ Riley said as she reached into her backpack and brought out her laptop going over to where there were laptops placed over tables.
‘What do you do?’ Chin asked Mac and Jack
‘Well I do a little bit of this and a little bit of that.’ He said, Chin raised an eyebrow, before nodding.
‘Okay, well you and Jack can come with us to go search, you’ll need a radio.’ Chin commented.
‘But we’re out.’ He then said as he realized he just gave away the last one.
‘That’s fine.’ Mac said, he then looked around and gathered all that he needed for him to make a radio. Once he was done he twisted a knob and when sound was produced, Chin scoffed.
‘You a lot like Y/N, you know that?’ Chin said as MacGyver put down the make shift radio. Jack and MacGyver looked up.
‘Y/N?’ Jack asked.
‘Our…little bit of this and a little bit of that person.’ Chin said once he found the correct words to describe you. He they walked through the tent, the power flicked off and everyone groaned.
‘We can fix it.’ MacGyver said. Kono smiled and nodded.
‘Round the back, but Y/N is more than likely on it already.’ Kono told them, but they made their way back.

When they got to the generator, they looked at each other as they saw feet sticking out the bottom.
‘Y/N?’ You heard a voice ask from above.
‘Who’s asking?’ You asked as you slid out from under the generator. You looked up and saw two men watching you.
‘Mac, Jack.’ The one with black hair said pointing at them, when he said their names.
‘You okay?’ Jack then asked.
‘Yup… Just fixing the operator.’ You said as you pulled yourself up from the ground. Wiping your hands on your trousers and then moved the stray hair out your face.
‘You know if you mag-’ Mac said as he watched you climb up on top of the machine.
‘Magnetize the battery, it will re charge it, yeah I know.’ You told him, as Jack nudged Mac’s shoulder, smirking as they watched you.
‘Pass the forceps please.’ Mac passed them up to you. You went down into the generator, clipping the forceps to defibrillator and then connecting it to the battery.
‘What are you doing?’ You heard Jack ask but when you pressed the charge button and the engine started purring you could hear a cheer coming from the tent.

As you heard a man screaming you ran around the corner, when you saw four men jump out the window on ropes. You scanned the area for a weapon, when you saw an iron pipe lying on the rocks, you smiled and grabbed it.
‘Hey!’ You said, they all turned to look at you. When one came charging towards you, you raised the pipe, whacking his arm as he came closer, when he held his arm, you hit him in the back of the legs, sending him down to the ground. You then hit him over head to make sure he wouldn’t be going anywhere. The others came towards you, you managed to get one down before the third knocked the pipe out your hand sending it flying. He then kicked you in the stomach, knocking to the ground and breathless. You could hear the last two taking steps towards you. Taking a deep breaths, you reached for his leg holster and brung his pistol out. Taking the safety off you shot him in the leg, he screamed in pain and fell. You then stood up and raised the gun to the other man, he took a step forward but you shot beside his foot and he stopped, raising his hands and lowering to the ground.
‘Wooohooo! You are so much better than MacGyver.’ Jack said, you smiled as him and Kono came around. You handed the gun to Kono, as she gave you a pair of handcuffs.
‘You know me and you should go-‘You heard Jack say but you cut him off.
‘Not gonna happen.’ You told him, lifting the guy of the ground as he groaned in pain from his leg. You saw jack pout and nodded his head.
‘Okay, okay.’
‘Hey, Mac, we’ll get back in time for your birthday.’ Jack said as he spotted MacGyver coming out with the scientists.

‘Chewbacca!’ Bozer said as he watched the dog run towards him. When you were out and about, Bozer had found your dog, he had found your dog. He had hurt his foot and Bozer had looked after him, and was looking forward to taking him home, but when he found out he was yours he, reluctantly gave it over to you.
‘What’s he doing here?’ MacGyver asked. Bozer picked up Chewbacca.
‘I don’t know man but he’s here. Bozer said as he held him close. Mac looked up and seen you walk in looking around the room, he noticed the smile come across your face when you saw Boozer with you dog. Your eyes then moved over to Mac, and you smile got wider. He stood up and walked over enveloping you in a hug.
’Happy Birthday.’ You said placing a gentle kiss on his cheek, he smiled at you.
‘Why are you here?’ Mac asked with creased eyebrows.
‘Jack invited me.’ You said looking up at him.
‘Of course he did.’ Mac breathed out. You smiled your attention going back to Bozer.
‘He loves that dog, doesn’t he?’ You asked and Mac looked over to him and nodded.
‘Yeah, didn’t stop talking about him. I thought he was yours.’ He asked again, you nodded your head.
‘He was.’ You told him truthfully.
‘Was?’ Mac asked.
‘He’s Bozer’s now.’ You told him, looking at Bozer talking animatedly to Riley.
‘He’s gonna be better here, I mean come look at him.’ You said pointing at your ex dog, sitting happily wagging his tail looking up at Riley and Bozer.
‘Yeah, well Bozer will take care of him.’ You said teasingly, but you knew he would be perfect.
‘Yeah, I can stop by and make sure of it.’ You commented, Mac smiled and nodded. You then saw Jack coming towards you.
‘Well if it isn’t badass Y/N, you came to accept my offer?’ He said as he sauntered closer.
‘You wish Jack.’ You said, you smiled at Mac before walking past Jack and patted his shoulder as you went over to riley and Bozer.
‘Mac?’ Jack asked.
‘Yeah.’ Mac answered Jack.
‘You better ask her out.’ He said, Mac smiled but didn’t say anything, only watched as you sat beside his best friends, laughing and joking away.

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