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아까 파라메르 뻘하게 이런거 생각나갖고 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아이언맨처럼 슈트 입는 파라… 그리고… ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

얘네 종종 이러고 장난쳤음 좋겠어

I thought about this for Pharmercy hehehehe wearing the suit like Iron Man… and… hehehehehehehe

Sometimes these two frolics about




i just want to personally thank whoever put tony in 3 layers of black for that particular moment. he is stepping out of the hovering iron man suit, in the most graceful practiced controlled way, in his 3 layers of black. he is stepping out of the hovering iron man suit, arms outstretched, eyes forward, like it’s the easiest thing in the world. he is stepping out of the hovering iron man suit and he is wearing a suit jacket over a bomber jacket over a tshirt and he is Beautiful this movie is trying to kill me

The Avengers Headcanons (Part 1)

Author’s Note: Okay so I’m going to have to do this in two parts because wowzers, it’s a bunch. Now let me say this before you read on, I have never done headcanons before, like ever. And if I did this correctly (is there a correct way??) I hope you enjoy it! Of course these are just my ideas on what your relationship would be as. Thank you anon babe for the request! I promise to get the second part out as soon as possible <3

Also some characters may have longer headcanons, that is because sometimes I’m just more familiar with certain other characters (oops)

Warnings: This does contain talks of PTSD and panic attacks

Fluff & Angst 


Request: Anon

Can you do relationship headcanons for the avengers? (Or if not all of them at least Scott and Pietro) thanks so much your blog and writings make me so happy darling!!


~Steve Roger Headcanons~

  • Huge cuddle monster, especially on his days off he won’t let you out of his arms (even if you’re needed for missions)
  • When both of you have to work he’ll be the first out of bed and will always make you your coffee
  • Whenever you’re baking sweets he likes to stick his fingers in the batter and eat it (he’s a super soldier, raw eggs can’t hurt him)
  • Whenever you’re deeply invested in doing something Steve likes to draw you. He especially likes to draw your eyes, they always show a passionate fire
  • When either of you have a mission to go do and you’re not together, both you and Steve made it a tradition to make each other lists on what you love about each other
  • When both you and Steve have missions together he always makes you carry band aids on you. He knows it’s somewhat silly but it makes him feel better
  • After missions it’s another tradition you both do, you guys take a bath together. He’d clean you while you express all of your worries and frustrations from the mission
  • Then you do the exact same for him (he sometimes gets super emotional from major missions because his mind always went back to Bucky)
  • Steve has PTSD, and when he starts to show his symptoms even more you’re always right by his side, trying to calm him down. Unlike Tony he needs to know that you’re actually there, he’s terrified of the thought of you disappearing from him like Bucky did. And as much as he hates to admit it, he can’t lose you like he did Peggy. You know that and you also know that he truly does love you
  • Whenever his PTSD gets to be too much you take him to your guy’s bedroom and lay him down, you had asked Tony to install a dimming light switch (which helps in times like this). You make sure he’s only able to hear your voice, no loud noises or bright flashes for they could bring him all back down and make him think he’s in the war again
  • When both you and Steve fight you always let him have the last word. As much as you’d want to argue back you realize how hard is must be for him to even be fighting with you
  • Sometimes when the fighting goes too far and either of you say something too harsh you both go to your hideaways. And while hiding both of you think of ways on how to apologize to each other
  • Both of you hide for exactly 3 hours. And when you both find each other it’s filled with regretful tears and loving words. In your guy’s relationship, both of you apologize, not just one
  • At the end of the day, mission or no mission, fighting or not- you and Steve always fall asleep in each others arms, whispering, “I love you.”

~Tony Stark Headcanons~

  • He loves to spoil you. You’re always against it though (you tell him to just donate his money)
  • He also tries to get you to wear one of his Iron Man suits (he’s even made you your own Iron Man suit!)
  • Tony doesn’t seem like a huge touchy-feely guy but when the mood strikes him he’ll pull you from whatever you’re doing and cuddle you
  • During those choice cuddle sessions he sometimes is the little spoon (He had admitted it while you guys were cuddling that he loved being the little spoon. But if you were to tell anyone that he’d of course deny it)
  • Tony doesn’t like to fight with you. Like at all, he’s had too much fighting in his life already (and being an Avenger doesn’t make it any better) and you’re the one person he never wants to fight with
  • Sometimes when he falls asleep in the lab you go down to drag his butt to a nearby couch. And you stay with him throughout the whole night (you didn’t care if your body was going to hurt in the morning, he’d do the same for you)
  • Whenever Tony has a panic attack you always bring him to the biggest window overlooking the city and make him a cup of tea. He doesn’t like being touched when having the attack so you always ask J.A.R.V.I.S everyday to keep a dryer running to keep your blankets warm (Tony wants the warmth of someone during the attacks but like he said, he doesn’t like to be touched during them) You’ll wrap him up in the blanket and sit with him for hours. Wether it was to listen to him talk or just hear him breathe. You’ll remind him every few minutes to breathe in and out or to drink his tea so he doesn’t start to panic again
  • Once Tony is calmed back down from his attacks he’ll slowly scoot himself over to you (he has to test the waters to see if he’s comfortable with being touched) if he’s comfortable with it he’ll raise your arm and cuddle into your side. You’ll then sit there and softly comb your fingers through his hair
  • During most days he’ll play classic rock through the com-system and if a slow song comes on and you’re in the vicinity he’ll whisk you off your feet to a clear area and dance with you (sometimes when dancing his hands will ‘accidentally’ slip down to your butt and you’ll then ‘accidentally’ drop your foot harshly on his)
  • After a hard day at work when both of you meet up back at the bedroom you both always make it a big deal to say “I love you” before you all asleep and after you wake up

~Natasha Romanoff Headcanons~

  • She’s not one to really express (physically mostly, sometimes verbally too) her emotions to anyone (she’s secretly scared that someone will use her emotions against her and somehow hurt you)
  • You always reassure her though that she doesn’t have to do anything that makes her feel in anyway uncomfortable. You also always reassure her that you do know that she loves you
  • On her free days from missions she always does two things:
  1. She shows you moves on how to defend yourself and how to take down your attacker (you work for SHIELD and you do know how to defend yourself but you let Nat teach you anyway- it makes her feel better)
  2. She will shut all of the blinds and lock every door and then she’ll show you just how much she loves you
  • Nat doesn’t like to cook so you’re always the one cooking. You don’t mind one bit to be honest. She does so much for you already and you’re happy to do this for her
  • Even though she doesn’t necessarily show/express her feelings for you everyday, she could never turn down an opportunity to cuddle you
  • She likes to be both the big spoon and the little spoon. But her favorite cuddle position is when she’s able to look at you. She likes to point out everything she loves about to herself while you relax in her arms
  • Whenever Nat has to go on a mission you always pack her a lunch. She doesn’t care what the others think because they know that if they joke her about the packed lunch… she could easily kill them with so said packed lunch (Tony had a hard time getting all of the banana out of his ear that week)
  • When you’re the one with the mission instead, you make a week’s worth of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for Nat. Your homemade cooking always gives her comfort when you’re gone.
  • This goes for the both of you, when either of you come back from a mission injured to hell and back the other takes care of the other’s injuries and cleans them up
  • Whenever she’s too tired to clean her guns after missions, you’re the one to clean them for her
  • She’s the one to kill the bugs (but she of course lets go of the spiders outside)

~Clint Barton Headcanons~

  • Clint is always cranky without his morning coffee, so before he wakes up you make a full pot of it for just him
  • You got him this gag gift for Christmas a while back- it was a giant coffee mug that could hold up to a gallon of liquids… he uses it every morning
  • Clint is partially deaf so you had taught yourself sign language for him (it’s helpful too when you want to tease him in front of The Avengers)
  • Everyone gets super frustrated when you and Clint sign to each other in front of them. It’s especially frustrating when either of you laugh suddenly
  • The first time you told him you loved him you had used sign language to tell him (he cried)
  • Before you guys started dating he would hide up in the vent and rafters and watch you (you knew he was there always hiding but you knew he was just trying to figure out your character)
  • You had finally gotten tired of his hiding so one day you asked Nat to meet you in the common room (you knew he was going to be there so before he could get to his usual hiding spot in the room, you climbed up there and waited for him. When he finally showed up you had almost fell out of the rafter from laughing at his shocked reaction. Clint asked you out right then and there, you of course said yes)
  • Clint always complains about not having enough arrows so for his birthday every year, you get him just that, arrows. (you always have a theme for the arrows, last year’s theme was Hello Kitty)
  • For being an Avenger, Clint loves junk food. So every time you go to the grocery store he has to tag along.
  • And for being a master assassin, he’s not very sneaky about all of the treats he puts in the cart. And whenever he thinks you caught him he’d give you the most innocent look, you’d then roll your eyes, and then the innocent look is replaced with a shit eating grin
  • In your phone his contact name changes every month from: “Bird Boy”, “Lil Shit”, “Princess”, and your favorite, “Lil Shit Princess”
  • He’s the master of building forts, everyone will agree with you on it
  • You two fight about the silliest of things, and when he feels as if he lost during the petty argument he goes to sulk up in the vents
  • The only way you found out how to get him out of the vents is to yell about his favorite show being on
  • Or to yell out that you’re about to drink the last bit of his coffee (it’s always interchangeable)

~Bruce Banner Headcanons~

  • Bruce loves to show you his research. It could be either his old research or new, he has to it all to you
  • He loves to watch you read his research too, you always have a proud look on your face
  • Bruce also always asks for your input on his ideas and projects. He always wants to know if you think his projects are safe/good ideas
  • Like Clint, he would hide from you before you guys started dating
  • Before dating Bruce he would spend even more time in the lab. He was investing himself in trying to find a cure for his “Big Green Problem” as he would put it
  • The only reason for him researching it even more is because he wanted you to not think of him as a monster, but as just some regular guy
  • One day when he thought everyone was gone he finally had left his lab (even in the beginning of the relationship you were always curious of what he does in the lab). You snuck in to see why he’s been in there whenever you were over. Bruce came back and saw you in tears, you had found out why.
  • Lets just say Bruce has never felt so terrified and in love after the lecture you gave him
  • Bruce doesn’t like to talk about it but you were able to convince him into seeing a therapist
  • You always wait for him during his sessions (and for when he wants you back there for him, you always rush to him and hold his hands)
  • And after therapy sessions you both always go get ice cream (his favorite is pistachio, ironic isn’t it)
  • It took a long time for Bruce to show you any type of physical affection, but when he finally did, he was the most loving boyfriend anyone could ask for
  • Whenever Bruce meditates you always join him, no matter what time it is. Unless you’re really needed somewhere else, if that’s case then you leave a cup of tea next to him
  • As much as Bruce love peace and quiet, you had made him a playlist of soothing classical music for when he’s in the lab
  • You actually made tons of different playlists for him when certain emotions hit him (his favorite is called “Calming the Big Green Babe” he finds it funny)
  • He totally cried during Marley & Me

~Thor Odinson Headcanons~

  • First things first, he may be a God from another part of the universe but he’s a huge fucking nerd
  • While you were showing him Earth’s modern entertainments, he had stumbled across the Star Wars movies (big mistake)
  • Whenever it’s his turn during movie night at The Avengers tower he always and you mean always requests for the Star Wars movies
  • Everyone blames you
  • You never understood his obsession with Poptarts
  • But you always stock up at least one cabinet in the kitchen with the artificial treat (it’s always gone within three days)
  • Speaking of the kitchen, during your first few months of living together you had to keep your good china dishes hidden from Thor so he wouldn’t smash them
  • But! You do keep thrifted dishes in a separate place so both you and Thor can smash them for whenever you both want to celebrate
  • Thor never likes to be the little spoon. And if you were to even joke him about trying to be the little spoon for once he’ll always answer with, “I am the might Thor! I must be the big spoon my love!” He just doesn’t want to crush you
  • He’s also very dramatic (you blame it on his Asgardian culture) but you find it charming to be honest
  • He can get very homesick sometimes but he knows he can’t leave at times because The Avengers might need his help
  • When he does get homesick, you drape on your guy’s bed sheets and try, keyword try, to do an Asgardian accent. It always manages to bring a smile on his face. And if you got super close to doing the accent he’s proud laughter will boom throughout the room (they don’t call him the God of thunder for nothing)
  • If Thor has the chance to go back to Asgard, he will every time ask you if you wanted to come along (you of course always said yes)
  • Whenever you both are in Asgard and someone asks who you are, Thor without fail will pull you into his side and answer with, “My Queen.”
  • And it always ends with you laughing at him


This alone has taken me two days to do, please forgive me if I don’t get out the other part the same day as this posts or even the next. I’m only one little nerdling <3



The Avengers vacation in Las Vegas. Thor brings some inebriating Asgardian “elixir” for you, Pietro, and Tony after the rest of the team bails for the night. Next thing you know you wake up married and naked in bed with the handsome Speedster.

Warning: Sexual situations, language, drinking


Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Words: 2,408

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Okay I’m growing increasingly grumpy from all the hate posts on Steve and now I’m gonna vent.

Steve was a self-righteous hypocrite

How was he self-righteous? Like Tony, he was trying to do what he thought was right. Tony wasn’t wrong but Steve wasn’t wrong in not being onboard with the accords.  If aliens had attacked the Earth and the Avengers weren’t allowed to act right away if at all, what do you think would happen? More people would die than if they did act. Do you think the aliens would care about hitting innocent people with dubris? 

In fact Steve considered about going along with it but then Sharon quoted Peggy, the woman he had loved who had just died and that moved him to standing up for what he believed in. It wasn’t a matter of right or wrong, it was a grey area just as it was for Tony. Tony wasn’t a villian for what he thought but neither was Steve. You villianise either of them and your missing the entire point of the debate. (If anyone was self-righteous IMO it was Rhodey and even the Vision occasionally but that’s neither here nor there).

Also there’s the fact that he wanted to protect his friends (which includes Tony, he never wanted to fight him that much was obvious in the film). Tony had made a misguided mistake in locking Wanda up like a prisoner. Both Wanda and Steve both took responsiblity for messing up but you all keep banging on about poor Tony but deliberate ignore the fact that Steve is still a flesh and blood human with emotions. Tony has PTSD but so does Steve.

Hello does world war 2 ring a bell? and being under ice for 70 years to wake up in a whole different time and world to what he knew. Then add in Hydra in SHIELD and Bucky and he has plenty of reasons to be traumatised himself. And nobody even acknowledges that he’s probably kept up with nightmares and struggles with doing what he believes is right against what the government is telling him is right.

Which leads me to the next argument.

Steve was selfish for protecting Bucky

How? becoming a fugitive and almost getting killed and arrested doesn’t seem very selfish to me. And yes all of this was motivated for his love for Bucky (and I don’t mean romantic love but take it as you want to take it), but can you blame him? Bucky was his first friend and took care of him when he wasn’t superhuman but sickly and barely able to care for himself. He protected him and defended him. He’s Steve’s family. Wouldn’t you do anything for family? If the roles were reversed and say it was Happy or Rhodey in Bucky’s shoes, I’m sure Tony would have done close to the same thing (until now Tony’s never been much for being told what to do by the government).

You also have to remember that as much as it sucks for Tony losing his parents and for Howard and Maria to die, that was all on Hydra. Bucky was a victim too. He had no sense of agency, no free will, no mind of his own. He was nothing but a shell or a human weapon. He had no way to say no this is wrong. He was forced to go against everything he believed in and work for the very organisation he had sacrificed his life fighting against. He was a prisoner of war and tortured numerous times, more brutally and in an even greater way than Tony was in the cave.

If Steve hadn’t protected Bucky and had stayed out of it, what do you think would have happened? Bucky, a veteran and prisoner of war would either a) been wrongly killed by T’Challa for his father’s death that he actually never caused, b) killed by Tony for his parents deaths (you all act like Tony was an innocent man getting brutally maimed by superhumans but you convienently forget that he was wearing his iron man suit that was built to take blows from forces much stronger than Steve and Bucky as well as able to use leathel force against the same people but more on that below) or c) killed on sight by the government and made into a scrape goat.

Steve left Tony in Siberia to die

No he didn’t. He stayed until he made sure help was on it’s way for Tony which it was, he heard FRIDAY say so and then left with Bucky. What do you think would have happened if he’d stayed? Both him and Bucky would have either both been imprisoned with the rest of their friends in that awful sea prison or both been killed on sight. Not to mention they were both half dead themselves because despite being superhumans they can in fact be killed and hurt (hello, Steve almost died in Cap 2 and did die in the comics), and Tony was not pulling his punches. He tried to kill both Steve and Bucky using lethal force with the blasts in his suit.

Steve wasn’t trying to kill Tony. He was trying to depower him so he couldn’t kill Bucky. The man came pretty close to it with blasting off Bucky’s arm. Can’t blame Steve for being angry for that but neither do I blame Tony for his emotional reaction, even though he really should have remembered that Bucky was brainwashed. As a man with that suit, he had a responsiblity to not to abuse the power that came along with it. He could have arrested Bucky or or at least waited for the proper authorities but instead he tried to kill him himself, consumed in vengence.

If you even watched the film, you’d have seen that Steve did  not want to fight Tony. He pleaded with him, he didn’t want to fight but Tony was hell bent.

That said I will admit that Steve should have told Tony the full story about Bucky and his parents then maybe that whole scene could have been avoided. But I can’t blame him for being wary about telling him. Maybe Steve was selfish for that but give me a break, Bucky is his last remaining friend and family from his old life. He loves him as much as you’d love a family member. Tony was willing to kill for Pepper, Rhodey and Happy.

Besides, at the end of it all, Steve still cared so much for Tony that he sent him a letter and give him a burner phone. He’d be willing to risk imprisonment to be there for Tony if he needed him. So tell me how is he selfish? Both Tony and Steve did a lot of things wrong and were both misguided in the way they went about things but neither were selfish or wrong or right. It was a grey area so stop trying to make Steve a villian in Tony’s manpain.

Regardless, they’ll most likely kiss and make up properly in infinity war or beforehand.

A Night to Forget Part 4/5

Originally posted by mostlybenedict

Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Y/N - Your name

A/N - Steve meets reader and she helps him deal with life in the present until something tears them apart.

Sokovain is Czech and again Google translate so it is most likely way off so I apologize now.  

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II  Part 4 II Part 5

Steve had been completely lost and had no idea what to do. When he first arrived at the tower Y/N was in the training room. He had tried to talk to her however she was cold and calculated in her answers. She thought that everything that happened between them was lost and they should just go back to being friends. How could he ever do that? She meant so much to him. After she left with Pietro he just stood there staring at the ground not sure of what to do. Finally Nat came over and patted him on the back.  

“Hey Cap, I’m sorry. I told you that she was stubborn.” She said giving him a sympathetic smile. Clint walked up and looked at them. 

“Ok, who is going to tell me what is going on?” He asked with his hands on his hips. 

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anonymous asked:

How about Tony's in his sexy tight outfit that he wearing under his Iron Man suit and Quill is really flirty to him and even touches Tonys ass? Steve becomes furious! You can continue the story however you want from there!

This fills the countless Starkquill, Jealous Steve, and sexy Tony in undersuit Anon requests I got lol!!! I’m really happy to feature the Guardians in my art!

A/N: send me some angsty prompts, i want a good cry. 

“Tony, pass me the sauce, please.” Steve said after he took a bit of the steak he had made earlier.

A minute passed and Tony didn’t even look up from his steak, eating contentedly.

Steve sighed; Tony was a very stubborn man. He only wanted to wear his hearing aids when he wore the Iron Man suit – which he wore less frequently know, since he’s technically retired, but that didn’t stop Tony from occasionally joining in on a fight – he insisted that he was perfectly fine without them, but Steve knew that he did need them.

Because Tony was sitting next to Steve at his seat on the edge of the table, and Tony couldn’t hear him.

“I don’t think he heard you, pops.” Peter said, talking with his mouth full.

Tony didn’t even seem to know that he was being talked about.

“Yeah, he didn’t.” Steve said, looking at Tony, “And don’t talk with your mouth full.”

“Tony, pass me the sauce, please.” Steve tried again.


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‘’You’ll be cold’’

A/N: OK so I’m kind of loving this? I hope you do also! Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: You and Bucky get lost on a mission and it’s cold outside, you gotta do what you gotta do to stay warm…

Warnings: None

Word count: 2516

Originally posted by veronikaphoenix

You let out a harsh breath, watching it leave your mouth in the freezing cold. Gripping your gun tightly you hoped it would bring some warmth to your fingers, feeling how stiff they had become. Glancing at Bucky, you gave him a small smile which he returned. You felt the snow on the train tracks crunch beneath you, making it hard for you to be quiet. 

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More than Bargained For (Avengers/Stark x reader) (Part 1)

Summary: Reader is Tony Stark’s secret daughter and is a gifted mind reader and mind controller. When Loki strikes, her powers prove to be stronger and more valuable than ever. 

Warnings: minor swearing

Word Count: 2399 words 

Finally I finished the fic that I’ve been working on for a while and I’m so excited to get this series started! There’s much more to come in the next parts and that includes a little romance ;) Stay tuned lovelies and let me know what you think! It would mean a lot :D

To say that you were slightly angry was an understatement. You were fuming and there were so many possible things that could come out of your mouth, but all you did was stare at the empty seat opposite you in the little bistro and fight the urge to hit the table or cry. He was late again and it wasn’t half an hour this time, it was over two hours. Two hours of keeping your mind off the thoughts coming in all around and patiently waiting for your father, hoping you could see him like he promised. 

You signaled to the waitress and asked for the check, ignoring her inner thoughts of pity and the side remark of being stood up. How lovely it was to know what people thought of you, even lovelier to hear what people thought in general. When she brought the check, you forced a smile and swallowed mentioning that sleeping with her boyfriend’s brother was improper, as much as you wanted. 

Once you left the bistro and all the lies and feelings of your fellow customers were behind you, you took out your phone and began dialing a much familiar number, ignoring the pang you felt when you saw there was no message or call from your father. 

“Hey, Simon,” you said, cutting off your best friend’s greeting suddenly. “He didn’t show…again.”

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Happy Birthday, btaz2!

January 20 - “Why is your hand on my ass?” WinterIron for @btaz2

“Why exactly are you here again, Twenty-Three Million Dollar Man?” When Bucky gave him a quizzical look, Tony added “I’m gonna call you that because that’s what that new arm of yours cost me to build.”

He more than half-expected Bucky to just silently roll his eyes, was surprised when Barnes retorted “Hydra spent a lot more than that upgrading me over the years, don’t whine.”

Tony snorted with laughter, but returned to his original question. “So why exactly are you here?”

“You can’t wear the Iron Man suit all the time.” Bucky shrugged casually. Tony wasn’t fooled.

“So you’ve appointed yourself my bodyguard. You do know that this suit is bulletproof, right?” He plucked at his superbly tailored suit jacket, made from fibres specially developed by Stark Industries.

“Your head isn’t,” Bucky said flatly.

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anonymous asked:

What would celebrating your birthday with the Avengers (including Sam and Bucky) be like?

  • Tony being the one who throws you a massive party, full of luxury and delicious food to eat (and of course, presents and alcohol)
  • Natasha and Tony getting together and deciding between themselves what foods to have and how the place should be decorated
  • Wanda, Clint and Bruce planning the smaller, more meaningful details
  • Having all of them decorate the tower with decorations, embarrassing photos of you and everything you like
  • Each of them buying you gifts that have meaning to you. Sure, Tony and Sam buy you hilarious stupid gifts too but a lot of them are meaningful
  • Steve being in charge of the music and sure, there’s a lot of old stuff but with Pietro’s help, they put together an awesome soundtrack of modern and old and it’s great
  • You thinking that it’s just a small get together but actually, it’s a massive  party that they invited a hell of a lot of people to
  • Thor not really understanding the traditions, especially the blowing out the candles part, so when that happens, he has no idea what’s going on
  • Even having Fury show up and Tony’s just shocked and so insulted; ‘You never came to my birthday!’
  • Lots of photos taken which you look back on and laugh at
  • Looking on with Bruce as Thor and Tony have an arm wrestling contest (Tony wearing his Iron Man suit)… and Stark still loses
  • When the party winds down, it’s just the lot of you sitting in the living room talking
  • All of you take one of Tony’s suits for a spin and in the end, there’s a lot of holes in the walls
  • Probably playing silly games like ‘Truth or Dare’ or ‘Never Have I Ever’ (and by the end of Never Have I Ever, Tony’s passed out drunk man)
  • Trying to get Steve and Pietro drunk
  • Sam annoying Bucky by decorating his arm when he isn’t looking
  • Probably a few arguments
  • Clint turning off his hearing aids so he can’t hear said arguments and you just find that hilarious
  • Trying to lift Thor’s hammer again, which Thor’s ever so amused by
  • Natasha getting drunk and talking Russian to which Bucky starts talking in too and you and Tony cant stop laughing because it’s hysterical
  • Steve rolling his eyes at all of the antics going on and Bucky just laughing beside him and for the night, you’re all just normal people
  • A lot of junk food, Bruce and Thor are the two that keep bringing out more and more snacks
  • Clint hanging upside down from things to prove he’s a real bird
  • then promptly falling onto the floor
  • Wanda loving to annoy the others by using her powers to snatch their things without them noticing and you’re both just doubled over laughing as they search for their stuff
  • Bruce not drinking, because he doesn’t like not being in control, but having just as much fun
  • Tony probably does a body shot off of someone at some point
  • Falling asleep on Bucky and ending up in your room without knowing how - you ask in the morning and you think it was Bucky that lifted you but no, it was Natasha who tells you with a smile that she’s stronger than she looks
  • Hangovers all round, besides Steve, Pietro and Bruce
  • Coffee. So much coffee. Clint goes out and buys loads
  • Thor making everyone breakfast and it’s the best damn breakfast you’ve ever tasted
  • Thanking them all for the amazing party
  • Looking at the drunken selfies you all took and just being horrified but amazed by some of the things captured

anonymous asked:

My crush is in med school to become a surgeon. He wears suit jackets and kakhis and button down shirts casually, he spent his first paycheck from Woolworths on a wool sports coat. He lives in student housing and complains about the window washers being late. He has blond hair and blue eyes and likes Star Wars and built himself an Iron Man suit that he can wear out of fibreglass.

Wait for real?? this is so awesome i want to meet him omfg

We’ll lose - Tony Stark

I hope you like what i’ve done here, bc I made some changes but tried to keep the main focus of your request! 

Warnings: some swearing, alcohol and mention of drugs.

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Tony had never asked anything like this. He had never made plans for this kind of thing, beyond the basics not to run the simple risk through the nights out. But there he was having to endure the group looks in his direction while the Fury’s voice sounded in the distance. A daughter . He had a daughter. For a brief second he tried to remember some point that he might have missed, but then a cold wave hit him: HYDRA. His eyes quickly returned to Fury, who now was explaining how he had a daughter with telekinesis and an urge to self-destruction. (Y/N), it was the name they had given to her. But deep down he didn’t care about the details as he watched her videos and photos on the screen, he just felt the urge to find that girl. Bring his daughter home

“Miss Stark, I do not know if your father would like what you are doing at his bar.“ the AI’s voice drew your attention from the bottle of whiskey and you grunted in response.

“Fuck, I just want this shit to stop bothering me.”  you snarled, drinking at once the rest of whiskey.

You felt your skin tingle and where you had undergone several surgeries, until you got your powers, was painfully burning. A scream in agony escaped your lips as you threw the empty bottle on the shelves full of drinks, smashing everything and spreading glass and liquid around the corner of the bar. Shit. You looked for a moment the destruction you’ve done and muttered uncertain words - effect of all the 3 hours that you been drinking - and made a motion with your hand in an attempt to clean up the mess. But suddenly you saw the glasses fly toward you, making you close your eyes and wait for one more pain. That didn’t come.

“Dammit, (Y/N), what do you think you’re doing?” you heard the pained voice of your father and opening your eyes you noticed that he was wearing the iron man suit. 

“Leave me alone.” you replied, recovered from the shock, turning away and heading toward the exit, but Tony grabbed your wrist. “Dad, leave me alone.”

“No. You’ve been drinking and using drugs, (Y/N). I know that your body is fast and strong, but this is hurting you!" you didn’t dare to face Tony, feeling a wave of dizziness, you stared at the floor while being pulled toward him, already free from the suit. “We all have our problems, wounds and demons, but we must face it head-on.”

“And if you don’t?“ you closed your eyes when you felt warm and loving arms around you.

You felt guilty knowing that Tony worry beyond what was necessary to you due to your way of living to forget the pain. You had heard him argue with Banner, he wanted to do something to protect you from yourself. He was afraid to see you die. And he felt like it was all his fault. But Tony was so wrong. He was the only good thing in your life, but you were already broken when he arrived.

When he and the avengers took you from HYDRA base, you were already destroyed. You had grown up there, been tortured and trained there, but you were totally unstable. You couldn’t stand the pain, especially psychological. You still remember everything they did to you without anesthetic and painkillers. Everything was still a nightmare. Awake or asleep. Then you would drink or consume anything that could for a moment make you forget or don’t feel.

“We’ll lose.” Tony said quietly, holding your chin so you could face him "I will lose if you lose to yourself, kido.”

“Dad… I-I… I need help.“ you finally broke your armor, allowing yourself to cry after seven months in the Tower.

“Shh, I know. I’m here. Let’s win this, okay?”

Music Helped : Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier

Author’s Note: Wowzers Widow, such a cheeseball

Don’t stop me, cute stuff is my weakness 

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Thank you for the request @buckythetinman I loved it, and I certainly do hope it lives up to your wants <3 (and if you don’t mind, I had added one more song in the midst)

Word Count: 1,634



Request: @buckythetinman

Hi! Can you do an imagine where the reader introduces post Winter Soldier Bucky to Elvis after he catches her dancing to Jailhouse Rock? Sorry if it’s too specific

(also, do not ever be sorry for being “too specific”, it was a very wonderful request)


“You’re looking a little rusty there Y/N!” You knew Tony was only joking with you. When was he never joking with anyone?

You huffed and started to walk faster towards the training room. “Tony can kiss my fit ass…” Honestly, you couldn’t believe that you were letting his words affect you. He knows for a fact that you could break all his bones under three minutes if he didn’t wear the Iron Man suit.

You pushed the training room doors open and peaked inside. You silently praised the lord that no one was training at the moment. It meant you could fully immerse yourself into your workout… and into the King.

Of course you didn’t care what people thought of you. But you weren’t just ready to let anyone see you jam out.

Plopping your training bag on the ground, you strolled over towards to the built in docking station.

“King, oh King, where are you?” You had unlocked your phone to find the perfect song to start of your raged induced workout. “Ah ha! Perfect.” Instantly, you plugged your phone into the dock and ran to the punching bag in the middle of the room.

“The warden threw a party in the county jail.

The prison band was there and they began to wail.

The band was jumpin’ and the joint began to swing.

You should’ve heard those knocked out jailbirds sing.”

Elvis Presley’s melodious voice echoed through the room. You could already feel your anger towards Tony slipping away. But you might as well continue on training. There was no use to coming to workout only to instantly lose your motivation from Presley’s voice.

“Spider Murphy played the tenor saxophone,

Little Joe was blowin’ on the slide trombone.

The drummer boy from Illinois went crash, boom, bang,

the whole rhythm section was the Purple Gang.

Let’s rock, everybody, let’s rock.

Everybody in the whole cell block

was dancin’ to the Jailhouse Rock.”

As you were laying into the punching bag, your head started to rock back and forth to the rhythm of Jailhouse Rock.

You felt like you were on the top of the world. That nothing could stop you, and that you were a force not to be reckoned with.

“Number forty-seven said to number three:

“You’re the cutest jailbird I ever did see.

I sure would be delighted with your company,

come on and do the Jailhouse Rock with me.”

Let’s rock, everybody, let’s rock.

Everybody in the whole cell block

was dancin’ to the Jailhouse Rock.”

You couldn’t help it, the song was just too damn catchy.

You continued to head bang, you forgot all about your workout as your hips started to sway.

“The sad sack was a sittin’ on a block of stone

way over in the corner weepin’ all alone.

The warden said, “Hey, buddy, don’t you be no square.

If you can’t find a partner use a wooden chair.”

Let’s rock, everybody, let’s rock.

Everybody in the whole cell block

was dancin’ to the Jailhouse Rock.”

Now you were fully jamming to the King. Your body moved like no other, like no one else could ever see you. You were in your own wonderland, dancing to your heart’s content.

“Shifty Henry said to Bugs, “For Heaven’s sake,

no one’s lookin’, now’s our chance to make a break.”

Bugsy turned to Shifty and he said, “Nix nix,

I wanna stick around a while and get my kicks.”

Let’s rock, everybody, let’s rock.

Everybody in the whole cell block

was dancin’ to the Jailhouse Rock.”

You hadn’t even realized the song was over. Your body simply kept on moving, spinning in circles from delight of the song.

However, you did realize it was over when you heard a loud cough coming from behind you. Quickly you turned around to see the metal armed man of your dreams.

‘This is some sick joke, right?’

Bucky had one of his eyebrows raised, as if he was somewhat amused by what he saw. But you couldn’t tell if he was or not, his facial expression stayed stoic when confronting you.

“What? This room has great acoustics.” You were a blushing mess now. And if you didn’t know any better, you would have sworn to seeing a faint twitch of a smile on Bucky.

“Who you listenin’ to?” You stared at him in shock. Bucky only really talked to Steve.

You expected him to just scoff slightly at your antics and then ignore you. But, he actually said something to you! Yes you were somewhat hoping that it wouldn’t have been under these circumstances, but you weren’t going to complain.

You stared at Bucky, until realizing you hadn’t answered him. “It-it’s the King!” You wanted to kick your own ass now when you saw him quirk his eyebrow at you once more in confusion.

“The King?” Your blush deepened as you tried to gather your thoughts. As a master assassin, you were acting like a schoolgirl having a crush on her teacher.

“He’s known as The King of Rock and Roll…” you were starting to scrunch up the hem of your shirt now. “His real name is Elvis, Elvis Presley…” Bucky nodded his head, as if trying to see if he already heard of an Elvis Presley.

“Could you show me some more of his music?” Bucky looked at you for an answer. If you could read people, you could almost say that Bucky was nervous.

You gave him a heartfelt smile. “I’d love to Bucky, do you want to listen to him now?” He nodded his head again. You then waved your hand over to Bucky, asking him to come over to you. He obliged and made his way over. “J.A.R.V.I.S, play everything I have on Elvis Presley, please!” And without missing a bit, the King started to play again.

‘Hound Dog’ had started to play as you and Bucky took a seat on the mats.

“And you listen to this guy every time Tony pisses you off.” You laughed softly at Bucky. It had came out more as a statement than a question. But he was right, you do listen to Elvis whenever Tony upsets you.

Yet, how did Bucky even know you listened to him every time? “And how did you know that I listened to Elvis Presley every time Tony p’ed me off?” Bucky was quiet after that. You started to scold yourself, you must have made him nervous in some way.

It remained quiet for another few songs. You didn’t mind really, you were listening to your favorite musician while with your favorite human.  You peaked over at Bucky to see him deep in thought. You were about to ask him if he was alright when he looked right at you.

“Dance with me?”

You were not expecting that.

You nodded your head softly at Bucky’s offer. He stood up, then held his flesh hand down to you. Carefully, you placed your hand into his. You could feel the heat radiating from it.

Bucky began to slowly pull you into him. His metal arm wrapped around your waist. While you on the other hand, placed your left arm aside the same metal arm. Without thinking you also placed your head against his chest. You could hear his heartbeat racing a mile a minute.

‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ began to play once you and Bucky started to sway back and forth.

‘How ironic…’ You thought.

You and Bucky kept swaying to the love song. Oh how you ached to look at him right now. You knew though that if you were to do that, you probably wouldn’t be able to hold back on kissing him.

“Wise men say

Only fools rush in

But I can’t help falling in love with you

Shall I stay

Would it be a sin

If I can’t help falling in love with you”

Your eyes glazed over when you heard those words being sang. You finally got it through to you that you didn’t just like Bucky, you love him. And as much as the others would say not to love him…

You can’t help falling in love with him.

“Like a river flows

Surely to the sea

Darling so it goes

Some things are meant to be

Take my hand,

Take my whole life too

For I can’t help falling in love with you”

You pressed yourself into Bucky’s chest even more. You were going to savor this moment, nothing could stop you.

“Y/N?” Bucky had let go of your hand to place it under your chin. Your gaze left his chest to look him straight in the eyes.

“Yes, Buck?” He looked at you, the same glazed over eyes present within him.

“May I kiss you?”


“Like a river flows

Surely to the sea

Darling so it goes

Some things are meant to be

Take my hand,

Take my whole life too

For I can’t help falling in love with you

For I can’t help falling in love with you”

The kiss felt like how you would feel when seeing the first snowfall of the season. It made your heart burst like how a firework would on the 4th of July. You ears were beating as if you were at your favorite rock show.

But nothing could actually fully express the amount of love you had for Bucky.

As the kiss broke, Bucky was gazing into your eyes.

“I think I’ve fallen in love with you, Y/N…” His whispered words brushed against your lips.

“You’re not the only one in love Buck…”

“Remind me to listen to Elvis with you more often…” You giggled at his statement before Bucky enraptured your lips into another kiss.

‘Thank you, King…’





The Avengers and the Media

Based on my headcanons here. People seemed to like them, so I whipped this up because I needed fluff. 

The GIF of Steven Colbert feeling up Captain America’s bicep becomes an internet sensation within seconds of it happening.

The GIF of Steve Rogers turning to the camera, looking right at it, and saying “no homo” in a perfect deadpan almost breaks the internet.

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