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invincible iron man #11 (2017) out here just casually ???? realising ??? all my hopes and dreams ????? holy f U ck


Tony meets Mary-Jane for the first time: attempts to hit on her, commiserates with her about having shitty fathers and childhoods, talks about his alcoholism, and tells her he thinks she’s special all in the span of a single night.                         Invincible Iron Man #11 (2017)

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Sine, Sine! I'm sorry to bother you, but do you have any good tips for writing 616 Tony! I just love your characterization so much :)

Oh, boy, an opportunity to talk about my fave! I was actually sitting here thinking, gosh, I hope someone asks me to write meta about my favorite characters sometime soon! And then you did, so thank you, anon! (And thank you, I’m glad you like my characterization.)

Uh. This got long.

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Can you help with the specifics (timeline,details,order,etc) of Tony's chest implants - like I know first he had the chest plate, but I don't remember for how long, then he had an implant,but extremis healed him,but after he rebooted his brain he put in the RT. But I know I am missing some and I'm hoping you can clear that up

You are in luck, anon, because I literally wrote this out for someone yesterday!

Behold, the saga of Tony’s chest.

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yo i saw your (beautiful) post about tony being a tragic hero, and can you tell me where i can find the thing in that last bullet point where tony tried to help a girl who was being harassed and she ended up kicking creepos ass instead?

my friend!!!

the girl’s name is rumiko fujikawa, the issue in question is the invincible iron man vol. 3 #26

* somewhat related to that post i made about tony being a tragic hero rather than a playboy fantasy, it’s worth noting: “as much as i hate these places, she actually convinced me to go.” “THESE PLACES” refers specifically to “the miami beach club hopping scene” :)))))) ur fav doesn’t actually like to go clubbing i’m js :)))))))))) anyway this was just an aside


Where to start reading Carol Danvers?

Now with Carol you have the choice of starting with the most recent or with the older comics.

If you want to start with the recents you can start with

  • Captain Marvel (2012)
  • Avengers vol 5
  • Avengers: The enemy within
  • Avengers Assemble vol. 2
  • Captain Marvel (2014)

Now if you want to start with older comics first pick up which was her first appearance Marvel Super-Heroes (1967) #13  and continue on with Captain Marvel vol 1 #1-18, 34-35, 40 then

  • Miss Marvel vol 1
  • Avengers vol 1 #90-93, 170-200, 234, 280, 348-351, 400, Annual #8, 10
  • Uncanny X-Men vol 1  #150-175, 182, 200-203, 251-258, 269, 348, 445
  • Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #10
  • X-Men: Spotlight on Starjammers #1-2
  • Quasar #33-34
  • Avengers Vol 3 #1-70
  • Iron Man v3 #7, #11, #12, #18, #19, and #20-#25
  • New Avengers vol 1 (especially #15, #48, #51, #57, #62 and the annual)
  • New Avengers vol 2
  • Avengers vol 4
  • Miss Marvel vol 2
  • Ms. Marvel Special: Storyteller
  • She-Hulk Sensational
  • Avenging Spider-Man #9-10

and then when you finish those just go back and read the ones i previously mentioned :)

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This will require a longer answer but you don't have to reply immediately. As someone not new to MCU but completely new to Marvel Comics, which comics would you say I should definitely read and in what order? As much as I prefer being a completionist, people have said I would get burned out super fast that way. Basically I'd like to know which ones are the most essential that contain important moments (like the Avengers finding out about Iron Man's identity etc). Thank you so much in advance!

Hi, anon! I answered an ask last week that covers a lot of this ground, so there are a bunch of recommendations there (including a list we made at the 616 Steve/Tony Discord; feel free to come by and ask if you have questions, and also we run a weekly book club if you ever want to discuss comics with people). There’s also the Cap-IM Slashy Moments list; not everything in the list is 100% essential, obviously, but there are a bunch of highlights and you can browse it and see what looks good.

Having said that, issues/runs that tend to come up in 616 Steve/Tony fic a lot include:

  • Avengers v1 #4: The one where the team finds Steve. If you want a modern-day reworking of this, there’s the miniseries Captain America: Man Out of Time, which is very good.
  • Avengers v1 #16: This is the beginning of Cap’s Kooky Quartet, in which all the founders except Steve quit the team, which is now Steve, Clint, Wanda, and Pietro.
  • Nomad (Cap v1 #180-#184): Steve gets a new superhero identity and everyone’s favorite costume ever.
  • Demon in a Bottle (IM v1 #120-128): The storyline that establishes Tony as an alcoholic. But when Steve/Tony fandom wants to talk about Tony as an alcoholic, the run that usually gets referenced is Denny O’Neil’s later run, usually just called “the second drinking arc” because the run itself has no official title.
  • Avengers v1 #215-216: This is where Steve finds out who Iron Man is. Please note that not everyone finds out who Iron Man is at this time; Steve is one of the first. The Avengers find out basically one-by-one over the years and the public doesn’t find out until Iron Man v3 and also during Civil War. (Yes, it happens twice. It’s a long story.)
  • The second drinking arc (IM v1 #158-200): Tony falls off the wagon, gives Rhodey the suit, is carried out of a burning building by a very upset Steve, is broke and homeless living in a cardboard box, and nearly dies drinking himself to death in a blizzard. My fave.
  • Armor Wars (IM v1 #225-231): Steve and Tony have their first big fight. If you see fic mentioning the Guardsmen, they come from here.
  • Operation: Galactic Storm (a multi-series crossover; the only issue you really need is the post-event wrap-up in Cap v1 #401): Another fight! If you see fic mentioning the Kree Supreme Intelligence, they’re talking about this.
  • Capwolf (Cap v1 #402-408). Uh. Yes.
  • Avengers/Cap/IM v3 in general is widely liked; within v3 you may see reference to Avengers Red Zone (v3 #65-70) and IM Sentient Armor (v3 #26-30) as well as the 1998 Cap & IM Annual (Tony wipes Steve’s memories and they have another fight). v3 ends with Disassembled, in which Wanda blows up the mansion.

After that is when New Avengers v1 begins (as well as Cap v5 and Iron Man v4), and Civil War starts. There are specific tie-in issues I can rec if you just want the Steve/Tony view of the war. The beginning of New Avengers comes up in fic a fair amount; Iron Man v4 comes up a lot, because it starts with Extremis (many people like Extremis) and it’s the run that’s happening during and after Civil War, so it’s basically What Tony Is Doing While Steve’s Dead. (Answer: Being the director of SHIELD and failing miserably at coping. I also have to rec the Avengers/Invaders miniseries which takes place while Tony is director. SO MUCH ANGST.) Cap v5 doesn’t come up that much because after Steve dies in #25, it is basically Bucky’s book until Steve comes back.

Honestly at that point (Civil War) it’s hard to recommend specific things to read (other than just starting with New Avengers and going forward and hitting the events as you go, which is what I did) because – since that’s when the Steve/Tony pairing really got its start – most of the fic assumes you know generally what’s been happening in all the major events since then. Steve dies and comes back, Tony deletes his brain, later on the incursions happen and Tony mindwipes Steve, and so on and so forth. Big events of the past ten years are roughly: Civil War, Secret Invasion, Dark Reign, Siege, Fear Itself, AvX, Infinity, Axis, Secret Wars, Standoff, Civil War II, Secret Empire. 

Post-CW, the only miniseries with a real Steve & Tony focus have been Avengers Prime (taking place near the beginning of Avengers v4) and One Night in Madripoor (Captain America and Iron Man #633-635), taking place slightly later. Hickman’s Avengers run (Avengers v5 & New Avengers v3) also focuses a lot on Steve and Tony, but, uh, not necessarily in a positive way. They haven’t been on the same Avengers team since Hickman’s run.

This doesn’t even take into account the other comics continuities in which people write Steve and Tony; I would say that the biggest are Ultimates (which is its own separate universe with hundreds of comics itself, where everyone is an asshole), Marvel Adventures: Avengers (an all-ages series with about 40 issues and another 13 for MA: Iron Man), Iron Man Noir (a miniseries where Tony is an adventurer in the late 1930s), and possibly also 1872 (also a miniseries, set in the Wild West).

If you want to read pre-Civil War Steve and Tony, I highly recommend buying or borrowing the trade paperback Iron Man/Captain America (yes, that is its real name) which basically covers a lot of the highlights of their early relationship and will give you a feel for what their dynamic is like: it has some team-up issues, the issues of the second drinking arc and Armor Wars that have Steve confronting Tony, the 1998 Annual, and so on. Most of these issues are collected in other trades or available digitally, but the one thing in here that was never reprinted anywhere else (as far as I know) and cannot be read online is the Tales of Suspense one-shot from 1995, which fandom has dubbed “the azure eyes issue.” It is worth reading. If only for that one conversation.

I hope that was helpful!

god the iron man 1 novelization was written by a comic book creator interpreting mcu tony before the rest of the world started reducing him to Cocky guys. please. it is so unabashedly 616-influenced oh god it brings up references to chivalry like three times at least, it brings up tony’s bloody nightmares, IT MAKES BAD “IRON” PUNS! OH GOD as well as PAINFUL IRON METAPHORS and HEART METAPHORS and FUJIKAWA INDUSTRIES IS MENTIONED?? like THE FACT that peter david knows iron man v3 just explains everything tbh THE DESCRIPTION OF TONY’S GALA SCENE BEHAVIOR. J E S U S tony’s awareness of the press and the way he deals with that, rhodey and pepper’s external reads on tony were SO GOOD AS WELL jfc the book was completely unashamed to depict the clash between what tony thinks and what even his loved ones think he’s thinking, oh my god TONY’S INNER MONOLOGUE LMFAO his thoughts are so HEAVY some of them are SO LYRICAL they are so TRAGIC he has SO MANY PRIVATE JOKES HE SHARES WITH HIMSELF ONLY he feels disconnected from JARVIS oh god HIS SENSE OF ALIENATION EVEN WHEN HES TALKING TO PEOPLE everything is SO GOOD please read this book written by peter david whose first original novel was about the reappearance of king arthur in modern day new york like it is actually A Sin that he never wrote iron man comics tbh