iron man lunch box


At the mall today, I visited this place called BoxLunch, which is a division of Hot Topic.  Basically it’s Hot Topic’s slightly classier, philanthropic (a donation is reportedly made to charity for every purchase) younger sibling.  I found these:

  • Iron Man gray socks
  • Iron Man necktie + tie bar – as you can see, it’s a bunch of arc reactors
  • Iron Man laptop backpack – pretty decent quality, lots of pockets.  I’m a SwissGear person and in comparison, the material used here is thinner, which then makes it lighter.  I like this one better than the ThinkGeek messenger bag that I got.

That’s my cat in the third pic inspecting the purchases.

I’d Like That

when Mark comes back home to find out you’re a single mom to a 4 yr old son making him worry it’s his, when it wasn’t.

I added a bit of back story to make this even more angsty oops

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I rushed around the kitchen, throwing food into the iron man lunch box as quick as possible. “Please, honey, hurry up and eat, or we’re going to be late.” I spoke as nicely as possible while I was half out of breath. 

After Liam was finished eating, I rushed him to the bathroom and helped him brush his teeth. “No, I want to do it myself!” He pouted, pushing me away. 

“Oh, big boy now.” I tease, walking out of the bathroom to go pick out some clothes. After he was done brushing his teeth, I helped him get dressed and helped him pull on his boots. “We’re just in time.” I spoke aloud, sighing in relief afterwards. 

“Bye, mommy!” Liam smiled brightly at me as he ran over to the bus waiting for him.

I waved, watching until he got in the bus. “Bye, Liam, love you!” I couldn’t help but yell it, knowing he’d probably get teased by his friends for it.

I eventually walked back inside and began to get ready for work, the mess in the kitchen was unfortunately going to have to wait until I got home. After getting ready, I rushed outside, walking as fast as I could to the restaurant I worked at a couple blocks away. I didn’t have the money to get a cab.

The day seemed to tick on forever, my manager seemed especially grumpy today. As I walked home, I counted my tips… Only ten dollars. 

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