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Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite | Coming 9/19/17 - Preorder now
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite will feature a variety of exciting and accessible single player modes and rich multi-player content for new players.

Two universes merge to form a menacing new villain. “Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite” releases September 19th, 2017! Pre-order today: 

So, here’s a question for you.

What move is X supposed to be using here? Going off of previous Vs games with Classic Mega Man, Volnutt and Zero, they’re moves were all from their respective games. But this isn’t Sonic Slicer from X2, and it ain’t no Twin Slasher from X4. But that pose and the implied motion bares resemblance to another move. You know what it is?

Tengu Blade from Mega Man & Bass

Now I might be jumping to conclusions here, but it would be very odd for them to give X a move from Classic’s moveset when stuff like Project X Zone can show just how versatile his arsenal can be.


I am seriously not seeing a significant reason why people hate these graphics. You can’t look at me with a straight face and tell me these aren’t a massive improvement over the last game.


Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Gameplay Trailer

30 Years of NES! The Most Memorable NES Quotes

Believe it or not, it’s been 30 years since the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America. That’s three decades of rescuing princesses, stomping turtles, whipping medusa heads, blasting aliens, defeating mad doctors, punching belly buttons, and battling space pirates. I’ve written plenty in the past about the best NES games (and talked about it recently on the Power Pros podcast), so instead I thought I’d celebrate the occasion with my list of the most memorable NES quotes.

Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!
(Super Mario Bros.)

We’ve all seen this one. And Toad seems so happy about it every time!

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.
(The Legend of Zelda)

The original video game epic begins with this classic quote.

A winner is you. (Pro Wrestling)

We all is winners.

I am Error. (Zelda II: The Adventure of Link)

The man named Error baffled many players. Is that his name or a bug? He actually helps you later in the game!

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