iron meow

I love this for a few reasons.

First, because this was the only bit we the audience could actually figure out and (and doubtless already did). SUBTITLE COLOURS ASIDE, your voice (AND LAUGH) are pretty distinctive, so yeah. This is not new information for us. (The Outers, yes, but not us.)


Anger and indifference are pretty much the only emotions we’ve gotten from Galaxia at all, but holy shit, she’s so excited at this reveal that she’s actually LEANING FORWARD. And it’s such a pointless villain thing, like who are you trying to impress here, Galaxia. You know she doesn’t specifically give a shit what the Outers think, but she’s so fucking egotistical she can’t pass up the chance for them to “ooo” and maybe even cower a bit, that would be nice.

Also. Galaxia’s eagerness makes me think she’s been pretty much pissing her throne to tell SOMEONE about this, and that’s extra hilarious when you figure that she probably then MUST have told the rest of Corporate Googlaxia, and just please join me in imagining those reactions.

Gangster Mouse all “OoooOOOOOOooOoo. ….what’s a ‘nehellenia’?”

Siren clapping politely and asking if Miss Nehellenia will be coming by for tea later, because she and Crow-san could run to this lovely corner shop Siren found yesterday and pick up some cakes.

Crow giving the barest reaction necessary to appease Galaxia, while trying to figure out if this “Nehellenia” person is going to be some kind of threat to them or not. She makes a mental note to learn all she can about mirrors. When there’s mention of a “pegasus”, she almost asks “What is it?” but then decides she’d be better off researching it herself.

Fuckoff Meow melts into a sycophantic puddle and oozes around Galaxia’s feet saying how amazing and clever and perfect she is.


your cat

s c o t t 

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You have the fattest, fluffiest, laziest fattest cat ever. When it walks it looks like a turd of fur being wheeled across the floor. You have never seen this cat exercise or even act like it gives a fuck. It eats its body weight in salmon cat food and acts like if it wasn’t so fat it might be classy. But probably not, that cat is hella weird. 

s t i l e s 

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Your cat is weird af. What is it doing? No one knows. Running into walls, daily occurrences. “What’s that noise?”  “It’s the cat.” Broken window? It’s probably the cat. Dirt paw mark all over the toilet seat? Definitely the cat. Sometimes you wonder if it even is the cat, from falling off couches, barking and weird obsession with the toilet, it’s probably an alien. 

l i a m 

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You mean that’s a cat and not a diabolical 40 year old man with no hope. Yes. Your cat is a dick. It eats all of your tortilla’s and regularly tries to claw at your face. It is also the bringer of false hope, as it often poses as a sweet and loving cat only to turn on you at the last second, and claw your eyes out. He might be smarter than you, but it’s well known that he’s a diabolical cat. 

t h e o 

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You mean you have a cat? Yes you do. It’s a fierce outdoor cat that brings you gifts in the form of dead animals twice it’s size. You definitely got it declawed two years ago when it killed your neighbors pesky chihuahua, but it is no hindrance. You have one badass cat, and no one can deny it. 

d e r e k 

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Your cat is clingy. It sleeps in your bed, follows you around and gets very annoyed if you don’t give it attention. You can’t watch a movie without it sitting on your lap, you can’t type an essay with out it sitting on your keyboard. The thing doesn’t leave you alone. like ever. 

i s a a c 

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You have one classy ass cat. It’s poop doesn’t smell, it’s fluffy white fur is sprinkled about your house like snow and it walks like it’s on the runway. Your cat is arrogant. It only befriends certain people and only eats the best cat food, it is not accustomed to change. Even moving it’s fluffy bed an inch will get it in a twist. So don’t. 

madam-melon-meow  asked:

You've analyzed all of vriska's wrong doings, how she was and is a Bad Person who makes Bad Choices, and yea, it's true. But I was wondering, can you make an in depth analysis of her entire self? The real REASON she does what she does, the good, the bad, the smack down of herself, her hatred for her mother figure, bla bla bla? I'm curious as to what your take is on HER as a character, not just the facet of her you've already written about ::::p. Thanks!

 I’ve already done Vriska analysis a couple of times - for example: here, here and here. I usually tend to analyze her every time i talk about her anyway, because it never hurts to be more thorough. To not repeat myself, I can do a general deconstruction of her character now.

The REASON why Vriska is the way she is is deeply hidden from everyone else (and even herself at some point) INSECURITY. That’s why she and Tavros are kept in endless dispute about confidence - Vriska is the best faker of confidence there is, she made even herself believe that she is “The 8est!!!” and she does everything so that image of herself would not get endangered. This is why she can’t stand Tavros - Tavros in general is very unconfident and he improves at a snail pace. Vriska sees herself in him and it turns on her alert button, where she gets angry at him for being this way and desperately wants him to stop.

 Say sorry for being a loser! Wheeeeeeee!

Her whole phase of making Tavros learn fake confidence he applied in his conversation with Jade is effect of how she tries to push him to stop being a visual display of everything she can be and what she is afraid to become.

You know, cause she can invert into a Page.

All this makes her desperately be opposite of what she associates with Tavros and Page class - so, being a loser - and she tries to become a winner at all costs - like a true Thief of Luck. 

Where does it come from? Aside from classpect, it’s hard to say. Can be the upbringing by Spidermom she seems to resent and avoid, despite being faithful to her.

I can bring my lusus back. Joy. ::::\

::::\ x 2 combo

This brings us to a very sad point in Vriska’s arc - her upbringing. Everyone who wants to defend Vriska usually go “she had a hard childhood, she had to kill for a hostile lusus!”, but the thing is - Vriska is a sociopath. She doesn’t care about the trolls she has killed and even an explicit punishment from Aradia doesn’t make her feel for them.

If anything, she feels for herself here, because she is scared. There’s no guilt.

So, what’s the deal with her upbringing? 

Well, I’m sure no one will disagree if I say that Spidermom was abusive. She needed troll meat to survive and forced the one she was in custody of to kill for her under the threat of eating her. There’s no motherly love here, only servitude and satisfaction at having a good child/servant at best. This makes Vriska search for a parent figure she could admire and identify with (like every child).

The sad thing tho? Spidermom literally is Mindfang. Just like all other lusi are respective ancestors of their trolls.

Say hello to Marquise Spinneret Mindfang.

So, the sad truth here is that Vriska, who idolizes Mindfang and wants to become like Mindfang actually would dislike and avoid Mindfang if she could meet her during her troll life. 

Which she did btw.

This, once again, parallels with how her own FLARPsona is Mindfang and how she makes it out to be the best thing ever, while in reality, Page of Void side of Vriska dislikes Thief of Luck side of Vriska and probably would avoid herself if she could.

Tragically ironic.