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Devil’s Advocate - Chanyeol X Reader AU Series - Chapter 7

Vampire!Chanyeol X Angel!Reader

Genre: Action, fluff, angst, thriller

Warnings: Violence, blood, language

Word Count: 3,070

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For the first time since you could remember, you slept peacefully.

You dreamed of home. Of the lush grassy fields that tickled your fingertips as you ran your hands across the brush. Of the sunlight that flittered through the mosaic of leafy branches that spawned from burly oaks. Of the bustling city life, full of seraphim working hard to bring justice and peace to earth. You were reliving the day when you first arrived on the job. You were in charge of aiding in the interrogation of a rogue seraph; one who had allegedly committed the homicide of a human by convincing them to jump off of a skyscraper. You were beyond nervous. Pushing your large-framed glasses up your nose bridge, you hugged the files you were holding closer to your chest. Then you opened the door. You expected to see the wanted criminal sitting down with his hands cuffed to the chair he sat on.

But you didn’t.

He wasn’t there.

No one was.

The only image you were greeted with was the violent, red flashing of lights as sirens began to sound.

He had escaped. It was your first day on the job, and the latent serial killer had escaped.

Your chest clenched painfully, suffocating the air around you. The red lights were flashing…



You jerked upwards, sitting up and gasping for air. Red light pulsated across the room in a steady rhythm, the alarm blaring dully in sync.

Something was wrong. Something was very, very wrong.

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Crossed paths

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Bucky Barnes x reader

explanation: This is a kind of series. I’m going to be posting a string of soulmate au. one for each of the other avengers…and then some.

Prompt: A soulmate AU where there’s a counter on the wrist counting down. when you finally meet your soulmate it turns to zero.

A/N: Third part to my series :D As always, tags are open lovelies.

Bucky walked down the street, looking at the pavement below him and preying no one would recognize him.

The baseball cap and sunglasses hid most of his face— but it wasn’t much when you were wanted by shield, had the avengers after you and had your face on every tv in the world. In that situation there’s really no such thing as being too careful.

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anonymous asked:

I love your elsewhere U. It is amazing. Two questions, if someone's name was in another language and they went by the translation would they be safe, named Marie and goes by Mary. And as an Early learning and childcare major would the fea be interested in those classes, what with the history they have with taking children and all. Also have you read Kelly Armstrong's Cainville series or Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely? I think you'd like them.

Technically not your given name but so close that it wouldn’t even be a challenge to guess it. Probably inadvisable.

…You would want to be Very Cautious in classes with children. Very, very cautious. The classrooms have probably been renovated to include a length of iron piping under the floor surrounding the rooms the little kids are in, but you still have to get them to and from class.

And lastly no but I’ll add those to my list, thank you!

A loyal companion

Title: a loyal companion

Anonymous asked: “Sherlock x reader. The reader brings her Dalmatian pepper to a crime scene. Anderson complains. Until he’s told she a special service dog. You can choose what sort.”

Characters: sherlock, john, anderson and you

Pairing: sherlock x reader

Warnings: PTSD mentions

Word count: 391


“hello John” you greeted him as you entered the crime scene. Your dalmatian looking up it him, remaining silent. “good to see you, Y/N. How are you?” he asked, concerned. “better” you nodded, giving him a smile. “is Sherlock in the yard?” you asked him. John nodded, holding the yellow tape up so you could easily enter.

“hello Sherlock” you greeted, when you saw his back turned to you. Sherlock spun around, greeting you with a warm smile. “hello Y/N. I assume you’re here because of my text” he said, walking up to you. You nodded, taking your phone from your pocket. “come quick, another case. Just like yours. - SH” you read out loud. “are you alright? I understand if you don’t want to do it” he whispered. “I’m fine” you reassured him. “excellent” he exclaimed, leading you to the body. “Y/N, meet sir Edward Horell. Professional doctor, grand mansion, 2 kids, lovely wife. The whole package” Sherlock explained. “what caused the head wound?” you asked forcing yourself to look. “iron pipe” Sherlock said. “any thoughts so far?” he continued. “well…” you started but getting interrupted mid-sentence.

“what is she doing here? And who gave permission to bring a dog to the crime scene?” Anderson complained, walking towards you two. “I was invited” you said, defensively. “by the psychopath?” Anderson exclaimed. “sociopath” Sherlock said. “she needs to leave, her dog is contaminating the whole crime scene” Anderson said, giving your dog a foul look. “her dog has a far more important job than you do, Anderson. Please don’t talk out loud” Sherlock said, winking at you, which made you laugh. “a far more important job? Her dog?” Anderson asked, astonished. “if you had paid attention, you would have known Y/N’s dog is a service dog for her PTSD” Sherlock sneered. Anderson looked at you, clearly guilty for his outburst. “just like you and John” Anderson quickly remarked. “excuse me?” Sherlock asked. “in some way you’re John’s service dog” Anderson laughed. “leave” Sherlock said, turning away from Anderson. Anderson walked towards you. “I truly am sorry, I didn’t know” he said, actually looking regretful. “you’re lucky Spot didn’t bite you” you joked, which made Anderson laugh. You looked at Spot, who was oblivious to your banter. “as if Spot could harm anyone” you thought to yourself, your lips curling into a smile.



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and up

i write this to you
by scratching inside the walls.

a tendril of shadow
shaped of knives,
more than one,



carves slow.

carves slow
leaving splinters and dust
on cold ground.

i lick a thin iron pipe,

there are dreams such as me,
a black smoke in the synapses.
i climb up to the second floor,
leaving bent nails behind.
cherry stems.
i am up in your ceiling.
consider me your thousand unseen spiders.

of obsidian dread,
crawl to the rooftop,
and rest there.
we look up,
and up,
and up…

there are burning rafters roped loosely to stars up there.
there are cobwebs with jeweled insects hanging everywhere up there.
it is a grand treehouse that is falling apart up there.
i am up there,
looking down on us.

we scatter with realization,
and return to the place behind the walls.
we become one again,
and i take a deep breath.
i put that breath in my hidden pocket for later.

i will need it for my next magic trick.


I did draw yourself as a TWD character challenge which is originally announced by @vendekk ! I’m an international student, so right version is Japanese high school uniform (Even though I’m not minor and I’ve already graduated from high school, I just wanted to draw for fun.) Second drawing is for height reference.

I would love to join to Rick’s group! But I also want to wonder around with Michonne for a while as well. The weapon is an iron pipe since there is no way I can fight with knife or gun lol

. Obsessive Impulsive . 14

Full Summary: “‘I’ve been trying to find you alone for weeks, but you’ve been avoiding me.’  He clicked his tongue, as if scolding her.  'I tried approaching, but you always had someone with you to give me nasty words and looks.  They turned you against me, Miss Levy.’"

Pairings: Gajeel x Levy

Warnings: I strode for a darker fic again.  This is not for sensitive readers.  Violence, stalking, etc.  

Author’s Note: This is a very, very twisted gift for Bubbles, who has not been allowed to so much as read a single chapter.  This will update every other day.

Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip-

Levy’s hazel eyes fluttered open, hazed with pain and confusion. She blinked a few times, and then gasped, shooting upright. Pain lanced through her - bandaged, she noted - shoulder, and she rested a hand lightly on it as she looked around.

A sewer? she wondered, shocked as she took in the space around her. She was resting semi-upright beside a round grated entrance that, from the looks of it, could be removed if necessary. She licked her lips, remembering who she’d last seen, and looked around. Elroy wasn’t there at the moment.

She hissed as she struggled to sit forward. Blood seeped into the bandage, warm and sticky, but she ignored it - particularly as a shadow appeared nearby.

“You’re awake, Miss Levy!” Elroy cheerfully said, green eyes glinting in the dark.

Levy spat at him, furious. “Take me home, Elroy.”

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The Iron Dobbin,

Invented in Italy in 1933, the Iron Dobbin was a mechanical horse originally developed to train young children how to ride.  Powered by a gasoline engine, the Iron Dobbin was essentially a four legged walker, its legs being made from steel pipes.  The Iron Dobbin was supposed to mimic the movement of a horse, and supposedly was able to traverse rough terrain.  Originally the Iron Dobbin was intended to train children of the Italian Fascist Youth Movement to ride, and the Italian Army considered the machine to replace draft horses and donkeys.  However the Italian Army deemed the design impractical.  The German Army also developed their own version called the “Panzerpferd”, or Armored Horse, but it too was found to be an impractical design.  The Iron Dobbin was featured in the April, 1933 edition of Popular Science.


Pairing: Jikook (Jungkook & Jimin)
Genre: Fluff AU

Side notes: Because Jikook cuddles >insfired< me.

“Why am I even here?” Jungkook grumbled, sitting in a line near a TV screen with his friends.

“This is a manly sleepover! You had to come to my place, Kookie~” Taehyung cooed.

“In that tone, it’s not manly whatsoever.”

Jungkook stood up and sat on a couch in the corner of the small apartment.

All seven of the guys decided to sleep at Tae’s today. The downside of being there was that it was freezing.

Jungkook wrapped himself around a blanket. He sighed softly, letting his eyes travel towards the group, who were currently arguing over what movie they wanted to watch.

“Iron Man.” Jungkook piped up.

Jimin let out a quiet laugh and smiled goofily, while Jungkook came up with the assumption that Jimin was trying to inwardly kill him.

The rest of them shook their heads in sync, their eyes shifting to a sleeping Namjoon on the ground.

“Already? It’s only 5am.” Taehyung said, bluntly.

“Only..” Jungkook repeated.

Before Taehyung could say anything else, the guys were already ready to go to sleep.

Taehyung whined and rolled over next to Yoongi. He poked him, now able to tell that he was also done for the night. “You all are boring.”

Minutes later, the only one awake was Jungkook.. or that’s what he thought.

He felt something tap his shoulder lightly and he jumped a bit. “J-Jiminie-hyung..!” He wailed.

Jimin layed next to him, leaning close.

Jungkook leaned away, flustered from close contact. It was no secret that Jimin had feelings for the younger male. On the other hand, it was a secret that Jungkook also had those feelings.

Jimin pouted. “I’m cold Jungkookie, stop moving away.” He hugged his arm and slid close.

“Aaaagh..” Jungkook grumbled, outwardly complaining.. and inwardly enjoying every second. He hoped his face wasn’t already red.

Jimin suddenly wrapped his entire arm around his body and he swung his leg on top of him, cuddling him at a very close contact.

With a light blush on his cheeks, Jungkook continued to whine. He couldn’t help but smile a bit though.

He laughed quietly, trying to push him off of him. “Stop itt~”

Jimin laughed and smiled widely, still keeping his arm around him. “It’s not like I’m going to crush you..”

“Of course, Jiminie hyung is small~” Jungkook teased, earning a slap on the arm from Jimin.

“And I was thinking of inviting you to my place to marathon Iron Man movies.. but..” Jimin pondered.

Jungkook’s eyes lit up. “Really? ….. Jiminie hyung, I’m sorry~” He pouted.

Jimin stayed quiet for a bit, thinking.

“Agh.. fine.. Jungkookie is too cute..” He mumbled to himself.

Jungkook smiled, leaning his head onto his shoulder.

They both stared at the ceiling, occasionally stealing glances at each other.



“You’re warm.”

It had never been in his inclination to fight. Dominic had been the type to rough-house, and some of his younger brothers, and Emma some days, and when pulled into the fray, Norman had reciprocated – but he found no real enjoyment in the activity. It was more the affection and laughter and teasing that he enjoyed, the playfulness. He’d never instigated scuffles, himself.

And he had certainly never fought in earnest.

The past several days had been revealing, though, making things apparent that he had wanted to avoid if possible. Between being robbed and assaulted and having to intervene with nothing but his bare hands to fight, and finding the… In the wake of all of that, Norman considered it an inevitability: he would have to fight. Really fight. His wit and agility were no guarantee, and no guarantee meant that he needed to regard it as if it couldn’t be avoided.

But he could try. He kept to back streets still, evaded larger congregated groups of the infected as well as he could, and minimized confrontations to whatever degree he could. It was in one of these back streets, taking the long way around to avoid being detected by a throng of them up ahead, that he nearly tripped over it.

A four-foot iron pipe, with a crook on one end and a few screws protruding, broken on one end and lying in a puddle. Norman stared at it as though it would bite him, for a moment, before bending down to pick it up. It was a hefty piece of metal. Must have broken from somewhere and ended up here? He gripped it in both hands experimentally, weighing it – figuratively as well as literally.

Well…a real weapon wouldn’t hurt. Wouldn’t hurt him, at least, not in his own hands. He’d prefer it to be longer – more varied uses, better reach – but it would serve. It would serve far better than bare hands, certainly.

Approaching footsteps interrupted the thought process. Behind him? The infected, had they… The boy wheeled about with his new weapon in hand, startled and brandishing it at the ready almost without thinking. He stared, wide-eyed, at the stranger…though the other didn’t look out of his mind by any means. No reason not to regard him a little cautiously, at any rate. He’d gotten…lax about simply trusting strangers off the bat.

“Who are you?”


The Minotaur Lightning Maze

What you need to know:

An evil wizard/church/deity has hidden an artifact/magic item/map etc. that the players need to complete part of their campaign. This item is protected within a maze of lightning spells and Minotaurs.

This should be used as a side quest or fetch quest for a much larger campaign arch.

How it begins:

Once the players realize they need said item, they should discover its whereabouts through research, investigation, exploration, etc.
Note: The gathering of information can have a small sub-side quest as well. For example: a noble has a map and knowledge but needs the players to destroy a goblin den or help in defeating his rival.

The location of this place can be in any environment and not necessary the ones the players are currently in, in fact the more exotic the better. A floating island/castle, bottom of the ocean, bottom of a volcano, a place that only appears during a storm upon a mountain peek, within the ruins of an ancient forest protected by old fey.


This part can be as elaborate or as plain as you like. You can generate a maze online, draw a series of random doors and halls; the important thing to remember is not the structure of the place but the fact it’s a maze.

The structure will be inside a block of black iron in the shape of a cube. The insides will also be built with black iron but have gears, pipes and running currents of lightning along the walls and floors. The entire place will hum with energy.
Note: The entire time the players are inside, they will be under the effects of extreme static electricity. The hair stands on end. Healers trying to heal other players will be shocked. Touching anything metal will result in shocks and etc. Although not damaging, this can add an element of role-playing - maybe that 2 points of damage doesn’t really need to be healed right now as the player is sick of being shocked, maybe dropping that sword becomes an ordeal to pick up, or bumping face first into the armored warrior will result in a face full of static shock.


One plain iron doorway will bar the players from entering. It has no locks, is too thick to be broken down and is immune to knock spells. Although disenchant spells could reverse the effect if you choose.
Note: If the puzzle below is too cryptic without aid, you can have images carved into the door such as a wizard casting lightning onto an opening doorway. Then through the crack of the open door, images of horns should just be peeking through - this will also give a hint to the Minotaurs inside.

If the players search the walls, they will find two hidden metal panels that come off to reveal small crystalline orbs.
Note: In order to open the doors, the players must use a lightning spell on the orbs. The orbs will zap with energy and the door will creak and moan with moving metal opening inward.


Since this is a maze, doing a room by room scenario is impossible and would need dozens of entries. Instead, what I will do is give a list of possible things found in the maze. Feel free to add your own or only use what is listed and make the rest of the maze empty - remember half the point is finding the item, mazes don’t always need wall to wall encounters.


Secret doors: once you have your maze, close off many of the areas needed to advance and have them only be accessed by finding secret doors. To make it a tad more interesting, these doors can be on the floor, ceiling, part way up a wall or even be directly behind a false door. The doors can be locked or trapped with electric darts or bolts of lighting.


Switches: Once you have your maze closed off with secret doors, close off a few more passages with barriers that require switches elsewhere in the maze to open. The switches can be easy to find, reside at the end of an extremely long corridor, bottom of a pit trap, within a small shaft dozens of meters away - this requires the players to think their way through on how to reach it. The switches can be trapped with lighting spells – this requires strength roles to use; or even be false switches doing nothing.
Note: For some added difficultly, you may require the players to turn the switches in a sequence to operate. Using hints such as number sequences hidden behind secret panels, the number of branches in a lightning strike for example. In the center of the room with all the switches, a lighting bolt with three prongs, then four, then six, will erupt, then repeat.


Lightning surges: Given the amount of lightning in this maze, surges can happen regularly. They can be at random, at your discretion, as certain areas of the map or when players roll for random encounters or even when they roll a specific number on the dice - let’s say every time the number 19 is rolled regardless of the situation.

The surges can blast down the corridor or chamber encompassing X meters and dealing X D6 lightning damage to anyone it hits.


Electric fields and walls: similar to number 2 but instead of doors or barriers it is lightning walls. The lightning walls deal X D6 lightning damage upon touch and have a percent chance for a bolt of lightning to leap off the wall and strike the players when they get within X meters.

For added difficulty you can have the lightning walls be passable but have no way to be turned off forcing every player in the party to take damage.


Lightning coils: Traps that can be placed through the maze, in random halls, by doors or switches, etc. Once per turn, each coil can send out a bolt of lightning within X meters hitting 1 random or the closest player, dealing X D6 lightning damage. The player then rolls a save or becomes stunned their next round as they convulse. The player is then automatically hit next turn, requiring a save again to not become stunned.
Note 1: Any players who touches an electrified player suffers half damage.
Note 2: The coils can be treated as golems and vary in toughness, depending on the strength of the party.


Lightning Minotaurs: Having the stats of regular Minotaur, although character levels can be added for desired power, these creatures look the same as their brothers, except their horns and hooves are completely metal and zap with lighting.

Any player in hand to hand with a Minotaur suffers D6 lightning damage a round.

The Minotaurs can sacrifice all their attacks and do a stomp that sends a blast of electricity out in a X meter radius dealing X D6 lightning damage to everything within the radius.

The weapons the Minotaurs use will be infused with lightning spells and deal an extra D6 lightning damage per hit.

The Minotaurs can be used as random encounters, planned encounters or as guards to doors or switches.

Some Minotaurs can have items on them that are required to progress such as keys or trinkets used in door sockets. The items themselves can be electrified, dealing 1 lightning damage a round upon touch and must be carried in a lightning safe container, glass, or set its surrounding on fire after a round such as backpacks, sacks, pockets…


Lightning bug swarm: a swarm of sparkling embers can either be stationary or chase the players. They zap the players with currents of electricity, volts not amps. Dealing very little damage but causing the player to roll a save or start suffering muscle contractions. After X rounds, the contractions become more intense, eventually dealing CON damage as the players’ muscles become strained and their bodies exhausted.
Note 1: The CON will be regained after a day of rest.

Note 2: The swarm can be added as a support unit in a fight, cover a huge area of the maze, forcing the players to be around the swam for 10s of minutes or be an annoying pest that tries to follow the players.

Note 3: Very little can be done to destroy them but feel free to let the players be inventive, maybe they cover themselves in leather or use a wind spell to push the swarm back, etc.


Glass boxes: These will be cubes of glass containing items needed to progress, encasing levers the players need to pull, blocking a passageway as a wall or even be the building blocks of an entire room.

Inside, a lightning spell zaps around the walls but upon breaking the glass, the player will be hit by a lightning spell for X D6 damage accompanied by deafening blast of thunder. The players must then make an additional save or suffer one of the effects below:

Blind as the light sears the ears,

Deaf from the thunderclaps,

Teeth shatter from the force,

Players empty themselves from shock, can be used as a comedic effect,

Hair burned away on face and head,

Player is knocked out of their armor and stunned X rounds.
Note: In some cases you can use these blocks as a trap. For example: they are at the bottom of a pit trap, they fall from the ceiling or can be hurled by the Minotaur; the choice is yours.


Gears: Throughout the maze, gears are part of what keeps the place electrified. Some of the doors the players are required to use or some of the switches the players need may be broken as the gears in the area are damaged, broken from age or missing all together.

You may require the players to build new gears, or make repair rolls to the existing ones.

Missing gears may also lay scattered through the maze itself, forcing the players to explore every passage. Some can be hidden behind secret doors or hanging from 30 meter tall ceiling requiring the players to take it down without damaging the gear. This can also be part of a puzzle as the gear may need to go in a certain order from smallest to largest, lightest to darkest, the most runic to the least or maybe the players need to find a parchment that explains how it all works.


Pipes: Similar to the gears challenge, pipes can have an additional effect such as causing constant surges in an area or sending out lightning strikes similar to coils, but instead of avoiding the area or destroying the pipe as would be done in the previous cases, the players must instead fix the pipe in order to get a switch or door to work all the while avoiding the effects.

Fixing the pipe may be as simple as finding a new pipe to attach, using mend to something more difficult, requiring the players to rebuild the section themselves or finding a more inventive solution such as diverting power from one area to another. For example: perhaps the players attach a metal rod between two sets of pipes or use a lightning spell to power the switch or door.


Treasure: Within the maze are the remains of past adventurers who have failed and died.

Upon searching through their gear, the players can find treasures from any time period - old coins from long forgotten rulers and kingdoms, weapons from different time periods, magic items and scrolls long forgotten or only rumored to exist, legendary adventurers who have gone missing in history, old potion that have odd effects like doubling their effect or doing the opposite of what was intended. Maybe their finds are newer, like the remains of someone the players have been searching for or coins from a empire or kingdom in competition with the players to religious icons of evil religions who have been hindering the players movements.


To plan out the maze, there is no right or wrong way as long as you have one clear path marked out in your notes after all the players need to get to the end. As for the placement of encounters, it does not matter. Below I give an example on how easy it can be, not even requiring a map if you don’t want one.

  • Tunnel A may have a door that needs a switch to use.
  • Tunnel B has the switch but no power as two gears are missing.
  • Tunnel C leads to a dead end with a secret door in the ceiling which in turn leads to a room of Minotaurs holding a key.
  • Tunnel D has a door needing the Minotaur key to use, and behind that tunnel a glass box with one gear.
  • Room E has a power surge and the other gear.
  • Room F has a lighting bug swarm that follows the players once spotted.

You can also add tunnels and side chambers off the main tunnels with the same effect.

  • Aa-tunnel ends in door, needs switch in Fb to open
  • Fb-tunnel, lightning coils and switch which opens Aa door.

Repeat the process above several more times, I say 2-5 and you have your maze.


Within a circular chamber, 12 metal rods with 12 crystalline orbs mounted on top line the wall.

Lightning zaps from each orb hitting an iron golem standing at the center of the chamber, its body coarse with electric currents. The golem will attack as soon as the players are seen but will not leave the room. The golem will have all the stats of an iron golem but can be scaled to suit your needs.

  • -A- The orbs power the golem, each one having a stacking effect.
  • To destroy an orb, a player must deal 10 damage to the item, but suffers D6 lightning damage in return.
  • Destroying an orb will take away 1 golem effect starting from 12 and working to 1.
  • The golem will always resemble after 13 rounds minus the number of orbs remaining with 5 hit points times the number of pillars remaining.
    1 - gives the golem an additional D6 lightning damage per hit.
    2 - gives the golem an additional D6 lightning damage per hit.
    3 - any player who hits the golem suffers D6 lightning damage in return.
    4 - any player who hits the golem suffers D6 lightning damage in return.
    5 - anyone in hand to hand with the golem takes D6 lightning damage from its aura.
    6 - anyone in hand to hand with the golem takes D6 lightning damage from its aura.
    7 - the golem regenerates 10 hit points a round as its body is re-powered by the lightning.
    8 - the golem regenerates 10 hit points a round as its body is re-powered by the lightning.
    9 - the golem can cast a lightning bolt spell for free each round.
    10 - the golem has a 25% chance to block any physical attack with an electric field that acts as a momentary wall of force.
    11 - the golem has the effect of haste.
    12 - all lightning damage is doubled.
  • -B- Once the golem is destroyed permanently, within the rubble of its remains, an iron chest appears.
  • Inside will be the item the players have been seeking.

The end:

Once the players grab their item, they can leave, or do they?

Maybe the maze has reshuffled and and the players have to re-find their way out.
Maybe in that time, the cube had ported away to another location, bringing the players to a strange new world or land.
Maybe the entire cube begins to overload and the players must flee before it explodes or find a way to fix it before it flattens kilometers of land.

Either way, have fun and hope to see you again.