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Road to becoming an Iron Phi (Preface)

So many life changing things happening in my life right now. This is the first post of many during my journey to become an Iron Phi. I will be blogging about training, food, Phi Delt, and donations…. Here we go!

Mission: Iron Phi

The past week, I have nearly finalized my plan to become an Iron Phi. For those non Phi’s that have no idea what I’m talking about, let me explain..

The concept of Iron Phi was developed as a way to strengthen both Phi Delta Theta and its impact on the fight against Lou Gehrig’s disease. The Fraternity has a philanthropic partnership with The ALS Association, a non-profit entity with the mission of bringing awareness to the disease and finding its cure. Through the fundraising efforts of members of Phi Delta Theta on the way to achieving personal athletic goals, the Fraternity is mobilizing its membership base to help The ALS Association and Phi Delta Theta Foundation achieve its missions. 

In short, I am embarking on a mission. To become an Iron Phi, one must complete two tasks…

  1. Select and complete a challenging athletic endeavor. 
  2. Raise at least $1,000

The money raised is split up between the Phi Delta Theta Foundation and ALS Association. 

So here is my plan…

June 2, 2012 marks the 39th Annual Hospital Hill Half Marathon in Kansas City. Yes, I was a distance runner in High School… but I have never ran anything greater than a 5k (in a race. Probably in practice but races are a different beast). 

Along with that, I plan on raising a total of $7,000. $2,000 for the Iron Phi program and another $5,000 for the ALS Association directly. This way, the majority is going towards research, but I am still able to give some back to Phi Delta Theta. 

Why am I doing this you ask? My senior year of high school, I had the opportunity to take some of my first business classes. In this, I took Accounting 1 and Accounting 2 with Dena Highberger. She taught me the basics of Accounting, and even though I quickly learned this profession wasn’t for me, I had a blast in her class and she impacted my life greatly. Recently, she was diagnosed with ALS. When I found this out, I knew this was my chance to do something. 

The tentative plan, is to purchase to Phi Delt shirts. One for me to wear as race, and the other I plan to have people who donate sign the shirt, then frame it and present it to Mrs. Highberger. My hopes, that the $6,000 towards ALS will put us a little closer to finding a cure, the $1,000 towards the Phi Delta Theta Foundation will help Phi Delt continue to shape young boys into men like it did to me, and finally, that Mrs. Highberger knows that we are all with her, alumni, faculty and current students. 

If you do not know me, and would like to help me in my endeavor, please email me for information ( If I do know you, expect a letter in January. I set a lofty goal of $7,000 because I know I can do it. Why go for the minimum when you can do so much more?

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