iron on transfer,

“Why do you think Seto Kaiba is gay?”
*writes long insightful essay about cinematography, queer subtext, subversion of narrative, character arc, and the plot’s rejection of compulsory heterosexuality.*

“Why do you think Atem is gay?”
*points at this*

(have a nice clean one under the cut)

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Let Me Touch Your Fire (8)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 1200

Warnings: Angst and fluff!

Summary: You’re a mutant who was experimented on by Stryker. He changed your mutation so instead of feeling others’ emotions and transferring emotions to them, you can now only transfer emotions and you feel nothing.

A/N: Thanks everyone. I’m glad people liked this :)

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So I was bored recently and I was watching videos with tips on how to survive kpop concerts, and they were all missing out on some stuff that I consider crucial. This survival guide will include tips on buying tickets, outfit advice and what you should expect at a kpop concert!

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In case you are clueless like I was on how to do the patches, here’s how.

go to google or bing and search up close photos of his vest.

here is the one I used for the back of his jacket:

Then save each photo, open with paint, crop out (as you see above), add/edit, and resize each design and print it out on iron transfer paper. After printing, cut out each design how you want it. 

After that, iron on each design on an old pair of jeans you don’t use anymore, cut out the patch, and fabric glue/sew onto your jacket. 

Bam. Easy peezy.

Hope this helped!

i want to print screencaps and fanart of jedtavius onto iron-on transfer paper and make a whole shirt/jacket that i can wear around the house just because my dad made a comment about jedediah and octavius just being friends

celstese  asked:

I was trying to figure out what material to use to make the t on Terra markovs from teen Titans(og animated series) shirt ?any ideas? By the way I hope you have a good day .

  1. Create a digital version of the logo (vector is ideal) and bring it to a t-shirt printing place. They usually do vinyl-pressed shirts which look really nice.

  2. If you want to do it yourself then I suggest screen printing. You can find beginner kits at craft and art stores. If you don’t really want to make it a hobby then you can pick up just a jar of screen printing ink and follow this fakie screen printing tutorial. 

  3. If you don’t want to invest in a jar of screen printing ink then you can just use fabric paint. Create a stencil, secure it on your garment and then brush or sponge the paint on. Let it dry fully and give it an iron to set it in place. (If you can’t find fabric paint in the right color then you can mix acrylic paint with fabric medium. Acrylic paint on its own may wash out.) 

  4. Another option, is iron on transfers. You print the mirrored design onto paper, cut it out, lay it on your garment and iron it into place. 

Hope this helps!
Duckie / Admin