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January 20 - “Why is your hand on my ass?” WinterIron for @btaz2

“Why exactly are you here again, Twenty-Three Million Dollar Man?” When Bucky gave him a quizzical look, Tony added “I’m gonna call you that because that’s what that new arm of yours cost me to build.”

He more than half-expected Bucky to just silently roll his eyes, was surprised when Barnes retorted “Hydra spent a lot more than that upgrading me over the years, don’t whine.”

Tony snorted with laughter, but returned to his original question. “So why exactly are you here?”

“You can’t wear the Iron Man suit all the time.” Bucky shrugged casually. Tony wasn’t fooled.

“So you’ve appointed yourself my bodyguard. You do know that this suit is bulletproof, right?” He plucked at his superbly tailored suit jacket, made from fibres specially developed by Stark Industries.

“Your head isn’t,” Bucky said flatly.

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A/N: send me some angsty prompts, i want a good cry. 

“Tony, pass me the sauce, please.” Steve said after he took a bit of the steak he had made earlier.

A minute passed and Tony didn’t even look up from his steak, eating contentedly.

Steve sighed; Tony was a very stubborn man. He only wanted to wear his hearing aids when he wore the Iron Man suit – which he wore less frequently know, since he’s technically retired, but that didn’t stop Tony from occasionally joining in on a fight – he insisted that he was perfectly fine without them, but Steve knew that he did need them.

Because Tony was sitting next to Steve at his seat on the edge of the table, and Tony couldn’t hear him.

“I don’t think he heard you, pops.” Peter said, talking with his mouth full.

Tony didn’t even seem to know that he was being talked about.

“Yeah, he didn’t.” Steve said, looking at Tony, “And don’t talk with your mouth full.”

“Tony, pass me the sauce, please.” Steve tried again.


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The name Iron Man has always struck me as ironic because while the suit Tony wears is metal, the actual man is far from “iron”.  In truth, he’s a man being held together with glue sticks and string.  But that’s the sad beauty of him, isn’t it?  Every aspect of his exterior world is a piece of armour, showing a resilience to hide what actually is a fragile man (emotionally and physically) underneath.  Then again, the fact that he’s still fighting and surviving despite it all shows something more ironclad than we give him credit for.  I like that, the “true” meaning of Iron Man isn’t the suit but the person within it, choosing to keep going and fight despite everything he’s been through and everything he’s lost.