iron misha

One gif can hold so many memories…
This is so beautiful. Misha not knowing what tumblr is and now he’s joining.
I’m glad I was here before this happened, that I’m here when it’s happening.
Who knows what the future with Mish on tumblr holds for us.

He’s so perfect, it’s gross, I wanna punch him and hug him so hard, my sweet cutie baby angel you ruined my life you asshole, I can’t live without you, I hate you so much I LOVE YOU
—  Every fangirl ever.

@mishacollins Welcome to our dysfunctional family. You are probably wondering “why are they saying ‘welcome’ I’ve been here the whole time”. Well you see, tumblr is a different dysfunctional family. This is very different from scripted television so I’m just going to take you through the basics. Here are my Guidelines to tumblr.

Rule 1:
No matter what you do or whatever situation you’re in, DO NOT go into the Cat tag. It’s a dark spiral down from there.

Rule 2:
If you come across a post that you don’t necessarily agree with, don’t worry about it. There will be plenty more where that came from and the best way to restrain yourself from telling them to drink bleach is to simply ignore it and scroll on.

Rule 3:
Don’t touch the Phandom. Don’t reblog, comment on, or even click on the Phandom. They will find you and they will whisker you.

Rule 4:
Try your best to not misspell and/or use the word ‘Your’ with the incorrect punctuation. Just don’t do it.

Rule 5:
Probably the most important rule of them all. The almighty rule.

Don’t. Post. MEMES.

Well there you go, I hope this has helped you on your first day. Please appreciate everyone’s creativity fairly and don’t forget to follow me if you found this even remotely helpful. I hope your having a great day

Yes! He is also fictional or an adorkable married man in his 30s who may or may not have children.

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