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Tony and Peter sharing the same sentiment on why they do what they do, they both blame themselves for not doing enough, and feel the responsibility to do more and better, to protect the people and the world they love and care about
(inspired by @knightinironarmor [x])

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Thank you so much kind anon! >//<

Speaking of sliced bread here’s a quick doodle of Tony taking a break from modelling and eating a cheese sandwich lol(With Steve’s jacket to keep him warm)

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I got really sick this afternoon, could i maybe have something with Tony Stark being sick, and trying to hide it? And someone takes care of him?

i’m sorry you don’t feel well! i hope this helps <3

Tony pulls on Rhodey’s air force hoodie when he crawls out of bed at eleven.

He’s grateful it’s Saturday because that means he doesn’t have to try and piss Pepper off in a sentence or less so she doesn’t realize he’s sick.

Miserably, horribly sick.

His chest aches and his lungs feel like they’re filled with wet cotton and his head is throbbing—he’s had hangovers that felt better than this.

At the bedroom door, he pauses a minute to put his head against the wood and moan to himself, “Ughhh, whyyy.”

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Okay lemme get a word in here;

Tony recruited Peter in Civil War because if he didn’t do something about ole renegade cap the government would send a firing squad after him and the Avengers.

Obvi, Tony didn’t want that because yo, cap is his bro (even if Steve doesn’t think Tony cares.) So he seeks out someone he thinks can help. Spider-Man. 

He tells Peter to stay on the sidelines and “Web ‘em up”- he doesn’t tell the kid to dive in and fight, just help keep things chilled out, restrain people so no one gets hurt. 

Tony didn’t expect the fight to get so brutal; like fuck, no one expected Steve to drop a load of shit on a child! And when Tony sees Peter is injured he immediately sends him home. Like yikes- the kid could’ve died! He’s going home asap. 

Sure. It was reckless of him to recruit a teenager, but… Isn’t Wanda a “kid” too? Hm… 

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My ex-boyfriend (who broke up with me) is mad because I don't want to be friends, My best friend bailed on me even tho I haven't seen him in 2 months, I failed a chem test, an ASL test and an English Socratic Seminar today and I have to go to school tomorrow. It's been a hectic day. If you have the time (and energy def don't feel pressured!!) I'd love a hurt/comfort Stucky or Stony fic please (or Bucky/Steve/Tony)

that is a huge pile of shitty anon, i’m sorry!

“All right, Iron Man, back in the air,” Steve calls and Tony does a silly salute even though he doesn’t think Steve can see him from where he is.

“Upsie daisy,” he calls in return. He’s barely lifted off when something hits him in the right thigh with a loud crunch. Pain spikes all the way down to his toes and up into his hip. The shock knocks him off kilter. He cries out, but it’s more out of shock than anything.

“Tony?!” he hears someone yell, but the view on the HUD is spinning and that’s more important than whoever’s yelling at him.

“Sir, you’ve taken a hit—”

No shit!” Tony yells back breathlessly.

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Omg I never even thought of Marvel DC crossover ships. Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark???? Dating???? I'm in love! Since they already have everything money could buy they give each other handmade gifts and do simple dates and I need this now. I'm going to write this some day and I will make sure to send it to you.

Originally posted by sayrix

Would you please?? I’d love to be able to read more BillionaireBoyfriend Stories. and now i want to talk about them a little more….

Tony and Bruce are super competitive, when they go to gala’s they have an on going bet. Whoever can charm the most women, politely piss off more men and dance with older women (without getting sexually harassed by said lady) gets whatever they want from the loser for the night. Sometimes it’s back rubs, other times it’s sexual favors, sometimes it’s a matter of picking the restaurant they eat at for dinner.
OOOH working against each other with the help of their respective Butlers. Bruce will text with JARVIS all the time to check in on Tony. Tony will swing by and ask Alfred if theirs anything he can help with, my drag Bruce to bed for a few extra hours. — Both JARVIS and Alfred are big parts of their lives so Bruce actually set up a system for JARVIS in his mansion and then allowed Tony to build it up to his standers, he’ll never forget the happy tears he shed when he walked into Wayne Manor and was greeted by JARVIS. For Alfred, Tony has a luxurious room set up for him in his main house and some of the best coffee and tea brands in the world ready at Alfred’s disposal.
Christmas is very big for them, for a long time it meant loss for them or just being alone. But now they have each other. So from Christmas Eve EVE til the New Year they are together. No party, business, or superheroing will separate them. When it comes to presents, like you said it has to be something had made, they have a hundred dollar limit on supplies to make said gift and that’s it.

But for the most part, with all the DC movies coming out and having actors/actress i like in them i’m getting a little more involved with that fandom. so far i’ve only done a little dabbling in DC but i wrote a few things

Aqua Man (Arthur Curry-Jason Momoa based) and Tony story I did Here

Superman (Clark Kent-Henry Cavill based) and Tony one-shot Here

and Billionaire Boyfriends link Here

Right now I’m working on something for Tony and Wonder Woman since her movie is getting ready to come out and I just got a really good idea for it.

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With Kyuranger we have the first base colored mouth sculpt since Ohranger. What are your favourite mouthplate designs? Can you tell us something about the very recognisable japanese lower face mask design in general?

To be 100% honest, I have always preferred the blank mouthplates or those with a pattern rather than the ones that look like a sculpted mouth.

That said, I prefer the ones with a silver mouthplate more than the ones with a plate that matches the rest of their helmet color. For example, even though I don’t really like the Goseiger helmets, I prefer their mouthplate to that of say ToQger, who have a blank mouthplate because they are silver and differentiated from the rest of the helmet.

Of course, there are helmets that don’t even have a colored mouthplate but those are mostly from the very beginning of Super Sentai as neither Goranger nor J.A.K.Q. had mouthplates (or even room for them) on their helmets.

Since that time, more often than not there have been mouthplates (either colored or silver) on most helmets with a notable exceptions being Ninninger (with the exception of Starninger, who DOES have a mouthplate).

As for the lower face mask in General, you can track it back a ways to Kamen Rider:

And you can go back further to Ultraman.

The original mouthpart of the Ultraman helmet was meant to be a moving mouth for the character but it was too stiff and didn’t move, so they redesigned the costume (twice) and turned it into more of a sculpted mouthplate.

Of course, all of these mouthplates can be tracked back beyond the world of tokusatsu and to the traditional Samurai helmets of the past which had fearsome mouthplates.

So, this is something ingrained in Japanese culture with helmeted heroes having a mouthplate. Of course, helmeted heroes are more common in Japan as well.  While American heroes often wear masks or cowls, most do not have the full helmet with the exception of those in power armor suits like Iron Man.


Tony Stark in Earth’s Mightiest Heroes 1.01, Iron Man is Born!

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stony, “I’m all yours for the day” ?

“I’m all yours for the day.”

Tony looks surprised at first. “All mine?”

There’s no special occasion, and Steve can see Tony run through the possibilities in his mind before coming to that very conclusion. “Yep,” Steve replies, and tilts his head down so he can press a kiss to Tony’s bare shoulder. “All yours. Anywhere, anything.”

Tony blinks at him, still trying to process. It makes Steve’s heart feel too big for his chest. “I have to go to work today.”

Steve shrugs, as much as he can when he’s propped up on his elbows, anyway. “That’s all right. I can come sit in your office if you like.” His smile turns a little wicked. “Or I can stay here and wait to welcome you home.” He skims his toes up Tony’s calf and Tony’s eyes darken; Steve feels him shiver.

“That’s…pretty enticing,” Tony says, “but I think I like the idea of having you nearby.”

Tony skims his knuckles up Steve’s jaw and he closes his eyes, tilts his face into the touch. “Okay. What should I wear?”

“Clothes, too?” Tony says, then immediately follows up with: “Red lace. Charcoal slacks and vest, silver tie, white shirt.” Tony’s gaze is intense, and it makes Steve feel warm all over. “You’ve gotta look professional.”

“Of course.”

“Wear the saddle tan wingtips.”

Steve nods.

Tony can’t seem to stop looking at him, and runs his fingers featherlight down Steve’s temples, tracing his cheekbones and jaw. “You’ve got me. What’s the occasion?”

Steve smiles and kisses Tony’s fingertips when they come in range. “No occasion. Felt like doing something special for you.”

Tony flushes a little. “Sam’s idea?”

“No,” Steve protests. After a beat, he admits, “Nat helped me decide what to do.”

Tony grins, his whole face crinkling up and he looks so happy Steve can’t even be too embarrassed that his romantic overtures require a team effort. Tony leans in and kisses him sweetly. “Thank you,” he murmurs.

“I could still foul it up,” Steve murmurs back. “Don’t thank me yet.”

Tony laughs. He pushes upright and swings his legs out of the bed. “Come on, if we get in there soon, I think I can duck out early.”

Steve rolls out of bed and goes to gather the articles of clothes he’d been asked to wear. He meets Tony at the closet and Tony puts a hand on his arm, looking up at him dubiously.

“Really, anything?”

Steve kisses him firmly and skims his hands from Tony’s shoulders down to his elbows where he grips them and gives a very small shake. “Anything.

Tony’s gorgeous, glowing smile makes a comeback and he leans up to peck another kiss on Steve’s lips. “Then I can’t wait to take you skating this afternoon.”

Steve groans, a little dramatically, and is rewarded with the sound of Tony’s laughter.

Peeking back out of the bathroom, Tony singsongs, “You said anything.”

“Anything,” Steve replies, and means every letter.

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Oh man you reblogging your Merthur art today made me miss iiiiiiit


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if youre still taking requests, could you do danny meeting the avengers for the first time? if not thats cool lol

Hell yeah I can!


Danny stared at the large skyscrapers in awe as he walked the streets of New York City. He adjusted hi duffel bag on his shoulder, careful of the large wound he sported under his dirty T-shirt. The past few days had been intense, with his parents finding out about him. He had to leave Amity Park, his friends, and his sister. Hell, he even kind of missed Dash.

It took him a day to get out of Amity, and another day and a half to fly all the way to the Big Apple, where superheroes were more accepted for their unnatural abilities. He was tired, hungry, and ready to just collapse, but he had to keep moving if he was going to find somewhere semi-safe to spend the night. He enough money to last him a couple of weeks (thank you, Vlad, for not ghost-proofing your vault) if he spent it right.

All of a sudden the ground rumbled as an explosion was set off a couple streets down. His brain said ignore it. he didn’t need to draw unwanted attention to himself right now. What if his parents found out where he was and decided to come to New York to hunt him down? He couldn’t risk it.

But he also couldn’t risk innocent people getting hurt. He clutched his chest, right over his core. He felt the cold humming, urging him to go help. He quite literally couldn’t resist. After all, going against your obsession-your very core-could be catastrophic to his very being.

He sighed and ran into an alleyway across the street, putting his duffel bag half way through one of the buildings, high up so nobody could reach it and steal his only belongings. He then changed into Phantom, wincing as his wounds pulled against his slightly torn uniform. His shoulder was raw and glowing green nd red from the irritation, and the blast he took to the side was going to slow him down, but he had to help them.

He flew straight up and headed towards the giant smoke cloud that had grown in a matter of seconds.

The source was a small army of robots, just a little bigger than his father. There were maybe twenty or thirty, but that wasn’t going to stop him. He dove into the smoke and to the street, flying past them as fast as he could manage while coating the pavement with ice. He could feel his core pulling at him, telling him not to overdo himself, but there was no way he wasn’t going to. he had to if he wanted to win this fight.

He stopped behind them and sent some ectoblasts at them. However, hey had some energy blasts of there own, and they knicked him on his bad shoulder. He let out a cry of pain and clutched his injury, taking to the air once more and blasting them from there. He turned intangible as a couple more blasts were directed towards him, but he couldn’t hold it for very long. He could barely stay thirty feet in the air and not get a little dizzy.

In the corner of his eye he saw some sort of…Giant, metal frisbee? It whirled around, hitting several of the robots like a pinball game. It was met with a few arrows coming through the smoke. Three towards the robot, and one…Towards him?

He was too slow. He got his square in the chest and it exploded, sending him straight to the ground.

He struggled to get up, clutching his chest. There was a hole in the front of his uniform now, showing off a few of his battle scars. Once he was back on his feet, he shot more robots, ignoring the arrow guy. He knew it was a misunderstanding, and chose not to bother himself with it. Only the robots.

Several tiny blue balls flew over his head and latched themselves onto various robots before beeping rapidly and blowing up. Danny quickly threw up his ghost shield to avoid being hit with debris.

Somebody with big, meaty hands grabbed his waist, pressing down on his wound, and brought him to his terrifying, green face. Danny waved weakly, swallowing the nervous lump in his throat.

“I’m trying to help you guys. I have powers too, see?” He said. He turned invisible and intangible, sliding through the behemoth’s grasp and hovering over to more robots.

At this point, if he wanted to keep using his other powers, flying was out of the game. He hadn’t slept in three days, hadn’t eaten in two, and was horribly injured. There was no way he could keep this up much longer, but if he wanted to keep innocent people safe he was going to have to. it felt like he was running off of shear willpower now.

He sent a couple of blasts again, narrowly missing the red-headed ninja who was gracefully electrocuting the robots. Her hand-to-hand combat scared him a little (a lot, actually), but he couldn’t focus on that right now. He had to focus on helping these guys take down the small fleet of rip-off Star Wars robots. Droids. Whatever they were called.

He heard the thing whizzing past his head more than he saw it, but it wasn’t hard to follow the path of destruction it made before making its way back to its master’s grasp. Which was a tall, muscular blonde guy in armor. Huh.

Thankfully, with seven people fighting these things, it only took a few more agonizingly painful minutes until they were all in pieces across the street. Most of the smoke had cleared thanks to the hammer guy. Frisbee guy was knocking out the very last one when Danny finally let himself sit down, using a chunk of building and broken street as a chair. His core hurt, urging him to change back to Fenton, but he held tight. With his energy, it was all he could do.

“Who are you?”

He looked up to see a guy in a red and yellow suit or high tech armor. Iron Man.

“Phantom. You,” he paused to catch his breathe, “You guys are the Avengers…Right? I think that’s the name.”

“That’s us,” the Star Spangled Man with a Plan walked up to them, hooking his shield onto his back. “You could use some help. How about you come back to base with us, we’ll get you patched up and on your way.”

Just like that they were going to help him? What kind of people were these guys? What about having to prove that he’s a good guy and could be trusted? While these questions swirled in his mind, he couldn’t resist the need for the free medical attention that he so desperately needed.

“Yeah,” he replied, “Yeah, okay.”

Captain America held out his hand, and Danny took it. Once he was on his feet, he swayed and collapsed again. Thankfully Iron Man and Cap managed to catch him before he hit the ground.

“So…What are we gonna do with this kid?” Clint asked from across the street. He had a scrap on his head he was poking at. Hulk walked up next to him and gave him one giant pat on the back, making Hawkeye almost fall over.

“Ghost boy help beat robots,” he  said simply.

“Well, I guess we could take him in, then,” Iron Man replied. This seemed to satisfy Hulk.

Eventually they decided to take him to the med bay at the Tower and patch him up like promised, and when he woke up he was offered a place to stay.

A month later he became an official member of the Avengers.

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I read somewhere that Nick Fury was originally supposed to have the role of Peter's mentor in Homecoming but then it changed :/ comicbook*com/marvel/2017/06/28/spider-man-homecoming-nick-fury/

“Interestingly, while Tony was the obvious choice, especially after the events of Civil War, Watts created images of Nick Fury as the mentor in the story in early “mood reels” before getting the job. “I don’t know what the situation would be,” he said. “But that would be a person he’d want to get in trouble with.”

lol why is tony the OBVIOUS choice??? Peter didn’t need T*ny to be introduced to the MCU, he could have been tied in with anyone and tbh Nick Fury would have been great alternative father figure, he’s already a spider dad to Natasha! This just makes me more sad, we could have had a spiderman movie without tonky but nope. (just give rdj another solo movie so he’s too busy to make an appearance in everyone else’s movies plz)

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A twist on an old classic. A tea shop au, where CoffeeAddict!Tony keeps coming in because TeaGuide!Steve is too yummy to resist (even if tea is sooo not Tony's thing)

warning: blood

Steve gently sets a cup on the table in front of Tony, his huge hands handling the thin porcelain with delicacy that should be beyond him.

“This one is a wuyi oolong prized for its large silver-tipped leaves and pure peach flavor. It has the—”

Tony has been staring at Steve’s three mile long eyelashes as he talks and finally he blurts, “Okay, stop.”

Steve goes still, except his eyes, his cornflower blue eyes, come up to look at Tony, his brow creasing in concern. Tony wants to flip the table.

“I hate tea,” he says, or, well, it comes out more like a shout.

Around the shop, people turn to stare.

Despite his frequent claims that he’d forgotten how to be embarrassed in grade school, Tony feels a rush of heat up the back of his neck and into his ears.

“Oh,” Steve says, brow furrowing deeper. He licks his lower lip and Tony nearly screams aloud. “Then why—?”

“Because,” Tony hisses, leaning toward Steve across the table, until proximity alarm klaxxons are going off in his head, “because—you!

Realization looks like a kettle to the head. Steve flushes an appealing shade of pink and stammers, “Oh, you—really, me?”

He seems shocked, which seems shocking to Tony.


Tony gives him a long once-over and that just makes Steve pinker.

The delicate porcelain cup in his hands shatters.

“Shit!” Steve yelps and then shoots a horrified, hunted look in Tony’s direction.

“I’m not going to tattle on you!” Tony says, exasperated, and reaches for Steve’s hands. “Did you get yourself?”

“No, no, I don't—actually, yes, I think I did,” Steve says as blood starts to patter out of his palm onto the shards of previously-teacup and the saucer underneath that. The droplets of blood disperse in the spilled tea in little cloudy swirls.

“This went well,” Tony mutters under his breath, grabbing for a napkin with the hand not holding Steve’s. Steve is looking at him when he glances back up to say, “This is probably going to hurt.”

“Do you want to go to dinner?” Steve asks and then hisses as Tony presses the napkin down on the wound—possibly a little too hard.


“Dinner,” Steve repeats, opening one eye and then then other, and unclenching his jaw.

“You are completely insane,” Tony tells him. “How’s seven work for you?”

When Steve smiles, Tony feels his heart fall right out of his chest onto the table between them.

That One Time He Didn’t See That Coming (Pietro x Reader request)

Sooooo @rose-dragomir requested a Bucky/Pietro reader fic aaand as much as I want to do a Bucky one, I’m gonna do Pietro, bcs I haven’t done a Pietro one before soooo yeah. ((Reminder: I take requests!))
PS I’m actually using the plot of the marvel novel “Everybody wants to rule the world” by Dan Abnett. Aaand I guess some spoilers for the novel. I’m also using that novel bcs Pietro is still alive there and there’s not much difference from the MCU avengers team. the novel avenger’s team is basically the original MCU avengers plus pietro and wanda and vision. Basically aou avengers so it’s perfect for this fic.
And I’m also gonna use italic for the exact lines from the novel.
And the nurse here is named Annie Fields cause I can.
Foreign translations (Not English): Солнышко: Translation: sunshine, pronounced: solnishko

Why does everybody want to rule the world?
“Size of that thing,” Quicksilver muttered.
He was referring to the massive warship of the stellar Kree Empire descending on earth.
Iron man banked the Quinjet and decelerated hard. Vector nozzles turned and fired.
“They’ll have seen us.” Said the Scarlet Witch.
“Even with stealth mode engaged, they’ll have us seen us from a hundred miles out,” replied Iron Man. “You know what? I no longer care.”
“Why aren’t they shooting us?” asked Widow. “Why no counter measures?”
(Y/n) shrugged, polishing her blades.
“Maybe they don’t want a fight,” replied Hawkeye.
“They’re going to be disappointed,” said Cap.
(Y/n) laughed one of her maniacal laughs, sheathing her sword in one swift gesture. “Oh, it’s gonna be a massacre down there.” Cap’s eyebrows raised. “Remember (Y/n), we’re stopping a war, not starting one,” scolded Steve. (Y/n) snorted, “We’re going to war to stop one. Funny thing if you ask me.” Tony smiled. “Remind me not to mess with your girlfriend.”
Pietro turned red, “She’s not my girlfriend.”
Tony pat his shoulders, “Never said it was you, buddy.” Pietro turned ever redder, along with (Y/n).
Cap opened the Quinjet’s deck hatch. Iron Man put the craft into steady VTOL hover and slaved the controlled remotely to his suit. They were in among trees, twenty feet above the forest floor and about six hundred yards away from the vast ship.
“Go!” cried Cap.
Thor led the way, followed by Iron Man, his boot jets firing. Quicksilver came out of the Quinjet like a shaft of blue light, a dazing trail that dropped to the ground and snaked between trees toward the ship.
“Thor? Vision? Get the door,” ordered Iron Man.
Synthetic human and Asgardian flew in side-by-side. Thor delivered a huge blow to the hull with Mjolnir, smashing a hole through it. He and Vision grabbed the edges of the puncture and hauled in opposite directions.
They tore the hull section wide open.
Pietro ran towards (Y/n) and lifted her up bridal style. “Wha- what?” she stammered, confused and embarrassed. “Don’t worry, Солнышко, it’ll be a smooth ride,” he reassured.
Iron Man flew straight in through the yawning gap, followed by Quicksilver with (Y/n), who had converted his acceleration into a flying leap. Cap stormed in a moment later, followed by Black Widow, the Scarlet Witch, and Hawkeye. Vision melted in through the hull, and Thor smashed yet another entry hull. (read: Which in my opinion is unnecessary, he could’ve used the old one but he’s Thor and he does what he does, I mean Dan Abnett got his character right at a spiritual level)  
Natasha shot a gun at a Kree warrior, missing it by inches. It was alien, a race of blue skinned humanoids. The Kree warrior at laughed her pity attempt and as (Y/n) unsheathed her sword and stabbed it from the back. She stood the facing the dazed Natasha over the warrior’s corpse. “Do me a favor,” (Y/n) said, pulling her sword back from the dead body, “Don’t miss.” She smiled a smile that Natasha returned. Natasha ran back, assisting Hawkeye. She looked back and faced another Kree warrior. This warrior is stronger, more masculine and armed than the last one. The Kree warrior’s mouth crooked into a savage smile. “Run,” he said in a deep voice. She lunged at the warrior two blades in her hands aimed for the warrior’s chest. The warrior jumped and his hands tied around her hands over the hilt of her sword, throwing her back. She landed on her knees (read: superhero landing!) and growled, “No, you run.” She stood up and kicked the warrior’s chest, her heightened senses helping her analyze to analyze his weaknesses. The kick didn’t do much, and it wasn’t meant to. It did it’s distracting job perfectly, making the warrior stagger back slightly. She jumped and readied her swords to his chest just before a blur light of blue and white pushed the warrior through the wall, killing him under the shattering burden. Her sword missed the blurred figure by seconds. “Pietro!” she screamed in frustration. The speedster smiled at her weakly. “What? I thought you were an avenger.”
“I am an avenger,” she snapped. Pietro laughed. “Then you should’ve seen that coming.”
That was it. That catchphrase could either melt (Y/n)’s heart or send it through raging flames.
Sending it through raging flames didn’t seem so bad in this day and age.
“Pietro, I could’ve killed you!” she said, fending off a much weaker Kree warrior. Pietro sped past her, stealing a kiss on her cheek before dodging a punch to a warrior who was aiming at her without her notice. “And you wouldn’t do that. You’re my best friend,” he pointed out, running through the crowd.  
“Stark!” (Y/n) shouted into her ear piece, fighting off as much Kree warriors as she can. She was crowded, and she’s trying her hardest not to fall apart. Even with her heightened senses, she could not hold back this many warriors. She needed somebody. “Stark, I need backup!” she exclaimed and let out a groan of pain as Kree warrior shot through her shoulder. “You’re on your own, kid,” Tony replied swiftly. “Tony. I. Need. Backup.” She rephrased word-by word, not mentioning her injured shoulder in fear of causing panic. Pietro started, “I can help-”
“No, Maximoff. Stay with your sister,” Steve ordered. A Kree warrior kicked her knee as she was sent down. She started seeing double, due to the loss of blood. “Please,” She whispered. The last thing she saw was the Hulk, barging through the walls of the immense starship.
She shot up the bed with a scream. A nurse hurried in the room, trying to calm down the startling (Y/n) on the bed. “Ms. (L/n), Please, calm down. Ms. (L/n)-” she struggled, trying to calm her down. (Y/n) grabbed the nurse by the collar and asked her fiercely, “Did we win?”
The nurse gathered herself together. (Y/n) read her name tag. It said, ‘Annie Fields’. “Did we win, Annie?” she repeated, adding her name. “You did, Ms. (L/n),” she said calmly. “You and the avengers.” Slowly and in shock, (Y/n) let Annie go to see a deserted room. Usually after she went on missions and got home hurt, people would crowd in the room, waiting for her to get up. But no one was there. Not even her best friend. Not even Pietro.
“Where’s everybody?” She asked silently. “Who’s everybody?” Annie asked softly. (Y/n) felt her eyes sting. She replied, “Nothing” and looked away. Does nobody really care about her? Was it because she asked for help? She’s an avenger after all, she should be growing up and taking care of herself. “Can I get up now?” She asked sternly. Annie’s eyes squinted. “Technically, you can, but it’s one AM and-”
“It’s fine,” said (Y/n). She gathered her stuff and left.
The avengers woke up to a pretty terrifying view. (Y/n) was sitting in the breakfast room with newspapers and reports of the Kree invasion, twirling a dagger between her fingers. Turns out, she has been unconscious for nearly a week. “Hey,” she greeted Tony with a crooked smile. “Hey…?” Tony replied awkwardly. His eyes were stuck on her shoulder, bandaged in a great deal of white fabric. “Look, (Y/n), I’m sorry, I should’ve sent back up and everything.”
“Hey,” she smiled. “It’s okay. I’m a big girl. I’m an avenger. I need to learn to take care of myself.”
Over the last few days, she grew more distant. Steve would greet her, and she would wave it off. Natasha would try to get her to go on a girls’ night out, but she would decline. The team also grew more distant from her. Being near an angry (Y/n) wasn’t really a good choice.
She punched the bag furiously. “I’m not angry,” she lied to herself. “I am not angry,” She said again, punching more violently.
“Keep telling yourself that.”
(Y/n) turned around to see a smirking Pietro at the door. “What are you doing here?” She snapped. Pietro arched an eyebrow. “This is a gym for the avengers. Am I not an avenger?” He asked. (Y/n) shrugged, pretending not to care. She sat down on the bench, and The speedster swiftly sat next to her. “What do you want?” (Y/n) groaned. “I just want to talk.” He said. He took a deep breath and said, “You’re angry.”
“Really, Pietro? I don’t want to talk right now.” She got off and walked away, but Pietro ran and blocked the exits. “Tell me.” He said softly.
“Tony. Steve. Everybody I guess? Including you. I guess I have to look for my own,” she sighed.
“You’re saying nobody cares about you.”
“I’m saying that nobody needs to.”
Pietro sighed and guided (Y/n) back to the training bench. “We’re a team,” he said, “We all need to care about each other.”
“Then why didn’t anyone respond to my distress?”
“We didn’t know you were hurt, (Y/n). I didn’t know you can even get hurt.”
(Y/n) grinned, “I’m that tough, huh?” Pietro smiled and hugged her triumphantly. He finally got her to smile again. “I love you,” said Pietro.
Everything went tense. Her body muscles, her gestures. Pietro didn’t know why he said it. It just slipped out.
“I’ll go,” she said, standing up. “W-what?” Pietro stuttered, blocking the way. “Don’t you return the feeling?” he continued. (Y/n) frowned. “I do. Pietro, I return the feeling. But we’re teammates. Our relationship is strictly professional, and it’s all that’s ever gonna be. I don’t need to get distracted again.”
“This is not distraction,” Pietro reasoned. “Please, Солнышко, at least give it a try.”
(Y/n) reached her hand out like she was about to punch him, but instead she pulled his collar down and kissed him sweetly. Pietro blushed, but soon recovered and kissed her back. She pulled away to see the red-cheeked Pietro. She grinned.
“You didn’t see that coming?”

anonymous asked:

Oh dear lord I'm excited to read whatever that's gonna be from! Can't wait to get some context for that scenario. I don't know what that whole fic is gonna be about, but that should be the summary.

I don’t actually know what happens in the story after this scene, but it is a story in which Steve Rogers, former artist for the Captain America comics (a canonical fact!), meets Tony Stark the Iron Man cosplayer (also a canonical fact!) at a con where Steve has been persuaded to sign autographs. Steve is surprised and flattered that people still care about his old comics. Tony, who is both a nerd and an epic troll, takes this opportunity to introduce himself to Steve – they both have secret identities to the public at this point in canon but not to each other – by means of trolling him with said sketch request.

“Do you take commissions?” Iron Man asked, and, wow, he had the vocal filtering going, just like Tony. Steve wanted to compliment him – he was just like the real thing – but he had no idea what to say that wouldn’t give him away, because of course it wasn’t as if the entire world had intimate knowledge of Iron Man.

Steve reached for another Sharpie and uncapped it. He flipped open the issue, looking for a good place to sign, but Iron Man was still talking, even as Steve’s brain finished catching up with the question.

“I’m interested in commissioning a sketch,” Iron Man said. He leaned forward, edging into Steve’s personal space, splaying his gauntleted hands on the table. “I’d like you to draw me wearing only a tiny thong, with Captain America staring at my mostly-naked body in horror.”

Well, it wasn’t the strangest or most obscene request he’d ever gotten. But still, that was a no. That would have been a no even if he did do commissions, which he didn’t have the time to, what with the Avengers gearing up again; he wasn’t actually a working artist anymore.

Steve’s mouth was moving on autopilot, and he gave him the same answer he’d given everyone else with inappropriate requests of a similar nature. The same thing he’d told the flirtatious Nomad, actually. “I’m sorry,” he said, by rote. “I’m not comfortable with that.”

He looked away; he put his head down, focusing on the comic issue on the table. Iron Man’s shadow over the pages shifted as he leaned in more.

“Yeah,” Iron Man said, a drawling reply, but one that sounded almost amused. “Just imagine how I felt.”

At some point I’m gonna figure out what happens after this and write the rest. I’m sure Steve’s gonna end up drawing Tony something. Maybe not that, though.