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Tony Drabble (1.)

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10. “You didn’t answer any of my texts.”

58. “All the money in the world can’t warm your bed at night.”

You could hear your phone buzzing relentlessly on the coffee table, shaking the legs and empty Chinese food containers for the 50th time that day. A sigh of relief started to leave your lips when it fell silent, only to be interrupted by a loud knocking on your front door. You tightened the tie of your bathrobe around your waist before undoing the deadbolt to find Tony standing on the other side. He smiled sheepishly at you, holding out what must have been the largest bouquet of roses you had ever seen. 

“Sorry to just drop by but uh… You didn’t answer any of my texts.”

You snorted, stepping to the side to allow him to enter your apartment. He set the roses down on the tall entry table, his eyes lingering on the framed photo of the two of you that you still kept there. 

“What do you want, Tony?” 

He pivoted, finally taking in your disheveled appearance. You’d changed a lot since he left. 

“I wanted to see you. My God, how long has it been since you’ve slept?” 

You grumbled at him, slapping the hand away that attempted to pull you closer to him. 

“Why do you care?” You snapped, “you obviously didn’t six months ago when you just took off.” 

He stepped back a few feet, opening his arms in a vague gesture. 

“You knew who I was before you got involved. I’m not,” he let out a shaky breath, “I’m not exactly good with feelings.” 

“No kidding,” you chuckled. 

His expression softened at your attempt to make a joke, cautiously striding closer to you. You didn’t move, allowing him to take your hands in his much larger ones. 

“I’m an idiot, I always have been but I don’t want to be him anymore. I’ve made mistakes in my life but letting you go has to be the biggest one. All the money in the world can’t warm your bed at night.” 

You studied him carefully, seeing a sincerity that was completely new. You rolled your eyes a little, tugging on his hand and pulling him down the hall. He raised an eyebrow when you entered your bedroom, sliding in the sheets and lifting the covers for him. 

“Does this mean I’m forgiven?” 

He snuggled into the warm blankets, pulling you tightly against his chest.

“We’ll talk about it in the morning. For now, just warm my bed.”

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