iron metropolis

Alright, I’m thinking a movie night will be fun for tonight. I’ve got several ideas for movies I’d wanna show, but I’ll probably only show two for tonight, so I want to put it up to a vote. Since I’m a connoisseur of trash, I have a selection of bad as well as good movies.

Good category:

  • Wreck-It-Ralph
  • The Iron Giant
  • Metropolis

Bad category:

  • Astro Boy (2009)-This isn’t even outright “bad”, it’s just solidly mediocre and pretty different from Tezuka’s story, but it’s entertaining enough to watch anyway.
  • Pinocchio 3000-Now THIS one is outright bad, but it’s so bad, it’ll be a joy to watch. For me, at least.

So go ahead and answer, which ones would you guys like to see?