iron pipes


The Iron Dobbin,

Invented in Italy in 1933, the Iron Dobbin was a mechanical horse originally developed to train young children how to ride.  Powered by a gasoline engine, the Iron Dobbin was essentially a four legged walker, its legs being made from steel pipes.  The Iron Dobbin was supposed to mimic the movement of a horse, and supposedly was able to traverse rough terrain.  Originally the Iron Dobbin was intended to train children of the Italian Fascist Youth Movement to ride, and the Italian Army considered the machine to replace draft horses and donkeys.  However the Italian Army deemed the design impractical.  The German Army also developed their own version called the “Panzerpferd”, or Armored Horse, but it too was found to be an impractical design.  The Iron Dobbin was featured in the April, 1933 edition of Popular Science.

ROPE- noose for me to put my neck into
KNIFE- on the mantle
REVOLVER- sherlock’s got one, specifically (“fetch me my revolver”)
LEAD PIPE- tyre iron?
CANDLESTICK- “no use us standing here in the dark”


Pairing: Jikook (Jungkook & Jimin)
Genre: Fluff AU

Side notes: Because Jikook cuddles >insfired< me.

“Why am I even here?” Jungkook grumbled, sitting in a line near a TV screen with his friends.

“This is a manly sleepover! You had to come to my place, Kookie~” Taehyung cooed.

“In that tone, it’s not manly whatsoever.”

Jungkook stood up and sat on a couch in the corner of the small apartment.

All seven of the guys decided to sleep at Tae’s today. The downside of being there was that it was freezing.

Jungkook wrapped himself around a blanket. He sighed softly, letting his eyes travel towards the group, who were currently arguing over what movie they wanted to watch.

“Iron Man.” Jungkook piped up.

Jimin let out a quiet laugh and smiled goofily, while Jungkook came up with the assumption that Jimin was trying to inwardly kill him.

The rest of them shook their heads in sync, their eyes shifting to a sleeping Namjoon on the ground.

“Already? It’s only 5am.” Taehyung said, bluntly.

“Only..” Jungkook repeated.

Before Taehyung could say anything else, the guys were already ready to go to sleep.

Taehyung whined and rolled over next to Yoongi. He poked him, now able to tell that he was also done for the night. “You all are boring.”

Minutes later, the only one awake was Jungkook.. or that’s what he thought.

He felt something tap his shoulder lightly and he jumped a bit. “J-Jiminie-hyung..!” He wailed.

Jimin layed next to him, leaning close.

Jungkook leaned away, flustered from close contact. It was no secret that Jimin had feelings for the younger male. On the other hand, it was a secret that Jungkook also had those feelings.

Jimin pouted. “I’m cold Jungkookie, stop moving away.” He hugged his arm and slid close.

“Aaaagh..” Jungkook grumbled, outwardly complaining.. and inwardly enjoying every second. He hoped his face wasn’t already red.

Jimin suddenly wrapped his entire arm around his body and he swung his leg on top of him, cuddling him at a very close contact.

With a light blush on his cheeks, Jungkook continued to whine. He couldn’t help but smile a bit though.

He laughed quietly, trying to push him off of him. “Stop itt~”

Jimin laughed and smiled widely, still keeping his arm around him. “It’s not like I’m going to crush you..”

“Of course, Jiminie hyung is small~” Jungkook teased, earning a slap on the arm from Jimin.

“And I was thinking of inviting you to my place to marathon Iron Man movies.. but..” Jimin pondered.

Jungkook’s eyes lit up. “Really? ….. Jiminie hyung, I’m sorry~” He pouted.

Jimin stayed quiet for a bit, thinking.

“Agh.. fine.. Jungkookie is too cute..” He mumbled to himself.

Jungkook smiled, leaning his head onto his shoulder.

They both stared at the ceiling, occasionally stealing glances at each other.



“You’re warm.”

okay………….. okay okay okay BUT

If you fish in the sewers of nier automata you get the Iron Pipe weapon which is a reference to the first nier right??????? Well you know how weapons get stories to them and different parts added to them as they level up???

Level 1: “Dad, if you’re cold, I can give you my hat. You’re the best father in the world after all.”
Level 2: “Dad, if you’re hungry, you can have my cookie. You’re my favourite person in the world after all”
Level 3: “Dad, if you’re scared, I can sleep by your side. You’re my closest friend in the world after all.”

These are all lines Yonah would have said to Nier as they were trying to survive a post apocalyptic Tokyo with little food and blanketed in snow. But my god the final one.

Level 4: “So please don’t go anywhere. All right Dad? Don’t leave your Yonah all alone… Okay?”



It was a very sad Valentine’s Day in Turkey.

Özgecan Aslan  was a 20 year-old college student who was brutally murdered Her burned body was found on February 13th, 2015. Both of her hands were severed. She was going back home from school in a minibus when the driver Suphi Altındöken attempted to rape Özgecan. She fought back, scratching her attacker’s face and spraying her pepper spray. He then drew his  knife and stabbed her many times then when he realized she was still alive he started hitting her with an iron pipe, killing her. He then took her body to his father and a friend who helped him burn it and they tossed her remains to the woods. 

This piece was inspired by Ozgecan. I wanted to paint her hugging her mother as if this tragedy had never happened and that she made it back home safely as she should have. 

These guys are monsters and I hope they get what they deserve.


“Be not defeated by the rain. Be not defeated by the wind. Nor by the iron pipe. Nor by the knife. Nor by the metal bat. Be of sound body. Be without desire. Never be angered. Always have a quiet smile. That is whom I wish to be.”

↳ ✯Kenji Miyazawa | Episode 11

[Minor NieR: Automata content spoilers] So while in the sewers I saw a prompt to go fishing (it must seem like that’s all I do in this game from these posts) and thought, “hey, why not, it’ll probably be funny.” And I kept catching garbage when I pulled in a iron pipe and a message popped up saying “Weapon Obtained.” You can fish up weapons in this game?! It was apparently a sword, according to my menus.

I'm not gonna lie, the interview/video/photoshoot yesterday took a LOT out of me.

I am actually hoping they decide not to use any of it. At least some of the interview questions had substance, but there was a lot of problematic language (when did you realize you were born in the wrong body?) And they hit every single shallow fake manufactured trans story trope. They very specifically wanted video of me putting on makeup in the mirror, getting my nails done, shopping, playing dress-up in my bedroom (with at least three outfits! Yay!), and “looking innocent and demure”. It’s a fucking checklist for awful fake representation. I’m not a teenager transitioning in Beverly Hills. I’m not Caitlin Jenner in a Hollywood mansion. I’m an unemployed blue-collar combat veteran living in a fucking basement. My clothes are hanging on iron pipes I suspended from the floor joists, not in a walk-in closet. I don’t have local long-time cisnormative friends for them to interview about my struggles–my friends have many of the same struggles I do. Paying more than I can afford to get my nails done by a Korean woman who is probably basically enslaved is not something I ever do, or really feel comfortable with. Even my nice clothes have burn holes in them and oil stains and I’ve walked through the soles of my boots. The tattoos and scars they wanted me to hide are a historical record written in my skin.

I feel sick to my stomach for indulging this fantasy and setting trans media representation back. I wish I hadn’t let them pay for my second ever manicure. I should have cancelled the whole fucking thing the moment I saw the shots they wanted. I tried to be subversive with what they did get, but I think anything of substance will be on the cutting room floor and be replaced with meaningless empty fluff that portrays me and other trans women as men playing dress-up.

I will not trust corporate media to tell my story. There will be no ghost-writer for my memoir. It will be my fucking words or none. I’m really gods damned frustrated and depressed right now, and I feel like a fool for expecting anything better.

The water in Flint isn’t just ugly: It’s filled with lead. A water expert from the Environmental Protection Agency found that at least one home in the area had more than 10 times the EPA’s red-alert level of lead coming out of the faucets. In all, about 9,000 children were exposed. Lead exposure during childhood has been linked to lowered IQ, kidney damage, and decreased attention span. And not only is the damage irreversible, it’s possible that exposed kids will pass some of the effects of lead poisoning on to their own children and even to their eventual grandchildren.

How the hell can something like this happen in America? Well, last year the city of Flint switched their water source from Lake Huron to the Flint River in a bid to save money. After the switch, they stopped adding orthophosphate – a chemical that stops lead and iron pipes from rotting away into the water supply. It made a difference: Six months after the water source switch, the local GM plant stopped using Flint water because it was so corrosive, it was harmful to their engine parts.

4 Reasons Flint’s Water Crisis Is Worse Than You Think

Dirk headcanons

  • He has a terrible singing voice, its just the worst, dear god someone stop him from singing in the shower
  • hes cut his own hair his entire life, and is surprising good at cutting others hair (hairdresser au hint hint)
  • when he was younger he didnt cut his hair though, so toddler dirk with waist length hair
  • dirk loves the ocean, its home to him, but also has so much to explore (he even made a scuba kit)
  • Dirk taught himself to play the piano, but only with a shitty keyboard his bro left, which is stuck on the space sounds setting
  • hes a cat person, even if hes never met a cat, he might as well considering how much roxy talks about hers, dogs just seem loud and too excitable
  • when reading books he tends to make weird facial expressions to match what the main character is feeling, he has no idea hes doing it
  • jane sent him cake when he mentioned he’d never had any, complete with orange icing and an ironically bad piped horse, he loved it (she sends him one every birthday after that)
  • he really likes the idea of flowers, and got really excited when he saw some post game, even though the first flower was a dandelion weed (he pressed it, and started a scrapbook of all the flowers he could find, with the help of jake and jade) 


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A clang or iron pipe was heard from the old abandoned building. Squicky sounds of raw meat being stomped was heard as the girl didn’t pay attention to her victims that she brutally murdered.

It was some other normal “odd jobs” for Haiten. She purposely killed the victims in a splatter like condition. A carnage where all the entrails, innards of human and non-humb bodies are thrown from wall to wall. So that she could get used to this kind of scenery.

The hooded girl hold a metal bat on her right hand, her left hand still has somekind of leftover organ that she hasn’t let go yet. And with that, she went out from the building.

Just to be greeted by a familiar face.

“Hello there Arc. Fancy meeting you here.”